He was very thoughtful, kind and understanding. I immediately felt at ease with him. I felt that he listened and understood what I was talking about.
Dr. Altinay is impatient, frustrated easily (which he has not learned to hide yet) and seemed put off by my mental status or questions. I repeatedly expressed that one of my meds were not working and he did nothing...over the time span of 3 appointments so that's like months. When I did bring someone to an appt with me, he appeared offended, his body language changed as well as his facial expressions. It was as if he wanted to leave the room. I no longer feel comfortable seeing him.
I first met with Dr Babar on 2/7/2017. Her office staff and facility is extremely welcoming, clean and professional. Prior to talking to Dr. Badar I was nervous about the troubles I had been experiencing with my heart and chest pains. Dr Babar is very reassuring and easy to understand, as well as very personable!!
I found her to be arrogant. Dr. Blissett was over 45 min. late for our first appointment (the first on her calendar for that day), then rushed through the interview so that she could get caught up, she ignored important symptoms and, as a result, prescribed an inappropriate medication. Telephone messages made her defensive rather than questioning. I would strongly counsel avoiding her.
I love Dr. Brown. She is very friendly, and straight forward. We never feel rushed with her, and she answers every question that we throw at her. I highly recommend her!
I went to see Edward Cho last year for migraine headaches. The appointment process was not easy and they make you fill out countless forms online. When you call their offices, often times they don't pick up and they make you leave a message. When I finally saw Dr. Cho he was rushed and acted like he didn't care or have any time for me as a patient. He wrote my prescription and treated me like my headaches were not worthy of his attention. This week I tried several days to get a simple refill. W
I was a patient of Dr. Chaiffetz's while he was at the Cleveland Clinic. He was a great listener, and ensured a complete explanation of the available treatment options and we worked together to develop treatment plans. .
Dr. Fujiki performed the liver transplant on a family member and assisted in complications after surgery due to hernias. Thorough and direct in treatments and his expertise helped save a life (twice)
Dr. Fujiki and his team performed my liver transplant on October 25, 2014 at Cleveland Clinic. The very first time I met this fine surgeon was just few a hours before the operation, shortly after I arrived at the hospital from Connecticut. His calm, quiet demeanor instilled in me the confidence that I was in very capable hands; working at world renown Cleveland Clinic indicated he was not just a good but an exceptional surgeon. I whole heartedly and without reservation recommend Dr. Fujiki.
Excellent! Loved having him as my doctor! He treated my vericose veins and did an excellent job! Very attentive and helpful. Seems to really care about his patients. I looked forward to seeing him at every appointment.
Dr. Goyal is a people person. Explains everything, and takes time to make sure you understand your situation. After nearly seven years of treatment by another doctor, Dr. Goyal was able to help by reducing my back pain to the point where I could function nearly normally.
Great bedside manner. She is a true professional and carried herself very well. My family was very happy with the care we received from Dr Ghosh!!!
As an update: On April 7th my cancer has been deemed defeated through chemo and radiation. Although a PET scan must verify in Late June. In serious condition when I went to Dr. Lam. He Moved into action and immediately did the surgical biopsy so I could begin treatment one Week later. I have a small unknown spot like ghost on my ct scan which will be determined. But the Huge mass and smaller one and the Lymph Node are now cleared. This is a successful , Lung Cancer Story. Thank God and Dr. Lam.
I love the doctor but the office is horrible, never call you back and they never answer the phone. After I get through the issue I am working on I will be looking for a new doctor. I would recommend the doctor just not the office.
Just starting into a doctor/patient relationship with Dr. Khurana but so far she has been amazing. Made myself and my wife very comfortable throughout the entire exam. Very professional and a wonderfully well spoken care provider.
Everything wrong with medicine today, embodied. Horrible "doctor". Does not provide individualized care. No eye contact, constantly checking his watch after being late 50 minutes to our initial appointment. This man has no business being in the medical field.
I saw Dr kanu today for the first time. HE is with inland Pain Medicine in Beaumont, Colton and 3 other locations here in Southern California. The doctor I met today did not fit the description I read in two other reviews. I will write again after more visits. I have chronic pain and Dr Kanu is the first Doctor in years to try a different medication. This gives me hopes for improved pain management. Staff at the Beaumont office are friendly and pleasant. Office is clean.
He is the rudest person I've ever seen no manners.
Was the worst experience ever . i have never been to a so called Doctor , that was so rude and arrogant , he did not listen to anything I had to say , he dismissed my pain and my numerous medical conditions,I would not take my dog to him. He is the worst the bottom of the barrel. TERRIBLENESS .
she was great surgeon and prefer her again and have told others how great she cares personally i had you do open heart and saved me however I need another surgery 3 arteries you replacedout of 4 is clogged agin hard to do much can you do the surgery ty
After seeing him for over a year for idiopathic hypersomnia, I am finding multiple possibilities of medications I'm on that could be causing this- through research of my own. He does not seem to truly care about me or what I have been going through. When you bring up concerns to him, I feel you get a generic answer made to pass the buck or "solve" the problem with as little effort from him or his staff as possible.
She is the best
Dr. Margni is kind and extremely patient. His skills are way above par, and he took such good care of my loved one. I would send anyone to him who needs a procedure. Not to mention his bedside manner is impeccable. The follow ups are always a pleasure also, as his office staff is wonderful.
I met Dr. Christopher D. Mudd as an emergency room patient at Missouri Baptist Medical Center in St. Louis, MO after I slipped and fell and broke 2 bones in my ankle; he was the surgeon on call. Dr. Mudd explained in detail what was going to take place before, during and after surgery; he listened to all of my concerns, answered all of my questions and put me at ease. He did excellent work on my ankle and I had minimum pain after surgery. I would definitely recommend Dr. Christopher D. Mudd!!
I feel fortunate to have had Dr.Mudd as my surgeon following an arm injury involving multiple breaks and significant nerve trauma.I have no doubt that his excellence as a surgeon and his thorough follow up care are the reasons for the wonderful results that I am enjoying today.
My knees were so bad that no other doctor would consider working on them. Dr. Mudd specializes in problem knees/hips. He did a wonderful job with new joints and straightening my legs. The scars are minimal and I am looking forward to living my life without pain.
I began seeing Dr. Mudd because my knees were killing me, I ended up having both of my knees replaced on 12/14/16 and within 10 weeks I was able to return to my job that is very physical with no problems! All of my questions were answered and I felt very comfortable requesting that both knees be done at the same time!! Will definitely be referring everyone I know that needs an ortho to Dr. Mudd!!!
Dr. Mudd was able to repair a bad hip replacement that I had done approx 6 years ago. It was a metal on metal hip that caused metal shavings to collect in the joint and had caused damage to the bone!!! I went from being in constant pain and walking with a walker (barely), to being pain free and walking on my own with no walker or cane!!!
Dr. Mudd was our surgeon after my wife suffered her second fall and later a third fall. He replaced a broken hip femur after fall #2 and a shattered lower femur after fall #3. Both required special "cable wrapping" as the bone was not stable. 8 months later she is cleared for walking and standing . Dr Mudd is both easy and fun to work with as my wife has a good sense of humor and his easy bedside and office manor are greatly appreciated. We recommend him without any reservations.
Dr. Mudd fixed my knee that had been replaced I 2012. I became disabled. Thanks to Dr. Mudd, I am finally on my way to recovery. His whole staff and himself are wonderful.
Dr Rieder is very knowledgeable, very thorough, very nice and friendly. We really like him and Highly recommend him.
After traveling from out of state I was very disappointed with this doctor. He had no knowledge of my medical history when he got into the room and did not listen well. He jumped to a conclusion on a diagnosis based on it being a more common diagnosis and what he is good at treating even after my previous meeting with another doctor the day before had confirmed a different diagnosis. There was no communication between team members. He also has very poor bedside manner and did not follow up.
Friendly, but she completely overlooked my history when I saw her for a recent issue. $2500 later, I'm still having problems and she basically wrote me off. She's good for getting prescriptions if that's what you're into; I'm not a fan.
Made three appointments for my elderly mother to remove her skin cancer. All three were cancelled by his office and had to wait additional time to reschedule. The last scheduled appointment I had to call to find out the appointment time and they informed me that the appointment was cancelled. Will not go back. Poor customer service leaving a poor patient experience. The Cleveland Clinic's centralized scheduling department is inefficient with extended hold times. Will go to UH next time.
Dr. Schwarz is very kind, and positive. He has been very helpful during my breast cancer journey and is empathetic and caring as well as an excellent doctor. He is by far one of the most professional and top-notch surgeons I have ever had.

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