BELOW POOR,terrible physician. He spent less than 2 minutes with me. I was seen in April 2016 in Alliance. This 'person' (I can't even call him a doctor) was on duty in the ER. I went in after a fall onto concrete with hip and arm pain. He only ordered an x-ray of my arm. My hip was broken, did not find out until 5 DAYS LATER! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRY TO WALK ON A BROKEN HIP FOR 5 DAYS?
He spoke with me for less than one minute, making extreme assumptions about my behavior and my health without checking any of my medical history. He prescribed me an addictive anxiety medication for stomach problems.
I came in with horrible pain in my right chest/ribs. I had an x-ray taken at Jackson Mercy Stat Care, I don't know if he even looked at them, but he refused to take additional ones or do anything. I paid $250 to be told I had acute right chest wall pain and to take Naproxen. I went to my family Doctor 2 weeks later, as the pain was getting worse, he ordered a full set of x-rays and it turns out my 7th rib on the right side is broken. So no, I would not recommend him to anyone in need of help.
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