I was extremely impressed with how Dr. Anderson handled my child's condition. He was thorough, took time to listen to both my child and myself and was very professional. We had had a previous unpleasant experience with a different department recently and Dr. Anderson was able to work with us toward an appropriate resolution leaving us very happy with our experience with Dr. Anderson and Children's Hospital.
Really awesome doctor! Explains things really well to me, and my medical conditions are pretty complex. Never talks down to me or my family. Really cares about teens and young adults. Nursing staff are really nice and professional too. Sometimes my visits are long, but that's because I'm a pretty complex guy, and Dr. Benson takes the time he needs to work with me.
Dr. De Alarcon is amazing. He is very honest & direct regarding the plan of care your child will need. Goes above and beyond for his patients. Very attentive, an expert in his specialty. We come from Fl to have our visits in Ohio. ??????????Super professional.
He is very caring, honest, and extremely talented in what he does. He genuinely cares for his patients. He was able to reattach my daughter's thumb after a traumatic amputation. Today she is able to use it with little limitation. He is great! !!
Dr. Davies was amazing. She took care of my daughter, even when she wasn't on service. She always had my daughter's best interest in mind.
She is quite literally a life saver. My daughter and I loved her.
We came to Dr Davies (from about 1000 miles away) because our daughter has a rare disease and she's one of the experts in it. She was amazing. So knowledgeable, so compassionate, and was able to make tough decisions in tough situations. She stands out far above the rest of the doctors we've been to, and we've seen many. We recommend her all the time to others in similar situations.
Dr. Davies was absolutely phenomenal. Our child was born with a very rare disease (TTC7A Deficiency). We have dealt with 50+ doctors over the years. Dr. Davies is, by far, the best doctor we have ever dealt with. She is brilliant, kind, attentive, and very witty. She is very professional. Individuals come from all around the world to be treated by her and her team. Once you met her, you'll understand why.
Dr. Elleru recently performed a tonsillectomy/ adenoidectomy on my 10 year old daughter with special needs. He has such compassion for children and the best bedside manor I have ever seen. He explained everything and made us feel at ease. I would recommend him to anyone needing a world class ENT!!
Has incredible patience and is very dedicated to helping her patients.
What can I say? He saved my daughter's life. Thank you Dr. Inge.
Timely. Thorough. Very knowledgeable
One of our kids had an issue, Dr. Karacostas took us in promptly and I felt like he understood our needs and helped us accordingly. We saw him for a 3-visit evaluation, at end he wrote a letter to the school as we requested. We felt like he had a genuine interest in helping us.
I've seen Dr. Karacostas for several years and he is a kind and caring person. I don't feel like I'm just another patient. I feel like I matter and that he genuinely wants the best for me and to be as helpful in facilitating my journey to being productive, calm and happy. He can be counted on and will always return phone calls, even on the weekend!
Dr. Neilson very patiently explained everything we needed to know about our son's condition and had the best bedside manner I've seen in any physician. His professionalism and knowledge of the condition was exemplary.
My daughter has Dwayne Syndrome. She had two surgeries with Dr. Bloom from Dayton Children's and I was not happy or pleased with his work. I chose to get another opinion with Dr. Motley. He did surgery to correct the mistakes of Dr. Bloom, & I could not be any happier with the outcome. He thoroughly explains everything and makes sure the family leaves with a sense of knowledge and understanding. Great, Great Doctor!
Very compassionate and a great listener. He listens to his patients' families concerns and doesn't answer questions out of his scope of practice. I would highly recommend him to anyone
Review based on patient care received in year of 2014. Excellent surgeon with very high standards in regards to patient care, professionalism, and follow up care with my child . Thankful for this level of care close to home. Would highly recommend.
Dr Mangano was the one saving grace to our experience in Cincinnati. Not only did he seem knowledgeable, but he was and continues to be readily available to answer questions and clarify unclear areas in my son's complex ccourse
He seemed very knowledgeable about my grandaughter's condition and took all the time we needed to explain to us things we needed to understand. He gave us the opportunity to ask all the questions we had. He was very nice and considerate.
We spent many years with Dr. Manning. She helped my son develop to his highest potential! She is excellent!!
Dr. Rusnak is an excellent pediatrician. She takes times with patients and addresses all of our concerns. I would highly recommend her!
It is easy to get an appointment and we have always been greeted with courtesy and respect. The location is convenient for us to get our kids to appointments when needed. Dr. Rusnak is personable and thorough. Our teenagers responded well to her!
She is amazing she has been there to take care of my 2 year old daughter with Down Syndrome and went above and beyond for us.
Multiple reasons: He took my daughter off the only med. that was working, took (literally) a month for him to respond to an emergent situation, was rude, belittling, didn't focus on her and how she felt, was condescending, pretentious, and overly authoritative...but not until she was an established patient. He was awesome until that and it only took the third/fourth visit for him to turn a 180 in personality. FYI: He is now Not at Cincinnati Children's. He works for Nationwide Children's.
The best doctor ever, he is so kind and gentel with kids
Wow. What can I say about Dr Sidell? All I can say is he is simply the best. Very competent, detail oriented and most of all, very very compassionate. Always cares for his patients and responds to patient needs regardless of day / night or whether is he is the office or on vacation. Haven't seen another doctor so great and we are simply blessed to have him as my kids doctor.
Dr. Sidell is a very competent, experienced and well trained doctor. He also has a wonderful way of talking to children to put them at ease. He's friendly, cheerful and very detailed oriented. He went through all of my son's history, in every detail. We recently moved here from San Diego where all of our needs were met through Children's Hospital. I was not expecting such compatible medical care at Standford. They are above and beyond treating children with the best of care.
He barely tried to get my infant son to track objects before declaring him completely blind. Even after saying his eye was undamaged, he just shrugged off that he must have brain damage preventing him from seeing. My son passed his newborn vision screen. He tracks objects if you take the time to get him interested first. I know my son has vision issues, but he also has some sight. I came to help him see as much as possible, not to have him shrugged off as unhelpable after a very brief exam.
She is a pleasant lady, but very close minded. She isn't flexible with medical treatments and has poor communication with patients and how they are feeling. It feels like your health isn't of much importance to her.
I DO NOT and I mean DO NOT like this doctor. He has not done not one thing for my child. This doctor says one thing and does something else. Basically this doctor has not done nothing for my child. My child is suffering with Bowel issues. No one from his office returns call. I am not Happy about this Doctor not one bit. No professional at all. Bad Bedside manors as well.
Horrible experience. Rude, and quick to ignore everything a parent (who knows their child better than anyone else) has to say. Stay away from Cincinnati. Used to be a good hospital. Now the worst choice you can make. Don't do it! Especially if you have a child who needs special care. Complete waste of time.
Dr. Greinwald made my son feel at ease his entire appointment. He was gentle and even wore a Mickey hat which my son loved. He was the best doctor I could have asked for.
We love Dr. Gronbach. She's been there for some tough times and has helped me navigate everything with kindness and understanding. Wonderful human being, even better doctor!
Excellent physician who communicates effectively with parent and child. He is a compassionate and steady doctor while being honest and optimistic. I have 2 children who see him who feel very well cated for by Dr Heubi and his Nurse Practitioner!
My experience was the best that I have ever seen is a long time from a primary care doctor. My first time visit was pleasant and Dr. Gronbach answer all of my mysterious concerns in great detail with my having to pry it out of her. I just recommend a female to Dr. Gronbach concerning gyn services. I'm greatful that this gift of being e medical doctor mantle has been passed down to Dr. Gronbach and she is carrying it well. thank you Dr. Gronbach for being you.

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