Dr. Schroeder is friendly but a no nonsense Doctor. She spent quite a bit of time with me but was thorough and helped me sort through my health issues like no other Doctor I have ever had.
For my first appointment I had to make it 4 weeks in advance. The day my appointment came I waited over an hour and a half to be seen. Once my appointment started they had no file on me. After Dr. Wheeler got my file he asked me the exact same questions as my family Dr, then told me he wanted me to get more blood-work done. If he would of looked at my file before i got there he could have sent me to get the blood work done prior to the appointment and I wouldn't have had to wait 3 weeks more.
I was told by Dr. Wheeler that "75% of the people I see, their problems are in their heads." Very arrogant & said this to me despite finding two nodules on my thyroid which he suggested we "just keep an eye on"
Dr. Wheeler was very arrogant and rude after I waited 2 hours for an assessment for pending surgery, He is not, nor could ever be, my primary care doctor. The appointment was made by my surgeon for my convenience. I have been care giver for many family members, as well as a patient in all kinds of medical clinics, hospitals,etc. This was the absolutely worst experiemce with a medical professional I have ever had.
Dr. Kahle is by far the best family doctor I have ever had and I would recommend him to anyone. He actually "listens" to you when you speak. He will stop typing and actually make eye contact with you and talk to you like you really matter and what you are saying is important. He's one doctor that I don't hate to see. He's very prompt and kind. He's exactly what I was looking for when I found him. GREAT DOCTOR!!!!!!

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