amazing doctor performed a discectomy thank you for my life back!!
Dr. Ahn is an incredible doctor and surgeon. If I had to have another surgery, he would be my choice. He spends time and listens when you have questions and both my husband and I have had back surgeries and he has been our surgeon. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a spinal surgery.
Botched shoulder surgery. Inadequate follow-up appointments. Temperamental. Unwilling to explain the failed surgery he performed. Extremely arrogant and he has left me permanently disabled. I will ultimately need a reverse shoulder replacement after three outside Medical opinions. Would not recommend him at all.
Dr Ahn gave me my life back. I had cervical fusion surgery January 2016 which as a revision. I'm back to enjoying my life. Thank you Dr. Ahn
I was having back issues and Dr. Ahn gave me options and explained each thoroughly. I chose to have surgery as this was probably going to be needed in the future anyway and preferred to do this now instead of ending up with pain again and going through everything again at an older aged (already 66). The surgery was successful and I expect to be able to get back to my recreational activities shortly.
I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Ahn to discuss the likely hood of needing back surgery. I had had previous back surgery with another surgeon 12 years ago. From the moment I met Dr. Ahn I felt so comfortable with him. I had the utmost confidence in him and his abilities. He has an awesome bedside manner and his skills are top notch. I had a revision and extension of a lumbar decompression and fusion by Dr. Ahn in February and I already back at work doing GREAT!
Wow.went to this piece of work.about my knee.he said i have bad hipps instead.the staff and him was the worst experience i ever went through.i wouldn't let him cut my grass .i walked out and got a real doctor
Dr. Ahn was a pleasure to work with during my spinal problem both from a personal and professional perspective. Very wonderful bedside manner, as well as a top notch surgeon who corrected my problem with little recuperation time. All of his staff was sympathetic and helpful in the healing process. I would highly recommend Dr. Ahn to my friends and feel fortunate to have him as my Osteopathic doctor. A+ in my book.
Dr. Ahn listened to my concerns and explanations and really took the time to consider careful and appropriate options. I did not feel rushed and felt like he was interested in taking the time to address my challenges. Even though I had an appointment, the wait was an hour and I received no updates or communication from office staff. Once I got past the frustration of that, Dr. Ahn made up for all of it with his sense of professionalism and sincere care. I highly recommend him and plan to return!
My experiences with Dr. Ahn could not have been better. I must count my blessings. I know people who had back surgery and the results were less than successful. My cervical spine problems are gone, albeit a few stiff necks once in awhile. One of the most telling traits of Dr. Ahn's excellence is he would not suggest or perform surgery until all avenues of alternative care were taken. Ethics at its best. He is a shining star in Cleveland.
A caring and knowledgeable doctor. I would recommend him to my family and friends. He made me feel comfortable every step of the way.
When I finally decided to do something about my chronic back problems, my PCP recommended Dr Ahn. I was hesitant due to the distance from my home but I am so thankful that I decided the travel was worth it. Dr Ahn is very patient and explained my situation clearly and was very honest explaining that I may or may not have complete resolution of my problems due to the length of time the nerves had been compressed. I would happily recommend him to my friends and family.
Dr. Ahn was compassionate and explained my medical condition in patient friendly terms. He listened to my concerns regarding the surgery and explained the pros and cons in terms I could understand. I was able to go ahead with the surgery based on Dr. Ahn's recommendation. I felt my best interest was served by having Dr. Ahn as my surgeon. During my post-operative visit, he told me my recovery was a miracle. Doctors treat, but God does the healing!!!
Outstanding doctor patient relationship. I did not feel rushed when discussing my health issues with Dr. Ahn. He is a very gentle and knowledgeable doctor. I am now pain free due to his skillful surgery.
My husband used Dr. Ahn two years ago for back surgery. He was not only patient with explanations of the procedure, but took the time to answer all our questions. He was compassionate and attentive during the entire experience. It made sense then when I developed back pain to go straight to Dr. Ahn. I would recommend him highly and I do!
Unless you are sure you want a joint replacement, you are waisting your time and money seeing Dr. Kraay. He stated that's all he does, no less. Does not manage appointment time well and I almost walked out after waiting over 45 minutes to see him and accomplished nothing.
Dr. Kraay is absolutely wonderful. 10 years ago I had total hip replacement on my right hip. The surgery went very well. I never had any problems. This is one of the main reason I came back to Dr. Kraay after experiencing pain with my left hip. I now live in Las Vegas but returned to Cleveland for one reason. I had total hip replacement surgery on Feb. 7, 2017 and I feel great. Dr. Kraay is the only doctor I will let touch me. I can't thank him enough for improving my life. God Bless you.
I want to thank Dr Ahn for literally saving my life last year. He received me in an emergent situation, with a staph infection literally eating at my vertebrate. In fact, they weren't sure I'd make it out alive from the operations, let alone walk again. Well I did and I do. I am back to work, , and enjoying my hobbies of gardening and dancing , thanks to this Dr. You are the greatest, Dr, and I pray for you and your family always. thank you for my life .
Excellent in explaining procedures done, has a wonderful bedside manner that makes you feel at ease,is also surrounded by a knowledgeable and quite capable staff
Dr Ahn has consistently given me advice that is in my best interest. I trust his strait forward answers to my particular needs. He also suggest alternates to surgery first.
Very pleasant very informative
Was able to get an x-ray and MRI scheduled with no hassle when all other options were months away. Listens well and gives great feedback. Double Laminectomy was a breeze.
I would recommend Dr. Ahn to any of my friends and family. The surgery was very successful and I am no longer in pain. Dr. Ahn really cares about his patients and always answers all questions and makes the patient feel very comfortable.
He is an excellent doctor. I referred to him by Dr. Grant. Whether I need his expertise on his specialities or it falls under some one else. He referred me to Dr. Gillespie and Dr. Fitzgerald. I like them and especially Dr. Ahn's empathy and gets to the problem and resolves it. His professional bedside manner is similar to my Uncle Arthur Burns who lived at University. Whenever I meet someone with back or neck problems I give them Dr. Ahn's number, sometimes a ride there.
Dr. Ahn is my miracle worker. I would not be walking today if it wasn't for him. On top of being a wonderful surgeon he has an incredible bedside manor. He is very patient and explains things so you can understand and lets you know what to really expect. He is the best doctor I have ever had.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Ahn to My family and friends. He has a great rapport with his patients. He makes me feel confident about treatments and medications he prescribes. He remembers me and my health issues which makes me feel like i have a doctor i can trust. He try to answer all of my questions and concerns. I have been seeing him since 2011 and would not even consider changing my doctor.
At the point when I saw Dr. Ahn, I was already recommended for back surgery by a different doctor. I was skeptical and hesitant to move forward because I was afraid of the recovery. Dr. Ahn spent a significant amount of time pacifying me and explaining the procedure until I was comfortable to move forward. I would highly recommend Dr. Ahn to my family and friends.
I was in extreme pain and Dr. Ahn truly changed my life. I went to him at the recommendation of a friend at work who had a very complex 2-part neck surgery . Dr. Ahn explained the different problems with my back, answered all my questions and was very thorough. He does not rush a patient into surgery, suggesting other options first. I have recommended Dr. Ahn to others. He is an exceptional doctor and I feel fortunate to have been his patient. There isn't a day that I'm not grateful to him
He is a wonderful and caring doctor. I would highly recommend him to everyone
Dr. Ahn was wonderful as my surgeon for cervical fusion. In my first meeting with him he explained all non-surgical options to treat my symptoms. He did not push for surgery, but explained as he read my MRI that surgery was the only option to "fix" my condition. I felt confident in his explanations of the surgery and likely post-surgery effects. Excellent "bedside" manner. Courteous and enjoyable to interact with. Very good follow up experience as well. I would want him again if needed.
Dr. Ahn is very personable, takes time to explain options and what he recommends. He recommends all options before surgery.
Dr Ahn is extremely low keyed. He is very knowledgeable and listens to his patients.I have not had him perform surgery yet but he wants his patients to be ready and not pressured or rushed to have any procedure done. He is has been recommended by 2 other Doctors. He will spend as much time with you as needed. Not a rush rush person.
Doctor Marcus is a Outstanding surgeon with the Hands Of God, He did a Miracle Recreation of my right foot,I had a huge infected bunion that forced me to walk on my big toe,in less than 12 weeks he made the foot normal, he is a pioneer in surgical removal of arthritis of the foot, he removed the arthritis so the bunion would not come back , i could not walk for 5 years before i saw him,now i can walk normal. imagine your big toe turned under your foot and the rest of your toes Hammered over it.
My consultation with Dr. Ahn went very well. He patiently listened to my concerns, reviewed my MRI & thoroughly explained the treatment options to both myself & husband. I would highly recommend Dr. Ahn.
Although the waiting room was crowded, Dr. Ahn never made us feel rushed and took the time needed for my visit. I have never had a doctor as patient, kind, and informative as Dr. Ahn. He explained the procedure fully, answered every question, and left me feeling confident that he is the best doctor to treat my problems. I would not hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends.
I found Dr. Ahn to be patient, caring, knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend him to anyone.
First off, I would like to comment on some of the negative responses of Dr. Kraay. Upon meeting him, I found him to be a no nonsense and quiet individual. Dr. Kraay is a master of his trade. That is why I selected him. My experience of having my hip replaced was nothing short of fantastic. His whole team from beginning to end was very professional and caring. He saw me before and after surgery and was very warm and informative. I went home the day after surgery with little pain.
Dr. Ahn was very patient and kind from the moment I met him. He answered all of my questions and I had a lot, even though there was a room full of people waiting for him and he never made me feel rushed. I could barely use my arm before surgery; my pain and weakness are now gone. Very happy with this doctor and would recommend to my friends and family.
In August, Dr. Ahn performed my second back surgery. All went well and I'm very pleased that I can walk again without pain. As with the first surgery, he carefully explained the procedure and answered all my questions. He was very considerate of my family members. I'm very thankful Nicholas Ahn came to Cleveland.
I was referred to Dr. Ahn for disc issues as a result of Rheumatoid Arthritis. in 2011 I had my first major surgery and Dr. Ahn and his team were very attentive to my concerns. The doctor provided a very thorough explanation of the procedure to myself and my husband.
Dr. Kraay is an excellent surgeon. I recently had a total knee replacement and the entire experience was positive. Dr. Kraay and his support staff explained all the details involved in this process and are responsive to any questions or needs. Post op pain is well managed and patients are closely watched and cared for at home after surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Kraay and will have him do my other knee's joint replacement. I have total trust in him!
Dr. Ahn was very professional but also compassionate. My surgery went as expected. He has a wonderful bedside manner. I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and family.
Love, love, love Dr. Hardesty. She's very personable and relates great to my daughter. After two successful surgeries, we have complete trust in her skills. Highly recommend!
Pleasure was all mine in finally meeting with and being examined by this Ivy League Dr.Answered all my questions, explained my imaging results, the "why's" and what "if's". Was not rushed in any way and looking forward to my follow up! George Murray-Youngstown,Ohio
Dr. Ahn is one of the most caring doctors I have been to. I broke my neck in 4 places and my back in 2 places. During my visits he never made me feel like he was in a rush to get to his next patient and always answered my questions and explained everything about my treatment so that I could understand what was going on.
Did a fine job with spinal problem several years ago causing problem in my foot. Now he is very clear in his explanations and patiently assures that all your questions are answered
Dr. Ahn explained my condition and treatment thoroughly. I have complete confidence in how he is going to help me. Thank you!
Dr. Ahn was great with my mother's first visit. After a few tests it was determined that my mom had no serious issues with her neck. This was excellent news for our family. Dr. Ahn explain every detail and was very kind and gentle with my mother. This was one doctor visit that my mother really enjoyed.
In Sept. 2016, Dr. Ahn performed emergency surgery on my neck. Due to his surgical skills, it was very successful. Dr. Ahn is an extremely calm, caring and compassionate doctor. He quietly conveys to his patients confidence and trust in his abilities. Explained everything.
Dr. Ahn operated on my wife in mid September 2016, after an MRI showed she needed immediate emergency surgery to relieve pressure on her spinal column. When she went to surgery she used a wheel chair to get around and was unable to feed herself or write her signature. Dr. Ahn performed emergency surgery to relieve pressure on her spinal column (occiput to T2, C2 Laminectomy). The surgery was successful and she is regaining her ability to take care of herself and the ability to get around.
I was very comfortable during my first visit with information shared, time taken explaining ex-rays and options given. Back surgery was not the first option recommended, but ultimately it was necessary. A member of Dr. Ahn's team visited me during rehab and I have had regular follow-up with Dr. Ahn since surgery March 3, 20015. My recovery has gone well.
I was referred to Dr. Ahn by my primary doctor for severe back pain. From the time I first met him and through my surgery (which was a great success), he has been like a part of my family. His follow up has been professional and caring. I could not recommend more to anyone needing great skills and true concern for my wellness.
Dr. Ahn is a very patient, compassionate doctor. He is very thorough, and spends the time needed with his patients. He has done 2 spinal surgeries for me and I'm scheduled for my third. I need to have my daughters and husband involved in my healthcare and he is really ok with having them come to my appts. and explaining everything to them. Having him do this upcoming surgery is the only comfort I have. He fits in perfectly with the rest of my team of doctors and what I believe UH is as a whole.
Dr. Ahn, did my surgery i think he did a good job
I did not find Dr. Kraay to be caring or professional. Extremely rude and in a hurry to get me out of the hospital. I was put on oxygen due to low oxygen levels and he still wanted me out of the hospital brushing it off as nothing. I could not do my PT without my oxygen level dropping significantly and I had to wear oxygen while attempting to do PT. He commented it was a good thing I only had partial knee surgery as I was being a baby. I was shocked by his comment. Do not go to Dr. Kraay
Dr. Ahn operated on my back 6 weeks ago and I am feeling better every day.
Dr Ahn is kind very, very easy to talk to, thorough, explains things thoroughly, the surgery he did on my spine relieved my pain and I can move and walk easily now. Follow up visits went smoothly. My family was kept well informed during my surgery he was kind and answered their questions . His staff are very helpful when making appointments or with any questione. His NP Linette is also very nice patient and helpful I would recommend Dr Ahn if anyone needs surgery or a consult
Dr Ahn done my Aunts back surgery, she gets around a lot better. He is an awesome Dr with a great staff!! After meeting him and seeing my Aunt doing so much better, I wished I lived there so I could see him. My husband and I went to stay with my Aunt during and after surgery to help her out.
Dr. Ahn is a very caring surgeon. Both pre and post surgical care were fantastic. His diagnosis was spot on and the surgery was very successful. Both his staff and himself show that the patient matters and he has been willing to spend all of the time necessary with me.
Dr Ahn was very kind when speaking with my mother, gentle when suggesting lifestyle changes related to the problem at hand, and very thorough in his explanations and answered all questions in a very concise manner. He was also very thorough in his explanations to me, as I have medical experience/knowledge and I appreciated him being straightforward with me.
My 2 year old fell off out of our bed and ended up breaking his arm. We saw Dr. Hardesty and she was amazing. Really takes the time and cares about the patient and the family. Will recommend her to everyone!!
The worst experience with a doctor in my life. His secretary was rude and extremely condescending. The doctor examined me for five minutes before running out. I would call several times a day after he refused to give my MRI RESULTS. HE did not return my calls until I contacted the chairman of orthopedics. When he finally called , he was short and rude. If this is your doctor, RUN.
Amazing compassionate Dr. I was in so much pain and he took it away! I can't believe the other reviews because he had the best bedside manner I have ever experienced in a Dr. I refer him to all my clients. I wish he was a general practitioner!!!
I will never use him again or refer anyone to him!!!!!!! Too busy for his own good. Do not listen to the patient concerns. Went to another doctor, finally getting the help I need.
Dr. Kraay provided a thorough exam and game plan for my 2 knees to be replaced only 7 weeks apart due to constraints in my schedule. Both surgeries were flawless. I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon. Dr. Kraay and his entire team are amazing. I am so thankful and blessed to be where I am today - all thanks to Dr. Kraay and his team.
Dr. Kraay's response to my knee pain after I fell playing volleyball? "It's nothing some bariatric surgery won't cure." Really? I am completely honest when I say that I'm about 20 pounds overweight (that's why I'm playing volleyball again); however, his bedside manner needs a little help. I'm going to find another doctor who actually cares. I guess if you're not a top athlete, Dr. Kraay doesn't want to deal with you.
One of the worst doctors I have ever had an apt with. I am shocked the UH hospital system hasn't canned him because he is so unprofessional. I honestly cant understand how he is still practicing medicine. He was unkind, negative and uncaring. He said terrible things that I wont even repeat. Be forewarned. Don't waste your time. There are much better doctors out there that want to practice medicine at a professional level and are actually are kind and caring.
No bedside manor.. Blames his mistakes on the patient ... Acted like a child in kindergarten when he didn't get his way ? I wouldn't let him operate on my dog
Had ankle fusion two years ago and am unable to walk on ankle with out a brace or a walker have been thru all the tests required and am get no relief.Have always had the utmost satisfaction but not happy with the outcome of this ankle. I have always praised Dr. Marcus
Just because he is a doctor does not make him God. He's very impatient and doesn't take the time to actually listen and address all concerns. He was more of the mindset it's his way or no way. Getting a second opinion.
Dr. Ahn was 1 of 3 surgeons to evaluate my husband' spinal stenosis. He gave the best explanation of what we should expect, and always let us make all of the decisions. He operated on my husband in October, and the results were exactly as he prepared us for. The issues addressed by that surgery are coming along well, and he is now coaching and preparing us for a possible second surgery, which we always knew might be necessary. He is soft spoken, compassionate and knowledgeable. We recommend him.
I had a really bad experience with Dr. Shaffer. I have carpel tunnel in both hands a decided I wanted to have surgery. I told him I wasn't interested in pursuing workers comp and he went on an inappropriate tirade about people who just because they worked somewhere for 40 years thought their employer ought to pay for their surgery. It decompensated into an ugly attack against me. Very weird. After that I had to go to another doctor in the practice whom was great.
My full hip replacement experience in the hospital was extremely positive. I especially appreciated the care with which infection is minimized. The protocol that I followed before entering the hospital and the precautions in the O.R. made me feel extremely comfortable with the surgery. The 6th floor unit is great. Nursing care was excellent as was the post-op home care. He also replaced both of my husband's knees prior to my surgery with great results.
Very professional, informative. I had an excellent experience and best of care.
I found dr miscovsky to be both friendly and professional. To me , as a patient, seeing a doctor who is competent and confident in her own work is reassuring.
It was the worst medical experience I have ever encountered! Dr Ahn was not informative nor helpful for the condition and symptomss that I presented . I felt as if he implied that I was there to collect a complaint for a insurance carrier of sites person I was involved in n accident with. What was most insiultive to me was that I felt he implied I was their for narcotics. I asked for steroids and or anti inflammatory pills to alivate my muscle spasm and pain and he didn't think I needed it.

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