Dr. Sayegh has a great practice. He will help you if you want to help yourself. There are not a lot of clinics who take this matter seriously. Sometimes a patient needs these services for long term, or just a short term injury. Thank you for your service.
If there was a way to leave a negative i would but i cant......this doctor dose not care for his patients at all. He will spend 5secs with and scream at you if you have a question. Make u take medication that dose not work for or is pointless.......DO NOT USE THIS DOCTOR !!! He is awful .....worst doctor i have every had!!!!
First time and last visit. Unbelievable experience. He Appeared to be impaired or something bumping into doorway trying to get chart from pocket outside wall. Went to him for injection instead of pills that everyone wants you to take instead of trying to find/fix the problem. He said back hurts because I work. I kid you not, without exaggeration, he said this after spending less then 50 seconds and walk out to next room saying nothing else. I would not believe, had I not been there.
Doctor and Staff Treated us like outcasts by Discharging us without Merit and by one phone call the day before our scheduled appointment due to a one time ONLY call they made to us just after we had seen them in May of 2016 and we missed the call, no message was ever left requesting us to come in for a Pill Count. We were just there and they turned around as we live out of State and travel far and time, to just call us right back, they should have done that the first several times. Very Poor.
Does not listen or spend any time with you to figure out what is going on. They want to change meds every time they see you. Staff and doctor are rude. You feel like a criminal. It's awful.
Will never go back, I have never been treated in such a degrading manor by a medical professional in my life. I would caution anyone from using his services.
Doesn't seem to understand how people just cannot live any kind of life at all in terrible pain. Also he doesn't listen or take time with patients. Awful.
Great dr .Knows how to your pain
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