A very professional and caring Dr. Always looking for the best options for me as a patient.
Dr. Hiltz Has worked very hard to see that my RA is under control My lifestyle has changed but I am happy and healthy at age 60 and still able to the things I love ( like holding my grandchildren.) Thanks to dr. Hiltz and his staff for always being there for me .
I would recommend Dr. Rechtin to anyone. He has truly helped me get my life back. He knows more than most and listens to all symptoms so he can help with your real problems. The epitome of what your family practitioner should be. Unique, 1 of a kind. Always prompt, curtious, and knowledgeable about any problem that may arise. I trust him with my life. I would send my daughter to him if she was older. My wife is going to try to see if she can get in to see him so she can have a great family Dr.
This guy is terrible. He is uncaring, will not listen to your concerns and does not need to be practicing medicine. I have suffered from sinus infections for years and after going to this doctor twice (since my doctor retired) with a sinus infection he tells me there is no sign of infection and sends me on my way. Ultimately, I end up going to Urgent Care and being diagnosed with a sinus infection and the last time chronic bronchitis. I wouldn't recommend this jerk to anyone.
I'd just moved to the area & needed thyroid levels checked. Dr H knew NOTHING about thyroid levels. He only checked my TSH and told me my 4.8 was perfectly fine and to "just keep cutting your pills in half" he didn't even offer to write me the correct dosage prescription. I've since found a great doc who understands that the books may say under 5 is ok but under 3 is what makes patients feel human. And what doc tells patients to just keep cutting pills in half as a long term solution?!
This doctor should not be practicing medicine. He absolutely will not listen to the patient. He feels he knows more about the patient than the patient himself. When the patient can not see to complete paperwork, can barely drive a car or perform his job and you tell them that cataract surgery is NOT medically necessary, you are incompetent as a physician. I would absolutely NOT recommend him to treat an animal let alone a human being! BTW we will not be paying any more for this visit.
Dr. Hiltz took the time go over everything with me and explain all labs that were being completed. He looked at my entire situation and background as a whole to try and figure out what was going on with me. Upon getting my labs back he personally called me to review them with me. Thankfully I am just a rare 10% walking around with an elevated Ana and nothing else autoimmune. But had something came back he would have been who I would have stayed with for treatment.
DO NOT go to her! Worst doctor ever.......after going to her for several times....I finally gave up on hr...she does not listen to you at all.....after being very sick fr several months.....went to a different Dr., to find out I have lymphoma cancer...which happens to people with lupus.....I had all signs.....she does not care!
Uncaring, poor bedside manner. Very cocky. His way of "treating" any patient questions or concerns, is to refer you to someone else! Doesn't listen. I would NEVER recommend him to anyone
Dr. Hiltz took the time to thoroughly explain my condition, how it would likely progress and best treatment options. He never made me feel rushed in fact he was one of the best doctor experiences I've ever had!
She looked at old blood work and didn't look at my charts newest blood work She dismissed my symptoms and my previous drs referral and ordered the same blood work which confirmed the previous diagnosis. She seemed to only ask questions about arthritis related autoimmune when I am diagnosed as lupus. Very hard to understand and communicate with From making my first appt. and getting the second one will be 3 months before any possible treatment will start in the meantime health wise I'm strugg
Dr. Hiltz is incredible. He listened to my husband and me tell my story and he has been so proactive about figuring out the problem and finding solutions. DEFINITELY recommend. He has personally called with results and obviously cares for his patients. Warm personality and great listener.
How ANYONE could give this guy less than FIVE STARS is beyond me. He has kept my soon to be 100 year old mother going with a good quality of life for many years. (She lives with my husband and me.) He monitors all her numbers carefully, adjusting her meds and care according to CHANGES - critical with the elderly. He sets the bar for eldercare physicians, and he SETS IT HIGH. He is what a DOCTOR SHOULD BE - EXCELLENT CLINICIAN WITH A CARING HEART. THANK YOU, DOCTOR HANDLETON. We love you.
To busy to listen to my problems.
Dr was very short didn't want to listen to my concerns and had a awful bedside manner! Will never see him ever again!
If a new problem arises all I hear is "maybe this" and "maybe that" with no follow through. That's the same attitude that left me with 10yrs of AS being ignored. Anytime I talk I feel like I'm talking to myself. He makes me feel like he believes I'm lying. He acts more like an attorney working for the "other side", but I know now that his smile is as disingenious as any could be. Just getting my Humira renewed is becoming a battle and I end up missing doses. I don't trust him. Not one bit!
Anything complex is beyond his scope. Drops us as a patient and says he can't sign a referral for PT at 10:45 becuause he dropped us as a patient 2 months ago never told us but he had already signed the pt referral that morning at 8:53. Went I went back to ask him why the very same day he didn't recall dropping us as a patient. He can't keep patients straight from one room to the next. After telling him he is incompetent he has banned us from group health and no tri health partners will accep
Dr. Saoudian is a superb Rheumatologist and if you are looking for an excellent, caring and professional provider, then you will not be disappointed in the services joint and rheumatoid disease Therapy. I have been a patient of Dr. Saoudian for 6 years now. She is the best doctor I've ever had. After visits to many other doctors before her, she was the only one to correctly diagnose me. I've never felt as good as I do now and I have her to thank for that.
He's too busy to call my pharmacy to authorize a refill of a prescription I will be on forever.
Dr. Saoudian is my 86 year old mother's rheumatologist. Mom and I came to the office for a checkup and mom had a cough.The doctor did mom's checkup but expressed genuine concern about her overall health. She ordered an x-ray, then CT scan which ultimately led to early diagnosis of lung cancer. I credit Dr. Saoudian's exceptional care for her patients for saving my mom's life. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a caring health professional.
He has ADD which he self medicates for. One time, my brother went to get shots, and Dr. Maloney took half an hour to talk about what shots he was given because he trailed off into the history of the shots. He's a good Doctor overall, he just needs to stay on task a bit more.
She has no compassion and is not interested in helping you if you do not fit certain stereotypes and medical requirements. She refused to look beyond blood tests, and belittled me and dismissed my concerns on grounds of my being young. She attempted to prescribe me Prozac for my pain, insisting on only focusing on my past issues with depression and anxiety and refusing to focus on my current debilitating pain. Prozac is not one of the acceptable antidepressants for treating even fibro.
Dr. Delorenzo is an excellent physician. He is aggressive with his treatment of RA and I have no visible signs of RA after 11 years. He is caring and listens to your concerns. I was looking for a new Dr. and called the RA Foundation and he was recommended. I am very pleased.
Dr. Croteau is a knowledgeable, expert pediatrician. Her compassion and love of children is ever so evident in every visit our children have had with her. She now takes care of my grandchildren. One would think that their child is the only one in her practice. She communicates exceptionally with her little patients, teen patients and parents.
Absolutely fabulous! We love and trust Dr Shelby for our daughter and still travel to see her no matter where we u moved. Listens well and actually cares about your child. Lucky to have her for our daughter's primary doctor.
Without a doubt absolutely the best doctor I've ever seen. Doesn't just focus on lungs, looks at entire patient. One of the few doctors who actually took the time to review test results with me and explain what they meant. Dr. Wiltse seems to always go above and beyond what I expect of him. I don't, as a rule, refer or recommend things to people, but with no hesitation would urge you to seek him out if you need a pulmonologist.
Dr. Seltzer truly cares about her patients. She takes the time necessary to hear you and figure out what your medical issues are. She is the best doctor I've had in my almost 60 years of life. Very personable!
He's pretty awesome.
Awesome doctor. I have been seeing her since I was little. I would recommend her to anyone for pediatric needs.

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