my mother just got home from a visit from the grove city office she said the waiting room had a nasty odor and the nurse had body odor and ran over shoes
She has been my Doctor since 2010. One of the most knowledgable, caring doctors I have ever had. I would refer anyone to her and be assured they would get the best care!
Staff and doctor are not organized or helpful. I've had the nurse not show up for my appt because she went on vacation and no one notified me to change my appointment. I've had someone hang up the phone on me or I've been put on hold for 10min. I'm always in the waiting room for 45min-1hr then I wait another 30min to see Dr. Hoffman. I've had issues of not getting my meds because doctor didn't write the prescription correctly or staff is slow in filling it. I don't recommend going here!
I would never recommend this doctor to anyone. He does not listen, is condescending, puts down other doctors and healthcare facilities to patients, will put patients' lives at risk to prove a point, and is textbook to the point of being a danger to his patients. He is arrogant and invalidating. Too, an endo who thinks walking around with a blood sugar of 130, with a family history of nearly everyone being a diabetic, is not concerning, should hand back his diploma. He's a concern.
Met Dr. Dhawale for the first time yesterday. He was personable, informative, and instantly lowered my stress level. He was easy to talk to and actually answered some of the questions I had planned on asking before I even asked them. He was knowledgeable and easy to understand. Dr. Dhawale then performed a throid nodule biopsy. I felt no discomfort and it was over before I knew it. I am a very anxious person and was very relieved that Dr. Dhawale was my physician. I recommend him highly.
Provided irresponsible medical advice outside his area of specialization. His PA, who delivers much of the "care" has the bedside manner Archie Bunker.
I've never met such a pretentious, cold doctor in my life. When I booked my appt, staff assured me she prescribed Armour; however, once there Meis coldly informed me Armour was something she would never prescribe, claiming it was tantamount to malpractice. Staff LIED. She condescendingly lectured, emphasizing my issues were not thyroid related, considering my levels were good. She prescribed a brand name of the same med I was already on, did NOTHING for me & charged me $248 for the 10 mins. UGH.
Rude unfriendly seems like a burden you are there
Unfortunately, this Dr. refused to see me as a new referral for "just fatigue" he said, which was far from my only issue. That's just great. I'm currently in remission from stage II cancer so I have much more than just fatigue going on. That's fine. I will seek another doctor who wishes to actually help by seeing me first before casting judgement.
It takes me MONTHS to see him when my symptoms become troublesome.
My first appt with Dr. MeisShe came across very sterile and in a rush She spoke very fast and robotic. I felt I didn't have a chance to ask questions as she went along She did ask me if I had any questions at the end There just didn't seem to be a pt./dr connection.Dr. Meis may be very knowledgeable but came across very uncaring. I am around Drs on a full time basis for the past 42yrs and I believe in being honest especially since it looks like Dr. Has many years left Ito practice medicine
Went in for biopsy and he made me feel so comfortable and was very knowledgeable about the problem I was having.
Not afraid to give his opinion and reasons why he makes the changes he does, does not hold back if he thinks you are not caring for yourself but will compliment if you are caring for yourself correctly. I am confident in his knowledge and his care, he always has the best interest of the patient in mind.
Dr. Meis is detailed in her analysis and recommendations. She has helped me a great deal and I would recommend her highly.
I like that she generally runs on time, is polite and does listen ask questions about my health. She isn't pushy or ever seems like she's in a rush. I've seen her for about 4 years now.
Dr Hoffman is very nice, but I don't feel she really listens to me. I believe she has too many patients to really be very attentive to any one patient's needs. On more than one occasion either she or her staff has said they will mail me something or call me with results or call my insurance company for various reasons and it hasn't happened unless I call repeatedly. My experience is that she only goes by the numbers of test results and does not listen to what a patient says about how they feel.
Dr. Dhawale is extremely knowledgeable and detailed in helping you understand your diagnosis and treatment options. He is straight forward with why he recommends a certain pathway for treatment. If you want someone to sugar-coat your options, he is not for you. He is very professional, takes time and answers all your questions, and really is thorough. His diagnosis and treatment was spot on with my Cleveland Clinic second opinion.

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