Fantastic doctor!!! I had to take my year and a half old niece to the ER on Memorial Day for an elbow injury. He was very promt, we waited no more than a few minutes. He had an excellent bedside manner and fixed my nieces arm with out causing her any pain. She was up and playing within minutes. Also, this doctor is very handsome.... Hopefully he is out doc next time we go to the ER??
My son Jared and I were just in the ER. I wanted to extend my gratitude for his impeccable bedside manner he had with us. This is the second... Or maybe third time we have seen him in the ER for ailments my son has incurred. It makes me miss being an AGMC Employee. (I am currently Summa). I am a firm believer in giving credit where it is due. My teenage son feels at ease with him as do I. Dr. Zoumberakis' overall demeanor, follow up and care given is well worth any wait!!! ????????
Went in with sciatic nerve pain and severe gallbladder pain. He treated me very well and got the pain down to a level that I didn't even feel the pain anymore. He truly cares about his patients and he is very friendly. I wish he would get his own practice.
Was having very bad anxiety and panic attack and she was very helpful, caring and understanding. She helped when another hospital just kicked me out. She is an awesome Doctor.
I had a run in with a wasp earlier in the day and Dr. Campana was professional, caring and engaging. She even made eye contact, which seems like a rarity among doctors these days.
Excellent Dr, is very thorough.
I had to go to the emergency room for sciatica all she gave me was a shot of toradol and a muscle relaxer that didn't help and she made me do a urine test when I told her I've had this pain before from my herniated disc in my back that was pushing on my sciatic nerve. She didn't seem to care and when I asked her why she did a urine test she got all defensive and took her a few minutes to answer and she never told me the results of my urine test.
BELOW POOR,terrible physician. He spent less than 2 minutes with me. I was seen in April 2016 in Alliance. This 'person' (I can't even call him a doctor) was on duty in the ER. I went in after a fall onto concrete with hip and arm pain. He only ordered an x-ray of my arm. My hip was broken, did not find out until 5 DAYS LATER! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO TRY TO WALK ON A BROKEN HIP FOR 5 DAYS?
He spoke with me for less than one minute, making extreme assumptions about my behavior and my health without checking any of my medical history. He prescribed me an addictive anxiety medication for stomach problems.
Does not consider anything beyond what is right in front of him. Extremely narrow in his focus and treatment. If you have any complication that is beyond what is normal, he wants nothing to do with treating you. Only useful if you have simple broken bones or are having a heart attack with all the expected symptoms. If your symptoms don't fit his narrow expectations, he'll send you home without adequate (or any) treatment.
Very rude, bad bedside manners, treats all patients with a documented, painful medical condition as a 'drug seeker.' Tells them to take ibuprofen for pain associated with gallstones. He shouldn't even be a doctor.
Horrible Doctor he doesn't care about his patients.
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