The worst bedside manners. Her primary objective is making money. She was my mother's primary care physician for 5yrs. During the last year 2016 she failed to read the results of my mother's blood work which should've shown early signs of cancer . She completely ignored these result done twice a year. When my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer, the head oncologist said Dr. Suhair could've prevented this disease saving my mom's life had she rea the results her Blood Work. Seek others
I went to this doctor for a referral to a surgeon for scoliosis. She asked me all the questions regarding flu, pneumonia shots, etc. She didn't even check my back to see the curve, but instead checked my leg for bursitis. She told me I just didn't want her to touch me because I refused all the tests. She said this with a student in the room. I felt she was very rude.
Dr. Olson always spends the time he needs to discuss my problems and the best course of action to get them resolved. He makes me feel comfortable
He was verbally abusive to me and I am a senior! He won't let you talk and thinks he knows more then you do! He puts me on a medicine, and I am allergic to an ingredient I it. It put me in the hospital for five days. I had to have five CT scans within two months to rule out cancer. I now have to worry about cancer because of all the CT scans. He is not on top of your health, as he asked me why I was in the hospital. He even came to see me in the hospital. Stay away from him!

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