She's not very personable and not someone I would see for long term health care. I requested to see Dr. Carr at this location and the staff said I could not switch. I changed doctors.
This place is completely rude and inconsiderate, my wife has been a patient with you since 01 but since she doesn't see the doctor every other month she can't have an open appointment you have then your staff hung up on her Supper Classy
This is the absolute worst experience I have ever had with a primary care physician. I recently moved to the Hocking area and came to this practice to establish as a new patient. This doctor did NOT listen to me or allow me to advocate for myself and my care at all. I have chronic medical conditions and she was completely dismissive of me and the forms of treatment that have been proven to work for me. I would love to give more details regarding this mess, but there is a character limit here.
This Dr is a joke, I go in for first visit because of pain in my body says I have arthritis so she ordered blood tests and x-rays going for my second visit every thing comes back normal. So she says it's not arthritis must be your muscles so she prescribed me Flexeril. Am I going for my third visit and I said the pills weren't working I still have pain so she says I must have arthritis ? She has no clue what she's talking about it or what she is doing do not go to her for your doctor.
She listened to my medical history. She knows that I do my research on meds and that I know my body well, so she communicates with me well. The staff is great. Always friendly and thorough. Dr. Adelola sees a lot of people in this town and provides what they need based on how they communicate. Based on these other reviews and the lack of proper grammar, well, I would not put much weight into those reviews. Be patient and learn how to communicate with any doctors that you see.
Several years ago I was finally diagnosed with GAD and prescribed Benzodiazepines. I've never felt better in my entire life and I thought things were looking up for me because I've never made any serious accomplishments and I could now think so clearly. Dr. Adeola will not prescribe me these life changing meds and insists that I take a lesser drug even though I've made it clear that it's not enough and my lifestyle and blood pressure proves it. I fear that others are not getting adequate care.
This is an update. Because she did not follow my hospital discharge instructions and refer me to a gastro doctor within the time frame indicated 5-7 days I had complications go untreated for a month. An infection resulted from the upper scope and biopsy procedure I had done while I was in the stroke unit at riverside hospital in Columbus. Severe swelling of lymph glands occurred. I had to seek medical care at a local urgent care facility and got myself a new general practioning physician.
I gave her6 mos. I neededed to see several specialists. I had moved to the area and had been seeing an ENT for 4 years. She refused to follow my doctors dosages and referral request. I needed follow up referral due to a procedure done and dispute the discharge instructions of following up with specialist she did not refer me anywhere locally. Oblennes transfered me to riverside in Col and I couldnt get transpo out of county without a referral. Also wanted to do a skin cancer biopsy onmeherself.
Dr. Adelola is nice herself but i feel like she just wants to shove pills down your throat and use you for a gennie pig, her staff is unorganized, they have no communication skills or work ethics.The only reason they are their is to collect a check. I will never go back.

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