This man sawed open my skull and released me without painkillers, without referrals, and without caring about how I was going to survive with a future of nothing but debilitating pain. That was over two years ago now. His office are rude and unhelpful, he only accepts male residents, who do their best to patronize and intimidate patients, and he permanently destroyed my face. When I think about how much better my life would be if I had met a competent doctor, I cry.
Dr. Steward is a real deal for any serious thyroid disease. He is extremely busy because of his surgery schedules and teaching. If you are looking for an exceptionally competent doctor who is on the fore front of research, he is the right one.
I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer in March 2017. I met with Dr. Patil a few days after receiving the news, and he eased my concerns by explaining what was going to be done and the timeline of events. I left the office feeling confident and reassured, and my family less frightened than they had been-I contribute that to a receptive doctor willing to spend time with patients. I had two surgeries performed within three weeks by Dr. Patil, and am continuing on my journey with treatment.
For a variety of chronic conditions, I have seen a host of ENT doctors over the years. Based on my experience, I absolutely feel qualified to say that Dr. Steward is both exceptional and unusual. ( in the BEST way possible.) I appreciate the time he spent explaining the ultrasound test, as well as the findings, and recommended treatment. The treatment involved an injection of steroids in the area around my cheekbone. He did a great job- it was as painless as it could have been. Thumbs up!
I saw him at the request of my dr because of changes in thyroid goiter. I was shocked and so disappointed. He was upset that I forgot to bring my test results, which he could have easily looked up online since it was done at UC. He didn't even do the ultrasound of thyroid that he was supposed to do and even worse, he told my dr that he did and that there weren't any changes. Even the nurse was surprised I came out so quickly. Beware!
I suppose my appreciation and thanks is a tad delayed,however, I was.diagnosed by Dr. Patil with Stage 4 Tonsilar Cancer in October 2007. With an aggressive treatment of chemotherapy, radiation, and a radical neck dissection the cancer was in remission. I'm still here today thanks to his wonderful treatment. I will.certainly always be grateful to him, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who might be in needof a skilled expert.
In 1994, I was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in my left max sinus. I lost my eye and parts of my face. Outwardly I wear an eyepatch and that's all. Dr. Wilson and his people saved my life. I was afraid and yes, it was rough, but I got to watch my three kids grow into adulthood. Now, at 54, i am healthy and more fit than most guys in their 30's. I highly recommend Dr. Keith Wilson. He knows what he's doing and his "bedside manner" rocks! William Hansen - Atlanta, GA
Do NOT recommend. He pressured me into cosmetic surgery on my nose- i didn't need it, pointing out flaws. I had a beautiful nose, but he kept suggesting changes he thought I needed, preying on insecurities. He ignored everything i said to be sure to NOT change, i was very clear about it, but he went ahead and did what he wanted. I'm devastated, depressed when i look in the mirror since then. much less attractive now. Dr Hom, I really hope it was worth it to you to make a few $ to ruin my life.
We moved down to Dallas, TX right after I was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma in Seattle. Dr. Samy was so fantastic. He explained EVERYTHING about it, what ALL of my options were (including watch and wait) and insisted I got talk to the drs. who could perform the other options. He was personable, funny, kind and caring. I think he missed his calling. He should be sales. I can't think of another person who would actually make me look forward to someone getting into my head (literally)
Couldn't be happier with the experience with Dr. Hom and his employees. We highly recommend him. He was a great experience in a bad situation.
I was seen promptly for a total of 2-3 minutes. This doctor has no interest in patients. I was sent to him by a very reputable physician and he was totally dismissive. The receptionist ask me three times if I had really seen the doctor. And now my insurance will not cover my seeing another m.d., so if he is wrong I'm not going to know for two years.
I waited a extra 40 minutes for my first visit . When he finally came in he spent five minutes with me , and directed is attention the the student be brought with him .
Still a patient. I am very happy with Dr. Hom.
How fortunate to have found Dr. Hom after my plastic surgeon retired. Dr. Hom is recognized as a top doctor locally and nationally, is widely published, and known for his healing research. His people skills are exceptional. He takes time to listen, answer questions, and lets you know your concerns matter. He walks the extra mile to assist you with any connected health issues. My two reconstructive Mohs surgeries turned out exceptionally well. I am so grateful for his care.
Dr Patil is probably the most outstanding doctor I have ever been treated by. He is warm, empathic and personable, without being overbearing, and he is extremely professional and excellent at explaining issues at hand. He has worked very well with me since my cancer was first discovered about 20 months ago and I cannot thank him enough!
I am deaf from a virus I contracted two years ago at my job at UC Health, Cincinnati. My deaf ear has been popping and all Dr. Seiden could say after two minutes was I don't know what you're talking about, we'll set you up with a hearing test and left the room. The one star is for gracing me with his presence, that's it.
Doctor is talented. Does not have awesome social skills but it is clear he knows what he is doing. Mike is his PA and helps fill in the gaps on things that Dr. Khosla might not have walked through. Happy with results however sometimes it wasn't always clear what recovery time would be and you will want to ask a lot of questions about recovery, how many more visits, frequency between next visits, and how the procedures will effect life going forward. We trust we made the right decision with him.
I would absolutely recommend Dr. Keith Wilson because he and his UC team saved my life. Former stage 4 throat cancer survivor, now cancer free.
Spent time get good history, took time to explain things.
He didn't seem interested or caring or friendly.
I saw Dr. Samy for a second opinion. He asked all the questions the previous ENT should have asked. He ordered more extensive testing, which revealed the cause of my hearing loss and balance problems. He is kind, warm, and very clear with his instructions, and his staff people are clearly very comfortable with him. I'm headed for surgery, and I trust him completely to cut a hole in my skull when the time comes. ;-)
Did not ask basic diagnostic questions after a hearing test, told me not to bother with hearing aids. Later visit to another ENT uncovered problem that IS helped by hearing aids and eventually will require surgery, which allows me to plan ahead. This doctor, though, is cold in manner, disinterested, and actually seemed to delight in giving me a no-hope, deal-with-it-on-your-own answer. See anyone else.
There is no one better, locally or regionally. He is caring, brilliant, an exceptional surgeon. I would trust no one else with my voice.
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