this place shouldn't be open,the nurse deb is lacking in any human behave-ire,she doesn't do what doctor orders if it's an in cress in pain meds,first stated was on 7.5 and the pain was being manged she change it to lower dose,and after 3 years of listen to her lies,she know i was piss that i knew the truth about her lies and she got scare about me being bi-polar,p.t.s.d.,disable vet that couldn't be seen at the v.a. just go to other place,check them out,being seen by one out past east mt. carm
As others say you only see Dr during procedures any other appointment you see the very rude and nasty nurse practitioner Debbie. They only want you as a patient to give you injections over and over and when you can't handle having them anymore they discharge you from their care. New staff every few months and be prepared for hours of waiting. I quit going and suffer the pain instead.
The only time you see the doctor is during a procedure. Office staff are very rude. I have waiting anywhere from 45 minutes to 5 hours to be seen for an appointment or procedure.

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Dublin Pain Clinic
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Dublin Pain Clinic
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