Unprincipled. His care was so destructive, there can be no absolution.
Intelligent, open minded, and very positive in his treatment. Treats clients with great respect. Dr. Nadorff will go the extra mile.
A few years ago, I saw a different psychiatrist at Central Ohio Counseling...he was terrible. After doing some research on Dr. Gilat, I decided to try this group again. I am glad that I did. Dr. Gilat is a great doctor. He is board certified, intelligent, knowledgeable in his field and very competent. He has exceeded my expectations. He asks appropriate questions and answers questions in a direct, understandable manner. I highly recommend.
He genuinely cares and he listens. He is very gentle when speaking. He has by far exceeded all of my expectations.
Dr. Garas is a great listener, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. Polar opposite of predessessor, Lalonde, who was very unlikeable, passive aggressive, and untrustworthy (patients overheard Lalonde chatting with a colleague in his thinned-wall office that he reduced his patient "load" by not accepting major insurances and then over-billing the remaining cash paying patients - so he could go back to retirement). Fortunately, Garas is honest!
I think she is a wonderful doctor! I could not recommend anyone better at her job. She is not a doctor that prescribes medication and shoves you out the door. She really cares and works with you to get your medication correct and will spend the necessary time with you to figure it out. That does cause a wait at times because she will go over everything with you. I don't mind the wait because when I get in to see her, it's all about me and my health. She has certainly helped me tremendously.
She is the most caring, open and the best listener of any psychiatrist I have ever seen (and there have been quite a few). She looks not only for psychological issues but also considers your overall physical health and habits. She takes time with you which is the MOST important thing - instead of spending 10 minutes with you and writing a script like most psychiatrists.
She is terrible. Late 1.5+hours every time, no apology, no personality, Does not understand the meds prescribed, no understanding of binge eating (Just don't buy it. REALLY??) or migraines triggers. Saw her every 3 months for 10 minutes to watch her write my Rx. The office is terrible - no privacy, everyone in the waiting room hears everything said to (loudly) by the staff at the desk. My private business is out there for all to hear. Office smell of mildew & toilets didn't work yesterday
Always late. Cancels. Lacks professionalism. Double bills. I question her knowledge of medication she is prescribing.
Please understand, this doctor will attempt to brainwash you into believing you are MUCH sicker than you actually are. I KNOW, as I was truly one of her victims for MANY years. By God's Grace, and with the help of a truly wise doctor, I am now nearly completely OFF of the smorgasbord of drugs Dr. Delmedico had me on. I am now ACTIVE, own a home, have excellent credit, am serving the community and so much more. While on HER many drugs, I was literally a ZOMBIE! Please do NOT believe her LIES!
Good at tweaking meds. Lacks any warmth or concern. He's a tool. He'll keep you waiting, not long, but every appt. If ur 5 min late ONCE, he'll leave, even if ur in the parking lot. Office staff is abrupt, rude, exhibits no professionalism, nor confidentiality. Phones, what phones?! They don't answer phones-ever. Scheduling/billing are ridiculous. If THEY cancel, & ur out of meds, good luck! 1-3 mo wait for appt. Dirty moldy office, crusty oldy people!
Rude, condescending, AVOID at all costs. He talks down to his patients and is completely unprofessional. My suggestion would be to listen to your patients and not put words in my mouth- and scheduling is a nightmare and he is always running late. Bye??
She listens to what I feel like I need and we come up with ideas and treatments to help.

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(614) 785-1115
1035 Proprietors Rd