My husband & I are already patients of Dr Owens. We were so pleased with her that we chose to transfer our 3 children to her office for care. The receptionist I spoke with was extremely helpful with finding appointments for all 3 of them even though I had to switch them around (twice) to avoid interfering with exam schedules. We were in the exam room within 5 min of our appt time & Dr Owens & her nurse took their time, making sure to address any concerns that were brought up by me or the kids.
For a long time I really liked and frequently recommended Dr. Owens. After a few years though, the wait time became completely ridiculous. 30 min in the waiting area, and another 30 in the exam room. Bad enough being there for an adult, but try that with a sick child. Even going for the first appointment of the day when you'd think you wouldn't have to wait long. The staff is not very friendly. Dr. Owens is friendly but way overscheduled. No call-backs re test results.
The problem is mostly with her staff. But Dr Owens will not go above and beyond to get you your test results, call you back so you can ask a question, any many other reasons. Took the wrong dosage of medicine for a year, because she didn't make sure that me or the pharmacy knew that I was talking only half the amount I was supposed to be taking. Had a problem where my daughters blood pressure was really high and it took a day before I found out she needs to stop taking her medication.
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