After finding out thru to different doctors that I needed neck surgery I did my research to find the best doctor from every google search I did Dr Shehadi named came up,so I called to make my appt.which took 32 days just for a consult.that day finally came and his office called to tell me he wouldnt be in.REALLY!!!!! If your in pain Id find another doctor!! I had explained that I had already been off work for six weeks and was in pain they didnt seem to care.My health and time are important to m
Ii would recommend Dr. Shehadi to anyone and everyone who wants a top notch neuro-surgeon. The left arm and foot affected with pain and numbness, after surgery, no pain, no numbness. He knows exactly what to do to make you whole again. Awsome Doctor and awsome Staff !
I was referred to Dr. Shehadi for 3 herniated disks in my neck. There was a lot of pain and the prescriptions weren't helping much. Happy to say, after my surgery I am pain free and back to my activities.
I was having awful chronic pain from my sciatic nerve and my back pain was so severe when I had an attack with it, it almost dropped me to my knees. I chose Dr. Shehadi because he took care of a family member and I knew I would only trust him for my surgery. Dr. Shehadi is such a caring person and his staff is awesome. I had a lumbar fusion with laminectomy and no sciatic pain since. I am in physical therapy now and getting stronger. I highly recommend Dr. Shehadi as he is outstanding.
I'm considering a fusion; very concerned have been having issues for 5 years; not pushing for surgery, but says I'll know when the time is right for me. Very patient & helping me with pain management with a brace & I'm staying active as possible. I'm very scared & he's very kind & patient with me during this process.
What separates Dr. Shehadi from other doctors is that he listens and doesn't push for surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. He helped me find a pain specialist and I'll reconsider surgery at a later date. I wish he would have overseen my pain management but that isn't what he does. The first doctor I saw wanted to schedule surgery without a CAT scan or MRI. I couldn't give a higher recomendation for Dr. Shehadi.
I saw Dr. Shehadi for several years of low back pain. I had a wonderful experience. The office staff is awesome. Very friendly, they treat you like family! I was given a BIO back brace and physical therapy to help me avoid surgery due to my young as and so far so good. I would recommend this practice to anyone suffering from back pain.
Dr Shehadi did a three level fusion of my lumbar spine this past August. He is an excellent surgeon, and my procedure was highly successful. All my pain, numbness and tingling are gone. I am back to doing whatever activities I wish, including exercising, walking and playing with my grandchildren and pets. Dr Shehadi listened to and validated all my concerns. He explained exactly what he was going to do, and exuded confidence and professionalism. I am so grateful for his healing skills!
Dr Shehadi saw me when I was in excruciating pain. After examining me and reviewing my MRI report, he agreed to operate as soon as possible. I had my surgery on December 29th and I am feeling great and free of pain. He really made me feel like I was in good hands. Thank you Dr. Shehadi, from the bottom of my heart.

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