Knowledgeable, personable, efficient, has a good sense of humor. Takes time to explain thoroughly and listens well.
Dr. Costedio is super! We have complete faith in her and the care that she provides for our son. Dr. Costedio and her staff are very knowledgeable and friendly and took all our fears and concerns seriously. We would definitely recommend her and if the need ever arises again for a GI surgeon, we would not hesitate to go to her again!
Dr. Fujiki performed the liver transplant on a family member and assisted in complications after surgery due to hernias. Thorough and direct in treatments and his expertise helped save a life (twice)
Dr. Fujiki and his team performed my liver transplant on October 25, 2014 at Cleveland Clinic. The very first time I met this fine surgeon was just few a hours before the operation, shortly after I arrived at the hospital from Connecticut. His calm, quiet demeanor instilled in me the confidence that I was in very capable hands; working at world renown Cleveland Clinic indicated he was not just a good but an exceptional surgeon. I whole heartedly and without reservation recommend Dr. Fujiki.
She is a great doctor, always knows what to do to make the patient get well or feel better. She doesn't hurry you through your appointment and is only interested in how you are feeling. I'd recommend her to anyone. Cindy Karsti
i saw dr helber in oct. of 2016 for ongoing back and sciatic pain. he had ordered an xray that he did not show me nor did he go over it with me. he handed me some papers with exercises which he also did not go over with me. i was treated like i was wasting his time, a very arrogant and condescending young man. i wouldn't recommend him to anyone. my back and sciatic issues continued to worsen. fortunately, i have since found a much better dr that is currently helping me. what a difference!!
Dr. Helber is the worst doctor my husband and I have ever seen. He was condescending and completely uninterested in finding the source of my husband's constant unrelenting pain. We were under the impression that we would be seeing a spine neurologist not some DO rehab doctor. We had already been to a spine specialist, had back surgery, hip orthopedic specialist, chiropractor and PT. Dr. Helbors advice? Take OxyContin for breakthrough pain(my husband's pain is so bad he is on a Fentanyl patch)
The Cleveland Clinic should not even endorse this doctor. He acted like I made up the pain. I brought in images of my stenosis in my neck and back and I asked him if he saw them because he wouldn't believe I had severe nerve pain. He answered, "No, I just read the radiology reports." He was condescending and rude. His answer: see a chiropractor and someone who does acupuncture. He ordered a test that I could not take due to PTSD and he didn't even understand what PTSD was and didn't care anyway
He was very thoughtful, kind and understanding. I immediately felt at ease with him. I felt that he listened and understood what I was talking about.
Dr. Altinay is impatient, frustrated easily (which he has not learned to hide yet) and seemed put off by my mental status or questions. I repeatedly expressed that one of my meds were not working and he did nothing...over the time span of 3 appointments so that's like months. When I did bring someone to an appt with me, he appeared offended, his body language changed as well as his facial expressions. It was as if he wanted to leave the room. I no longer feel comfortable seeing him.
Everything wrong with medicine today, embodied. Horrible "doctor". Does not provide individualized care. No eye contact, constantly checking his watch after being late 50 minutes to our initial appointment. This man has no business being in the medical field.
I saw Dr kanu today for the first time. HE is with inland Pain Medicine in Beaumont, Colton and 3 other locations here in Southern California. The doctor I met today did not fit the description I read in two other reviews. I will write again after more visits. I have chronic pain and Dr Kanu is the first Doctor in years to try a different medication. This gives me hopes for improved pain management. Staff at the Beaumont office are friendly and pleasant. Office is clean.
He is the rudest person I've ever seen no manners.
Was the worst experience ever . i have never been to a so called Doctor , that was so rude and arrogant , he did not listen to anything I had to say , he dismissed my pain and my numerous medical conditions,I would not take my dog to him. He is the worst the bottom of the barrel. TERRIBLENESS .
Grandfatherly man, but he needs to retire. Quick-draw prescription pad, but doesn't appear to be motivated to find the cause of symptoms, just wants to slap a Band-Aid on them. Yes, it is a snap to get a quick appointment with him. He's the only neurologist at Cleveland Clinic who always has an open appointment calendar. This should tell you something.
He is an older doctor with a smile that reminds of a friendly grandfather, knowledgeable, kind, prompt, and willing to go the extra mile to stand by you like a super friend, and "fight" the insurance company, and face the paperwork if you ever run out of visits in your care for you to receive proper care for vertigo. The staff is also a great match to the same level of friendliness, and efficiency in returning calls, and "getting on the ball" to help provide excellent care.
I would rate this doctor a zero if I was able to. I was pursuing the Cleveland Clinic as a last resort due to a variety of strange neuro symptoms. Dr. Lederman immediately dismissed me, refused to review my medical records, acted as if my symptoms were all in my mind (spent only 5 min w/ me in his office). He ordered several tests- one of which was abnormal. However, his letter to my PCP indicated everything was normal (even though one was abnormal) and suggested I needed a psych eval. Awful!
Just horrible. Needs to go back to school or better yet not be permitted to have any control over patients health or diag.
If I could rate a zero I would. This Dr. went off of physical appearances instead of results. He Falsely documented sensation, balance and muscle strength test. Was very quick to place a diagnosis without full evaluation. He stated my past migraines which left me unable to use my right side for almost a week and residual weakness never occurred. During the 1hr eval he left the room 3x leaving the computer screen on with all patients information for the day visible. BEWEARE
Dr Lu was great. I have an interest in medicine and wanted to see the screen. She showed me what she was looking for and explained everything well. I would definitely go back to her.
I really liked Dr. Mayer. He listened to what was going on with my back. I couldn't even stand up straight when I went and saw him. He explained everything I could do at home to help too. He didn't have me wasting my time going to therapy multiple times a week. He told me the stretches to do at home and I did them and still do. He was very nice and compassionate. He was also thinking the same as me as far as surgery being my very last option. Some Doctors push for surgery right away.
I'm EXTREMELY shocked to see he has a low review! I have a rare birth defect and I'm very protective of myself because of it. I went to see him for my spine and he was very professional! He really couldn't help me BUT he didn't lie like most doctors do so that let's me know he's a doctor for the right reasons! Every question I asked he answered the best he could and told me he could refer me to another doc with more experience! I really appreciate him for that! He's a nice person!
Just wants to get you in and out so she can leave. And don't think you'll ever be able to talk to her on the phone. Staff is rude but she doesn't seem to care. She doesn't listen to her patients.
He never even did a physical exam nor did he review medical history. He and his nurse practitioner were condescending and borderline rude. Gave no recommendations for aftercare and gave a diagnosis that two doctors since actually laughed at. He nor his nurse truly listened to what we were saying and the nurse asked why were there. (We were referred by Neurology at CC). Also both commented because my husband and I came back together. Could not have been more disappointed.
He explains the condition and ensures that his explanation is understood, and he listens well. He also provided me with some great tips to deal with the issue I am having on my own.
Very caring. Explained my problem in language I understood.
He used analogies to my condition that made no sense to me. Example 1927 Yankee baseball team. Did not answer some questions that we asked. Did not appear interested in hearing what I had experienced in arriving at the reason I was a Cleveland Clinic. Appeared anxious to get on to another patient. Made some statements that I questioned were correct. Example--My time for healing at age 80 would not make a difference from a younger age. Left without giving instructions.
My mother recently passed away after her long battle with multiple myeloma. I know that she would not have survived as long as she did without Dr. Reu's knowledge and experience in the treatment of multiple myeloma. He and his staff always showed great care and understanding. I know that we could not have may it through the years without him. In my opinion there is no better doctor or staff at cleveland clinic.
Awesome and wonderful physician. Takes her time, has good bedside manner and very thorough.
The location I visited was Brownsville Texas. She is an awsome doctor. She made me feel at ease with the diagnostic, was attentive to my concerns and informative about my daughter's health. Dr was also thorough on my daughter's chart/check up. There might be a 15 min wait before seeing her, but the time you wait, you get back during consultation. Great overall.
Very disappointed of this doctor. On my first visit Dr. Samat diagnose hashimoto after a physical exam (with no blood work done) My blood work was done after the visit and the tsh result was 0.05, the levo dose got decreased. Next app. was scheduled in a year. Done blood work week before the app. (tsh result was above the norm) although the blood work was done twice between the visits no one informed me about the levels and results. When asked the dr. about supplementations, he seemed clueless.
Dr. Samar is extremely thorough. He explains if this happens, do this; if that, do the following. He is very precise so that when you leave his office you feel secure and safe. You feel like you are managed and in competent hands. The degree of safety is ensured by his detailed instructions on what to do when you leave the office. He takes the time to answer your questions and installs a lot of confidence with his knowledge. He is also empathetic and sensitive to his patient's unspoken
About 8 office visits per year for macular degeneration. All excellent.
Dr. Mehta is a humble, intelligent, and kind anesthesiologist who genuinely cares for and listens to his patients. He also is well liked and respected by other members of the health care team.
Dr. Esfeh performed a surgical procedure on me today and i don't have the words to tell you how pleased I am to have had Dr. J care for me. Thank you Dr. J!
When I visited the Cleveland Clinic, I had a great experience with dr Tarakji. He was extremely knowledgeable, respectful and made me feel in competent hands. I have had several heart doctors and he definitel stands out. He also called me with my results and walked me through my options very carefully and without pushing one or the other option. I would recommend him to my dearest friends.
I had breast reconstruction surgery of a capsular contracted breast 1 year ago. I am happy with my results way beyond my expectations. Dr. Storck did a fabulous job! He has a great bedside manner.
I had a breast reduction and tummy tuck 18 months ago and it was the best decision I ever made. Dr Storck took his time, was very thorough, and went through all of my options. He was so personable and down to earth, something so hard to find in a plastic surgeon. Making people look and feel better about themselves is truly his passion and it shows in everything he does. He is a gem.
Dr.Mary Jean knows what's she is doing.She is professional in her area.I have had some problems,no one could find anything,and I had pain for a year.First time I saw Dr.Jean she found a cause right away.I highly recommend this doctor.Thank you.
Dismissive, rude, and Astoundingly Unprofessional. I have seen 12+ Cleveland Clinic Doctors over the years and maybe half as many at UH and I have never had close to the experience I had with him. I canceled all follow up appointments with him and have gone elsewhere.

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