Not patient friendly and dismissive of your concerns.
After being diagnosed with severe pan ulcerative colitis, it was clear that my colon needed to be removed before surgery became emergent. My GI in Dayton referred me to Dr. Husain at OSU. Dr. Husain is genuinely a very caring person and such a wonderful surgeon! I truly feel blessed to have had him as my colorectal surgeon! Always respectful and kind, but down to business. I would never wish for anyone to have a need for him, but if you do, rest assured you will be in great hands!
I was a difficult case. And was scared life would come to an end. Dr. Manilchuck gave me hope and not to give up. 2 years later I'm doing 100% better. And only go and see him and his team every 3 months. I always exited to see Karl, and Dr. Heather. Dr Manilchuck is who I will trust in my care.
I had a partial colectomy to remove a malignant tumor in my colon almost 1 year ago. I can say that my bowel function is back to normal and everything feels brand new. No long-term side effects - very grateful to Dr Husain's team. Only thing is that he was really pushing the total colectomy and only let on about the partial option when I brought it up. Since I have Lynch Syndrome and was 24 at the time, he was really pushing that which I don't think was necessary at all.
He was very professional and informative. He allowed my family the time to consider all of the options for the major surgery that my father was needing to have done. He did a wonderful job on my elderly fathers Frey procedure and was there to answer all of our questions and address our concerns. My father is doing much better so far, a week after the procedure. Here is my applaud for a job well done!! I wound recommend Dr. Manilchuk to anyone faced with serious digestive problems.
When I was told I had a mass on my pancreas I thought it was all over. I was 29 years old and hadn't accomplished anything. Dr. Manilchuk and his staff put my fears at ease. They assured me that while there was always the possibility that the worst could happen, I was in good hands and they would do all they could to make sure it didn't. I'm now 7 months post-op with no major complications and I believe that I owe that to Dr. Manilchuk! I would recommend him to anyone who needs his expertise.
He has taken my Gallbladder out and I am very happy with his care He has a lot of compassion among other things I would recommend him
HE was the best doctor i ever had to deal with took great care of me when i was very sick and took the time to make sure i understood everything would recommend he to anybody needing the best Thank you Dr. Husain for everything
An overall terrible experience. If I could give this man a lower rating I would. Absolutely rude. I would not recommend him to anyone.

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