Dr. Greenblatt is an excellent physician who has helped me a lot. He is always on time and though his visit is short, I feel I get what I want and need to know in that time. He is always pleasant and personable.
He was so rude to me during multiple appointments that I wound up never going back
I have been seeing Dr. Badreddine at McCullough-Hyde in Oxford for over 10 years. She is great! Easy to talk to, explains procedures well. Highly recommended.
Dr Badreddine does not explain medical conditions or medications very well at all. Must ask several times for an answer to a specific question. I do not feel that she listens to what the patient is saying, and the patient does not seem to play a very big role in the decision making process of how their treatment will progress. An MRI that was done recently does not seem to support her previous made diagnosis. Currently looking for another doctor for a second opinion.

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