Uncaring and unable to discuss treatment options. She just runs out of the room, so she doesn't have to.
Dr Wilson was my dying Mother's Dr at Mt Carmel West hospital. She was not his patient till then and by then it was too late. She had suffered a 2nd stroke and this one was severe and one she would not recover from. She was also 92. He has the absolute bedside manner of any Dr I have ever encountered....he has NONE! He would come in and stay not even 5 minutes and say nothing! I mean nothing! He was useless and meaningless and only came by to collect his $$$$$$$. Gave us no information.NONE!
Dr. Gossard is knowledgeable and compassionate. She always performs a thorough review of my history and symptoms and has a comprehensive plan for treatment. I have found her to very responsive in times of need. I would highly recommend her.
Dr. WIlson is an exceptional doctor. He takes the time to ask questions and to answer them. He doesn't "dumb" down the medical explanations but, he does put them in terms that you can understand. I went years and years without a personal physician because I did not like any doctor's office I visited but, that changed when I met Dr. Wilson. An important additional note: he recommends excellent specialists. A good specialist is a critical extension of your care and I have been happy with his picks
My adult disabled son was seen by Dr Baker and he was so pleasant and kind. He talked to my son, not at or about him. He is very respectful in understanding my concerns.
I have been a patient of Dr. Wilson's for more than 25 years. I followed my parents, who had also been patients under his care. He is very thorough in making sure he has the right diagnosis. He has a wonderful personality and you'll appreciate his compassion.
The best....
A Great Doctor that's taken care of me for 30 years
She spends time with you ~ actually sits down and talks. I find her to be warm and caring yet very knowledgeable and insightful. I have recommended her to family members.
Listened to my concerns and responded with medical advice, treatment, lab tests and/or referral to another physician.
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