I was new in Cleveland last year and Dr. Sabet's office returned my calls promptly and made an appointment for me with the doctor in a reasonable amount of time. I was very grateful for this as I am in treatment that needs to be continuous to be successful. The office staff has always been very courteous and my appointments are always on time. Dr. Sabet has been very open with me and has made me feel very comfortable.
Dr. Sabet helps me tremendously with managing my depression, anxiety, and adult ADHD. I love that I can talk freely, without worry of judgment. He always carefully considers my questions in light of my personal well-being so that we can find management solutions together--prescription and otherwise. I also appreciate that Dr. Sabet explains things to my level of understanding, and he is clearly up-to-date on innovations in his field. The front-desk staff are always friendly and helpful to boot!
Dr. Sabet is a breath of fresh air compared to other Psychiatrists I have seen. Listens well, and gives good advice. Helped me find a good combination of medicine, and dosage to not make me feel like a zombie all of the time. Staff is very nice, and the office is clean, and wrll maintained.
Dr. Sabet is just amazing. He is very insightful and cares genuinely about his patients overall well being and not just their disease process. I struggled with ADD all my life and sought the help of Dr. Sabet after a series of incidences that suggested ADD and it was life changing experience. I am a physician by profession but never met Dr. Sabet before and can tell you from personal and professional perspective , he is an amazing psychiatrist.
I have been a patient for 6 years. The appointments are excellent. Dr. Sabet takes the time to listen and counsel on a very personal level, giving guidance and spiritual insights, helping to treat the root cause of my anxiety.
Dr. Sabet has been such a positive influence on my road of healing. He's been able to address all my needs without making me feel overwhelmed. He's professional and knowledgeable, yet personable and down to Earth. He's helped me to help myself...which has boosted my self confidence and awareness.
I have been a long term patient Dr. Sabet and am very pleased with the care he has provided me.
Dr. Sabet is amazing! He immediately puts you at ease and really listens to your needs. He has a keen ability to quickly zero in on your situation and works with you to find the best course of treatment. I never feel rushed in my appointments and he takes the time to explain medications, options etc. I have recommended him to family and friends. Highly recommend!
Dr. Sabet is truly amazing! I've had several negative experiences with psychiatrist, and will always be grateful for Dr. Sabet. He is so knowledgable, caring, and professional, and I will never see another psychiatrist as long as he is still practicing!
Very knowledgeable. He is clear and to the point.
Dr. Sabet made me feel incredibly comfortable and understood on my first visit. He is very empathetic and addressed all of my symptoms and developed a treatment plan to get me started on my path to better mental health. I will definitely be sticking with him and highly suggest him!!
Dr. Sabet has many years of experience in the field of psychiatry. He genuinely cares about his patients and it shows. Recommended to anyone that needs psychiatric care.
Dr. Saber is an exceptional doctor who always keeps my best interests in mind. He is compassionate and insightful, and I truly feel that I get the absolute best with him.
Dr. Sabet is the first physician to really listen to my concerns. We collaborated in designing a treatment plan that was best suited for me as an individual not word for word out of a text book. I have not felt better in years. Thank you!
Dr. Sabet is not only a superb doctor but an extraordinarily compassionate and caring individual. He truly cares for the well being of his patients. The staff is kind courteous and there is little to no waiting time once you are signed in . A++++ the best of the best in his profession.
I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Sabet! I would and have highly recommended him to others seeking assistance with their mental health.
Compassionate care.
I was already depressed when went in.I left even worse.Took 325 dollars from me for 20 min session.He knew nothing of me and judged me right away.I guess I should have wore a suit.Talked in vulgarity and even brought up Stevie nicks like I am anything like her.She abused her medicines.If he would get notes from last doc maybe he would not be so quick to judged.I left feeling robbed
Dr. Sabet put me at ease almost immediately. He shared a great deal of information regarding my issues that I was not informed of from other Doctors. I appreciated his time and willingness to talk at length with me.
Dr. Sabet has made a profound impact on my life. My ADD was taking a toll on my personal and business relationships. While living with ADD is never easy, it has allowed me to better manage my life moving forward. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Sabet.
Dr. Sabet-Sharghi seems to be medicated himself! He listens to major problems and acts as if he cares, but seems to have a cognitive disorder himself. Everything seems to be trivial to him and he basically will tell you he is so sorry, but get over it and take some medication!
Excellent Doctor. The go-to guy for adult ADHD. Also, scheduling and office conditions are impeccable. I don't think I've ever had to wait past my appoint time.
At my first appointment with Dr. Sabet the pressure and stress of the life was too great to handle without help. With the aid of his advice on medical treatment options (not to mention great insight on how to handle life's twists and turns), issues that seemed to great to handle quickly became routine. Thank you Dr. Sabet-Sharghi
I went to see Dr. Sabet for Adult ADHD on the recommendation of my primary care doctor. As of that first visit with Dr. Sabet I immediately knew he was the one to see for Adult ADHD. He explained in detail what to expect and how we would proceed with treatment. He completely understands the symptoms and struggles of managing ADHD in today's world. In addition, Dr. Sabet' office is very well managed and the staff is friendly and professional. I'm completely confident recommending Dr.Sabet
Dr. Sabet is very kind and very upbeat. I like him very much and he has helped me a great deal.
I have been going to this Doctor for the past nine years. In that time I have found a doctor who knows the field of depression, Adult ADHD and alcoholism. He was able to zero in on the correct medication for my diagnosis and I have befitted tremendously from his guidance and his medical assessment.
After our first visit, I knew Dr. Sabet was the right fit for me. He is very knowledgeable and confident in his profession. I feel that I am in very capable and safe hands. He offers me many options to heal and grow. His encouragement and support allow me to move forward into new directions. And most importantly, I know we are making decisions together. He values my input as key in making decisions together about my health. I look forward to continued growth under his care and guidance.
He has been very accommodating for appointment scheduling and rescheduling. A family member needed to see someone and could not get into their normal doctor for months, but DR Sabet got her in in just a few days to help out. He is very reasonable and easy to deal with. I have recommended him to others and will continue to do so.
Not only did he prescribe the exact treatment to get me back on track, but I also got insight into my life and goals. Not cheap, but so worth it. I got promoted!
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