Best doctor I have ever had. I have total trust in his knowledge and capabilities. Would recommend him to everyone. He's the best.
This physician is uncaring, does not listen to your health/pain concerns, combative and unsympathetic to the emotional trauma of your diagnoses. On every visit I felt I was a bother and any question I had, she became defensive and created an environment of mistrust and indifference. Dr. Ali never provided an overview of test results and referred me to " My Chart" but because I'm not a physician with medical expertise, I was insulted. Worst experience ever.
I was searching for a primary physician due to my physician was retiring and was not pleased with her assistant. My best friend recommended Dr. Barnes and I'm so please with him I would never switch. I would highly recommend him. I suffer from severe depression and he found 1 medicine that works without having to take anything else for my depression. Normally I need to try several before they get it right and it's a combination of medicines.
I met nurse Cureton recently and so far I am confident in her ability to care for me.
My oldest sister has been seeing Dr. Barnes for a couple years and the difference before and after are nothing short of miraculous. She had a deep mistrust of all doctors her whole life. She would not confide and could not be persuaded to make good health care decisions for herself. She was very difficult for anyone else to treat effectively. He treats her with kindness and does not approach her in a way where she feels forced. She has developed trust, genuinely likes him & enjoys her visit
Pretty pushy when it comes to what she thinks is the best treatment option. Didn't want to discuss other options, even though I know my body and mind better than anyone. Uses the whole "let's wait and see" approach, which given my psychiatric history is playing a dangerous game of roulette. Am going to go elsewhere, I think.
Dr Bohme is an amazing doctor. I always recommend her to people. She has worked with me through so much including fertility issues & RPL. I cannot thank her enough. She has done so much for me.
Will not recommend this Dr to any of my family or friends. She didn't care one bit about me or my health issues. Will not be going back.
.......My experience with Dr. Bohme has been nothing but fantastic. She has been caring, competent, sincere and professional. She is definitely a treasure........
Office staff is so unorganized that my mother was discharged as a patient for missing an appointment after being in the hospital for over a month. She was misdiagnosed and told she probably had cancer when she did not
She was nice enough, but our interaction was quick and somewhat impersonal. She did nothing to really put me at ease, which is something I like when I'm going to a doctor for something very personal. The exam was a bit rough and fast and the instruments were cold. It certainly didn't seem like she took any time to make sure everything looked fine. I want more from my OBGYN than that.
We have been seeing Dr. Barnes as a family for 12+ years. He is amazing. We appreciate his approach and how he listens. He is great to partner with.
She is our family doctor and everyone feels comfortable with her, including our teenage sons. She's an excellent listener, doesn't rush, explains relevant information during visits. In short, our family feels that she genuinely cares about our medical well being.
Dr. Craig has been my doctor for over 10 years. He is always concerned about my health and steers me in the right direction.
No better primary care physician in Greater Cincinnati for these reasons. He spends a great deal of time when it is necessary during your visit and listens with his undivided attention.. He really uses extraordinary logic and protocols in his decision making. Why is this important? Because it's called the practice of medicine for a reason. Most importantly, he's a really nice and patient person. I've had him call me at 9 pm at night and explain in detail, a question I left with his staff.
When a doctor puts a patient on s lifelong medication based on a single lab test, several months old, and doesn't verify the test first, it's bad doctoring. This is especially true with thyroid supplement, when the patient had, at age over 55, had never been on it, had been experiencing post-op complication, and had increased risks due to co-diagnoses. Just a little reassuring retesting at prescribing & on request, would have illustrated a care to minimize risk to the patient, emotionally min.
I injured my ankle while playing softball. After several weeks it had not healed. Dr. Capurro took X-rays and didn't see anything. He speculated it was a sprain, and prescribed anti-inflammatories. Two weeks later I was still hobbling, returned to Capurro. Another X-ray, same diagnosis. I mentioned a specialist, but he said it wouldn't help. I finally visited a sports medicine doctor, who did a bone scan, which revealed a hairline fracture that needed a cast. CANNOT RECOMMEND CAPURRO!!
I have been with DR Capurro for over 20 years he's the best doctor in the world. The staff is the best. I love my doctor, he is the BEST!!!!
Dr. Eid and her staff have consistently extended themselves in a caring professional manner to address all of my needs. I have needed things such as urgent refills and immediate appointments and I have never been disappointed. Dr. Eid has also called me personally to check on me during recent illnesses. I am truly blessed to have her as my PCP.
I would strongly suggest that anyone who is considering using this man as their PCP to NOT do so. He falsified in my Father's medical records that he had Advanced Dementia (he did not) he had mild dementia, and that my Father was terminal and that both my Father and his family agreed to hospice when in actuality, Dr Kesav lied and only spoke with my Father's wife who insisted that her husband be made a DNR and put into hospice. Dr Kesav knew that my Father's wife was mentally ill.
Always seems glad to see me. Quick, never made to wait in exam room waiting on him.
Doctor Kerbo has been my Primary Care Physician for almost 20 years. During those years he diagnosed some things very early and probably helped me maintain my quality of life. He is the real thing. He cares about his patients and follows up with everything. I feel very confident having him to manage my health and refer me, when necessary, to specialists. He also has a very good staff and everyone is friendly. Its a comfortable and pleasant place to go to receive excellent care.
Been a patient of Doctor Klopp for over 35 years he's always been on time and he's an excellent doctor he listens to you and explains everything clearly
Dr. Grimm is a well educated and professional physician. I have been seeing him for years and it is very easy to schedule an appointment or ask for a referral. I highly recommend his services.
Today was the first visit with Dr Haq ,all i have to say he is a great doctor ,highly recommended
Dr. Kerbo is an excellent doctor. He really cares about his patients. You can ask him any question without ever feeling embarrassed. My son also see's Dr. Kerbo. My son is 22 and he loves doctor Kerbo too. Everyone in the office is nice, like a small family. The nurses are excellent also. Jill is so wonderful and so is Wendy. This is probably the best doctor I've ever had. Highly recommend!
Dr. Haq is a great doctor. He listens to you and responds appropriately. He is very caring and a doctor that should be recognized. I value his opinion not only for my heart issues but any other medical issue that may arise. If you are looking for a heart doctor who is caring and understanding this is the doctor for you.
Dr. Haq over prescribed me. The prescription caused severe allergic reaction, pain and two days missed at work. Don't count on receiving a call back from her office nor any help from Dr. Haq. Called several times regarding my over medication and no one has followed up with me. I eventually went to urgent care. Dr. Haq is not friendly and seems the least concerned with patient care.
This doctor is unfeeling not compassionate. She misdiagnosed me and caused me to get admitted to a hospital. She does not return calls and neither does her staff. This doctor should not be in practice in my opinio . If you are ederly do not go to this doctor. No care whatsoever.
I would recommend Dr. Giulitto to all family and friends. Great bedside manner, good listener and very knowledgeable and always on top of all medical issues. She has recommended some changes in my diet, etc. and it has worked well for me. Recommend her to anyone knowing they would get the best care possible! Best staff ever too! Theresa Adkins
Dr Sax is friendly, personable, and is decidedly not "scatterbrained": she remembers important medical information And pleasantly remembers details of this patients personal life. She practices a judicious and conservative approach to providing medical care. She has my full faith and confidence.
I would never go to this doctor again. The doctor does not listen to the patient. I called the doctor to explain the intense pain I was having after the injection I received and that I was unable to you use my right hand while working due to the pain (I am a nurse on a med surg unit), the doctor was rude and lacked empathy. It's time for him to retire. He has obviously has forgotten code he took.
Dr.Ward is a excellent Dr. He listens and answered all of my questions and was very pleasant to be around. I feel very confident in him, he definitely knows his business. I just wish he had been my Dr. years ago!
A selfish & inconsiderate doctor who would not even give me time during appointments to answer my health-related questions. He also did not fill my prescriptions in a timely manner causing me at times to go without much needed medication. His staff is unprofessional, especially his assistant Jessica who has at times misplaced written prescriptions or given me scripts without a signature. When I mentioned looking for a new doctor, they proceeded to "beat me to it" by dismissing me as a patient.
Very thorough and will listen
Dr.Sarah is the best doctor I have ever seen! Hands down she really cares about your health and always looks out for the best outcome for you. She is caring always friendly I feel like she doesn't put me on medicine unless its whats best for me and I am never confused when I leave my appt because If I have questions she and her nurse are very undertanding and make sure I leave informed about my visit. Her nurse and front staff are always nice to me
Rude, unprofessional and is mainly concerned with you visiting her office as much as possible for her own financial gain.
I've been a patient of Dr. Sarah for several years now, and have always had a great experience. Contrary to the other reviews, I find her to have a very good bedside manner; she has always been respectful and attentive, and never seems rushed. I've even recommended her to friends.
I was lucky enough to find Dr. Seibert at the age of 14 or 15. I am now 30. He is the nicest, most compassionate, knowledgeable, non arrogant, easiest person to talk with. He REALLY cares. Highly recommended to anyone of any age. Excellent doctor.
Dr. Tenkman is a very good listener. She is thorough and in her evaluation of my symptoms, and provides excellent care and decision making for my health needs. I never feel rushed and I always feel like she really cares about me and my all around health. I recommend her highly.
Shocking and poor experience. This was the rudest, and most unprofessional doctor I have ever encountered. Her harsh response to my expressing confusion over my ongoing weight problem even though I have been watching my food and exercising was horrible. She made me tear up with embarrassment telling me I was still obviously eating too much. And had no compassion to the issues I am having with anxiety. I told the staff on my way out, but got the impression they were powerless in the situation.
The front desk was rude and unprofessional, the nurse seemed bothered to take me back for my vital screening, and Dr. Sarah is as cold as ice! This office exudes unhappiness and disrespect. If you do not have the same belief systems about mainstream medicine, and tend to favor holistic approaches, she will mock you and laugh in your face. If you are looking for a Doctor that is respectful and warm, that is willing to treat you as an equal partner in YOUR health care, look elsewhere.
Awesome dr she is
Arrogant and dismissive.
Dr. Sax is very nice and personable, but scatterbrained. She complains about her staff and peers in front of patients, which I find to be unprofessional. I think she truly cares about her patients, but she loses focus. She is also frequently late, but spends the time with each patient as they need.
Dr. Ward always takes time to listen to all my concerns and then discuss options.
Dr. Rath & Nurse Connie made my 1st visit very comforting. I was a bit nervous, however their kindness paved the way to calm me down. I felt Dr. Rath really listens & cared. I look forward to their care.
I would highly recommend Dr. Riffel to family and friends
After 12+ years of SVT episodes, 20 ambulance rides to numerous hospitals, brain scans, thyroid and pituitary gland tests, more blood tests and x-rays than I can count, consults with 5 cardiologists including a specialist from the Mayo Clinic who all said there was nothing wrong with my heart and I was having anxiety attacks and I needed to see a psychiatrist ... I AM GLAD I CROSSED PATHS WITH DR. MUTH. He easily recognized the problem and fixed it in an hour. I'd recommend Dr. Muth to all.
My husband and I visited Dr Mattingly for infertility treatment. We had experienced five years of infertility and had undergone 3 IUI attempts before working with Mattingly. After 5 months, we became pregnant with our son and we are now expecting baby number two! We found Dr. Mattingly to have a refreshing combination of compassion, dedication to research, as well as honesty about what is unknown.
one of the most personable Doctors I have every encountered,
Friendly, experienced, knowledgeable.
Dr Muth was wonderful understanding and patient! He was down to earth and talked to me.
I had to change doctors since mine gave up his practice 2 years ago. I found Dr. Riffel and it has been a smooth transition. He explains things to me in plain English and he tends to actually care about his patients. It's been a long time since I've had a doctor to try and really get to know me so he can treat me in the best way possible.
I seen Dr. Melvin for 8 years and in that time he only looked at me twice. He doesn't listen to your questions and concerns. He is in and out of the room in five minutes if you're lucky. and one day I just got tired of it and I went off on him. and I was dismissed. and that probably was the best thing I did. I wish I could get my Mom into leaving him.
Dr. Mattingly is excellent at communicating with my teenaged sons. He knows how to talk to them at their level. They both like him a lot. He is also my doctor and he is very thorough and a good listener.
So disappointed.!! have had a hard time finding a psychiatrist for my teen son who has been really struggling w/ a fairly recent bipolar II diagnosis. His current dr. is very far away & not very helpful. One of my friends recommended Dr. Masterson & had many positive things to say about him. So I checked w/ my insurance. Googled him. Called the # listed. Waited on hold for 8 minutes. Then got the reply that I was dreading & have heard many times before. SORRY HE IS NOT ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS!!
As always I have no complaints with Dr. Robinson nor with the office staff.
I have been Dr. Masterson's patient for over two years now and he is nothing short of a life-saver and miracle worker. He never hesitates to spend the time I need, even if it means going over my time limit. Because of this fact, I never mind waiting if he's running late. (Nice on the eyes, too. . .)
Excellent caring individual
Dr. Melvin was thorough and his bedside manner is impeccable.
I have been his patient for 6 months now and i love him. He is very kind and caring and really listens to you. He also provides excellent care. I wish i would have been had him as my doctor years ago.
I definitely wouldn't recommend Jason Mattingly to others. I have been to several doctors in my life and Jason Mattingly sticks out like a sore thumb as being different than the rest in a bad way. I understand that everyone's gotta eat and have an occupation, but health care isn't exactly a good match for Mattingly. The good news is there are plenty of really good doctors in the area.
I didn't know what to expect, he explained in simple-plan terms what was going on, what caused it, what it could do, and how he could treat it and then left the choice up to me if and when I want to have it done NO HIGH PRESSURE routine.....he visited as a FRIEND when it was over & I was recovering .....
Good morning, March 18,2016, I made a call to your office due to being referred by Dr. fazlani, I had a horrible experience. I phoned in early afternoon to be told by one of your nurses that they had no idea of what I was talking about , I asked for her help locating my health records as well as explaining that prior to Dr. Fazlani leaving he sent letters and Dr.Riffel was on list of referrals. I was told that she had no information in any such thing ,and could not help with my records !!
Dr. Mattingly is extremely informative with us. I couldn't ask for a better doctor. He is kind patient and takes wonderful care of my entire family!
He is a GREAT doctor... Great sense of humor and really cares about his patients.. Always very helpful and easy to talk to... I don't think that I have ever seen him anything but positive and always listens to any questions or concerns that I have... Even though he has several patients to see in a day, he gives everyone his full attention and takes his time with each patient.. He is Awesome! I finally found my match for a PCP... Thank you Dr. Riffel for being so AWESOME!!! Maureen Wilson
He is such an amazing person. I've yet to find a psychiatrist as amazing as him. We work extremely well together to make sure I get the care and treatment I need.
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