Dr. Gobezie is "King of the Shoulders" - one amazing man! Very capable doc, truly listens to what you have to say, and understands what the patient is going through with pain, limited usage, etc. Highly recommend him!
Dr. Gobezie is a wonderful surgeon. Very intelligent and he knows just what to do. Very personable. He fixed my shoulder and I feel great..
Very caring, knowlegeabl. Explains everything. Gentle.
Dr Reuben has been the most compassionate DR that both my husband & myself have been taken care of.....he is very knowledgable & his bedside manor is unbelievable.......
Dr. Gobezie is the best! I had both of my shoulders replaced in 2016. I am doing things now that I could not do 10 years ago. I feel very fortunate to have chosen Dr. Gobezie to replace my shoulders.! If you have shoulder issues, go see Dr. Gobezie!
Currently treating my husband and each time evaluating and focusing on his range of motion (shoulder) pain tolerance and quality of life before surgery is considered.
I am leaving another review here because I was limited in characters. Not only did the screws in the base plate break because of the impingement it caused me to have to have bone grafting with the revision surgery. As well Dr Gobezie immediately suggested it all happened because of infection, the easy way out of taking responsibility for a bad surgery. There never was any infection. When I first met the doc he told me if I do something wrong I will tell you "I done you wrong!" Well doc?........
Nine months post-op after a total reverse replacement and not getting better and being accused of being negative I went for a second opinion. That doc immediately saw a problem and said you have scapular impingement going on. Two weeks later Dr Gobeizie's x-ray showed a massive failure where the screws in the base plate literally broke because of the impingement. I chose not to have him to the revision surgery and that doctor also said it was because of poor placement of the prosthesis.
Compassionate, knowledgeable, excels in his field and I highly recommend him as do all my friends and relatives who are his patients !
DR.R GOBEZIE,I,like to thank you 1thank GOD that you are here and what I like about you is(your skills in a human been ,I've never met anyone like you CONFIDENT the day you came in the room me,and my husband looked at each other and we new .With great smile made me feel HOPE when the other doctor gave up on me.he performed two rotator cup and the third time he straight out told me there was nothing he could do ,he didn't bother to recommend someone else.i left the room CRYING MY Heart OUT
Excellent doctor. He cares and listens.
He was clear on what to expect with the surgery and I've had an easy recovery. The only problem I had was a few days after the surgery. I got a rash on my face. I tried to get hold of him. I thought it was a reaction to the medicine. Although I called his office three days in a row, they took the message but nobody ever called me back. I finally called my dermatologist and got in there. It was a staff infection. It was inexcusable not to call me back, very disappointing.
Dr Gobezie is Professional, informative and compassionate. His office and surgery team runs like a well oiled machine. I could not be happier with my outcome. Definitely a four plus star Doctor!
Dr. Gobezie has treated me for over a decade. He always formed a treatment plan for me that was least evasive and effective. When I finally needed surgery he was outstanding. He is incredibly patient centric and communicative at each phase. Highly recommend Dr. Gobezie!!
Dr gobezie is an amazing doctor .he helped me get through the worst time of my life..know i have full use of my arm and couldn't be more happier. I recommend anyone to visit with him to get the help you need. Thank you dr gobezie from the bottom of my heart
It's difficult for me to keep from telling everyone I meet about my experience with Dr Gobezie and his staff - especially when the usual response to my telling them I've had my shoulder replaced is, "That must have been so painful!". I was amazed at how little discomfort I had post operatively, and after 6 weeks of following Dr. Gobezie's recovery regimen, I can painlessly resume many activities I had given up for nearly 2 years due to the degeneration of my shoulder. THANK YOU, DR GOBEZIE !!!
Great doctor. Actually takes the time to listen to patients! Misdiagnosed locally, made the right choice traveling the extra 3 hours to get a real diagnosis.
My wife and I have both seen him and would recommend him to anyone looking for a first or second opinion. Nothing but first class service and advise...looking for a shoulder ortho, look no further! Thank you Dr. Gobezie for taking such great care of us!!
We saw Dr. Gobezie for a 2nd opinion regarding a massive torn rotator cuff. He was nothing short of AWESOME. My husband thought he was going to be subjected to a surgery that had a high likelihood of failure. Instead Dr. Gobezie proposed a more conservative approach which has alleviated 90% of the symptoms. So blessed to have found him.
I went to see Dr. Gobezie to get a 2nd opinion and boy am I glad I did. Unlike a local surgeon who wanted to jump into extensive surgery, Dr. G. took a conservative approach. He felt we should try cortisone shots first. He understands the significance of surgery/recovery and didn’t jump to that conclusion. I ended up not needing surgery. He is already recognized as a world class surgeon but his thoughtful decision not to rush to operate is what makes him a world class doctor.
Dr Gobezie is such a nice doctor he explains things and takes the time to answer all your questions.He makes you feel better after you talk to him about your medical problem.His office staff is so nice and friendly they make you feel right at home
I didn't know why my arm didn't work, but my condition was diagnosed and I needed total reverse-shoulder replacement. Dr. Gobezie and his associates have given me back my vacation as a carpenter. In can do almost everything I could before, without the pain I endured before. A modern medical miracle. Thanks Doc.
My visit to Dr. Gobezie has to be the worst I've ever had! It was as though he had his mind made up before walking into the room, as to what was wrong, how he was going to treat it, and nothing was going to change his mind. He did not answer my questions, talked over me, told me he was going to prescribe three medications- but not what they were or he would have known that 2 of the 3 I cannot take- then waltzed out the door like he had saved the world. He is arrogant, inconsiderate, and rude.
Top notch Dr.
He misdiagnosed my injury as a torn bicep when it was a torn rotator cuff. He didn't even do an x-ray or MRI which would have showed him that he was wrong.
Dr. Gobezie repaired a torn rotator cuff for my husband several years ago. After going through rehab, his range of motion was almost 100%. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Gobezie to anyone in need of shoulder surgery, and in fact, I have!
There is no better shoulder doctor in Cleveland, and probably the country, than Dr. Gobezie.His empathy and concern amply the value of his medical skills (which are considerable). He put my shoulder back together after I tore it up, then fixed it again when I mangled it without another surgery. A genuine, excellent physician.
Waited 2 hours before being seen. Was seen for about 5 minutes by the doctor. Expensive, worthless visit. The doctor gave me no help for my injury and I had to schedule an appointment with another doctor. On top of that, the front desk didn't get my home address to bill me for the visit so I go a call from a collection agency a few months later. I asked to give it to them and they said don't worry! I was confused by that, but figured they knew what they were doing and it'd go through insurance.
Very friendl, approachable. Makes you feel at ease
I would never recommend him to anyone. After his initial surgery I experienced severe pain for months and he disregarded me and would not follow up on the cause of the pain. I had to go to another shoulder surgeon to relieve the pain and restore my shoulder.
Absolutely wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The shot took my pain right away !! Such a nice person, too !!!
Never looked at our son's MRI for his shoulder but felt he could state that our boy had only a bicep dislocation vs a shoulder dislocation. A second opinion where the doctor looked at the MRI found a major labrum tear and bone damage.
In the 3 times that I have seen Dr. Gobezie he is always ontime and never makes you feel that he is rushing. Super nice guy all around.
The Cleveland Shoulder Institute treats patients with all types of shoulder and elbow disorders resulting from traumatic injuries, arthritis, instabilities, rotator cuff and sports-related injuries. The Institute is led by internationally recognized Orthopedic Surgeon Reuben Gobezie, MD, Chief of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, University Hospitals. Dr. Gobezie specializes in advanced arthroscopic and open surgical techniques to restore damaged joints, ligaments and bones and manages all types of shoulder conditions. In 2015, he was recognized on the Top Doctors list nationally by Castle Connolly as well as Cleveland Magazine.
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