Dr. Hessel is very experienced, competent and friendly as well. He has taken care of me for the last several years and I have full confidence in his abilities.
I've been coming to Dr. Cruz for several years because of his professionalism, knowledge, and "bedside manner." I've had several spots which concerned me; each time he determined the spot was benign or removed it and checked for melanoma. Finally, even though I'm a native English speaker, I was impressed to find out that he is the only Spanish-speaking dermatologist in central Ohio, so he treats many Hispanics in his practice.
I have been going to Dr Hessel for approximately three years. He is personable, very knowledgeble and I trust him and his diagnoses. Try his practice and you won't go elsewhere!
Dr. Hessel's expert skin examinations have given me peace of mind for many years, as I was an active outdoor boy before sunscreen was commonly used. Since my freckled, fair skin now has many "age spots", I was concerned, but he "freezes" any that MIGHT become cancerous every 6 months. No problems! Thank you, Dr. Hessel!
Dr. Hessel expertly diagnoses skin problems, explaining those marks that are merely the result of too much sun during childhood versus those which actually could become cancerous. A mild-looking pale circular mark on my upper arm actually was basal cell carcinoma, but was safely removed by Dr. Hessel.
Very knowledgeable and helpful!
I am fortunate to have Dr. Hessell as my Dermatologist. He is knowledgeable and humble. I enjoy his warm personality. He always has a smile and is very concerned with any issues that you present to him. He has treated me for basal cell c. as well as other skin problems. He keeps up with follow-ups. I trust him and highly recommend him with your dermatology concerns. He has been my Doc for 8 yrs.
I have been seeing Dr. Cruz for many years and he is one of my trusted medical professionals. I feel very comfortable with him and he has a wonderful caring personality.
I've been a patient of Dr. Hessel for over 15yrs, and he's been one of only a couple of physicians, in a sea of doctors/specialists, to truly care. He's always gone above and beyond, from when I was a child to an adult. He isn't afraid to outside the box, and realizes that he doesn't have all the answers, and isn't afraid to collaborate with colleagues. Unfortunately, it takes more than just 1 doctor to be that way in cases, but sometimes all you need to have hope is just that 1 doc.
I have been seeing Dr. Hessel for a good many years now,he wasn't easy to find though, after making appointments with different doctors over the years I finally found someone that I connect with. I always like it when the check up is short,that means i am clear for another 6 mos,I think I owe him a lot,after all my life may just been his hands so trust is paramount and I have that trust. Ron Waugh
I had a large cyst removed from my cheek but only because Dr. Hessel did it, since I would not have entrusted this procedure to anyone else. He has genuine concern for the patient and will only do what is necessary to remedy the situation. I was extremely skittish about having this done for it took me several years to get up the courage to seek help. Dr. Hessel's incredible "bedside manner" kept me calm throughout the procedure. The man has the touch that heals. Absolutely highest marks!
I've been going to Dr. Hessel for over 10 years. He's courteous, conscientious and passionate about his work. He's knowledgeable about Dermatology and Pathology. He has found and treated many pre-cancerous problems on myself and my wife. He has also successfully treated my kid's acne. Highly recommended!
Dr. Fabbro has treated my mycosis fungoides for about a year and has always been very helpful and patient throughout this ordeal. She has always been able to see me when the need arises and I feel I am in very capable hands. She has always answered my questions and taking the time to explain all options of medical care.
This is an excellent dermatologist. His diagnoses are spot on and his treatments are quick and effective.
Dr. Hessel is great at what he does. Along with his main nurse assistant Joy, they make a great team. He has given me lots of great treatment and advice over the years...and he always takes the time to explain medical conditions and answer my questions.
I appreciate Dr. Hessel being very thorough, answering all of my questions and providing suggestions/options of treatment.
Because Dr. Hessel maintains and office at several locations it may be hard to see him at a location close to go in a timely manner. Be prepared to travel if you need to see him in a relative short time period. He is knowledgeable and polite.
Dr.Hessel is a good guy and a excellent dr.
extremely knowledgeable, excellent doctor-patient manner, never rushes thru an appointment. always takes the time to answer and explain any questions. when its your appointment his total focus is on you, the patient. i would and have highly recommend him to a family member or friend.
Dr. Cruz is a Magician ?? He not only diagnose skin issues right away but also prescribe medication as per age and skin type and allergies. I never have to use his medication after few applications and once my daughter caught some eczima from swimming, it was vanished after first usage ?? I recommended several of my friends to Dr. Cruz and they had radiant acne free skin! 10/10 for him. Thanks and Best Regards, Amber & Fatima (my daughter)
My husband has been seeing Dr> Cruz for about 4 or 5 years. He has invariably been attentive to my husband's problems, listening and making very practical suggestions. He has explained the procedures that he proposed, both in terms of why they were needed and what they entailed. Also I found that my husband tended to respond in kind to Dr. Cruz's dynamic personality.
Dr. Fabbro is kind, patient, and friendly. I like her and her staff. She has a great manner about her. She is very poised.
Dr. Shen is an excellent dermatologist. It had been years since I had my skin checked and she made me feel very comfortable She was extremely clinical and provided sound knowledge on mole removal She was thorough and had an enviable bedside manner that other doctors should strive to achieve. I was simply impressed. Visited the office on recommendation from a friend and again very impressed as a whole.
Dr Fabbro is a really nice Doctor. I barely waited at all, her assistant got my right back into the room and the doctor was in within 5 minutes. I had a visit for acne and she gave me a pill and a cream to take for that. The acne is almost completely gone and she was really happy to see me back with my improvements. Would definitely return.
Dr. Carlson completely removed a keloid on my face with a series of steroid shots. It took a while to heal, but you can't even tell there was a scar there! I can't describe the level of gratitude I feel for his patience with me! My life is completely normal again! Thank you Dr. Carlson, for the first time in years I'm feeling real confident. Going outside more, and ready for our move to Texas!! I'll never forget you!!
Very through and professional
Dr. Hearne is very direct which I greatly appreciate. He moves quickly but is always willing to answer questions or concerns.
Dr. Hearne recognized my skin cancer right away, he called me personally with the results of the first biopsey and set up the second procedure. He is through and personable, i would recommend him to friends, family or strangers.
Very professional and competent. Also is personable and easy to interact with.
Arrives at appointment on time. Thorough, professional examination. Speaks in terms that a patient can understand. Excellent dermatologist.
I have been seeing Dr. Hessel now for close to 15 years and value him very highly. I not only consider him a great doctor, but a friend. He is always helpful and thorough, taking the time to discuss any current skin conditions and how we can treat them best. If you are looking for a great dermatologist, look no further!
Friendly, warm, empathetic, accommodating, and knowledgeable.
Very poor bedside manner and not a knowledgeable doctor. Misdiagnosed a condition that another doctor easily diagnosed correctly. I missed a lot of work because of her. Always runs late to appointments as well.
Very caring and understanding. Explains everything VERY WELL! Speaks to you in an understandable language!
I have been treated by Dr. Cruz since 2006. Dr. Cruz has been extremely professional in all aspects of his practice. His support personnel are also very professional. I spent 30+ years as an Officer in the US Army and was treated by more doctors than I care to remember. Dr. Cruz not only is far above those doctors, but one of his first diagnosis was a cancerous spot on my chest he removed that several military Dermatology doctors dismissed.
Dr. Cruz was professional and his expertise was outstanding. His staff was polite and knowledgeable. I would DEFINATELY recommend him for any of your dermatology needs.
I have been his patient for a number of years. He talks with you and not at you. He does an excellent job of trying to educate you on identifying what you should worry about and what you shouldn't. He gives you the confidence to know when you should come in and get something checked. If he has any question at all about a spot, he does the biopsy. He has a great "bedside manner". You get to the examining room promptly and are seen by Dr. Cruz promptly. I highly recommend him.
Dr. Cruz himself was nice enough but seemed like he couldn't wait to get out of the room. He spent maybe a total of five minutes with me and seemed to be in such a rush I didn't even bother asking him more than two of my questions. He remove a mole from my leg which did turn out to be mildly abnormal. But, they didn't apply enough bandaging and my pant leg was soaked through with blood before I could even finish checking out. Will be going to another dermatologist next time.
An excellent physician with a great bedside manor.
Love Dr. Cruz, he has been taking care of me for several years. He is through and professional, while being personable and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Cruz if you are looking for a dermatologist.
Dr CRUZ is a very compassionate doctor who works very hard to address any problems his patients encounter. He has helped me to live with a very complicated disease and works hard to preserve my quality of life. Always looking for new treatments. I have been his patient for many years and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone !!
Dr.Cruz is great. I am always taken on time for my appointments - and have clear direction after I leave on whatever course of treatment I need to do. Dr. Cruz takes time to explain everything to his patients - never feels rushed! The staff are curteous and the office is orderly, spotless, and very nice. Would refer family and friends!
Dr. Cruz is wonderful. Had my annual exam and spent time with me to let me know everything was fine and he would see me in another year. Always very pleasant and easy to talk to.
Used liquod nitrogen to remove a brown spot on my nose. I now have a hole in my nose. I'm scheduled for a scar revision with a plastic surgeon next week. I was never told that I would be left with a scar like I have. I'm considering getting a lawyer. I would have never had this done if I had known the result.
he is just a real good DR.
Dr. Cruz is very thorough and has helped me with some dermatology issues.
I have been going to Dr Hessel for many years and he is the very best in determining what markings on your body look suspicious and what don't. I have a very freckly body and it is hard for me to notice any changes. but I feel very secure after I leave Dr Hessel's office after an exam. I have sent many patients to Dr Hessel who are very happy with his services.
I would recommend Dr. Cruz. He always takes his time with the patient without rushing the patient.
We love Dr. Hearne! My entire family has been with Dr. Hearne since the beginning of his practice. He has diagnosed and treated skin cancer on me that even my family Dr. brushed off as just sun damage. He has a keen eye for anything abnormal that quickly needs biopsied and removed with very little or no scarring. It's amazing. I feel totally confident and at ease with every appointment with him. If you have any skin concerns or abnormalities, Dr Hearne is your Dr. You will not be disappointed.
Dr. Cruz has been very considerate and patient with me. I will always recommend him to friends or family.
He has terrible bedside manner. He spent only 2 minutes with me and did not listen to my concerns. He was very rude. I will never go to see him again!
Dr. Hessel is an excellent dermatologist. Because of my esteem for his expertise, I gladly travel distance to see him for my skin care. He has obsessions for exquisite procedural technique, correct diagnosis, and appropriate care and treatment of conditions. If you are interested in a dermatologist who will conscientiously provide the best treatment for your skin conditions, then this is the dermatologist you want to see.
Great experience with Dr. Hessel. Have been a patient for 14 years. Always listens to my concerns, encourages questions and has successfully treated several skin issues.
Quick and efficient yet kind and ready to listen to your questions.
I would recommend Dr. J. Cruz to anyone with the highest praise for his professionalism, knowledge of his area of medicine with ability to explain or discus to whatever extent one needs or desires, and also for his ability to interact with empathy, kindness and interest, never giving the impression he must rush on to the next patient.
I spent 22 years in the military, Had a heart transplant and had my prostrate removed. I know many doctors and consider Dr Hearne to be an excellent doctor. Every class of doctors has one who finished top in the class. If Doctor Hearne wasn't fisrt, He should have. His bedside manner is outstanding and if I had to lose a Toe, i want him to be doctor that removed to toe.
We have been patients of Dr. Cruz for 7 years. We appreciate, and are confident with, Dr. Cruz's thorough examination, clear explanations of any findings, and further treatment if needed. Scott and Chris Deubner
I have been a patient of Dr. Cruz for several years. He makes me feel comfortable during my annual exams and he listens to my concerns. I never feel rushed during my appointments and I genuinely believe he has my best health and quality of life at heart.
I have been seeing Dr. Cruz since 2004 when he removed a melanoma from my back. He is very friendly, compassionate, and thorough. He tells the facts like it is, but with a compassionate, attitude and always has a smile. Staff is very friendly also.
Dr. Cruz is always is kind and clear with his explanations. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Cruz.
I have been a patient of Dr. Cruz's for almost ten years. At every appointment Dr. Cruz takes the time to explain to me what he is looking for and what I need to continue to look for and watch. When he does need to do more he calls and explains what he has found and the procedure. If I have questions he calls me right away to answer them. I have been very pleased with his compassion and knowledge over the years!
Excellent experiences and relationship with Dr. Cruz. He is always very open, honest and helpful even with difficult news and procedures. I truly feel that he is and will be a vital part to living a long, healthy life. He always gives you as much of his time as you need.
Dr. Cruz provides his patients with excellent care but most importantly he provides us with educational information so we can be advocates for our own health. He lets us know the things we should be looking for and encourages us to call if we have any concerns or questions.
Dr. Cruz is very personable. He and his staff are very proficient at diagnosing and explaining what they find the best course of action to be taken.
This doctor was far more interested in being humorous than doing his job properly. He left me with a large scar that became infected and as a result all my hair around the scar fell out and never grew back. Worst experience of my life.
I have been a patient of Dr. Cruz for almost 14 yrs now , he is always friendly ,outgoing, and knowledgable His staff is also some of the best people I have met .
I would and have recommended family and friends to Dr. Cruz.
I have been seeing Dr. Cruz for a couple of years now and he's great. He is very thorough, takes time to answer my questions and has great bed side manner.
I have been a patient of Dr. Cruz for along time now and I have trusted him with my Melanoma follow ups and monitoring. He is an Excellent Dr. Very friendly, always explains things to you and you can understand it.
Dr. Cruz was very regardful! He explained me very well what possibly diseases I had, and what exams we would do to confirm them or not. After my diagnosis was made, again, he took the time to explain me what actions we could take, trying to use not very technical terms in order to make me understand how each pill/drug would help my body, as well as the cons effects. He responded any doubt I had with confidence. My overall experience was excellent , therefore I highly recommend him! :)
Very personable, thorough, considerate about intimate examination. Explains what he is going to do and why and the results and our options.
He is very thorough and extremely knowledgeable and experienced. He is an expert.
Dr. Cruz takes time with his patients to explain everything! There is no feeling that you are being rushed out! And he genuinely cares about his patients and their health!
I have seen Dr. Cruz for several dermatological issues and have always been very satisfied with his care and level of expertise. I am also currently taking both of my children to Dr. Cruz for help with acne treatment. He is always professional, knowledgeable, and kind.
My experiences with Dr. Cruz over the past 14 years have been very positive. I feel I have received excellent care as one of his patients. He is always pleasant, exams are thorough, and he has good communication skills. Long waits have not been an issue, nor have I ever encountered any problems with his staff. I have been very pleased with his care and services.
takes care not to give drugs that are not needed and communicates reasons for using the drugs I am on.
Dr. Cruz has been caring for me and my family for over 10 years. Both my daughter and I have a history of skin cancer. Dr. Cruz has been responsive, professional and, above all, caring. He's an excellent physician as well. Having had less than satisfactory experiences with other Dermatologists in the area I can heartily recommend him without reservation.
Throughout all my visits, Dr. Cruz has been a caring professional friend. While very efficient, he takes time to listen and provides helpful advice as he and his staff conduct each examination. Although he is busy, he always has time to listen to concerns, and responds to each and every one with clarity and when needed, reassurance. While i don't look forward to visiting ANY medical facility, Dr. Cruz and his staff provide a warm and friendly environment in which to receive treatment.
i usually will put off seeing a doctor, even when i know i should go, due to a little anxiety. My experience with Dr. Carlson however, has never fed into that anxiety. Dr. Carlson is patient and willing to spend as much time as necessary to answer any of my questions. I have recommended Dr. Carlson to friends of mine.
Julio Cruz, MD is an amazing Dermatologist! He is also a Pathologist, which makes me trust him even more. I have been going to him for 10 years. He was able to diagnosis my daughter when 3 other doctors couldn't. His office staff is friendly and efficient! I never wait more than 10 minutes in his waiting room, or in an exam room. His office runs like a well oiled machine. I refer all of my family and friends to him, and I hope he never retires!!
I have had 7 spots removed from my body in the past year by another surgeon who specializes in treating cancer patients. He told me that I should have seen a dermatologist and that by having a doctor who isn't wasn't a good idea. I showed him 3 spots that I have had since I was a child and have changed over the years. He was quick to tell me that all my freckles, moles, and darker spots were from tanning. Kept saying it was from tanning. He has no bedside manners, uninterested in my concerns.
I have seen him twice for a skin condition in various parts of my body which I have had for about 11 months. He prescribed a cream that doesn't seem to be helping much. He doesn't seem to know what else to do for it and told me to check with my primary care provider. He also froze a lesion on my head several months ago that has come back. He is pleasant, but is in and out very quickly.
HORRIBLE Experience. Dr. Carlson brought 2 interns in w him which I found disconcerting/overwhelming, considering it was my 1st appt. I was not paying him to train other doctors! Also, he was quite insensitive about my skin issues. He excised a small acne scar, but cut far too deeply & left a large divot in its place. Later when I called the office upset, Melanie was rude and hung up on me! Now I have a crevice on my cheek that looks worse than the little acne bump he removed. Inept doctor!

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