Compassionate, patient, kind and excellent eye surgeon! Feel very blessed to have him as my eye doctor!
Dr. Kode is always personable, and makes me as feel that I am a priority. He is patient and is always willing to answer my questions. It is my opinion that I have the best doctor at CEI. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kode.
Very efficient and cares about his patients.
Very professional and nice.
Dr mecoli was very informative in telling me what was being done to my eye's. he answered all of my questions. He was very nice and I would recommend him to my family.
Dr. Oster is terrific. He is very personable with a good sense of humor, at the same time, straightforward and informative. He went out of his way to accommodate my travel plans when scheduling my surgery and post- open appointments. I felt like I was in excellent hands throughout the entire experience. I highly recommend Dr. Osher and his entire team.
Dr. Holland is a very good doctor. His professionalism and manner is outstanding. This was a great opportunity for me to have him take care of my eye problems.
The only issue I have is that when I asked for my Rx after the exam I was told that CEI policy is that they do not give patients a prescription & that as a patient I need to make appt with a different doctor for a refraction and receive an RX at that time. To me this is time and extra expense for no reason
Professional. Trusted his opinion.
Dr Khatana is a very thorough and competent surgeon but has a ton on his plate. My waiting times for him have varied from one hour to three and a half hours. Something needs to be done to shorten the waiting times for his. patients. Our time is valuable too.
Excellent in all regards: skill, manner, and explanation of procedure. I just learned that one of my sisters had seen Dr. Nerad when he practiced in Iowa. She had a similar opinion.
I like Dr. Nordlund very much!! He is very professional, answers all of my questions and concerns, and he and his staff make me feel that I am important to them, just like family.
I have had one visit with Dr. Jacobs. I saw Dr. Jacobs after my previous opthalmologist (Leonard Jacobson) retired. I was pleased with Dr. Jacobs. Sorry to learn though that Dr. Jacobs will also be retiring (at the end of this year).
I was very pleased with the results of my cataract eye surgery. Dr. Khatana put me at ease and I felt Confident with his experience and knowledge. I would recommend him to family and friends.
Dr Nerd as always was courteous, professional and always has my best interest when he treats me. Also he listens to my concerns and will adjust my treatment accordingly. Two thumbs up for anyone in need of Dr. Nerds service. I moved here from Columbus a couple years back and was very apprehensive of changing Doctors, my Doctor in Columbus, (which was the best) referred to to Dr. Nerad and I consider it a compliment to say he ranks right up there with Dr. Burns.
The best!
Dr. Jacobs is very thorough and does not rush my appointments. He readily answers all questions. He is professional and i have had the utmost confidence in his care. His staff is professional and very personable. The office is very positive and pleasant.
Dr. Holland took his time with me and listen to my concerns. I thought he did a thorough examination on my eyes. I would highly recommend Dr. Holland.
I will recommend Dr. Kulwin to family and friends
Dr. Kulwin's expertise and attention to detail is outstanding. I would recommend him to all my friends and family.
Dr. Osher is outstanding. Rest assured I am completely confident in entrusting my eye site to his care. I have recommended him and CEI to countless friends, family, and associates. My Mother is currently a patient of Dr. Goulet for her glaucoma.
I am not scheduled for surgery until June. I was very impressed with Dr. Nordlund during my pre-testing. Lots of my friends have experienced Dr. Nordlund's surgery and all tell me he is the best. I anticipate my surgery will go excently.
Dr. Mecoli was very thorough, patient & reassuring with me. He answered all my questions & explained things in a way that left me comfortable with what treatment we were going to use for my eyes.
Dr. Kode is very thorough and personable and caring. He makes sure he explains things and answers all your questions. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family.
The staff and Dr. Holland were excellent in every way ,and with procedures performed.
Always timely in seeing me, explains what is happening with eye.. and tells what could happen..would recommend highly...
Dr. Miller does his best to put patients at ease. He has a pleasant caring personality. He takes time to talk and explain things. I have confidence that I'm receiving the best care with Dr. Miller.
I am si impressed with Dr. Nerad and his entire staff. Very professional and courteous. I would recommend CEI to all my family and friends.
Dr. Miller is a Empathetic, Caring and Understanding person! He is a Very good Listener and Open to hearing everything you have to say! He Always asks if you have any questions! I am very pleased with what he does!
will definitely miss him. he is conscientious, thorough in his exams. he knows how to listen. take good care of him.
Dr. Holland is very professional and personable.
I was diagnosed with Dry AMD about 5 years ago. It is important to have annual dilated eye exams for AMD since changes can develop very rapidly. That is exactly what had happened when I had my annual exam in November 2016. My left eye was still the Dry Type AMD, but the right eye had degenerated into the more serious Wet Type AMD. I was referred to CEI for treatment. Dr. Osher started eye injections in February 2017, and I can see a marked improvement after only 3 injections. Totally painless.
Dr. Osher is an excellent physician. He is careful and methodical in his examination. From my observation, it is apparent that he checks and then double checks the finding before making a decision on treatment. He very much cares about the well-being of his patients. On top of all this, he is very friendly and personable.
I found Dr. Nerad to be a knowledgable doctor with the art of explaining to me both at the initial appointment and again at the time of surgery the details of my surgery. He answered any questions I had with patience and in laymen terms. He was friendly and easy to approach. I would recommend him to anyone.
dr Holland was professional and put me at ease and I would recommend dr Holland to others
Great doctor
Excellent doctor.
Dr. Kode has been taking care of my eyes for over 10 years. His staff is friendly and thorough as is Dr. Kode himself. He answers questions in an understandable way.
Excellent reputation in medical community
I have already told family and friends of the wonderful experience I had with Dr. Osher and the staff at CEI!
Dr Holland performed cornea transplants on both eyes several years ago. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing his expertise.
I was referred to Dr. Kulwin from another Dr. within CEI to observe a questionable spot located above my L/eye. At my appointment and looking at the spot I was advised that he wanted to remove a sample for a biopsy feedback at that time which was unexpected. The process was completed with the calming assistance of Dr. Kulwin and his assistant.
He is a wonderfully patient-friendly doctor. And I believe, fully competent.
He is the Best!!!. I recommend him now to everyone I know.
Good visit, very helpful and knowledgeable. I felt very confident after visit.
So far so good. I am only three weeks out with my first eye, and one week out with my second. So, my lens are still settling. But, it is great to be able to see, and read without glasses.
Excellent results.
Totally the best place to go for eye care. Would highly recommend.
Dr. Michael Nordlund made me feel comfortable through the whole experience. From the time, that I had the evaluation of my cataracts, to the time that I had the surgeries, Dr. Nordlund told me what to expect would happen. Nothing was a surprise to me. I felt a peace, which is not usually normal for me. I am a very nervous person and he helped me relax and actually enjoy the procedure. He is a wonderful doctor.
My experience with dr. Norland the nurses entire staff was great I've never been happier I can see,!! there was never any pain or discomfort when I had questions people answered immediately I could not be more pleased with everyone at the Cincinnati Eye Institute
My visit with Dr. Robert Hutchins, MD. Was professional and prompt. There was practically no wait time for my appointment. The Doctor and his staff were courteous and professional.
I have been a patient since November 2005. I was an emergency patient. Dr. Kaufman and his staff have always been kind, reassuring and professional. He has brought my sight back at least twice a year since then. He was THE doctor who diagnosed Sarcoidosis and got me in with one of the top doctors specializing in the disease.
I have been a patient of Dr. Kaufman for many years. I consider him to be the top in his field. I know that if I have a problem, he will respond and come to my assistance. He has an excellent bedside manner.
Very easy going Dr. makes you feel very comfortable. Excellent resume giving reassurance you're in good hands. Dr. Nerad made a personal call the day after surgery just to check in, something you don't see from other doctors. I'd recommend Dr. Nerad to anyone looking to have the same procedure.
I have always been more than pleased with Dr. Miller. He is very caring and takes the time to explain what is happening and always makes sure to ask if I have any questions for him about the treatment.
I would recommend Dr. Miller and the CEI . Everything from initial examination to diagnosis and treatment went very smoothly. Everything was explained carefully and my questions were answered.
Great doctor. Listens and explained everything.
Dr. HOLLARD knows what he is doing. He has amazing clinical and surgical skills. I have a complicated mefical condition. He knew how to care for me to prevent any hralth problems. I am so glad that I was in his care. I highly recommend him to my family and friends.
dr. mecoli was very easy to talk to and answered all my questions.
Since the surgery this has been the best that my vision has been in ten years!
Very high. Dr. Osher is an outstanding doctor.
I had not met Dr. Mecoli until the need arose to address my cataract problem. I wanted to use CEI and found the closest office to my home to make the first contact. I was assigned Dr. Mecoli as the doctor soonest available to see me. I could not have done better selecting a knowledgeable and caring physician, if I had tried. He addressed by questions, worked to pick a surgery date that fit into my schedule that had some pre-existing limitations and succeeded in allowing me to see well again.
I would not have trusted my eyes with anyone else. Dr. Holland Is one of the best. thanks again for doing what you do..
First visit was smooth, on time, and professional. Looking forward to surgery.
As always, he was reassuring and professional. Has been very helpful with my particular diagnosis and recovery.
He is very friendly and I like how the office is run. They are very efficient. They know that their patients time is valuable too.
Dr. Kaufmann is truly an expert in his field. He is generous with his time and treats each patient with respect and caring. He has gone above and beyond on numerous occasions to help me when I have had crisis situations with my eyes. If it wasnot for Dr. Kaufmann and his expertise I would be blind. I thank God for him on a daily basis.
I am scheduled for surgery in July. But my first impression of Dr. Holland was good. He explained every thing to me and put me at ease about y surgery
Dr. Holland is highly skilled professional who is able to easily communicate with his patients and who can quickly and expertly determine what course of treatment is required and who does not recommend unnecessary treatments. I have referred a number of friends to Dr. Holland and they have all been very happy with his care.
Saw me in a timely manner which was really a pleasure. Gave me good information and the advice I needed to make informed and useful decisions
Very nice. Ready to retire & referred to surgeon taking over his patients.
Yes I would tell everyone I know that Dr. Miller would be the doctor to see for all eye issues. Very understanding and knows what to do for you.
Very professional and efficient.
Dr Kaufman is very competent and immediately inspires your confidence by explaining each event and calmly engaging in any required procedures. You may experience an office wait because he will take the necessary time each patient requires. Any wait time is not inconsistent with times at my other doctor visits so I don't consider it abnormal. Dr Kaufman's staff is verry professional and competent as well. I can think of no criticism.
Even when I am disappointed with the progress of my eye, he exudes such confidence and provides so much encouragement in the curing process. I always leave the office feeling better than when I walked in. He is an amazing surgeon as well as a good friend.
Dr. Kulwin and staff are very caring, knowledgeable, competent and the only place I have gone to have two surgeries. One for a basal cell occurrence under my eye that involved reconstruction of my eyelid after my Mohs surgery at a different facility. They coordinated and worked with the Mohs surgeon to facilitate the intricate surgery in piecing my eyelid back together. Follow-up was meticulous resulting in a very successful reattachment of the lower eyelid and a non-existing scar on my face.
very professional, explained the tests and clearly explained the results and what he saw and thought about the situation. did not speculate
Dr Holland is always so pleasant and thorough I have already recommended him to several people
Outstanding professional, caring doctor.
Dr, Meoli was very friendly and explained everything and answered all my questions I will definitely return. Front desk was very helpful
I would recommend him A very good Dr they seem to care
I was put in Dr. Kulwin's care on an emergency basis for an infected sty of my lower right eyelid. In a follow up visit he had concern of a suspicious spot on the same eyelid. I consented to have it biopsied & at the same time he straightened the eyelid which had a notch from a previous biopsy done over 40 yrs ago. In both situations I had minimal discomfort, no bruising & now an actual normal looking eyelid after all these years. Dr. is very caring & in my opinion the best eyelid specialist.
My husband, William Mieras and I both had an exam and we found Dr. Mecoli very knowledgable and also easy to talk to. We certainly would recommend him to any of our friends and family members.
He was very thorough. Explained everything. Answered my concerns. Would not have any problems recommending him.
I am highly satisfied with my appointments with and surgery by Dr. Mecoli & staff. He was personable, professional, helpful, and highly skilled as a surgeon.
I am very pleased with the care I received from Dr. Nordlund. He was very good at explaining what he would be doing and interested in any questions I might have.
Dr. Nerad provided a quick diagnosis and options for me - including an option for no surgical treatment - which I selected. CEI however made an error on my bill and included a surgical procedure that I did not have.
Dr. Kode's kind and friendly manner helped me remain at ease during the examination. His precision and thoroughness were a clear demonstration of his knowledge, yet his explanation of his findings and recommendations was clear, patient and encouraging.
Dr. Kulwin is a great doctor. He helped clear my condition after two other doctors could not. He took time with me, helped me with my prescription, and explained in regular English what my problem was. I would recommend him 100 % .
Appreciated his knowledge of my eye problem. Took his time with me. Explained clearly.
My experience with Dr Osher was very good. Knowledgable, friendly, and didn't rush me at all. I can't think of one negative thing to say and would ask for his services again in a heartbeat.
Dr. Khatana is the best of the best! The Gold Standard of Ophthalmology! His knowledge and experience are excellent, his manner of treatment fantastic. My opinion - if your eyesight can be saved this is the Doctor that can make it happen! And I for one am totally grateful he attack my problem in the early stages.
Dr. Nerad is wonderful. I would highly recommend Dr. Nerad to family and friends.
Dr Mecoli removed my cataracts and I was very happy with that experience and have continued my association.
Dr. Miller is an outstanding doctor. He technical and medical skills are the best of any doctor had expreince with. Additionally he is friendly and considerate and willing to answer any question. He has been treating my Macular problem form some time and has been maintaining my vision on a steady basis with no further loss.
the guy it very professional and easy to understand; takes time to explain situation.
Dr Miller is the best when it comes to retinal care. Others doctors have made complimentary comments about the laser surgery he did to repair the tear in my retina. I would definitely recommend him to others.
Very good experience with Dr. Khatana. Made me feel very comfortable, thorough, explained condition. I did have an all day test on January 6. Still waiting to hear results.
He is very considerate and explains things so that you can understand. Plus he knows his "stuff." :-)
Dr, Holland was very caring and provided excellent care for my recent eye care need.
Dr. Nordlund and his staff were courteous, explained everything about the procedure to my satisfaction both before and during the actual operation. They made what could have been a terrifying experience, one that was as pleasant as it could possibly be!
He was thorough and had a very nice manner
I thought Dr. Kulwin was friendly and took the time to explain the procedure. I'm very happy with the results and would recommend him to any friends or family that needed the same procedure.
Dr. Kulwin has been my doctor for more than 5 years. He is an expert in understanding and treating neurological conditions that affect the eyes. I have a fairly rare disease that he has successfully managed. At one point I was very disabled and functionally blind. Through his expertise, patience and hard work, I have my life back. Even though CEI has options for physicians nearer to my home, I continue to journey down to Cincinnati, 75 miles round trip, because Dr. Kulwin.
Not likely. I was very disappointed in my cataract surgery. Dr. Nordland told me I would not need glasses, except for reading, after he worked on both eyes. After the first eye was done, my vision was no better. I still need a corrective lens, and I still see halos at night. In 2 follow-up visits with Dr. Strauss, he assured me that there is nothing wrong, that they sometimes just miss the calculation. I postponed the surgery on the other eye, and am not sure what to do now.
I moved here from California. Before I left California I researched doctors. I choose Dr. MILLER because his credentials were excellent. He is My doctor. He knows what he's doing, is kind and compassionate.
Dr Kulwin was very thorough and was concerned about my welfare.
Dr. Kulwin is the best in his field of plastic surgeon optamalogist! He is a very caring and a very concerned doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Kulwin!
As long as he is with you, I wouldn't think of using anyone else. Terrific doctor and a better person. At the bottom it asks for my e-mail. If you don't know it how did you send me this form?
Dr Nerad is a wonderful surgeon! He was very patient with me and took great care to exceed my expectations. I highly recommend Dr. Nerad. You will not be disappointed!
Dr. Hutchins is very thorough in his exams. He also was on time which shows respect for the patient's time. He also took the time to explain details and answer questions.
Dr Nordlund listened to me and explained in great detail what my options were., He was always on time and did not talk down to me.
Explained cataract surgery in a way that I understood.
Dr. was very nice and very competent. He explained everything very thoroughly which made the experience much easier for me.
Very kind and easy to talk with. Takes the time to explain my eye care needs.
I have been seeing Dr.Jacobs for a few years now. I came to CEI when my insurance changed and I could no longer see my former provider. I have known glaucoma, and Dr.Jacobs was the physician given to me. Dr.Jacobs does a professional exam and I feel confident that my treatment is appropriate. I think my only concern would be that he does not talk very much. Now that I have seen him this long, I think he may be warming up to me. I have no desire to change providers.
Dr. Holland was professional yet personable in his communication with me regarding my upcoming cataract surgeries. He gave clear, concise information about the procedure and was willing to answer questions. He also explained what I can expect in regards to vision and the need for glasses following the procedures. His staff is also polite, efficient and patient. They were willing to answer any questions regarding the process.
Clear understanding of treatment
Dr. Khatana has created a professional, courteous office environment. His support staff treats the individual with respect. I believe that this occurs due to his leadership. They model after him.
He has been a very professional dr and met my medical needs andalways been there for me when needed My surgeries have gone very well and I contribute him for saving my eyesight and helping me to see and function as a normal person What a great dr and person and very happy to be his patient under his care with a great staff working with him as well
Extremely knowledgeable and kind. Best eye exam I ever received.
My examination was very thorough, important to me as it was my first after a long hiatus (where we used to live). Dr. Jacobs was very helpful in addressing my eye problems and in prescribing new lenses, which are working out very well.
This visit was my second after seeing him initially on the recommendation of my eye doctor (Dr. Nye) in Hamilton. He was very good about explaining the procedure I was about to endure and calming in his nature.
He is very thorough in his examinations and actually takes time to talk and explain everything so you can understand what is going on with your eyes.
He explained everything very well and seemed to care about me.
Very personable and understanding of patients situation.
I found Dr Miller to be very honest and open with a very good demeanor. He was obviously knowledgeable in his field and very capable with his skills. Thank you!
Fantastic and professional, compassionate. Explained everything in detail. All patients in waiting room spoke very highly of Dr. MILLER
He is personable, listens well, and works with me to help find medication that is affordable.
everything went well really no pain at all honest and up front , so far so good
Dr Kaufman is very thorough and knowledgeable in his exam.
He is excellent and very thorough. Dr Kulwin has a very good sense of humor and engages you in conversation during his exam.
I have had many encounters with Dr. Miller both in office visits and actual surgery . He is always the consummate professional in all aspects either follow up visits or in surgery .
I've never written a doctor review but had to share my experience with Dr. Osher. I live in Indianapolis and had surgery for a retinal detachment 3 times there. None worked and they said no more surgery is possible. I asked my other eye doctor and she sent me to Dr. Osher even though 3 hours away. He fixed my retina detachment and instead of being blind, I can see. He is very caring and honest. I can't recommend him highly enough.
He saved my vision. 5 Stars!!
I would highly recommend and will recommend Dr. Kaufman to my family and friends. He is an excellent clinician with exceptional patient care qualities. I have been treated by other eye doctors whom I did not find these qualities and chose not to continue care with them. I plan on with staying with Dr. Kaufman until he kicks me out! I am more than satisfied with the results of my recent cataract surgery. Thanks so much!
Ease of appointments,compassionate care and very knowledgeable.Dr.Mecoil and staff put me at ease right away.
He was considerate, asked questions, and he was thorough in answering my questions. I would recommend him to my friends
Dr. extremely professional and gives aura of confidence which causes me to be relaxed in a situation which could be stressful.
He's very easy to talk to and lets you know how things are progressing.
Dr. Nordlund made a very good impression on us. He seemed very through asking for tests to prove his theory. I have every confidence in his valuation.
Dr. Hutchins has brought my vision fron can't read the big"E" to 20/30. It has visibly improved my vision to the point where my visits to Dr. Hutchins have decreased in times I have to go and my retina is stable and looks good and the therapy
Dr. Mecoli was very nice and explained everything to me , was patient .
I had received an incorrect Rx from an optometrist for double vision. CEI recommended Dr. Jacobs. He and his associate gave me a far more thorough exam and refraction. My new glasses have me seeing clearly again with both eyes working together. Thank you. (As far as scheduling urgent appointments, it should be noted that CEI has a separate eye emergency department that will take you quickly.)
My surgery seemed to go well and Dr. Kulwin was recommended to me. I did/do feel he is very knowledgeable as a surgeon.
I felt privileged to have had Dr. Holland for a cornea transplant and cataract surgeries. He is very attentive to the patient, provides clear and understandable information and is concerned about follow up progress. Dr. H. was concerned about any questions I may have had even if the questions sounded weird. I noticed also his professional respect for the surgical and office staff and their respect for him. Dr. H. is truly a dedicated doctor.
He was very upfront about all the information I needed.
fast & efficient
Dr. Nordlund explains everything in simple to understand terms and his bedside manner is EXCELLENT. Glad I chose Dr. Nordlund he is terrific.
I was having a problem in eyes for 8 months. He solved it in 1 week with just over the counter medicine. Great experience !
He is so through and I would recommend him to anyone. Love that he explains and makes you comfortable with what is going on with your eyes. Truly a blessing that I found him. Even though you have a long wait at times it is so worth it. I am thankful he treats his patients with respect and makes sure they understand what is going on with there eyes.
An excellent doctor. He explained everything to me with language that I could understand
He was extremely helpful and tried a less invasive solution to my problem which unfortunately did not work but I appreciated. So many times a doctor will do the fastest thing to move on but he spent a lot of time considering what was the best thing for me and I appreciate it.
Wonderful experience...answered all questions thoroughly.
I have gone to Dr. Khatana for about 8 years. Now several of my friends also travel from Springfield to Blue Ash to see him because of my recommendations. His staff is also the best-friendly and responsive to all my needs.
Dr. Khatana is very thorough and he explains things well.
My vision changed when I was 7 years old and I starting wearing glasses. I started wearing contact lenses at the age of 13. My vision grew progressively worse and I developed cataracts. After visiting with Dr. Kode he recommended cataract removal and implanting toric IOL's. I was able to see 20/20 for the first time in my life, I had perfect vision. I am so grateful every day for my eyes, it has changed my quality of life. I recommended Dr. Kode to everyone I know and will continue to do so!
I have recommended Dr. Mecoli to many of my friends; also, Dr. Mecoli just recently took my husband as a new patient.
Dr. Kode was professional, friendly, courteous and I am very familiar with him because he has treated our entire family including my mother, mother-in-law, father-in-law, and wife. I would recommend him highly to anyone needing treatment.
Always a good experience. He is very patient & answers all of questions.
Dr. Mecoli takes the time to explain the procedure and answer all questions. His sense of humor and social skills made me feel relaxed and eager to have the work done. Follow up is excellent!
Dr. Nordlund is always kind, compassionate, empathetic, truthful, realistic but optimistic.
Very professional and thorough. Very thankful for the referral and treatment we received..
Dr Khatana did a very delicate surgery for my glaucoma. I doubt one could find a more confident and competent surgeon. I feel blessed to have found him!
He did my cataract surgery. No problems.
Eyes look great,,, a pleasant experience
Saw for first time for my sugar diabetis. Seems like a really good doctor. Very smart. Makes you feel comfortable. Happy to continue with him in future.
Dr Mecoli saw an eye problem which my previous doctor missed!! Had a subsequent retina appt which defined problem and was referred to Dr Mecoli for surgery. So glad I switched, really like him.
Excellent!!! I was very impressed when I researched Dr. Nerad's credentials; even moreso once I met him. I had a routine procedure that became tricky because I had to do bridging (anticoagulants) and that caused some problems post-surgery. However, Dr. Nerad and his staff were right there for me to take care of an emergency situation, for which I was very thankful. I have - and undoubtedly will - refer him to others for care in his field of super-specialization. Thank you.
Dr. Mecoli's introductory conference was very professional and as a patient, I felt I was in the care a of a very competent physician, whcih was later substantiated by the results of the surgery he performed in removing my cataracts, and with the lens implants, and the subsequent follow up care restoring my vision and my satisfaction with my vision again!
well lets see: the nurse took me back, put the drops in my eyes, checked my eyes for glasses the left, the Doctor came in asked me what brought me today and my last visit was 8 years ago, I said I have FUCH'S in my eyes and both eyes had cateracts removed and how eyes were feeling, spots, itching, dry, and sometimes it seems like I look at straight at things then sometimes I can't, then he started to talk and didn'thear that sometimes I can't see anything at all with my eyes. he not enough room
Active listener; patiently answers my questions in language that is easily understood; thorough, professionally friendly.
He is very nice
Dr Osher was excellent. He could have easily recommend surgery a year ago but didn't and as it turned out my eye is healing without it. I appreciate a doctor who avoids surgery as long as possible.
Highly recommend dr nerd. Just so professional and considerate and our confidence in him as a dr is top
Excellent result and personable
This was Avery positive experience, I was told everything I needed to know all everything went very well
I have had a good experience so far.
He explained everything in a manner I could easily understand. He emphasized the reasons for the restrictions. It was easy to ask him questions.
Dr. Miller was very professional and compassionate concerning my situation.
Kind, caring, competent. Very friendly and helpful staff!
Dr. Nerad is an expert surgeon with a wonderful bedside manner! I highly recommend him!
I have been extremely happy with Dr. Osher as my retina doctor. He doesn't always spend much time in the room because of how busy he is, but he always smiles, is friendly, and definitely knows his stuff. My husband and I both see him and wouldn't consider seeing a different retina specialist. I will echo some previous comments in that if you don't have time to wait, maybe see somebody else. But he's worth every minute of wait time for us.
He is extremely personable and very very knowledgable about his work, he is very caring and we would totally recommend him to others
Great experience with CEI and Dr. Osher. Dr. Osher always impresses me with his care but last visit I had my 9-year-old grandson with me and Dr. Osher talked to him about the Reds for at least 10 or 15 minutes. It made his day. I'll happily keep coming back.
No bedside manner by Dr Osher the day I had an appointment with him.
First met Dr Holland when he performed my husbands surgery 9 years ago. We were very impressed then and I was pleased to learn he wool do my surgery.
My husband and I were so pleased to be seen together by Dr. Jacobs. He seems to be a very sincere and caring person. Thanks again for taking care of us.
I think Dr Osher is a great doctor...he has been excellent for me!!!
The staff was professional but also personable. I was seen within 15 minutes of appointment time. Dr. Nerad was thorough, informative and was gathering more information so I could make an informed decision about further surgery.
Dr Holland and his staff were very through and professional during my office visit. They diminished all stress by being attentive to my medical needs,financial position and questions. The entire staff provided me with such a calming experience that I am grateful to have him as my doctor.
Very nice person, did good work and was very kind to us.
Very personable and explained the entire process thoroughly.
Very personable,listened to my concerns and acted in a professional manner
I saw Dr. Nerad when he was at Iowa City. Excellent care there, excellent care at CEI as well. I live in Owensboro, Kentucky. Well worth the drive. I regret that I didn't go and see him earlier. Sound advice and recommendations. I appreciate his willingness to work with my family physician to monitor my progress and provide continued advice and treatment.
Dr Miller was very professional, too the point and expressed his concerns with my overall condition.
Very nice. He explained everything in detail.
This is a doctor that is beyond wonderful and I have already told quite a few people about him already-he is very kind, very patient, extremely personable and extremely knowledgeable.. A wonderful caring doctor AND human being. We are humbled to have him for our doctor.
Great experience. He explains what he is doing. He takes time to answer my questions. I will definitely recommend him to my friends.
very professional, excellent reputation, instills confidence, looking forward to excellent results
He is excellent! Made me feel very comfortable.
Dr. Kulwin was nice. Unfortunately he did not prescribe any sort of remedy for my eye cyst as he stated it was asymptomatic. I understand that and trust it completely, however I was hoping to get some answers as to how I could make it go away. He shared that it could be drained but he didn't want to do it if it wasn't bothering me. I trust his expertise fully however I wish it would go away to relieve my anxiety.
Great doctor.
I read up on Dr. Nerad from the literature which was posted on the wall before he stepped into the room and was throughly impressed with his voluminous credentials. I immediately felt at ease with his handling of my case which, when compared to the other things that he had experience working on, seemed almost beneath his skill level. Still, I was happy that I was admitted on an emergency basis and knew that I'd be out of there lickety split which was the case. He was very professional. Thanks
Great experience each visit. Lots of patients in office but moves quickly. Dr. Osher is very friendly and detailed. I get a shot in the eye once a month and I have never had an issue with it. My only complaint is the waiting room is too small for how many patients he sees. Other than that, A++.
I was sent to Dr. Osher after there was a complication during my cataract surgery with another doctor. I was terrified but he was very professional and made me comfortable. He operated on me that week and my vision was 20/20 when I saw him a week after surgery. Pro: excellent doctor with great bedside manner. Nice staff. I recommend him to everyone I meets with an eye problem. Con: office is busy and there is usually a wait to see him since he takes care of very complicated retina problems.
Dr Nordlund was informative and explained the needed procedure. He made me feel that everything would go well.
Couldn't have a nicer well informed Dr. He did my cataract surgeries and was very pleased with everything about him, so much so I gave his name to my friend & she also felt the same way. I have given his name to anyone who has asked about cataract surgery. I trusted him with my vision and his recommendations on what type of implant to use.
Dr. Kauffman is an excellent doctor and normally is very present. He seemed rushed and in the past has been very attentive to questions.
It is always fantastic. I would recommend him to anyone.
I went in on a Friday afternoon (I called that morning and got a same day appointment), unknowingly with a torn retina. Dr. Miller sent me directly downstairs for laser surgery to repair the tear. If I would have had to wait until Monday for an appointment, Dr. Miller might not have been able to fix it. I would definitely recommend Dr. Miller.
Cincinnati Eye Institute is a wonderful facility. Dr. Miller is wonderful. Explains procedures and treatments well. Doesn't make you feel like he is rushing and just a number as some doctors and medical offices do.
I saw Dr. Osher for a retina problem that my optometrist told me could cause me to go blind. She sent me to Dr. Osher the next day. As a disclaimer, he is extremely busy, though they warned me about that when I made my appointment. He did an extensive exam (lot of bright lights:)). He then explained what was happening in detail and told me I needed a laser. He did the laser that evening. I was extremely happy with my care. My problem is now fixed. I highly recommend Dr. Osher.
expertise and manner
Doc is good at explaining and answering questions, and has a genuine concern for his patients. He explained the risks and benefits and helped in making the right decisions.
I have known Dr. Hutchins for several years, having been referred by my ophthalmologist. Both he and his staff have always treated me and my family with respect. I appreciate them
Good work well satisfied
Dr. Nerad was very informative on the options that were available for the surgery I had requested. He went over the side effects, the recovery and answered all my questions in a manner that was easy to understand. He let me make the decision as to which surgery I would have, no pressure for any specific one.
Excellent. He was careful to explain what was going on with my sight and made sure I was comfortable with the explanation.
Easy to talk to and answering any questions you may have.
I would highly recommend Dr. Kode to others. Dr. Kode, and his staff are very friendly and professional.
Dr. Nerad is positively awesome! He communicates everything in detail about the procedures and is incredibly kind!
Hes a great doctor doesn't rush you and lets you ask questions if there are I really like him
had a very good experience and good outcome
Great Dr. and took time to explain in detail what would be happening around my surgery time.
I thought Dr Kode was very professional and knowlegable.
Dr. Nerad was great. He fixed problems with his expertise. He put up with me, that was a good thing. I would and already have recommended him to others that need certain procedures done by an expert they can trust.
He listened to me and made me feel very at ease because I was terrified because I only have one eye. He explained everything that he was going to do in words I understood.
Was very professional but very warm and explained everything. Also asked if I had any questions before he left the room.
Dr. Khatana clearly explains what is your problem, then explains what procedure he is suggesting & why. Dr. Khatana & his staff make you feel that they are there for you.
Dr. Miller was just so kind and courteous. He made me feel at ease and comfortable; especially going through the laser treatment. He explained everything so well. CEI is just a great place!
Dr. Khatana came highly recommended to me by my ophthalmologist, and I in turn would very highly recommend him to family and friends. Dr. Khatana's skills lived up to all expectations. He is professional, keeps the patient well informed, and has a great support staff. Job well done!!!
Dr. Kulwin was very friendly, seemed very thorough in his exam, and very informative with his explanation.
I felt that Dr Jacobs was very thorough, and explained what & why he was doing things in a manner that I could understand. I trust him with my eyes now and would recommend him to anyone.
Excellent bedside manner, appreciate his professionalism.
Dr. Miller is a wonderful doctor. He is very personable and made us feel comfortable. He truly cares about his patients. We would recommend him highly to anyone.
Dr. Khatana is very courteous, kind and professional. He has been so during every visit I have had with him over the last year.
Dr. Kode explains everything very clearly and ensures that I understand the current state of my eyes.
Vision in both eye improved to beyond original eyesight.
Dr. Nerad is very competent, has a great bedside manner and sense of humor and listens to you. He answers my most minute questions without being condescending or patronizing; he even returns my questions via email immediately.
Dr. Miller keeps me aware of what is going on , why. and pretty much what I should expect. I am very comfortable with his treatment.
I was told that he was a very good doctor and he seem like he is so I can't wait until my surgery to just how good he is.
I was in the office for a cataract evaluation. When Dr Kode came in, he examined my eyes and found that I do need cataract surgery. He explained what would be done and answered all questions that I had. Everything was very efficient. Dr Kode brought the surgery scheduler in, introduced us and she scheduled both surgeries and followup visits. My first surgery will be in 2 weeks. Based in my visit, I feel that I made the right choice in selecting Dr. Kode and would recommend him to anyone.
My husband and I have both worked with Dr Jacobs. My husband has been very happy with him; my experience has been more limited,but he was fine.
Dr. Miller is fantastic. I am one of those patience where knowledge is power, and he consistently takes the time to go over the status of my eyes very completely. He is never impatient - and he is my saving grace as he is preserving my vision!
I came to him for removal of a cyst on my lower eyelid. He recommended I also consider correcting drooping upper eyelids. He demonstrated the loss of peripheral vision. I agreed, somewhat reluctantly, concerned there would be too much change to my appearance. I have been very pleased. I appreciate the vision improvement, my concerns were unfounded about appearance, the procedure was uneventful an recovery swift.
very good outcome.
Dr. Kulwin was extremely thorough and explained what he could do for me. I was surprised by my calmness when it came time to put the instruments to my eye. I have Dr. Kulwin to thank for that. I was completely at ease and it only took minutes. My follow up was great and the staff was kind and courteous. Thank you for such great service and a pleasant experience.
I feel very comfortable with Dr. Nerad. Very responsive to any questions I have.
As usual, he was very professional, pleasant, and answered my questions.
I have total confidence in Dr. Miller. I have Macula Degeneration (wet) that is currently being treated by him. If anyone can fix the problem I'm sure he can. He's very professional and personable at the same time. Qualities that not many have.
The time spent waiting to see the doctor is frustrating, but I know that when I see him he will be cool, calm, and collected - always patient, giving me the attention I need. Emergencies foul up scheduling, but I appreciate that if I have an emergency Dr. Khatana's staff will do whatever they can to fit me in.
Was very concerned after reading a few bad satisfaction reports. Went on a recommendation from my dermatologist who is highly regarded. I can honestly say that is was a wonderful experience. His entire staff is warm as was he. Great bedside manner. After worries of a cancerous tumor, I was put at ease and the eye cyst was removed completely painless. Had a long wait time due to an emergency, so I understood.
Excellent Doctor, excellent staff !! They are all very professional & friendly. Dr. Lyons takes lots of time to explain any changes that are happening with your eyes & thoroughly explains future plans. Would definitely recommend to any family or friends. So glad I chose Dr. Lyons for my new optometrist !!
Dr. Zalta is experienced, knowledgeable, methodical, totally hands on. He has had my pressures controlled and stabilized for over six years now. The surgeries he performed on my eyes have yielded very positive results and have also remained stable for over six years. In my opinion, he has saved my eyesight. I would recommend him very highly.
Dr. Riemann is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and seems to actually care. I would definitely recommend him!
Dr. Sisk is a wonderful person & doctor....efficient, friendly, explains everything, etc etc etc. I couldn't be happier with an eye doctor!! :)
I have recommended Dr. Sisk to several others. He is very personable and professional. He always explains my condition and what he recommends for treatment. I am very satisfied with the way he gives me my shots. I am also very satisfied with Dr. Sisk and the staff.
Excellent care. Highly proficient and professional. Would recommend to all.
Dr. Sivaraman is a very good Doctor. However she has a tough act to follow in Dr. Robbins. As a 74 year old man, I felt more comfortable with Dr. Robbins but I realize we all have to move on to the next stages of our lives.
Kind knowledgeable passionate and skilled. Fabulous physician with amazing passion for his work
Dr. Snyder gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision. The results have been perfect!
I have always found Dr. Sivaraman to always be very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend her.
Dr. Roebuck is very professional and complete with examining my eyes. He answered all my questions too.
Dr Zalta is one of the best surgeons in his field . He saved my mother's eye after her stroke and has kept her comfortable ever since . I would like to say many thanks to him !
He did my left eye cataract two years ago. It was successful. I needed the right one done this year. Again, he conducted a successful surgery.
Dr. Osher is very methodical and seems to truly care about his patients. I would recommend him to anybody
Dr. Snyder is a very nice and knowledgeable doctor who is easy to talk to and is always willing to explain things.
Friendly, efficient, and upfront. I came in for a complicated cataract due to injury and he relished the challenge. Would absolutely recommend him to anyone.
Dr. Zalta has been treating my glaucoma for almost 20 years and, thanks to that care, my illness has been stabilized. While it's been years since my original diagnosis, the glaucoma is still in the early stages. With something as critical as one's eyesight, it's extremely important to have someone who knows what they're doing and takes pride in doing their job with perfection.
Dr. Sivaraman was very professional and efficient. She answered my questions and I am satified.
Dr. Varley & the staff were great, I am pleased with the results and would recommend them to anyone needing his services!
Wonderful doctor and person, but you have to "understand" his style and personality going in. I have a good time with him, but that's because after three years, we've figured each other out! He really cares about his patients' well-being and that's most important, along with his superb skill in what he does.
Dr. Sisk is a very good doctor he has the ability to make you feel at ease, and talk in terms that I can understand.
I have been seeing Dr. Snyder for a rare eye disease for 8 years. He has done multiple surgeries on my eye, and I feel extremely blessed that he is part of the team that helps me to keep my eyesight. I trust all that he tells me is needed in my continued journey with this disease. He is very personable, and always willing to explain things to me in a way that is not difficult to understand. I have recommended him to several other people. His staff is amazing, and always so helpful.
The best doctor that we have encountered in fifty years. He explained procedures prior to treatment. Recognised and acted upon urgent retina needs. CEI is fortunate to have a doctor of his calibrate on staff. He is intelligent, caring and very pleasant.
The exam was very though. I only saw Dr. Sisk during the final 10 minutes of the appointment. I'm sure he is a busy man, but I wish I would have had time to even think about questions that now come to mind prior to Laser eye surgery. My sight is wonderful now; what can I expect after surgery? How expensive is the surgery? I'm sure laser eye surgery is an everyday job for some, but this is new to me. I'm very apprehensive. Information needs to be presented at the time of diagnosis.
Dr Petersen is caring and professional. Over the years I have been seeing him he has always kept trying procedures and medications to control my wet macular edema. He explained the disease and procedures to help me keep my vision.
Caring, talented, knowledgeable surgeon who is people-friendly in a way that makes it easier to understand his explanations and patient concerns. He listens to his patients.
I have complete confidence in Dr. Rieman. He always takes the time to explain any procedures and is extremely pleasant during my visit. Because I live in Peebles Ohio I wish he made visits to a closer location.
I have been seeing Dr. Zalta for 14 years and have complete trust in the treatment I have received. I would highly recommend Dr. Zalta to my family and friends.
Dr. Sands from the start shows a sense of competence and concern establishing trust and confidence in the patient. He follows through in that manner with his services.
Yes, I would very likely recommend Dr Strawn to any of my family or friends.
Dr. Sands is very friendly. Extremely knowledgeable. He explains procedures along with risks and benefits in a way that is easy to understand. I would highly recommend Dr. Sands.
I've been seeing Dr. Sands for many, many years and have always received top-notch care! I just had two cataract surgeries in the past month and the results far exceeded my expectations. He is very professional and truly cares about his patients. I'm happy for him that he is able to retire, but I will certainly miss his expertise!
Very professional and efficiently performed. Would recommend
Being apprehensive about having a surgery procedure on my eye in consultation with Dr. Snyder it became obvious to me that he and his staff had the best interest of the patient in mind. He/they were very professional in defining the procedure and forthright in answering any questions that I had relative to pre/post procedures.
Dr. Riemann is very professional, friendly and very skilled! I have complete confidence in him as a Doctor and surgeon. I have had several laser retina surgeries for torn retinas and two cataract surgeries and two secondary cataract surgeries. I see better now than I have since grade school!
I would definitely recommend Dr. Sands.
He is so good. He knows what is doing.He is going to be missed.He had really helped me to look at my eye care.
Dr. Sands would be recommended to all of my friends and family. I was very pleased with the service I received. His mannerism was just astounding. He has the professionalism you want in a Doctor and he is tops. I appreciate a Doctor who can walk in and present his hand and name at the same time and not afraid to look at you as he speaks.
The moment I met Dr. Petersen at the pre-op I Knew recommendations of CEI were going to be true. He gave me such a feeling of confidence and I knew I was going to be in good hands. Part of my surgery involved a delicate removal of a sticky film on my retina which could involve a long period of full clear recovery due to shock to the retina. My next surgery will be for a cataract about three weeks later. I know I am in great hands.
Wonderful doctor and technician.
Just outstanding-I was lucky to have him.
I was scared when I went to see Dr. Sisk, but he put me at ease, answered all my questions, was very thorough. I felt confident being in his care.
I love seeing Dr. Strawn for my yearly checkups. He is friendly, caring, and professional. He obviously knows what he's doing, and he is always extremely thorough. He listens to my concerns and questions, and he never makes me feel like he's in a hurry to get to the next patient. Besides the regular vision exam, he also keeps a close eye (pardon the pun!) on an eye condition I have that occasionally produces nodules on my eyes. I trust him completely!
I have had a positive experience with Dr. Snyder. He took the time to explain everything and to make sure he answered all my questions. I asked about pain and I have not had any pain or discomfort. I have worn glasses over 60 years so naturally my eyes are very important to me.
Dr Riemann is a fantastic, caring, knowledgeable, sensitive doctor. He allowed me to be a part of my treatment. He made me feel like we are a team. He is an impeccable surgeon. And I trust him with my sight. Thank you Dr. Riemann for taking care of me.
very informative to patients about your condition, he is already very popular because your waiting time is at least an hour on some days, but its worth it/
Doctor Zalta and his staff are the go to people to use if you have a Glaucoma problem. They are caring and helpful. Larry Hilbert
Dr Zalta is my glaucoma specialist and has been for over 5 years. He has performed multiple surgeries on my complicated deep set eyes. He is always a steady professional. Has a well run office. I put my complete trust in him for the care of my glaucoma issues. Just remember to bring your meds sheet, LOL.
I had a positive experience with Dr. Sands. First of all I was happy to see him so quickly from the time I called. Second, he was thorough and professional, and he gave me an understandable explanation of the problem I was having.
Having worked 45 years in the OR I am very impressed with Dr, Snyder. I also must say the last 23 years i was one of the mangers in the OR. Your OR's and all staff from the SDS to exit is amazing.
Dr. Sands is an excellent doctor. I would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends as I always have.
Dr. Zalta is an excellent, caring, professional who is on top of the latest procedures for complicated eye problems. He takes time to explain what he is doing and what is expected of the patient. He works diligently to provide optimum eye processes. His only expectations are to follow his instructions to the letter.
A visit with Dr Petersen is like sitting down and talking with an old friend. I'm talked with, not talked to!
Dr. Varley is very patient to explain all details of the procedure as well as follow up care. He answers all questions to make the patient feel at ease. I would certainly recommend him to anyone.
Very impressed with Dr. Sisk. He took the time to explained what tests were being done and then explained the results in a way that I understood what my condition was. I felt very comfortable with him.
Very satisfied. The staff is outstanding and very professional. I still have the other eye to go and am excited to get it done.
I have had extreme myopia my entire life and now have age related macular degeneration. Dr. Riemann took on my failing eye sight and aggressively treated all issues, including surgery on both eyes. One eye is now 20/30 and the other 20/80, much better than the prospects of near blindness other doctors had given me. He will do whatever is possible to save/improve eyesight and with his skill as a surgeon that is quite a lot. And he truly does care about what happens to each and every patient!
In my experience as a patient with CEI and Dr. Sands as my eye doctor, he is a knowledgeable and brilliant eye physician who one can feel safe under his care. However, he is retiring.
Dr. Robert Sisk, MD is very knowledgeable and professional. He explains problems with your eyes in terms an ordinary person can understand. Dr. Sisk is very patient oriented. Dr. Sisk takes the time to answer all questions and explains step by step what he is doing and why things are happening with your eyes. I would want everyone to have him for a doctor, but not possible, or I would never get an appointment. I couldn't say enough positive things about Dr. Sisk.
Dr. Zalta always makes me feel confident I am getting the best care possible for my glaucoma. He has carefully monitored my eyes for over 15 years now. I would highly recommend him to anyone with glaucoma. He's a doctor you can put your trust in and be assured he will do everything possible to save your eye sight.
Outstanding Opthamologist in every way!
She is lovely and kind. I am so very pleased with my results.
Dr. Disk has continually been caring about my retinal problems. I trust his evaluations and he has done excellent work with both of my eyes in surgery. He is an excellent doctor!
Great experience and highly recommended. Not only did my eyesight improve and with it the quality of life, but the whole experience was positive. Before surgery, Dr. Snyder answered all my questions and explained all lense options and did not pressure me to chose one over the other, on surgery day I felt I was in professional hands and very well taken care of, and he and his team provided very attentive post surgery care.
Friendly, caring, inspires great confidence
Unfortunately, Dr. Sands is retiring in September, 2017. He has trained his replacement in his practice, and so I feel I will be in good hands. But Dr. Sands has been very responsive in every appointment I have had with him over many years, and I will miss his attentive care and humane style.
Dr. Sands is very helpful & informative, giving clear explanations of my medical situation. He is also very pleasant to deal with, making his patients comfortable.
amazing skill, great personality - the kind of doctor that a patient prays for!
Dr. Riemann not only is a fantastic physician, but he also knows how to put his patient at ease when the news you are receiving might not be the best. He is confident with his abilities and relays that to his patients. You know you are in good hands. On the other hand, he does not make promises that are unreasonable. He is always professional, but is also personable. I am totally confident in his abilities.
I have glaucoma. Dr. Zalta has been my glaucoma specialist for over 20 years. I think he is the most experienced and successful in this specialty in the Cincinnati Area (my home). For 20 years I have been able to totally control my glaucoma with NO LOSS of vision. I credit that to Dr. Zalta. He is great and gets great RESULTS. I highly recommend him.
I have been a patient of Dr. Zalta's for 22 years. He is a no-nonsense doctor who is also able to instill confidence in his abilities and knowledge. I would recommend him without reservation. At my annual checkup, I informed Dr. Zalta that he can never retire!
Dr. Zalta is one of my all-time favorite doctors. He has been managing my glaucoma for many years with great success. Last time I saw him, he made the Combigan I had been using while my cataracts were healing my everyday drops, AND he told me that some patients are allergic to Combigan, an itchy rash around the eyes that can begin six months into use. Brand new information for me, and I was very glad to have it.
Have been a patient of Dr Zalta for over 10 years. He has continued to follow my glaucoma issues very closely and to monitor my vision very closely.
I was originally referred to Dr. Zalta back in 2009 by my eye doctor. She had noticed that my eye pressures were elevated, which caused her to be concerned. I had visited Dr. Zalta at CEI. After a very lengthy and thorough appointment, he diagnosed me with Pigementary Dispersion Glaucoma. In 2010 he performed surgery on both eyes to enhance drainage and control my eye pressures. Fast forward to 2017 I have been an A+ pupil (ha, ha). Thank You Dr. Zalta for your care and concern with my eyes!
I have been a patient for 25-30 years and have always been very pleased with the high quality of care that I have received from Dr Varley.
Dr. Varley is very professional and takes his time to explain the procedure and risks. During my Lazik procedure he put me at ease with his bedside manner and humor.
I was extremely pleased with Dr. Sivaraman. Very knowledgeable , thorough, friendly and excellent surgeon . Very pleased to have her do my cataract procedures.
Dr Strawn was very kind to my 87 year-old mother when she consulted with him about her cataracts. Despite her advanced years, she is in good health and rarely sees a doctor. He made her feel comfortable about the procedure and explained things thoroughly and answered all her questions in a way that was easy for her to understand.
Dr Zalta has taken care of my glaucoma problem for years. I trust his care completely. He has kept my vision stable. My husband and I are extremely grateful for his professional care and kindness to me with the anxiety that comes from being concerrned about my eyes. I trust him totally for my vision. Mrs. E. Jackson
I have been going to see Dr. Zalta since I was six weeks old. He has saved my vision on multiple occasions. He has done a fantastic job with every one of my surgeries. Zalta has always been there to help me with my vison. I have never had any problems with him. It is a very clean work environment and the staff there is wonderful. Zalta is fantastic doctor all around.
Dr. Zalta has been taking care of the glaucoma in my left eye for over a year now. He is a great and caring Dr. He also takes the time to explain what is wrong treatment plan.
I have visited Dr. Zalta for around 8 years, originally 4-5 times per week immediately after surgery and now annually. He has always been friendly and it is obvious that he cares for the well-being of his patients. Appointments with him are generally quick and I don't spend much time in the waiting room. He is well-versed in his field and he makes it easy to trust his judgment. He has taken excellent care of my eye.
I trust Dr. Zink completely - he is the best and I am blessed to have him caring for my eyes.
Dr. Has been my eye specialist for about 10 years. He has been fabulous. He is so through and communicates so well. I love him and would recommend him to anyone who needs excellent eye care.
absolutely a great doctor.
Dr. Peterson is friendly, he explains your problems clearly and he shows the results of the tests that were performed He answers your questions and makes sure that you understand. He is very thorough. He makes you feel confident that he is giving you the best care available. His staff is well trained, friendly and takes good care of his patients.
My wife and I cannot say enough to express our gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Petersen for the delicate surgery he recently performed on my right eye. I am happy to report that my sight is steadily improving and life is returning to normal. A few years ago Dr. Petersen repaired a torn retina in the same eye so this time was even more critical and we were so relieved that Dr. Petersen would be doing this surgery as well. Thanks to Dr. Peterson, I can look forward to hunting next year.
Dr. Sands is not only a gifted physician and one of the best in his field, but he is also a wonderful person who has a very warm and friendly way of putting his patient at ease. I've known him for many years through the UCMC and would put him in a small group of physicians with similar attributes across the spectrum of physicians and surgeons. With his upcoming retirement, he will be missed by everyone.
Dr. Osher is excellent. He by far met and exceeded all of my expectations. He was very thorough in every aspect of the procedure, from the initial consultation through the surgery and post op. He explained everything in detail and completely answered all of my questions. I would recommend anyone who have eye needs to schedule an appointment with Dr. Osher. In fact, I have already recommended two of my friends to him.
Dr. Roebuck was professional, yet personal and low-key.
Dr. Peterson performed my cataract removal and prescription lens replacement in 2015 and one in January of 2017. I have no complaints about either one of my surgeries. I would recommend him to anyone needing eye surgery.
Dr. Petersen may be one of the leading retina specialist in the world. He operated on the retina in my right eye with complete success. I hope to have him doing the surgery on my left eye in two to three months . He is a fine physician and surgeon.
I have been a patient of Dr. Zalta for a very long time. He has helped save my vision in one eye since day one and manage the glaucoma in the other eye. I like how Dr. Zalta explains the medical treatment and how to manage the treatment to keep your vision. I would highly recommend Dr. Zalta to anyone with glaucoma problems.
I've told Dr. Sisk that he is the ideal balance between professional and friendly. He is an excellent caregiver, and it is clear that he cares about the health of my eyes.
Dr. Zalta is the consummate professional, always prepared and is very adept at articulating the medical issues in an understandable manner. I'm extremely confident that my eyes are in capable hands and I appreciate Dr. Zalta's expertise.
I've been going to Dr. Zalta for 13 years, and he has kept my glaucoma under control with drops and laser treatments. He is a wonderful doctor and I would not trust my eyes to anyone else.
I have been a patient of Dr. Strawn for well over 30 years. My husband was also his patient before he passed away. I find him to be very thorough and caring about any concerns I might have.
Dr. Sands and his staff are considerate, courteous and professional. Dr. Sands explained my health care needs in a way that I could understand and answered all my questions. I never felt rushed in the slightest. I have a contact person should I have additional questions.
Dr. Riemann and his staff are fabulous. You might have to wait a little bid during appointments but that is because he spends what ever time is necessary to insure you get the best treatment. He always explains what he finds and discusses treatment options accordingly. He always answers questions. He has come in on Saturday to personally see me after one of my surgeries. And had the on call doctor call him on Sunday during one of my Sunday visits to follow my progress.
Dr. Varley worked rapidly and efficiently while making me feel relaxed during the procedure. He is obviously quite experienced in his field, and takes seriously the comfort of the patient.
He is very professional and polite. He thoroughly explains the medical procedures to this patients.
A very nice man that explains your situation in terms that are understandable to a lay person.
Very knowledgeable. Did my cataract surgery and it turned out better than expected. Explains everything very clearly.
Dr. Sivaraman has one quality that I admire in a physician, and that quality is friendliness. She also did a great job of explaining what my issue was, and how it would be corrected. She was also through in her examination.
Always takes the time to thoroughly examine my eyes and explain what is going on. Very caring.
I have been a patient of Dr. Petersen for over twenty years. I have total confidence in his care for me and would entrust my care to no one else. As a diabetic for over 40 years, eye care is most important to me and I trust him implicitly . I regularly recommend him to anyone who needs care.
Dr. Sands is an outstanding Doctor. He is very caring and knowledgable. Thank you so much Dr. Sands.
He is very thorough, Easy to speak to.
I've been a patient of Dr Strawns for a number of years and hope to be for a number more. He is very patient oriented and explains any question asked in very understandable terms.
Dr. Petersen has been caring for my eyesight for over a decade. He has monitored my condition and performed surgery when needed, maintaining a 20/30 eyesight in one eye. I can't thank him enough for the great care and caring he provides me.
I have confidence in Dr Zink. Although there have been times when I have had to wait a long time in his office, he is always direct, thorough, and seems to be genuinely interested in me as a patient.
Explained everything in layperson language.
Very thorough and very informative. Took the time I needed to explain things about my surgery and what would be happening.
I know that he is an excellent doctor,beyond that, a very patient and caring man. He is truly a very special addition to this practice.
Very skilled and thorough. I had challenges with glaucoma drops and he was very patient in finding the right solution for me.
Dr.Varley was so kind and explain everything that needed to been done! He did a great job and I definitely would recommend him to family and friends
He sounds like he truly cares about my eyesight. I have never had a doctor that was proactive for me than reactive. If we can get the insurance straightened out, I look forward to getting my eyes back in shape.
Dr. Raymond was the Dr. That saw me after a drunk driver hit me in 1993. I had lost the sight in my left. Eye. He was an amazing Dr. Compassionate caring man. I heard he was still helping a couple days a week. I haven't seen him since 2006, but hope to have him recheck and answer some of my eye questions regarding some eye developments
Takes the time to insure best treatment for my difficult case of glaucoma. I would recommend Dr. Zalta to anyone that requires surgery for their glaucoma.
I'm very impressed with his professionalism and how he takes his time to explain the medical condition in a way a patient can comprehend.
Dr. Varley and his staff do an outstanding job at managing the entire patient experience. They make sure that you're prepared going into surgery and that you have all the tools necessary to have the best possible results and recovery moving forward!
Dr. Varley and his staff are very knowledgable and thorough. It was a pleasure being seen by him. Scheduling appointment was easy and time at appointment was acceptable given my eye exam
RLE surgery and am very happy.
He and his staff are very friendly and show a genuine concern for the wellbeing of his patients. Extremely professional, very knowledgable about the procedures he performs.
Dr Varley is very friendly and easy to talk to. HE treats you with respect and is very knowledgable
Dr. Zink takes the time to talk to me. I trust his expertise with my eyes.
He does excellent work
Dr. Sands has a genuine interest in me as his patient and a person.
He displays great confidence and the fact that he pulled my records and read them all from 40+ years ago made me feel very comfortable that he knew everything that he could about me personally.
He put me at ease right away. He explained what he was going to do and why. He was friendly with his staff, which I think speaks volumes for a Doctor.
Dr. Sands is the best eye doctor I have ever had, and that's saying something since I've been seeing eye doctors since I was in the 4th grade and I'm now 75 years old. He is so careful, caring, clear, and helpful in dealing with my vision problems and advising on preventive measures. I am seeing better than I have ever seen in my life and feel confident that he will help me sustain good vision.
Office is run professionally. Contact with Dr. is highly professional. Extraordinarily high success rate with cataract surgeries.
Answered all questions, very competent, great bedside manner, puts patient at ease.
Very caring and professional. Excellent with the patient.
Very friendly. Took considerable time explaining everything.
Dr Sisk was so very thorough and caring about my eye problems. I finally felt like I've found an eye specialist who takes the time to answer my questions and make recommendations that I can understand.
Dr. Petersen has been my doctor for many years. He has excellent credentials and experience. He knows my family history and he has always shown a lot on interest in looking out for my best interest.
I have a physician who is a friend. I {the patient} feel very comfortable around; there is no "high and mighty with this Doctor. Just a everyday kind a guy who "down to earth".Dr Zink 's knowledge is excellent.
I would recommend Dr. Sivaraman to everyone with any kind of eye problems. I had a deep cataract on my right eye and having never had eye surgery, I was scared to have it, but Dr. Sivaraman and her staff explained everything so well. They really put my mind at ease, and my surgery couldn't have gone any better. I will be getting the cataract on my left eye done in a couple weeks or so. Dr. Sivaraman is really great!
Dr. Strawn is very professional, competent, and very patient-friendly. He is world-class. His assistant, who performed many of the eye tests, also is world-class. I have complete confidence in them both.
Took all the time needed to answer my questions.
Extremely thorough and very cautious. I ultimately was not a candidate for lasik, but Dr. Varley clearly had my best interest in mind and did a great job explaining my options.
Dr Osher was very personable and explained things throughly. He took his time to answer questions and made my visit as pleasant as possible.
I am a fulltime freelance writer; it's how I make my living. Dr. Riemann saved my vision after a retinal tear. He's the best.
I sincerely appreciate the professional manner and quality care of Dr. Strawn and his assistant.
Dr. Snyder was very straightforward. He made sure my questions were answered. I feel confident with him doing my cataract surgery.
Dr. Sisk seems to be a very knowledgeable and qualified doctor. He is enormously efficient in his examinations, never taking more than two or three minutes to check me out for changes to my AMD. There always seem to be two parts to an exam: the first is when the doctor looks at me and speaks his diagnostic jargon to the silent recording assistant accompanying him; then the second part is when he connects with me to ask if I have and questions or concerns. I always ask him to tell me his diagnosi
I had lasik surgery with Dr. Varley in August 2001. I have continued to use him as my eye doctor since my eye doctor retired in 2001. He does a thorough eye exam and goes over everything with me. He is always professional, courteous and friendly. Would recommend him to anyone.
Down to earth,caring individual. He and his staff are exceptional. What a great team.
I am totally satisfied. Very thorough. Courteous . Spent time with me . Answered all of my questions. Great result.
Dr Zinc was very helpful very accurate description of whites going on with my eyes I would recamind Dr Zinc to everyone I THANK HIM FOR EVERYTHING
did take time to explain what was going on
I experienced an unsuccessful cataract surgery in June 2015 which resulted in erosion of pigment in my right iris. After several consultations, including Bascom Palmer in Miami, I was directed to CEI and Dr. Snyder for determination of whether I was a candidate for the synthetic iris surgery which he performs. I have agreed to the procedure and am awaiting availability of my iris so that I may schedule my surgery and follow-up visits.
I saw Dr. Sivaraman for shadows on the letters and the blurred vision. My vision would be fine and within a minute or two my sight would be so blurred with no warnings at all. This has even happened while driving the car. Dr. Sivaraman and staff were so nice and helpful the problem was severe dryness with my eyes that I needed drops 4 times a day and gel drops at night and I need to follow up with her about 6 weeks later which is coming up soon.
Been going to Dr. Sisk for many years. Would not consider going to anyone else. He is personable and explains everything to the fullest. He is so great about answering any and all questions no matter how trivial they may seem.
Dr. Sisk took the time to answer my questions in a direct manner. Excellent "chairside" manner.
Dr. Snyder was considerate, explained his procedure and options clearly prior to surgery. The CEI TEAM of pre and post op nurses, anesthetist, receptionists and billing ALL were kind and efficient.....Thank you CEI!!
Trusted Physician!
Dr Sisk is very kind and gentle. Although he is very quick and to the point, I did not feel like he was rushing to get to his next patient.
I'm upset...why isn't there an option for at least 10 stars?
very professional and very efficient.
This was my first visit to Dr. Sisk and to CEI. Can't say enough great things about both!! Dr. Sisk was knowledgeable and very willing to take time to answer questions as needed.
A great experience with Dr. Varley! He was extremely friendly and attentive to my needs. He made everything about my testing easy to understand.
Dr. Roebuck does a thorough examination and takes time to discuss an issues during that visit. He's professional yet down to earth.
I have gotten excellent care from Dr. Sisk. I think he is very thorough in following up with concerns for future changes that he knows are going to happen with my eyes and making sure my vision will not be damaged or compromised with those changes.
Simply put: He's the best from beginning to end.
I found Dr. Peterson to be an outstanding physician and surgeon. I am extremely greatful to him for saving my eyesight. Dr. Peterson is a kind, compassionate physician and I highly recommend him.
I would not recommend this doctor to Anyone that truly values their eyes or vision. He had no idea as to why I was there which made me nervous. Upon glancing at my eye for what felt like 30 seconds he decided I need to have my stitches removed even though the wound was not fully healed. During the procedure he would not let me relax even though I was straining to keep the eye open. He established no trust and acted like he was in a hurry. My vision is worse now than before. Do Not see this doc.
He spent quite a bit of time with me, carefully reviewing all the charts and results from the tests and measurements his technicians performed on my eyes. He called a few of them into the office for further information when needed. He carefully explained the procedure to me along with the how and why of process. I also met @ 6 or so Techs. Some had been with Dr. Osher 20 plus years. THEY all think the world of him and gave him glowing compliments. It is a good sign when there is low turnover.
He saved my eye. I had trauma to my left eye in 2005 and he played the critical role in ensuring my eye could be saved. I have treated and we'll managed trauma induced glaucoma in left eye. If you are looking for a solid surgeon with amazing staff, look no further. I have had 7 Surgeries related to my eye trauma and glad to have been provided care by Dr. Zalta and other CEI staff. Trust your eye health and of loved ones to Dr. Zalta. Take care, David
Great doc!
The staff was very helpful and treated me like family
Dr. Varley is very good at what he does. He always makes me feel like he truly remembers me every time I see him.
I would gladly recommend Dr. Snyder to anyone who needs cataract surgery.
Dr. Sands has provided me with the best eye care! He is kind, he listens and he explains complex information in an understandable manner. I have already recommended him to others and will continue to do so.
He has real genuine concern for his patients, and he is an expert in his field.
Dr. Zalta is the consummate professional. He is competent, knowledgeable, and I am confident that he is giving me the best care possible. He keeps me informed about my condition, and celebrates with me when the news is good. I appreciate all the effort he has put into helping me maintain my vision!
My father-in-law has advanced Glaucoma and Macular degeneration and receives the absolute best care possible. Dr. Zalta has been wonderful with him, explaining every procedure, medication and side-effect while being caring and compassionate. He even handled the 'can I drive' question in a manner that made Dad believe that it was his own idea that driving was not an option. This doctor is brilliant!
He has prevented my condition from deteriorating.
Dr.Zalta has been taking good care of my glaucoma for many years. I trust him and he is genuine cre about him patient.
Very professional and always helpful.
Excellent experience with Dr Zalta. He saved my eye with surgery and medication and continues to give thorough explanation of my medical condition. I highly recommend Dr Zalta.
He is amazing
My expierience with Dr. Zalta dates back to 1987 when it was discovered that I had a serious damage t my optic nerve. He treated me for a number of years even after my move to Atlanta. Eventually I began seeing an Atlanta doctor. Since 2014 since moving back to Cincinnati I have been fortunate to continue seeing Dr. Zalta. He has and is keeping my eyes functioning. I highly recommend Dr. Zalta and his careful and knowledgable attention. Thank you Dr. Zalta!
I have been going to Dr Zalta for many years. He is one of the most knowledgeable and capable physicians that I have ever come in contact with.
Always on time. Enjoy my visits and I always learn something,
Excellent service, extremely caring and expert specialist.
My daughter has been seeing Dr. Zalta for the last 15 years since she was toddler. He saved her vision. We are so blessed to have someone like Dr. Zalta. He is always so professional and knowledgable.
Dr. Zalta tells me how everything is going and makes sure to ask if I have any questions.
very careful and through. has kept eye pressure low and controlled glaucoma for many years.
Dr. Zalta's competence and commitment has saved my eye. He is THE expert in the field of complex visual problems.
Dr. Zalta has been instrumental in saving my husband's eyesight!!! We were referred to his office because my husband has a very 'complicated' eye. Dr. Zalta treats him for glaucoma. His commitment to his patients is outstanding. After surgery, Dr. Zalta kept track of my husband's progress over Christmas and New Years. He knows what he is doing. If you have glaucoma and need a doctor, Dr. Zalta is your man.
He is the BEST. Dr Riemann takes time to listen and explains issues with my eyes without rushing. His mannerism should be taught in all medical colleges. Because of him I have become a sales agent for CEI. I can not thank him enough.
As a long term patient of Dr. Zalta I can recommend him without reservation. He is a very experienced, competent and highly skilled physician. I received outstanding care from him and his staff. Dr. Zalta explained my condition and surgery in lay terms - even using drawn pictures to highlight a point. Dr. Zalta is a caring professional who with a team of CEI doctors restored my eye sight.
Expert knowledge and technical skill. Very personable. Explained all my options. Is a perfectionist which translated in to exceptional results! Was very personable. Great supportive staff. When you seek out and go to the best, understand that there will be extra waiting time which is definitely well worth the wait to be seen. Once getting in to see Dr Snyder, I never felt rushed as he spent a lot of time with me evaluating and going over my treatment options. He answered all my questions.
Explained situation in Layman's terms.
My experience with Dr. Zink was very positive. I felt I received a very thorough exam, in a non-rushed environment. I felt he addressed my vision issues and answered all of my questions in a professional and very understandable way. I will continue to see Dr. Zink for any future ophthalmology needs that I might incur. I have and will continue, most emphatically, to recommend him to others.
Took as much time as needed to explain my condition & answered all of our questions. I never felt rushed.
His several awards, his care, concern, friendliness, and professionalism
was outstanding in explaining what was going on and he was very knowlegeable
He is a kind man who takes his time to explain what's going on and how it can be addressed. I drive all the way from southern Indiana because I Trust Him.
Dr. Sivaraman was very professional and thorough, and has a very pleasant personality. She took the time to discuss and answer all my questions.
Very professional, I commend the level of caring that he has with me. I am a patient that has several issues with my right eye and he does not give up until he has the issues under control. I trust him and would recommend him to my friends and family. He always is very punctual unless of coarse an emergency arises.
Outstanding Doctor and staff. Dr. Zalta inspires confidence, whether you are being seen in the office or headed to surgery.
I have been a patient of Dr. Zalta for 27 years. Having been diagnosed with Glaucoma at a very young age (14) I am an unusual case. The care received from Dr. Zalta is outstanding and he has managed my condition successfully over the years. I have had additional eye problems that he discovered over the years and his referrals have been fantastic. He, along with retinal specialists he has recommended, have worked together to manage the conditions successfully. I trust him completely.
He answers all your questions. He exhibits a caring attitude and listens to me.
I have been seeing Dr. Zalta for glaucoma for more than 15 years and believe he, along with answered prayers, has preserved my vision for these many years. I can always count on him to calm my fears as I implicitly trust his medical decisions. He seems as pleased as I am when my pressures remain stable. I am happy to have recently discovered he also performs cataract surgery, as I would suspect that will be in my future. Hope retirement is out of the question for many, many, years.
Very considerate and explained the whole procedure
He's the best
Courteous , very professional and treated me as an old friend. I felt very comfortable with his evaluation and recommendations.
Very easy to talk to, warm and friendly and took all the time I needed to make sure I understood everything I needed to know about the health of my eyes.
Dr Sisk very informative, thoruough and highly skilled.
It was probably just a case of bad timing but Dr. Varley was in a hurry to get to a surgery and I felt very rushed by him when I had my appointment. I feel very frustrated that I have a bill waiting to be paid at home for $149.00 for the few moments I was able to spend speaking to Dr. Varley. This seems like a serious case of over-billing for the time I spent with him.
wonderful doctor - only problem is rescheduling if you have to change an appointment. He is SO busy.
Pleasant professional interaction with doctor- would return to the doctors and would recommend them
Great doctor. I would like it if he took more time to explain things. I felt comfortable with him.
Does a very complete exam, and takes time to explain his observations and recommendations.
He was wonderful! Very patient and spent time explaining the issue with my eye.
Kind, knowledgeable. I felt safe under his care.
Dr. Osher is very professional yet warm and caring. He explained things in terms that were very easy for me to understand. I felt very comfortable during my surgery as he explained each step of the procedure and made me aware of what was happening.
He was very informative, friendly and easy to understand.
Dr. Sisk has taken time with me and I heeded his information.
My cataract surgeon sent me to him because I have floaters. He thought they might need to be removed at the same time I have the cataract surgery. Dr Reimann told me half a dozen times that I was OCD! I'm not OCD. I had no major problem with floaters. I'm cool, whatever. Where did he get his Psychology degree? I don't need floater removal, I'm just OCD. I found him to be a condescending jerk and I would never go back to him.
Dr. Snyder came highly recommended to me by friends. My experience for pre-opt,-during surgery and post surgery have been very pleasant. I like his sense of humor and I appreciate his time spent with me during visits. I am happy that they let you know prior to your appointment about the length of wait time depending on the kind of office visit.
He is always professional, extremely knowledgeable, shows concern, and listens. His treatment plan and surgeries saved my vision loss. Of the 3 doctors I have at CEI, he is the Best. I value his opinion in regard to my retina care and treatment, and also when I ask about other visual problems I'm experiencing. He has put me in contact with the right doctors to get the job done. Also, those who work with him are blessed to have a mentor of his caliber.
Went beyond expectations for patient care.
I would (and have) highly recommended Dr Petersen to many people I know. He is an exceptional physician and a great man! I have heard about other doctors giving eye injections; they need to study Dr Petersen.No eye injection is fun, but he makes it easier for me than stories I have heard from friends and family around the country.
I would highly recommend Dr. Varley. Professionalism at its best. Now have better that 20/20 vision. Excellent staff and overall experience was exceptional.
CEI in general is employs some of the best eye doctors in the country, and Dr. Varley is a key contributor. His level of detail and perfectionism make him ideal for Lasik procedures. He will not perform the procedure unless the equipment is in optimal working condition. Additionally, he uses the latest and greatest in Lasik technologies to best ensure ideal results are obtained.
He is friendly and explains your medical condition so that you can understand it. He also listens to you and answers any questions that you have.
Very knowledgable, trust his judgement, recall early on I knew I liked Dr. Sands because I could smell the clean soap smell on his hands during the exam.
He is a very good surgeon and has helped me through a difficult time getting my vision so I can read again.
makes you feel part of the program......................
Dr. Sands listened to my concerns, explained clearly what he thought was happening with my vision, and referred me to Dr. Golnik, who has more experience with my issue.
Dr. Sands is an excellent doctor who also knows how to treat patients to make them feel welcome and at ease to ask questions.
I was informed he is one of the best in the business and my experience with him bears that out. I do not have a single recommendation to improve on what he's already doing. His confidence in what he does was reassuring and sure enough the operation went flawlessly.
I really trust Dr. Zink's treatments. He instills confidence and the eye surgery he performed in the past produced excellent results for me. He is always courteous and answers all my questions. Thank you
very satisfied - Dr Sands was personable as well as talented and experienced. I am happy to recommend him to friends and acquaintances.
Did not have to wait long. Answered all my questions.
Went to four different eye specialists and no one could find my problem. Not only did Dr Snyder give me an accurate diagnosis, he did suregery to correct and I have the nest vision I've had in 15 years
When I was experiencing a new and unexpected problem on Christmas Eve, Dr Zink left what he was doing and came in to meet me at CEI. He took the time for a very thorough examination. This action alone speaks very highly of Dr Zink's commitment and concern for patients. At the time, I wasn't a regular patient of Dr Zink's. He also ensured that I followed up with him re-check the condition.
I had an aggressive form of Open-Angle Glaucoma in one eye, it was robbing me of my eyesight; another CEI doctors told me there was nothing else she could do to save my eyesight 8 years ago. I believe in the Power of Prayer, and believed surely someone can help, that's when God sent HELP and re-directed me to Dr. Zalta at CEI! I pray Dr. Zalta lives a long life! It is 2016 and I still have my sight and can still drive. Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow AND for Dr. Zalta with his gift.
As recommended, he is the consummate professional. I can't imagine more exacting care and felt right away that I was in good hands. My results are outstanding!
Dr Riemann is a miracle worker. He takes the time to review my progress. I went from not seeing well, having driving restrictions, to seeing 20/20. He shows concern with my eyes and recommends continued follow ups with his associate. It is great knowing who to call if I notice any problems with my eyes.
Very considerate and took his time explaining about my condition.
From signing in until a cup of coffee before leaving the building, it was obvious that this was going to be a very good experience. Everything was thoroughly explained and informative. Dr. Robert Osher is very comfortable to communicate with. Thank you.
We have a lot of confidence in Dr. Riemann, and we trust his knowledge.
I had a great experience with Dr. Varley. He is very talented doctor.
He is so knowledgeable, caring, and professional. You are in excellent hands with Dr Snyder.
Excellent,caring.& friendly doctor. Have been his Patient for many years.
Very easy to talk to. Explains well. Gave all the options. Proud of his work!
The doctor has a great rapport with the patients and very knowledgeable. He's conscientious and understanding.
I have only had one appointment, but from recommendations from other patients and my one appointment, so far I would recommend Dr. Snyder and definitely CEI. My only negative comment is that I did feel a little rushed to make a decision as to the lense to choose after I said I wanted to go forward with cataract surgery.
Dr. Osher is so very personable and put me at ease. He was very good to educate me about what a cataract is and what the procedure involved. Simply a great Doctor.
He is a true professional that also cares about t his patient's well being.
He is wonderful! He explains things, answers questions, yet is very efficient & quick. I would highly recommend him!
I feel that Dr. Zink is a very knowledgeable Dr. and cares about treating my glaucoma in the best possible way. He always answers any questions I have and takes the time to explain any treatment/procedures that I might need in a way that I understand.
I was impressed with Dr. Zalta's diagnosis of a previous right eye injury that no one else had identified. I appreciate his referral to another optometrist to monitor my mild glaucoma instead of seeing a Specialist, but I would have preferred just to see Dr. Zalta each year or two and keep my current Optometrist. Please let me know if Dr. Zalta is agreeable to this going forward. Thank you.
It was great! I had been treated by another doctor in a different practice which was a horrible experience. I was most impressed by Dr. Snyder and felt most comfortable with him due to the time he took to explain the surgery and his surgical skills.
Tom felt very comfortable with Dr. Sisk given his situation with his eyes and he gave him hope for his eyes and maybe more given the eye challenge. Dr. Sisk is very confident about what he says to Tom and then the confidence Dr. Sisk has gives Tom confidence in facing his challenging situation with his eyes to make him feel really good about himself. Dr. Sisk was the only doctor that gave him any hope when we first started going to C.E.I. Dr. Sisk should be commended for his excellent work.
Dr. Osher did the surgeries on my wife's eyes and the results were great so I wanted him to do mine.
My husband commented last week that he loves the way Dr. Zink comes bouncing in with energy and a big hi. We are both confident of his decisions and have nothing but positive thoughts about him.
Our experience with Dr. Petersen would be so much better if he did not seem so stressed and uncommunicative. He does not say hello and is visibly irritated if we ask questions.
Very knoligable and very smart Doctor I completely trust his opinions
Dr. Roebuck is an excellent physician and provided me with all the information prior to my cataract surgery. The surgery and follow up appointment went very well and he addressed all of my concerns at that time.
Dr Riemann is knowledgeable, caring and does not give up on the tough cases. I have appreciated his compassion and fortitude throughout my care.
I've been seeing Dr. Petersen since 2005. I really value the care I receive from him.
Outstanding care. Answers questions in detail. Very comfortable, confident I have the best care.
Dr. Sands is by far the BEST!
Clear communications of what needed to be done. Discovered another problem and set me up with another Doctor to resolve the issue. Was very compassionate and explained clearly to calm my fears.
Excellent as with all the staft
Dr. Petersen does a great job going over all findings and making it clear how my eye(s) are doing.
Dr. Zalta is very experienced, skilled and compassionate towards his patience.
I did not get to see Dr. Petersen because I have no insurance. When I DO get to see him, he is the best! Very kind, very thorough. He takes time to talk to me and listen to any questions or concerns I may have. I would (and have) very highly recommend him.
He's very efficient .
Dr. Peterson is simply the absolute best! Period. His manner in handling patients, his confidence & total knowledge is off the charts, not to mention his actual operating skills. You are so lucky to have him on staff! Bob Parrino
Dr. Zink has performed many procedures on my eye, spent a Saturday and Sunday morning in the office with me and truly cares about individual patients. I trust him and his staff with my eyes!
very personable explained procedure very well thanked me for my loyalty he did my other eye 12 yrs ago
As always, an excellent visit. I haven't had to schedule an urgent appointment. The office is clean and comfortable. The office and staff are always courteous and helpful. I trust Dr. Sands' advice and the information he provides. His explanations are helpful and understandable. He listens and responds to my questions and spends as much time with me as we need. I would highly recommend Dr. Sands and the office in the Medical Arts Building to others.
When I first met Dr. Zalta he was very informative and explained to my condition and what my options were. He was quite professional. I think he takes his work quite serious and cares for his patients. I would highly recommend Dr. Zalta. Just tell him to Smile more often. (LOL)
He is very thorough in his eye exam, very gentle, and very patient. He explains things in terms that are easy for a non-physician to understand.
Dr. V is the best. He has been my eye doc for many years. I would not consider seeing anyone else.
Dr. Riemann is the best. So friendly and knowledgeable. I am so glad I was referred to him.
Dr. Shull is very dedicated doctor but too over booked. She rushes so much she tends to forget to fulfill treatment. I had a bit of a problem with her the very first time I saw her and maybe I am so protective of my eyes I over exaggerated but I think she tries to hurry way too much.
Dr. Petersen is an outstanding physician and surgeon. He is highly skilled and extremely capable. He comes very highly recommended. He operated on my retina and the surgery and recovery were pain free. I would highly recommend him.
Excellent doctor,highly skilled,and very Pleasant.
Good Doctor, but absolutely horrible keeping appointment schedule. Five visits in a row and always had to sit for 1 to 2 hours to see him. He apparently doesn't understand the concept of time..
Found solution to my blurred and glared vision. Surgery corrected vision. He spent time and answered all my questions and concerns. Extremely satisfied.
It was amazing!!! He fixed my eye problem when no one else could. I would recommend him to everyone!
Dr Strawn is very professional and provides a thorough and comprohensive examination.
Dr Bell is a excellent technician,but his people skills need to be worked on...The first time I saw him after his Dad retired..He seemed ok..but since he seems impatient..He pulled my arms into position without asking me to do it myself..If your schedule is that tight,,schedule less patients...And I have heard other make the same comments...A shame he has good technical skills..
I've been a patient of Dr. Hater & CEI for many years. He did my cataract surgery last year & everything went well. The staff at the Blue Ash & Maineville locations have always been thoroughly professional and competent in their work.
Was really pleased with his explaining everything thoroughly and making sure I understood all that was going on.
I appreciate doctor Foster he is very caring and has taken care of my problem very well
Dr. Arar was met for a pre-surgery consultation which was fast, informative and ensured we were on the same page. Surgery was quick, painless, and instructions given for care. Procedure was the removal of a secondary cataract so it was over within seconds. Would highly recommend Dr. Arar for his knowledge, skill and professionalism.
I highly recommend Dr. Foster to anyone requiring retinal surgery. My surgery was very successful and Dr. Foster's treatment has been very good.
Doctor Goulet is Awesome. Very caring and understanding of your needs. He takes time with you to explain things to you related to your vision. He works hard for you to give you the best care possible.
I have the utmost respect for and gratitude to Dr. Foster. He has treated me for macular degeneration for 2 years and I am certain that his care has resulted in my macular degeneration not progressing. He is kind, he explains everything well, and he is the best giver of shots to the eyeball! I have and would recommend him to anyone who requires quality retinal care.
Dr Foster is amazing. Once you are with the doctor, everything is done quickly and professionally. He is very knowledgeable and tells you what he is doing and why. I feel I am in very good hands.
Great, took the time to help me.
A great experience. Eyebrows are healing. Lids come next. Will be glad to be finished with the remake.
Great Doctor I've had two surgeries by him I called his answering service and he got right back with me very kind and professional
My visit with Dr. Henson was very good. In particular, her staff was excellent and made our visit that much better. I would recommend Dr. Henson.
I continue to hold Dr. Burch in very high esteem. My wonderful vision at age 76 is all due to his competent treatment over the years. I firmly believe it would not be so, if not for his wise treatment, care and advice.
Excellent. Very knowledgeable, very personable.
Dr. Chu helped save the sight in my eye.
I always received quality care from Dr Arnow. I wish him the best in retirement and his health.
Dr. Hater and everyone at CEI were wonderful. My surgery went well. I did have some swelling going on in my left eye and they were very helpful in taking care of the problem. It was because of a suture in my eye and Dr. Hater was able to remove it. I have already been telling my family and friends if they need cataract surgery CEI is the place to go, and have recommended Dr. Hater for the doctor to see.
Dr. Hater was very throuw in the he treating of me for my cateracts.
Dr. Henson was very attentive with the care of her patients. Very friendly and I would recommend her to anyone. Love the look of my eyelids. Thanks Doc.
Very helpful, encouraging, honest.
I have had Dr. Goulet as my physician for the last two years and I am glad that he is handling my care. He always takes the time to answer any questions you may have and will explain it in a way that is easy to understand. He is a very genuinely caring person that makes sure that you receive the medical treatment that is best suited for your condition/disease.
Dr. Greff is patient and thorough. She cares about the individual and wants them to completely understand what is going on.
The finest care and the most caring professional staff bar none. From the consult to the post op. Every single staff member of CEI that we had to pleasure to meet made us feel cherished. Thank you all so much Dan and Charlene Chilton
Very good experience. Dr. Anness is both professional and friendly.
Dr. Bell removed my cataract recently and everything went very smoothly.
I have been going to Dr. Foster for over 5 years for treatment of macular degeneration. At the first visit I was worried and scared about my vision, he reassured me, explained my options for treatment. My treatment is on going but he has done wonders for me.
Dr. Chu seems genuinely concerned with my eye problems and is trying to do the right procedures suited to me.
Highly experienced and caring. Would recommend to anyone needing glaucoma care.
Dr. Greff is very professional and friendly to her patients. She thoroughly explained the procedure and what to expect. I will have her do any future eye procedures I may need done.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Golnik. Communication with Dr. Golnik was excellent. He answered all of my questions, explained why I was to have an MRI and a couple of days later the doctor personally called my home to let me know that nothing adverse was found. This is better than most doctors would do.
Everybody I know goes to see Dr. Burch for eyecare needs. He is exceptionally competent and very easy to talk to. Never seems to be in a hurry to finish the exam. We are fans. The staff is very friendly. I haven't seen Dr. Burch in the new CEI office yet, but have seen Dr. Hutchins there just last week. It is a very nice place; run just like Blue Ash, so a little more impersonal. By the way, we remarked about the carpet throughout. Can't believe some decorator got paid for choosing that.
She was very clear with her comments. Decisive and took care of the problem right away not asking me to return st another date.
Caring, efficient, knowledgeable, excellent with detail description of the my procedure, felt no anxiety after listening to his explanation of the whole process, plus he has a great sense of humor, Highly recommend Dr Hater
Dr. Bell is very kind and respectful toward his patients. The eye exams are very thorough. I had cataract surgery by Dr. Bell. The results were exactly as Dr. Bell anticipated. I needed very strong strong glasses full time for over 50 years. After the surgery my vision is 20/20 and I only need reading glasses. I have complete trust in Dr. Bell and highly recommend him.
I enjoyed my appointment with Dr. Henson. She is very friendly and easy to talk too and explains what she sees and what would need to happen to get the results I was looking for. My appointment was on time, very informative and the process easy to get through. I am looking forward to my surgery and know I am in good bands
Does a great job of explaining things.
OI would certainly recommend Dr. Jason Bell to my family and friends. He is a very great eye doctor, very interested in his patients and lets you know you can call should you have problems or questions.
Dr. Burch is always thorough, friendly and professional.
I will always trust Dr. Bell! He and his staff are just wonderful!! I think the very best!! He should smile for the picture!!
We arrived 10 minutes early and waiting about 10 minutes before being called to a room. An assistant took some information, and then we waited far too long to be seen. After 1 hour and 10 minutes I called that assistant and said we were "not okay," and within a minute the doctor came in. 20 or 30 minutes is okay, but not 70.
Doctor Hater is one of the best Doctors I have met in life . Very nice and up front on your problem and knows what he is talking about. I would recommend him to everybody , if they want the best.
I enjoy meeting Dr. Anness he is very minded and explain everything that he was going to do. I would recommend him to anyone.
Always a great experience
he done a great job very happy with the job he did.
I have only been with Dr. Arnow for a few years, but in that time I have found him to be very courteous, patient, caring and took his time with the eye exam . I wish him a very enjoyable retirement.
I would highly recommend Dr. Foster to my friends and family. He knows his medicine and has a great bedside manner.
Dr. Chu is very professional - he has a great personality and answers all your questions.
Very professional and friendly great staff .
Dr. Foster has been a wonderful and caring Doctor who has been treating me for Age Related Macular Degeneration in my left eye. He is a professional who makes you feel very comfortable with your situation and the treatment.
His ability to tell me what problems I am having in words that I could understand was gratifying. I am convinced he knows what the heck he's talking about.
My experience has always been positive. Wait times have been acceptable. I would definitely refer others to him.
I highly recommend Dr. Bell. He is professional, kind, and answered all my questions. Love his staff. My appointments were on time and I am so glad I had Lasik done.
He did my eye surgery and follow up care all went well all my questions were answered in my follow-up care was excellent . I will need my other cataract removed when I do this I will return to Dr. Chu. He answered all your questions he was pleasant and professional and all the staff at the Institute or also kind and understanding.
Dr Cohen exemplifies all that is good in medicine. He is caring and gentle and truly concerned for the health and well being of his patients. 5 Stars only because more are not more available on your rating scale.
Dr. Arar and entire staff at CIE are very professional. The processes are professional and efficient. Unfortunately, I am disappointed with the results of my eyesight. I had expected sharp 20/20 vision after the surgery. My vision is not a sharp 20/20. It may be that my expectation of the surgery were too high? Again, the people and processes were highly professions. The results were less than expected.
I love Dr. Burch. Been going to him for many years He takes his time with you and explains in full detail any questions or concerns you may have. I have recommended him to some of my relatives and friends. I highly recommend him to everybody.
I have been seen by Dr. Cohen for several years, he is a very good doctor. He answers any questions that you may have. He's a very quiet spoken man. He is thorough in doing his eye examinations. I would recommend him to anyone.
I am not happy with message Tara left me when cost of eyedtops went up due to change in employer Ins. Told me Dt. Faulkner said nothing else he can do for me. These are my eyes and he stated at appt eyedrops are like blood pressure medicine have to stay on it. Been on eye drops since Sept 2016.
Ginger was personable, easy to talk to, but conducted herself very professionally.
Dr. Hater was very helpful and gave me a very good explanation of my problem. Very professional. I would highly recommend.
I take my elderly mom to all of her doctor's appointments. This by far is the nicest trip. The office staff, assistants, and doctor are always friendly, thoughtful, and take the time to explain things. Dr. Burch is thorough and kind to my mom. I would recommend this doctor and staff 100%. The wait time varies, sometimes they wait for our restroom visits.
Very thorough exam.
Very professional and personable
I highly recommend CEI and Dr. Bell - there is no better choice for eye surgery. I put off cataract surgery for a year because I was nervous but there was no need to delay (I now wish I hadn't waited) and the results are amazing! Dr. Bell and his staff were courteous, helpful, and professional while taking the time to answer all my questions. Every day I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. What a gift to be able to see this well!
Dr. Bell did a wonderful job on both of my cataracts. I can now watch my grandchildren perform from a distance. What a blessing! In the past, Dr Bell also corrected a double vision issue that kept me from getting a more serious problem. When I took my mother to him a for a second opinion, he found she had macular degeneration that her eye doctor had been missing. His referral to a specialist help save my mother's sight. Dr. Bell is professional and gets right to the point.
Dr. Arnow provided post operative check up on two catartact surgeries. He was efficient and attentive. When an issue developed he immediately scheduled me with the surgeon. I understand he is retiring.
Thorough and competent. He takes time to explain treatment plans and expected outcome. Glaucoma surgery last year had an excellent result.
Excellent doctor, highly recommend!!!!! Clear explanations.
Very good exam and treatment
Dr. Faulkner is the BEST!!! I have been with him many, many years. He is very kind, patient, understanding and knows his stuff! Please don't retire!!
Greatest doctor ever!
Dr. Faulkner and his staff are extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would strongly urge everyone I know to see him with they have an eye issue.
All of my experiences with Dr. Arar have been excellent. He has great rapport, and communicates clearly. He is truly a patient-oriented physician. I will, and have, recommended him to a number of people.
He did a awesome job on my detach retina thanks dr n staff
I would highly recommend Dr. Golnik, very caring individual that explained things so you could understand.
Dr. Arar and his staff were wonderful. I had to have cataract surgery, and it went very well. My eyesight has been terrible since I was quite young, and to be able to get up in the morning and see is just incredible. Everyone was so helpful, so clear with their instructions, and did such a great job explaining everything to me. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Arar, his staff, and the staff at CEI.
I would highly recommend Dr. Bell. He changed my life. I have never had as good eyesight as I have now. It was an an amazing experience.
Dr. Bell is courteous, capable, very experienced and friendly. I would recommend his services to everyone as I in fact already have.
Very thorough and personable. Knowledgeable and skillful. Would recommend.
Dr. Anness is always pleasant, efficient and serious about doing what is best for the patient. He explains things well, and takes an interest in his patient. I have already recommended him to other people in the area and will continue to recommend him. I feel he is an excellent eye doctor!
I would recommend him without hesitation, and already have. Everything was explained clearly to me and as far as my eyes he predicted everything that would happen. Best thing I've done in a long time
Dr. Arar was very competent and efficient. He was recommended by a physician friend who had used him in the past. I was very satisfied with his services.
Very thorough doctor. Nice and easy going. Not bossy or mean.
I have total trust in Dr. Bell. My cataract surgery with multi focal lenses over 4 years ago provided me with great vision with no glasses. I was totally dependent upon my glass before the surgery even to see the alarm clock.
My appointments are always quick and easy. You don't wait very long, for sure.
Very personable and told me everything I wanted to know.
Excellent for the past 15 years
Had to make an emergency visit due to something in my eye and was very uncomfortable. Was very appreciative of him seeing me that afternoon.
Excellent in every aspect of my operation. Particularly good communicator explaining procedure and expected outcome. Exceeded delivery of all elements from start to finish.
Jason has our complete confidence, and seems to exemplify all of the patient welfare concerns that marked his father's relationship with me for over twenty years. Wouldn't consider another Ophthalmologist in this town..
The only office visit was a referral. However, he refused to see me when I tried to make a follow-up appointment. Sent me back to my regular ophthalmologist who knows VERY little about my condition and it is very concerning. I think initial treatment by my Primary CEI physician was not good as he had to go look up the condition and determine what blood bests/MRIs needed to done. I am not confident at all that my other eye is being properly monitored. Unacceptable not to see me again.
Very informative with a good sense of humor. Love that he has young doctors studying under him. One of the best there is!
Dr. Goulet was very patient and thorough in explaining my condition and the options for treatment. I have scheduled my surgery with Dr. Goulet. The staff is very friendly and concerned for your welfare at all times. I would certainly recommend Dr. Goulet and CEI to family and frieinds
Dr.Foster was vey knowledgable about my eye problem. Explained all of the procedures very clearly and gave all of the choices I had for procedures, what might occur as the result of doing each one and allowed me to make the choice I thought would be best for me. The procedure I chose went quickly and everything he explained about it was exactly how it happened. I was also very impressed with all of the technicians and assistants I encountered at Cincinnati Eye Institute.
He will exam you very closely and with his experience, he will not miss anything. Also, when he has connections with very good specialists in case you need one. I have him as mine eye specialist, and I am very happy to have him looking into my situation. He diagnose my case promptly and precisely, and the specialist that he referred me to is also a very good specialist. So, you start with a good specialist and end up with a very good team of specialist to treat you.
She was very friendly and answered all my questions and never rushed me.
I can't say enough about the gift of clear vision from Dr. Foster and his friendly, competent staff. The vitrectomies in both eyes (done in Sept and Nov, 2016) removed floaters such that I can again read at speed and do detail work in the shop and on my bonsai and other plants. I can't think of a better gift! I now have "raptor vision" (for a human, that is). Thank you, forever, Dr. Foster (who also happens to be a friendly, fun and engaging person)! I've recommended him to friends.
Very friendly, explains process/procedure prior to and during exam. Was patient with me, as I have issues with anyone dealing with my eyes.
I value Dr. Cohen's straight forward explanation of my condition and his concise analysis of the prognosis.
I have been with Dr. Goulet for a few years and have been stable. I trust what he says as he seems very professional, Just a great Doctor to work with!
Very personable and takes the time to answers questions in language that you can understand.
On my first visit with Dr. Hater, he explained the need for surgery, explained the procedure and options. He made me feel at ease during this first visit, the day of surgery and post surgery. The surgery center staff were all very professional and friendly. I will recommend CEI and Dr. Hater to anyone needing to have this cataract surgery performed.
Very caring Doctor & staff !
My procedure was done quickly and efficiently with excellent results. Could not be more pleased with the treatment and care given me at CEI.
He was a nice guy, very positive attitude, BUT I always waited a long time to see him, once over 1.5 hours beyond the scheduled appointment. He also performed cataract surgery on me. Prior to the surgery he assured me I would have 20/20 vision after surgery. That did not happen, and I only have 20/50 in one eye and 20/25 in the other. I still need to wear glasses. Bottom line, I will never go to this guy again and DO NOT recommend him.
He took the time to answer my questions and explained to me what was wrong with my vision and the cause.
This was my second visit to Dr. Arnow. Besides being very thorough and precise he tells it like it is. He was my Aunt Mary June's Dr in the past. I enjoyed my visit and the staff was great. Being from very different working careers we have one thing in common. We are both 1 month apart in age!
He takes the time to talk and explain things that are going on. Very friendly and upbeat.
I see dr Burch yearly for eye exam. He is easy to talk to I have no problems
Dr. Henson is a proficient doctor with a calming manner. I had the same eye surgery performed by a different physician at a different practice several years ago and there is absolutely no comparison as to the superior experience I had with CEI and Dr. Henson.
Dr Chu treats me for Glaucoma since early 2016. The disease has been very difficult to manage in my case. As a retired professional I wanted and needed input into my treatment plan. Dr Chu was very good at listening to my concerns and modifying his treatment plan to address my relunctants to have surgery. The course of treatment was long with many ups and downs. However, Dr Chu was attentive, considerate and responded to my needs in a very timely manner. He always returned calls.
Dr Henson was very professional and competent during my visit. Her calmness and explanations about the procedure helped me feel calm about having the little cyst removed.
Absolutely love Dr Hater. He thoroughly explained why & how my cataracts came about and how it could be fixed. He then explained the procedure with each eye and put me at ease about the entire situation. He even explained what could happen if my vision became blurry after the procedure and how easily that could be fixed. Throughout the entire couple of months that he treated me, I was at ease and felt I was in the best hands. As it turned out, I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes.
Very good doctor. Friendly enough. One complaint. My doc in California did not put beta dine in my eye. It burns terribly. He practically must put me in a headlk. Can he give me the betadine after the shot?
Dr. Arar is thorough, compassionate and a skilled eye surgeon. He has performed cataract/lens replacement procedures on both of my eyes and has managed my general eye health since his associate, Dr. Robbins, retired. I couldn't be more pleased.
Nice person. Communicates with with patients. Great staff working with her.
I would highly recommend Dr. Hamilton. She is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, explains everything thoroughly, and answers all questions. The receptionist, Wendy, also is friendly and very helpful with scheduling.
Recommended by my optometrist for a follow up examination. Dr Foster was friendly and very professional and thoroughly explained and answered all of my questions. Did not appear to be in a hurry during my examination.
Had Istents for cataract surgery and Iam extremely satisfied. I tell everyone I have new eyes. At 70 years old I can see like I was 18 again.
efficient, informative complete
Dr. Bell took his time with my exam. He answered my questions. I felt he was concerned and caring.
I don't meet with Dr. Bell. I meet with Dr. Sagar and I'm very happy with her!!
Dr. Bell is professional and thorough. His message to patients about not asking about his father is a big help for those of us who know Dr. Howard and are concerned about him. I have not had to schedule an urgent appointment.
Dr. Faulkner had a nice and empathetic attitude. He definitely knows what he is doing. I was surprised to be one of the 30 percent who have a film to grow back over a former cataract operation. He was confident in his lasering off of the film and explained what he was doing.
Very thorough, and good customer service skills...
pragmatic, friendly, makes patient at ease
great experience ! A real time saver, too as my husband and I were seen at basically the same time.
I have been seeing Dr. Burch for many years and I find him to be very understanding to my eye problems. I cannot say enough good things about him.
I would definitely recommend CEI to all my family and friends everyone is helpful and friendly.
Thus far in my treatment, Dr Goulet has been very kind yet very professional. I like his conservative approach.
I have seen Dr. Foster several times for my diabetic retinopathy. He's wonderful, caring, understanding and conscientious. I would highly recommend him, he knows his business!!
Not comfortable with his techniques
Dr. Arar made himself available when I needed to consult him.
Dr. Arar is great. He is friendly. He is informative. He is thorough. He tells the patient what he is seeing and why it is important. He performed a diabetic retinopathy exam on me. The reason I didn't rate him a 5 is that his administrative staff is not good. I've asked them 3 times to transfer the exam report to my Primary Care Physician; My PCP still does not have the report.
Dr. Arar was friendly, professional and explained everything very well. I highly recommend him and will return to him. Excellent physician!!
Explains results, condition, outlook thoroughly and answers questions patiently. Instills confidence. Staff is good overall.
Jason is a great doctor and he has a very professional yet, friendly curious staff!
I had an excellent experience at the Cincinnati Eye Institute with Dr. Hater. Attention to every detail, pleasant and extremely efficient staff, a clean and Professional facility-- all made my Cataract surgeries as comfortable and non-stressful as eye surgeries could be! I will recommend Dr. Hater and his staff to anyone needing exceptional eye care,-- and especially, eye surgeries.
Explains everything. I have had no problems with either eye.
Dr Chu is very thorough in his examinations and very helpful in explaining any situation. It has been a pleasure having him as my doctor. Thank you ...
I would always recommend Jason Bell; I have been seen by many 'eye surgeons', and Dr.Bell will always continue to be my first choice.
On time, highly efficient, very professional, communicates technical information in language understandable to the patient.
I know that his father was a wonderful dr, and although I only see Jason yearly for a speciality screening, I trust him to be just as good.
The perfect professional. He is always kind and attentive when you are asking questions or recommendations. I would and have recommended Dr. Arar to family and friends. I have all the confidence in the world in him with my eye health.
She was very thorough and she also understood my need to get out of the office within a certain amount of time.
Dr. Hamilton has taken care of my wife and me for 16 years. She is always patient, thorough, and caring. Excellent doctor.
Dr. Ara is friendly and easy to talk to,he tell's what is doing or about to do then he tells you what he has found and how he his going to treat it.
Dr. Faulkner identified my situation as bleeding in the back of my eye and immediately referred me to the Retinal clinic.
My experience with Dr Faulkner goes back to 1989, when he did my RK. My experience was great. No problems or situations. Easy.. Wish I had been instructed as to what to expect. No gown, no IV, just drops and his capable hands. Thank You
Very thorough, pleasant, and explained issue and course of action clearly.
I am so thankful to have this young man as my eye doctor! He is a compassionate doctor that is truly interested in his patients. I would recommend him to family and friends.
Dr. Faulkner takes the time to listen to all concerns and performs necessary tests. I would recommend to anyone with Chronic dry eye.
She was very professional and answered all my questions.
I have been a patient with Dr Howard Bell for over 25 years with very favorable results. Over the past year I have had the pleasure of having Dr Jason Bell with the same very favorable results.
I've had trouble getting to solve my problem. first appointment was 5 weeks ago with no solution. I'm now having to wait 3 more weeks to see him again. All this time and I still can't see. I think I've been more than patient. Let's hope we get the problem fixed.
I've been seeing Dr. Hater for close to 2 years now. For the first year, I practically saw him every week. Dr. Hater, in my opinion, is so awesome, words really cannot express it. He takes the time necessary to explain the problem(s) and what his approach will be for treatment. My problem was a bulging conjunctiva in my right eye. I went through so many diagnosis it made my head spin and I could tell it frustrated Dr. Hater. He never gave up! I actually look forward to seeing him. He cares!!!!
He is patient and professional and explains everything so that I can understand.
Listens and gives information that I can understand.
Professional Service from arrival through procedure and discharge.
She was professional and also friendly.
Dr. Bell is very conscientious & detailed in his examinations. He goes out of his way to explain everything to you in laymen's terms & answers any questions you may have @ the end of the exam.
Highly competent, very professional without being stuffy.
Dr. Arar is excellent. He is skilled, caring, considerate, and explains / answers questions well. He also runs on-time - which makes the experience much, much better!
I found Dr, Foster to be thorough and willing to share his findings in understandable language to me. He didn't pressure me to leave my optometrist, but expressed a willingness to see me again if other concerns arise.
Good experience. He's very thorough.
Dr. Burch is extremely professional and very friendly. Takes the time to listen to your concerns and answer all questions. Highly recommended.
Very reasonable initial wait time; my concerns were addressed with professionalism; overall this was a total positive experience.
Dr. Bell always answers questions, even calls me back to answer a question if I leave a message at the office. I have all the conficence in him.
He was very nice and seemed to know what needs to be done.
I love Dr. Bell! He has been so patient with my child who has been diagnosed with autism. He will quietly follow him around the room to examine his eyes, even when my son refuses to sit in the examining chair. My son doesn't like many doctors, but he really likes Dr. Bell. In addition, Dr. Bell's office staff was extremely kind and supportive, especially when they saw the issues my son was struggling with.
I saw Dr. Ahar not Dr. Burch. I have seen both and both are excellent
Very thankful my regular eye Dr referred me to Dr Goulet. Very professional, yet very personal.
Great caring doctor. He is very professional and friendly. Dr Arnow explains what he is doing and why it is being done. He tells me the findings and explains the meaning and the options(if any).
I felt that I could trust him to be knowledgeable , accurate and dependable. His followup after surgery was great. I knew he meant it when he gave his personal cell phone number and said , "call me if you have any concerns or questions". I did not need to call him. Just another word. I feel he is a man of good character. That is important to me as well.
I have found Dr. Burch to be very thorough in his examination of my eyes. He talks to me that I understand easily what my problem and good points are with my eyes. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Burch to family and friends. William Heckmann
He is very patient oriented and he cares for each and every one of his patients. He explains everything is laymen's terms.
Very easy to talk to,answered all of my questions-made me feel at ease abt. the procedures.
Dr Bell is great he answered some questions I had my other Dr could not explain to me as clear as he was able to. Love his attitude and attention to ensure my eye care.
Dr. Arar is very caring and knowledgeable. I felt at ease during the whole process of having surgery. He and his staff are terrific!!
Dr. Golnik is obviously very knowledgeable and takes the time necessary to explain the condition and potential outcomes. He instills confidence and has a great sense of humor. I would readily recommend him to anyone requiring neuro-ophthalmology care.
Very positive, took the time to review my issues with me in language I could understand, explained all options open to me and answered all my questions and concerns.
She was very concerned about doing the right thing for me. She took plenty of time speaking with me. She was very knowledgeable. She was also very thorough.
I felt very comfortable with Dr. Bell, as I had with his Dad. He was quite serious and I felt that I received a very thorough examination. Also I had the assurance that my current contact lens did the best job possible for my eyes.
Dr. Burch takes the time and patience to explain in detail about the condition of my eyes and how he continues to monitor their changes. I have been to other eyes doctors in the past and they do not stand up to him in his work. Truly a great doctor!
Very caring, compassionate doctor!
I trust him 100% and he cares that much about each and every patient,,,, he is kind, gentle and I felt great about my eyes when I left that appt. And I only schedule appts at the Anderson location.... Went to Clermont Mercy for 2 appts a few years ago.... Staff was not friendly, rude,, not any were respectful.
Dr. Faulkner is knowledgeable, patient, caring and truly listens to his patients. He stays up on the most innovative and effective care that he passes on to his patients.
always upbeat and informative
Very nice person . Was quick and efficient.
He explained everything that was going to happen and that's exactly how it went. My vision improved greatly.
Excellent review and discussion of my current eye conditions ... Excellent and understandable discussion of my options for treatment ... I completely trust and agree with his recommendations on how best to proceed. Dr. Hater is an overall excellent practitioner!
Dr. Bell is extremely competent and trustworthy. He is friendly and efficient. It is a pleasure to see him and to recommend him to friends.
Dr. Bell listened to me and made the perfect adjustment to my prescription. I appreciate the time he takes with his patients.
He is very knowledgeable in all areas of his craft.
Dr. Bell is all about business. No monkeying around. He is very caring when needed. He explains what needs to be done or what has happened.
Dr. Henson was very professional and extremely competent. I could tell that the staff respected her as well.
Dr. Bell is an excellent doctor and you can be confident in his care. He moves quickly but professionally, makes his diagnosis, and discusses your plan of treatment. Dr. William Wester, II
Dr. Chu was very professional and knowledgeable. He was also very understanding and had great patience with me during my recent laser surgery experience and the exams leading up to the surgeries. I would definitely recommend Dr. Chu!
Answered questions that I had. Very Good Doc.
Very pleased. Pleasant experience. Everyone friendly.
He seemed competent as an eye doctor, but had an attitude is the best way I can explain it. I went to his dad (Dr. Howard Bell) for years and now that he's retired I scheduled with Jason. At the end of my appointment, I asked Jason how his dad is, and he didn't respond. I thought he didn't hear me so I asked again. He said "there's a reason I didn't answer you the first time" and he walked out of the room. Very odd. During the exam, he also had a condescending tone to an answer.
Very personable, great bedside manner, explains everything very well, down to earth, knows what he is doing, treats everyone well. Dr Hater explains everything.
He was fantastic. The condition I had other doctors were struggling to find answers. He was very positive and helped ease all my fears. I should have come to him first.
expresses the problem well and easy to understand and is willing to answer and discuss any question or concern
He was able to tell me what was going on with my eyes so that I was able to understand everything. Had laser surgery and I am very pleased with the outcome
Had the worst physicians visit ever. Only the initial assistant was polite and professional, rest of the staff was rude, and unprofessional talking about personal political opinions where I could hear them. Also discussing other staff members in a negative way. Physician was also rude as during exam instead of asking me to move he shoved me forward into the position he wished.
Dr. Goulet exceeded my expectations. He was friendly and kind, explained everything in detail to me, and assured me that there were several options for taking care of my condition. I believe he will save my eyesight. My only criticism is that the office was very cold.
I certainly miss the senior Dr. Bell but have to admit that my first interaction with his son was certainly impressive. He seems to be accessible, patient and authoritative. Thanks!
She was very knowledgeable and kind.
He is professional, answers my questions, seems thorough.
Was very professional personable and thorough with his explanations
Great doctor who explained everything to me
he is very good dr.
It was very professional, warm and pleasant.
I have the utmost confidence in Dr. Arnow and his staff. He is extremely knowlegable and competent with an equally competent staff. I have never had any anxiety about my visits to him.
This was my first visit with Dr. Bell. The appointment was not rushed and I was very impressed with the professionalism shown by Dr. Bell. Glad to have him as my eye doctor.
Very nice man as well as being a very GOOD Doctor
I would recommend Dr. Bell to everyone...and have recommended him already.
Would recommend Dr. Hater. I have had excellent results. Will be in next week for final check.
Dr.Bell is always very polite and professional. Dr. Bell has been in our family for many years (both Jason and Howard). I trust his medical knowledge and expertise. I wouldn't go to anyone else for eye care.
Excellent and knowledgeable staff. Worked up quickly and efficiently. Dr. Arar came quickly and answered all of my questions. Overall great experience.
If I had to do over I would still pick CEI and Dr. Linda Greff. She's professional, caring, and excellent in her field. I thank my best friend Mike Eyre for recommending Dr. Greff. Respectfully Richard Napier
During first visit Dr Golnik was very helpful. On second visit, he send in an intern and did not attend the session. He came in for five minutes at the end, did not explain the outcome of tests and decided there was no reason to see him anymore. He suggested I see a pediatric opthamologist at Children's Hospital who gave me an appointment for four months later when I called. I asked but Dr Golnik's office did not make any effort to help or to get me an earlier appointment.
Dr. Hater is always friendly, explains everything in simple terms, and is very receptive to answering all questions.
He is kind and efficient. He doesn't waste time, but gets right to the check up. His sense of humor makes the appointment enjoyable. His knowledge lets me know I am in good hands.
Dr. Burch was kind and answered all of my concerns.
Dr. Chu was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. Answered all of my questions and took his time with me. I feel like I received the best possible care, before during and after surgery. Very happy with the outcome.
Service is comprehensive, thorough, professional, prompt and Dr. Jason Bell answers my questions.
very nice welcoming, and reassuring during a scary time
Just like his father Howard, Dr. Jason is an excellent and caring physician. He takes time to answer all your questions.
He is a cool dude!!
Very professional and easy to talk to he was very thorough
Dr.Henson is the kind of physician I wish every one could experience. She is warm, caring, emminently professional and capable. Her credentials are impecable and her personality winning. My surgery went beautifully and I couldn't be happier. I cannot say enough about Dr. Henson and I highly recommend her. In this day and age while other physicians are moving farther and farther away from health-caring about their patients, I feel Dr. Henson remains true to her calling of real care.
She listens to you and answers your questions in a way you can understand.
Dr. Hamilton always make you feel at ease. She is an epitome of a very professional and friendly lady.Very thorough in her examination and clarity in her explanation.The marks of an exemplary doctor. I highly recommend her to my family and friends.
Dr Anness is always friendly and helpful in explaining what is happening with my eyesight. His staff is wonderful and I feel comfortable going there to have my eyes examined.
Dr. Henson removed skin leisons form both eyelids and lower eyeline. Currently a patient of Dr. Arar for several years. Both of my parents are patients of CEI. 89 & 86 years of age. CEI is great ! Would not go anywhere else for eyecare needs.
Very caring and spent as much time with me as I needed to answer all my questions etc. Explained procedure thoroughly to make sure I understood all of my options and what was going to happen to me. During the procedure, he was aware that I woke up and actually stopped to make sure I was doing ok, tapped me on the head to confirm that he truly cared about my well being. Excellent bedside manner as well as medical expertise.
My visits are always rushed and I feel I never have a chance to ask questions. I understand he has only a limited time per person, but if I try to ask a question, he doesn't give a straight answer.
It was very good.
I was very dissatisfied with the care I received for an eye infection as well as with the results of the surgery. She disagreed with me about the results of the surgery and asked me if I would like a second opinion from her colleague. I said yes. He agreed with me and performed the same surgery a second time for free. I was very happy with him and his work.
She is kind and concerned and listens well to the patients. However, if she considers a treatment suggested by the patient to be too dangerous, she won't do it; whereas other doctors I've had will do the patient's bidding regardless of the wisdom of the suggestion.
This was the most pleasurable medical experience I have ever had. The courtesy of the staff, the pre-op care and the comfort was fantastic. The procedure was quick, efficient and painless. Looking forward to the procedure being done to my other eye.
Dr. Cohen is very thorough in his examinations and informs himself fully about the condition of you eyes. Well he has finished this, he explains his findings in great detail and makes sure you understand everything he has said.
I would highly recommend CEI to people I know specially the physician who examined me . His name is Dr.Burch. He seems to be a very knowledgeable doctor and has good people skills.
Very considerate & professional in his approach. Thoroughly explained the process and maintenance of sight. The laser operation was quick, with little discomfort.
Dr. Golnik was very professional, yet very personable. He made me feel at ease and that's a very important trait to have as a doctor.
Dr. Arar is very professional. He scheduled my follow-up appointment the same day and when they called me and asked me to come in early for the surgery, he did the follow-up early also. I had a pleasant experience at CEI.
He was very thorough and compassionate
Very professional. All questions were answered to complete satisfaction.
He is very professional, considerate, informative and compassionate.
I was very concerned about all the floaters and flashing lights I was seeing when I made an emergency appointment with Doctor Faulkner. He helped calm my nerves while explaining why this situation was happening. He answered my questions in terms I could understand. And even showed me pictures. I left his office feeling like I was in good hands and with info to help me in the future if the needs arise.
Very thorough in the testing and sharing of results.
I had a very good experience with Dr. Graff. Her exam was carefully performed and my questions were answered. A discussion of my treatment with Dr. Graff has convinced me that my eye health is in good hands with her.
She is very caring and excellent Doctor, she even came to work on Thanksgiving morning for a follow up check after my operation. That's Caring
Dr. Arar was very professional and I felt confident in his ability to take care of my eye problems (cataracts). The facility and staff at Blue Ash were great too. I would highly recommend Dr. Arar and CEI.
Dr. Arar is awesome
Great doctor. Caring, explained things well. Couldn't have wanted any better. Thanks Doctor H!!
Dr. Golnik was very friendly, professional, nice & willing to take the time for our questions. He took the time to explain & teach the information of my situation.
Dr Cohen is very soft spoken. Explained in detail my procedure, risks, & answered my questions
Very efficient; results great.
I woke up with my eye crusted shut and Dr. Arar saw me that day. Was very thorough and did not rush.
Dr. Greff Lasered both of my eyes for glacouma pressure. I have had appointments with her before. She is highly skilled, professional and friendly to be with. I highly recommend her and her staff.
Dr. Hamilton was very caring.
has a very personal, professional manner. Makes me feel he is really interested in me and my eye health.
Always feels like I am going to visit an old friend more than going to visit a doctor. Love how detailed he is when discussing my eyes. He is very thorough in his eye exam.
My experience with Dr Anness for my cataract surgery was all positive. Dr Anness is a very personable and efficient doctor. He answered all my questions and explained thoroughly the eye surgery. He is a very busy doctor which reflects on the wait time to see him unfortunately.
Considerate, friendly staff. Clean office. Seen in a fairly timely manner. Staff was efficient and seemed work well together and with the Dr.
Always explains proceedures. excellent bedside manner.
He is thorough, kind and explains what he finds and is encouraging.
Very thorough. Answered all my questions. I didn't feel rushed.
Dr. Greff is a very talented doctor. She is also has a wonderful personality. If I have a question she answers it to my satisfaction and explains why it is that way. She and I don't happen to agree on the time frames to get the appropriate amount of fluid drainage from my eye, but I am going along to see if she is right or not.
I have been a patient of Dr. Fosters for years and am very comfortable with following any recommendations he has to preserve my eye sight.
I hadn't seen clearly in 2 years Dr. Arar tested me and found the proper corrected surgery for my eyes. My vision was restored within days. He was God sent thank you Dr. ARAR!! JACKIE STAFFORD
Excellent doctor. Interested and understanding.
Couldn't ask for a better experience. Dr. Anness and his staff are top notch!
I trust her implicitly with my eyesight! She is always very thorough, personable and, I believe, upfront with my diagnosis.
Dr. Greff is very personable, takes the time to listen to and answer all questions and seems to care about you as a person. She is very skilled and tends to be on the conservative side by trying options to correct your problem that are least invasive or risky first rather than rush into more risky options. I have had other doctors who have looked at the surgeries she has done on my eyes and comment that she does a great job. She seems to be highly respected by her staff and peers. .
very Profesional
Always prompt with appointments, clearly explains my options and great results from procedures.
Dr. Foster was very caring and explained everything so I could understand and he answered all of my questions.
Other than having to wait over an hour to see the doc I am always super pleased with Dr. Arar in taking care of me.
I would always recommend Dr Arnow. He and his staff are always helpful,polite and knowledgeable
Very personable and informing
I thought it was professional, with warmth and understanding. He's thorough and experienced with patients understanding.
Dr. Hater like Dr. Foster took the time to explain the issue and the treatment in a manner which was very easy to relate and understand.
Very personable. Answered all my questions. Did not seem rushed.
Very considerate. Took the time to answer all of my questions.
He examined my eyes for a specific reason and found a certain problem area and recommended a remedy. I accepted the remedy.
Dr Hamilton is very detailed oriented and shows genuine interest for the patient.
He is very professional and takes time to explain things - cataracts, astigmatism, glaucoma etc. and necessary procedures if needed.
On time answered my question so I could understand them.
Dr. Burch is a wonderful physicians. Is friendly and taks time to answer questions. The only problem I had was with one of this staff who was frustrated with me and grabbed my head to move me where she wanted me instead of instructing me/orienting me to the piece of equipment she was using. Very unprofessional.

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