dr albert misdiagnosed my son causing severe ear trauma- needed speech therapy. again was told to come back when ear infection was present - never showed up at hospital causing blown ear drum. then wouldn't schedule tubal surgery because didn't have an ear infection!
scheduled a surgery for ear cleaning. Had to wait 2 months which was actually good since the primary doctor was able to simply irrigate her ear-no surgery needed! Surgery is very high risk for my daughter so I was very disappointed to learn surgery was not needed and that she suffered needlessly for 2 months.
We are fortunate that CNP Mohler has joined our children's pediatricians office (Dr. Overbey/Newark). She's amazing! Very thorough, patient, great with kids and very knowledgable!
DR.Enlow is a Great Doctor. Sad to see him go. Just because he is a Dr.and Has a Title. HE IS LIKE ANYONE ELSE. DO NOT JUDGE.DAILY LIFE CHANGLES, MAKING GOOD CHOICES, We will Miss you greatly and Carry on my Friend,Best luck to you. TAMMY AN CHEYENNE
Very rude, not very understanding. When my child who I informed them goes to a special needs school was having a meltdown she looked at him like there was something so infuriating about him that she couldn't possibly treat him.
Dr.Enlow Is a great Dr. Love how he interactions with my Teenage Daughter. I see his spirt through his vessel And ,my Daughter likes Dr.Enlow as Her Doctor. But he is leaving at the end of May 31,2017, Sad Day for the OFFICE and his PATIENTS. HE WILL BE MISSED?? GOD ORDAINED EVERYONES FOOTSTEPS ..ONLY GOD KNOWS THE PATH AHEAD OF US ALL Best and happy Wishes to him On moving on...
Dr. Gupta saw our daughter in the ER following a 105.4 degree fever. After running minimal tests (X-ray for intestional blockage and cath for UTI) and refusing our requests for blood work/further screening, sent us home with the diagnosis of "virus, probably." Two days later we were back in the emergency room where it was quickly discovered our daughter has Kawasaki and would have died had we stayed home. She's now at risk for serious complications because treatment delays by Guptas negligence.
Great attention and concern regarding my son's medical condition.
I didn't even want to give the 1 star! I took my son in there for possible ear infection. She says he looks great. My mom instinct told me different so I took him to the ER! He has a very bad ear infection in both ears! If she can't find a ear infection what else has she missed in these sick babies!!! Very disappointed! Could say more, but I will leave it at that!
I met Dr Hull 35yrs ago at Winford Hall hospital. My son was very ill the first year of his life. Dr Hull stepped in and got my son healthy! We got stationed in Wiesbaden Germany and guess who was there!!! Thank you Dr Hull! My son is still healthy at 36??
I absolutely love Dr. Hull, he is very kind and professional. It is so obvious how much she loves children, and how important his patients, and their families are to him. My 3 year old granddaughter Sariah has autism, and she can really be a handful. But Dr. Hull is so patient with her, I know she loves him as much as I do. I wouldn't trade him for anything!!! ??
Two children from my family have seen this guy, and their injuries both took 3 weeks extra to heal. Denied requests by family to use supplemental treatment at no cost to him or risk of injury to patients. A sports doctor, who does not try to get players back on the field/court/etc. Any doctor can say wait 3 extra weeks for a broken bone in the hand to limit liability, don't have to be a sports doctor. I see football players playing with casts all the time.
Takes all the time needed to explain all procedures and treatments...love her!
He's one amazing doctor! He gave my daughter hope when there was none.
We had a wonderful experience with Dr. Murthy when he removed a birth defect bald spot from our daughter's head. We are very happy with our experience with Dr. Murthy, his office staff, and Akron Children's Hospital.
I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Siracusa. My daughter has an atypical presentation of asthma along with some other medical conditions. Dr. Siracusa has great bedside manner (my daughter loves him), he answers my questions patiently, and is willing to try different medications and pursue testing. His nurse returns phone calls quickly and is familiar with my daughter's history. I would recommend Dr. Siracusa and Cincinnati Children's Hospital above all others.
I would recommend Dr. Tabi to my closest of friends and family, under his care for the better part of a year he became not only my personal friend but most expert medical advisor and confidante. Please. ignore other reviews left here by individuals with only 5 minutes of experience with Dr. Tabi, as I can definitively tell you he is the best physician I have been under the care of in my lifetime.
Really listens to my concerns and works with me to develop the best care plan. Take appropriate time and explains everything. Great experience with this doctor
Very satisfied By our visit with Dr. Timberlake. I imagine he's quite capable of meeting my care needs, and I think I'd like to be much more satisfied by Dr Timberlake in future. way to go doc!
Took time in answering questions and explaining medical procedures.
This was my first experience with Akron Children's Hospital- Boardman [I normally go to Children's in Pittsburgh], and it has been the best experience with any Children's Hospital to date...and I have 3 children! Everyone from the Registration/sign-in staff to the medical assistant & Dr. Liebig was amazing. There was no wait time. They were funny, caring, informative, respectful, and professional. My only disappointment is that we probably won't get to see them again. Dr. Liebig is the best!
Dr. Kraynack isn't rude, disrespectful, & has a very negative disposition. My encounter with him today was awful. He made inappropriate comments regarding my sons health condition. He stated that he was going to prescribe a medication that is not FDA approved for my sons age because he can & he wants to!!! I will be transferring to UH. HE SHOULDN'T PRACTICE MEDICINE. NEVER ALLOW A CHILD TO BE CARED FOR BY HIM.
Too quick to make judgements on patients, misguided questions followed by no answers to questions asked, it's his way with no answers to parents or family members, i would not recommend DR. Lee. i found him ingnorant to my questions disregardless to concrens.
She is one of the Best Doctors?? She Patient,Kind, very Humble?? She is a great mentor to the students. She make sure that the parents know What Medications to give and what they Do. Dr.is a True?? GEM ??with a Great Personality ?????? Humble and Kind.. That seems to come natural to her.
Very caring. Took the time to listen. We love Dr. Victorio and her staff!!!
Absolutely love her! My son has a lot of other health issues other doctors have over looked!!! After years of being blown off we were finally referred to her and she got right in there and started helping him! We Highly recommend her!
Dr Cole is an excellent doctor. Very understandings and listens to my concerns for my special needs daughter. The whole office is comfortable and centered towards teenagers. All of the staff are great. I highly recommend Dr Cole at adolescent medicine
Caring and kind physician that makes us feel at ease. Excellent care, we would recommend to anyone!
After having my kids pediatrician pass away I had reservations about a new doctor. Dr. Jessica is awesome and has done such a great job helping the kids transition. Highly recommended.
My daughter's experience with Dr. Burke has been amazing. She back injury with constant unexplained pain. Dr. Burke was able to figure out the source of the problem and with one adjustment from the physical therapist her pain level went from an 8 to a 3. I would highly recommend Dr. Burke to everyone!!!
I am a new parent who is detail oriented and well researched when it comes to her child's care. Dr. Jess has made me feel safe and very capable. She was proactive in our initial meeting, warning us of concerns that may come up. She was also very comforting when we asked questions about our choices and challenges. I look forward to bringing my child up with her guidance!

Cardiac Imaging
Bone Marrow Biopsy
Cardiac Electrophysiology
Cardioversion, Elective
Cardioverter-Defibrillator Or Pacemaker Insertion, Removal Or Repair
Nerve Block, Somatic
Peritoneal Dialysis
Tilt Testing Or Cardiac Event Monitors
Arterial Blood Gas Test (Abg)
Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (Icd) Implantation
Bone Marrow Transplant
Cardiac Mri (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) Of Heart Or Chest
Cardiac Shunting Procedures With Or Without Aortic Repair Or Coronary Anomaly Repair
Cardiovascular Stress Test
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Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (Cpap)
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Thyroidectomy Or Thyroid Lobectomy
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