He did my circumcision on March 28, and by that evening, I had drastic complications that required the ER. I've since learned that good Urologists take about an hour...he took all of 25 minutes, if that. Further, his remedy for the complications, was that it would clear up in a month or two. I went for a 2nd opinion, and instead got immediate treatment and relief... The doctor couldn't believe that Dr. Blair let me out of his office in such bad shape.
This guy is a robot, find another doctor that will listen to patients concerns.
Referred after rise in PSA ... Diagnosed PC. Took plenty of time to talk with us, discuss our options and answer our questions. Just had Robotic Surgery with Dr Boczko and very happy. His office assistant is super caring and professional :)
I have visited Dr. Boczko several times over the past few years and have always had a positive experience. Dr. Boczko is very professional and always handles my care with sensitivity and understanding. I am very comfortable seeing him when the need arises.
I found Dr. Boczko to be an excellent Urologist. Someone caring and experienced. He explained to me about my disease and treated me successfully. I am planning on sending my spouse to see him as well.
I will never go back to see her again and I've never had any issues with previous doctors. I was diagnosed as fully healthy but Dr. Biggs recommended a lab test anyway. What I didn't know what that a bill would ensue for said test for over $300. Dr. Biggs admitted it was upon her recommendation but refused to change the billing code or reduce my financial bill. Tell your patients that "just to be safe" testing could cost them hundreds of dollars before they do it. Completely irresponsible
Almost killed my husband. Inept, rude, even hostile. Dr Bozo, fake doctor
After waiting 45 minutes in a room for him to come out of his office which is literally the next room over, I informed him of my problem and he looked at me like I was crazy for for even considering a condition that's symptoms replicated mine. He told me he has never heard of the condition. He then proceeded to tell me "everything looks fine to him" despite me telling him about the immense pain I've been struggling with for months. He literally said "I don't know what it is. I can't help you."
I have been a patient of Dr Charny on two different occasions and both times , he has been excellent . He also has a calm and gentle manner in consultations and prior to surgery. Thanks for your expertise in serving me as your patient . Kind regards , Jacqueline.
When "doctor"Blair after reading the results of my prostate biopsy said: you have a little cancer,I going to send you to a radiation specialist.And left the room!!No information, no talkin about it,NOTHING!!.He just left me in shock and alone in the room!!When I wen out I hear him said to a nurse:keep them coming,keep them coming!!Like patients where a herd not humans!!This "doctor" don have a ounce of humanity on him.
Dr G has been my dr for years and I always feel safe in her hands. She is thorough, caring and doesn't overmedicate. She takes the time to listen and provides great response when asked questions.
Even though there is a long wait and he can seem uninterested if you ask questions and show interest then he will spend time thoroughly explaining all you would like to know. He showed me my ct scans and described in great detail what he was seeing, and why he was not currently concerned. Left his office feeling very comfortable with him, diagnosis and what follow up should be.
I preferred a woman urologist. I saw her at Griffin Hospital where she just relocated. She was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked through the door especially since I had been embarrassed to discuss my problem. . I had a successful surgery that changed my life thanks to dr Biggs.
Positive experience. Professional and polite. Fairly painless procedure and immediate relief. Short wait time.
If you want a warm fuzzy doctor, go elsewhere. If you want an excellent doctor, go to Dr. Boczko. Top notch doctor with extraordinary skill and ability. Always late, but I'm willing to put up with it because he is a great doctor. If you want his attention, ask him questions and engage him. If you don't, he moves on due to a busy practice. He doesn't pamper -- he treats and moves on. I always found him accessible by email and phone for follow up questions. Multiple successes with him.
Inept, confused, inconsiderate staff. After some confusion on their part on the morning of the appt, we confirmed 4:30 appt. At 12:21 the same person left a msg telling me the doctor could not see me at that time, but that he was WILLING to see me at 1:30--which I couldn't do. After a series of messages & conversations another rep said she had misread what my appt was for, that I could come in at 4:30 after all. I rushed to the office to see the doctor run out the door. Very frustrating.
Dr. Coven was extremely rude and left my daughter upset and anxious after her appointment. Also, never received test results as promised.
I would not recommend this doctor or the practice he works for (WestMed). He was not helpful at all when I addressed concerns to him. The final straw: he did not wash his hands before or after giving me a physical, which is just vile.
I have been seeing Dr DiCosmo for years. He is an excellent physician.
I went for a sleep consultation with Dr DiCosmo and a subsequent sleep study. The doctor and staff were very professional. The sleep center was clean and friendly. I would highly recommend Dr DiCosmo!
Brusque- non caring-spent no time after procedure - can't wait to switch doctors. I pay to see a doctor not assistant.
An attentive, caring doctor.
Let's start by stating that the office did not inform me to drink quarts of water before coming to the office to ensure that I had a full bladder. When I brought this up to the doctor, he stated that the office wasn't trained to inform patients. The nurse then proceeded to have me take a test they required a tube and connecting myself to it. They did not give specific instructions, therefore my urine stream did not make it in. The doctor never physically examined me, just prescribed me meds.
Dr. Gharekhan is one of the best doctors I have ever had. She is attentive, thorough, answers all my questions intelligently and i never feel rushed. I would highly recommend her to everyone.
No bedside manner. Also gave incorrect diagnosis for apnea delaying treatment. It took 2 other drs time to verify his misdiagnosis. Location of Westmed sleep study was confusing and location was isolated. Only 2 patients and one tech in building. Creepy. Sole Sleep Tech was also pleasant but slow. It only allowed me 5 hrs of sleep. Bed was good but bathroom wasn't clean, was not private and old. Find another dr and location if you need a valid sleep study.
Sloppy operations during checkup for our newborn son with many miscommunications between doctor and assistants. Also, doctor was rude and insensitive - impatient with our concerns and making the racial assumption that the baby's mother was at home because of cultural reasons, then later remarking your wife is not here so she can't complain when we tried to voice our concerns about the blood test. Lastly, we never received our test results though the doctor stated they'd be released to us.
Dr. Coven and her staff are rude and unprofessional.
Cathy is very professional and truly concerned about her patients. She is very responsive to patients' requests. She really puts patients' needs at top priority. Highly recommended!
One of the most disappointing doctor experiences ever. Handles more volume than she's can responsibly. Treats every case as a type with no particular complexity. Specifics don't matter, naturally supports protocols for patients without examining them. Patients are just cattle that shouldn' stray too far. Took to days and multiple efforts to reach her about important details. Completely unapologetic. Treated information from another doctor as fiction advanced as fact, wouldn't address it.
Great doctor. Intelligent, takes time with me to explain injury, and excellent surgical outcome.
He does a good job if you dont mind scares that could compete with Frankinstien! He said there would be minimal scaring, its been two years this July and my scares are still huge , and angry looking.
Dr. Michael Suzman performed a fat transfer, chin augmentation, chin liposuction and scar revision. I was amazed at what I was seeing by the end of the first week post-op. It has been a little over a month now and I am extremely pleased with the results. Dr. Michael Suzman did an “awesome” job which exceeded my expectations something I believe he has a reputation doing with his patients. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Michael Suzman and wonderful staff at WESTMED.
Dr. Suzman has great bedside manners . Made me feel at ease with the procedure and explained in full detail what to expect during and after the procedure .
My friend recommend me to see Dr. Mattern, for knee pain. I'm a Nurse myself and can tell you Dr. Mattern has all the compassion, caring and respect for his patients. Dr. Mattern is very professional and utmost intelligent. You definitely don't feel rush at all and his staff is very friendly. We need more Doctor's like him in the medical field.
I have undergone 3 very successful with Dr. Mattern over the past 5 years. First was Carpal Tunnel then a Torn Bicep and lastly Arthroscopic Rotartor cuff surgery. I recovered from all 3 much better then I expected and quicker them expected time. Dr. Mattern is an excellent Orthopedic Surgeon
I am very impressed with Dr Ross. He is without question a great Medical specialist. This is a Dr I had the pleasure of seeing that gave me the right Diagnosis.
Great doctor with equally great "bedside manner" I was very impressed as he explained every step of the procedure as he was doing it and reassured me about scaring. he seemed genuinely concerned about my well being.
Don't waste your time. I was confused with his diagnosis, for he failed to explain it even when asking. Told me I should have prevented my condition b/c I am a pre med student. Also unnecessarily told me I have adolescent acne which had nothing to do with my visit. I had one pimple for the first time in months. I won't be returning.
with double bleph my lower eye bags were fixed very nicely but upper bleph was botched. Eyelids are not the same size and removal of excess skin was not even. I am Caucasian and on one side there is a fold as if I were Asian. In addition on that side the eye now turns up and in. He dismissed my concerns as minor and pronounced the surgery a great success. I wear glasses now because I'm embarrassed to have uneven eyes; strabismus surgery will be needed to fix the eye muscle error
I've had 2 hip replacements (1 for each hip) in the past 2 years performed by Dr. Mattern. He is the special kind of doctor we all seek - extremely qualified, personable and always takes the time to answer questions. His staff, PA and nurse are also extremely competent and caring.
Dr. Mattern is a very nice, attentive, and knowledgable Doctor.
Very kind, patient and was able to fit me in on a short notice. Excellent listener who addressed all of my concerns.
He listened to my explanations, examined my ears very well, and correctly diagnosed the issue. I am happy with my visit there.
Direct, clear to the point and supportive.
Dr. Mattern is a caring, thoughtful and excellent physician. He explains things clearly and never rushes the office visit. Dr. Mattern does not rush to surgery, rather he explores less invasive treatments first. He treated both myself and my son for different issues. Highly recommend !!!!!
Very knowledgeable - clear diagnosis and plan of action with my knee pain. Short wait time in the office a plus.
His staff was wonderful and Dr. Mattern is one of the most courteous, knowledgeable physicians in the business. He diagnosed and fixed my shoulder in a matter of weeks, and had great bed side manners. Highly recommend if you have any muscular or joint problems!
Excellent surgeon. Fixed my broken collar bone and had me back on the basketball court. Great bedside manner. Answered all my questions.
I thought she was amazing. I haven't had much experience with midwifes but I think she is to the point with kindness and humor.
Stein gave bad advice and told my my baby will die if I eats carbs. Out of fear, I reduced my caloric intake so low that I lost weight during pregnancy instead of gaining , my ketones were extremely elevated and the baby was in distress. The OB GYN intervened and Stein backtracked. Finally a dietitian gave me advice I could follow. It took weeks to get the ketones under control. Consequences for the child are not known yet.
I Think dr Stein is thorough, knowledgeable, and caring. Good diagnostician.
Dr. Mattern is a great Doctor. However dealing with Westmed is a disaster. Makes if very difficult to want to return.
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