Dr. Adler is professional, caring, and will drop everything to care for her patients. I've been seeing her for over a year.
My children Love Dr. Bancroft. I have never had any problems with his care or professionalism.
Dr. Hartley Bancroft is a very good pediatrician in the Middletown, NY area. He has a good sense of humor and will do whats best for your child. I have been seeing him since I was only a few days old. However, the staff at Orange Pediatrics may be kind of slow and sometimes could be rude.
Dr. Bochenek was very unprofessional, condescending and nasty towards me when I brought my children in. I will not allow my children to be seen by her at anytime.
Very experienced MD, my kids just love Dr. Bochenek, always want to see her.
My experience was that Dr. Braier was very dismissive of my concerns and questions. She performed a very limited examination of my child. While I love the practice, I will never see this pediatrician again. This was by far the worst interaction I have had with any medical professional.
If I could give less than 1 star I would. Awful experience from beginning to end. Waited over an hour with no apology. Staff was completely unprofessional and the doctor had zero warmth. Will never step foot in that office again and would never recommend it.
She seemed to forget she was dealing with worried parents of small children. She was rude and condescending, and when asked for further explanation of her diagnosis she would only tell me that by questioning her I was putting my child's life in danger. I could hear her outside the door badmouthing me to her nurse, and when she was finished with the appointment she slammed the door behind her after telling me I had wasted her time. Needless to say, we found a new doctor
I took my 5 year old to Dr. Cantor for an evaluation. Dr. Cantor barely looked at any of the written reports I provided to her from a developmental pediatrician, audiologist & speech pathologist, nor did she perform any diagnostic tests of my child, yet she jumped straight to "put him on medication". Horrible doctor making a recommendation like that when she hadn't even spent the time to assess my child properly. This woman should not be evaluating children!
Dr . Brown is an amazing doctor i highly recommend her to anyone ,she goes above and beyond , she is very knowledgeable
We absolutely love Dr. Brown! She is kind, patient, honest, understanding, I could go on and on about her. She always tells me I know my children better then anyone or any book. She always asks what I think we should do and without judging she helps come up with a plan. Dr. Brown is not afraid to say I think we need to see a specialist for that.
Wow. What a great doc. Just what primary care should be.
I DO NOT recommend Dr. Cantor, We waited 2 hours with a waiting room empty. Ask the staff what's going on and they LIE telling me she's with a patient which obviously she wasn't she was walking around doing nothing and no patient was with her. Very unprofessional of the staff and the Dr. Knowing you have a patient waiting and you don't give a damn how long they wait. We left without seeing the so call DR. I Had to loose my patiences and tell them off, charge my insurance and I will sue!!!!!!
Dr. Chesir is a wonderful pediatrician- knowledgeable and warm, very attentive to child needs. Office is welcoming, and never over booked so wait time has always been minimal. Very responsive outside office hours for questions/emergencies.
The best doctor in the practice / group friendly, patient, clear and understanding. Listens well knows her patients very well. I don't have a bad thing to say. Had experiences with the other doctors when she was out on maternity. No comparison she's the best by far.
He's the top guy in hepatic medicine. I trust him although he is "all business". Once he didn't have to do liver biopsies anymore, the disease much easier to track. He believes in Ursodial, and I'm still stage one.
Dr. Bernstein has been treating me for fifteen years. He has been so attentive to my needs and has kept my PBC from progressing. If it were not for Dr. Bernstein, I would have needed a liver transplant by now. He's the best!
After reading several review about Dr Berger I was very excited to switch over to her as my new primary physician. According to health first she was accepting new patients for my specific plan. I called to make an appointment and the staff conveyed that she was no longer taking new patients in a very unkind way I might add. She handled the situation very poorly and if something is clearly stated they should honor it.
There is never any inconveniences anytime I'm in her office and all my questions or concerns are immediately handled by Dr. Lisa Berger. She is extremely easy to talk with and I always feel she has my best in mind, Excellent medical practitioner.
Dr. Berezin diagnosed my daughter with IBS D, without the benefit of bloodwork to rule out other possible diagnoses, without any food allergy tests, without a stool test or a CBC, which I NOW understand are all standard tests for IBS. He gave us a few Xerox pages on adding fiber to her daily intake. He didn't even recommend a nutritionist to help us navigate through the diet. VERY disappointed. I certainly didn't feel as though my daughter was under his care. He was prompt.
I love Dr. Beyer and so does my daughter. However, the office staff lack professionalism.
We have been going to Dr Chao for a year and a half. She was the one who diagnosed my daughter with JIA right before she turned one and has been amazing the whole time. I trust her 100%, she is very proactive and responds quickly during flares. Clear on options, symptoms, medications, etc. very grateful to have found her
A compassionate and insightful physician.
He is an absolutely amazing doctor. He was my pediatrician when I was a child and now my 2 year old daughter goes to him. He's really down to earth and is a pleasure to talk to at my daughter's appointments. He's incredibly friendly and doesn't make me feel like a weirdo when I ask silly first-time-mom questions.
she is a very knowledgable doctor with great people person skills
Dr. Cartano is wonderful with my children and very knowledgeable. He has great forethought and is able to practically predict the course of action that my child will exhibit. When you sit with him, he is 100% focused on what you have to say and most importantly he explains his train of thought on the case and why he believes a certain course of action is best. My family and I have moved from the area and we still travel 45 minutes to see him. I highly recommend him.
We saw Dr.Cukaj once. She diagnosed my daughter with GERD and constipation. Said she would prescribe a stool softener and antacid. . Never prescribed the stool softener, I had to call to remind her when I found out that our insurance company didn't cover the antacid. She said she would prescribe something else, never did. After giving my daughter the second dose of the stool softener she had an allergic reaction and I had to take her to the ER. I called the practice 3 times to speak to Dr.Cukaj
She has a unique way of talking down to a patient and making the patient feel as if they wasted her precious time.
Dr. Cruz was an outstanding physician and a great surgeon . I had an emergency appendectomy surgery last week and he answered all my questions was personable, knowledgeable and great bed side manor . He made the worst 48 hours of my life to ease and my life anxiety go away , he took his time with me . Also I am healing very quickly! I highly recommend Dr. Cruz! Thanks again for everything !!
Dr. Farrow was completely thorough and very smart and professional. She is very compassionate and kind. I would recommend her to everyone
Dr. Farrow performed my hysterectomy. All went well, she thoroughly explained the surgery and was very professional.
I saw Dr. Farrow today for the first time. She was great. She took her time and explained everything well, she listened and took her time answering questions. The wait time was quick, approximately 10-15 minutes. She really knows her stuff well and I'm very pleased that I chose her for my Dr. For the problems that I am having. The staff was curtious as well and very patient. I highly recommend this Dr. I saw her at her office in Great Neck.
Kind, knowledgeable, confident. Puts you immediately at ease. Removed partial thyroid and it's was a great experience from first meeting to post op.
I had a total thyroidectomy due to a large malignant neoplasm. Dr Dubner kept me fully informed and confident every step from consultation through post op follow up. He and his staff made the entire process easy. The surgery was done so beautifully that only 5 weeks later I feel great and the incision is almost invisible. Dr Dubner is a great surgeon and a great guy. I love him ????
I had a tyroid removed surgery, he left a bad scare on my neck ,he promised me he will fix it when I went to see him he left me for an hour and half with my 18 months dougther waiting in waiting room them he told me he doesnt axcept my insurance anymore! he was not polite when he told me and did not give any options! I do not recommend at all, he does not have any feeling to Paitent I was only 28 years old. every time I see the scare on my neck make me sad.
I like her overall but the waiting in the waiting room to see her is alittle ridiculous!, I don't know why us pregnant women have to sit and wait for almost 4 hours to be seen by her! If it's going to take that long than don't schedule so many people the same day to be seen by her! My back and legs are killing me I've been sitting her for 3 1/2 hours already and sill have 2 people infront of me ! They need to step it up with the waiting room area !! Stop having us wait so long !!!!
Dr. Erb is careful and considerate and takes plenty of time with his patients. He answers questions honestly, with candor and with as much information as he can give. He is really a wonderful doctor. I highly recommend him.
There's no discussing your child's issues with this doctor. He will not take the time to listen to you. He's pompous and insists you follow what he says, no questions asked. I prefer a doctor who listens, not one who experiments on my child with his trial and error prescriptions. There's a reason this doctor continuously changes practices.
Serious lack of communication regarding apportionment's and patient expectations. Abruptly stopped my sons pre-diabetic medication without a phone call causing serious withdrawal symptoms after stating they would call in a new prescription. They did not and it was the weekend! After years we are finally done with Dr. Handelsman and will be finding a new pediatric endocrinologist. Who treats a child like this.. He has severe cramping, headache and nausea
He's a fast talker. Did surgery on me in 12/14 and I'm in more pain now than ever!! He told me I was "overly sensitive". Not honest. Changed my records after I contacted a lawyer. He lost his privileges to practice at Ephram McDowell Hospital in Danville, KY and has been at 4 hospitals since!!
Very caring and knowledgeable.
the worst doctor ever.Would not recomend to anyone.Giving expired medication for my 3 years old.
We were fortunate that Dr Grayver was on call in the CCU at Northwell Health/ Manhasset when my Dad was admitted. Dr Grayver is a professional, knowledgeable, caring, warm and friendly individual. While speaking with my Dad she leaned in, spoke slowly and loud enough so that he could hear her. Dr Grayver took the time to answer all questions. She makes patient and family feel comfortable that all issues/ needs will be addressed and taken care of.
I have a polyp in my uterus and need to have surgery soon to have it removed, but need cardiology clearance. Dr grayver has been very accommodating in squeezing me in so I can have my tests done quickly and get the surgery. Even after my stress test didn't go so well, she still tried to schedule another follow-up test quickly so in could get my clearance.
I've been calling her for over 2 weeks trying to get follow-up tests. I keep being told she's going to call back, she never does, and I've been having chest pains and palpitations for weeks (off & on). Also, she was looking at her phone nonstop & texting while she gave me a stress test, she literally didn't look up at the exam or me, not once! as her techs did all the work. She's lucky she practices in a nice neighborhood, cause she's a crappy doctor.
We have been with Dr. Glassman since my son was an infant dealing with acid reflux and allergies (3 years). His acid reflux has come back and so we are working with him and his staff again. He's been great and we appreciate all he has done to help our son. His staff helped deal with insurance for him when he was an infant as he needed a special formula (which was expensive) and the same stands true for today.
Dr. Glassman has literally changed our lives!! He has helped both of my children with reflux in ways I couldn't even imagine. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone and everyone!
Dr Grayver is an amazing Doctor. She is responsible for saving my mother's life. I go to all my mother's appointments with her, and the care, concern, empathy and thoroughness shown to my mom is top notch. Dr Grayver is very responsive when I contact her with questions, send test results, etc. We couldn't be happier with her.
Probably the worst physician I've ever experienced. More of a comedian than a doctor, has a problem making eye contact, most likely because he is eye-balling his nurses most of the time you try to talk to him. Did absolutely nothing to help my condition. Thinking about filing a formal complaint with phelps. AVOID THIS DOCTOR AT ALL COSTS.
Dr Gottridge is the most knowledgeable and compassionate Doctor I have ever known. She is the example for all future doctors. My husband, Mother, and I thank g-d everyday that she is our physician.
A real Life Saver. Dr. Galmer was able to diagnose my condition quickly as opposed to the dozen or so physicians that I previously followed up with. Plain and simply the BEST.
It was a pleasure being treated by Dr. Galmer, he made me feel sure that I was in good hands. He was very knowledgeable and had no problem explaining everything to me in a way i immediately understood. I have recommend Dr. Galmer to the the closest people in my life.
Amazing Doctor, she save my daughter and she takes her time,
We have been a patient of Dr. Gewitz for 17 years. From the first time he met us continuing today , he has explained in detail all of the issues we are facing. He takes the time to answer all questions. He cares deeply about his patients and the care has been brilliant.
Very negative experience. This doctor is more interested in making money that helping children. She sent my child to school with a fever. Do not recommend!!!
Dr. Issenberg has been my son's cardiologist since he was released from the NICU as an infant. He will be 8 years old in August. He was not expected to live. After his open heart surgery by Dr. Suvro Sett, he has continued under Dr. Issenberg's care. I trust him implicitly.
Rude! People do not need to be treated this way when they are ill.
Everything is a FEE in that office. Doesnt really care about your time or money. Her time is more important. Building long term Relationships with her patients obviously is of no importance to her. Not patient friendly.
She's has been my OB/GYN for almost 20 years. She has delivered both of my children and been there for me through a few breast scares. She has a wonderful beside manner, very knowledgeable and personable at the same time. Wonderful doctor!
Great Doctor. Easy to talk to.
She is the kind and smart and great with my kids. She always takes time to explain
Dr. Jacobson has been our son's pediatric neurologist for 15 years. He properly diagnosed our son's ADHD and provided a conservative approach to medication. Throughout this time, he has worked closely with our son to help him be successful through medication and advice, worked with school staff, and provided much needed recommendations. Highly recommend Dr. Jacobson due to his amazing grasp of neurological issues and excellent bed side manner. He truly loves what he does!
Very friendly and easy going. A doctor's appointment I don't dread going to. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a gastro doctor.
outstanding, very professional, excellent skills and ability to put patients at ease. He will be me and my family's doctor for any and all procedures he performs. I could not have been happier of my choice with him, his experience, and abilities. He was referred to me with the highest of recommendations and lived up to his outstanding reputation in everyway. One of the best in his field, could not get better.
Very thorough and took the time to gain an understanding of my child's diagnosis. Provided a plan and options to figure out where my child's neurological issues may lie, to then determine how to best treat my child's neurological symptoms.
She use to take me when I was 1 year old.
He gave me hope
Dr Fethke is a truly caring doctor who never talks down to his patients and always has their best interests at heart (no pun intended).
the best
Very compassionate and tentative to childs needs and parents concerns.
Dr. Fontana performed emergency spine surgery for my husband who had lost movement on his leg overnight. She made this surgery a priority and walked him through the hospital to get the surgery done the same day he came into the ER. She is a caring, first class neurosurgeon and we are totally grateful. She performed a laminectomy and a microdiscectomy with perfection and utmost care while keeping our family informed. She is a doctor who still cares about the patient!!!
We went for a consult with a follow up. If you want a doctor to return your call schedule with another doctor. Dr. Kim will not return calls and will only discuss at visit. We saw Dr. Romano and Dr. Romano was great. I need to be able to communicate with the doctor. Dr. Kim was not for us.
He and his wonderful staff saved our baby boy and they will be forever in our hearts ??
Dr. Kim worked with our two children until we moved from the area. Our new endocrinologist at CHOP in Philadelphia confirmed that she had done all the heavy lifting and that our children were very well taken care of. Dr. Kim is smart and warm and knowledgeable.
Saw Dr.Leybell in the ER of NYUMC. OUTSTANDING PHYSICIAN.Very knowledgeable and very thorough.Very caring and pleasant.Explains everything in detail and very clearly.Wonderful communication and great bedside manner.Can recommend her highly without any reservations.She really cares! Saw me immediately and spent time on my history and exam.Very impressive.
Dr Lillo took care of me in Pa. and saved my life. He listens to you, doesnt rush, very good and prompt at answering phone calls. Would not hesitate to recommend him, I miss him!!!!!
Dr. Lennon was pro-active in treating my sore right knee. After four other doctors said I probably needed surgery, Dr. Lennon stepped in and performed a drain and cortisone procedure that completed alleviated my knee pain. I love this guy and I am going to bring my mother to see him soon.
Excellent! Always has medical students. Takes time to answer questions. Experienced.kind. trustworthy.
While Dr. Ancona was very knowledgeable, he has no bedside manner. My two year old son loves all doctors in the practice, however one needed an expert opinion (which I appreciated) and Dr. Ancona came in like a drill sergeant. His actions were unprofessional especially for a pediatrician. My husband went to him as as a child and in his words "this man needs to retire." The below ratings are based solely on my experience with this man and not a reflection of the rest of the office.
My uncle, who has terminal metastatic gastric cancer, had his feeding tube removed by Dr.Bae. The first time that she came to remove it, he told her he wanted to have his daughters help him decide whether or not he should have it removed (they had adjusted it prior and caused him EXTREME discomfort). After speaking with his daughters and deciding he wanted to have it removed, Dr. Bae came back to remove it and said to my uncle "I am the most senior person here, you should have respect of my time
Dr. Babaloa saved my mothers life. She had a stroke and developed pneumonia. She was able to administer the vancomycin while protecting her kidneys and balancing the fluids so my mom was not dehydrated. To date no doctor has been able to keep her creatinine, sodium and GFR under control while receiving antibiotics. She has giving my family advice that I used to coordinate care when we weren't sure what to do. She is the only hospitalist I encountered with a group of residents shadowing her.
Dr. Argenzio is a compassionate physician. She provides my children with the medical expertise a fine physician, while caring for them like a dear friend.
Dr. Richard Ancona is by far the best doctor around in our family's opinion. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field as well as knowing the best doctors in other medical fields, should you ever need a recommendation. We have known Dr. Ancona for many years and would without a doubt recommend him.
Will talk to you/insult you like you are an idiot and you don't know what you are talking about...as if you're making up what you see happening with your child and he knows better than the mother in the 30 seconds he RUSHES to see your child just bc he is a Dr and you're not when you're the 1 with the child 24 hours a day. See Dr Stern in the same practice - he is loving, caring, takes his time and would NEVER make you feel like your opinion was worthless!
I have been going to Dr.Ancona for my 3 kids for almost 20 years. I can't even imagine me going to anyone else. Love him and everything about the practice. He explains everything I need to know about anything that my kids are sick with and if he see's me with a confuse look on my face,he is more then happy to go over it again with me. He won't let me leave the office unless I am sure I understand what I need too know. Has a lot of patience. God Bless them all!!!!
Dr Arlievsky was perfectly nice but it was clear from her demeanor that she was uninterested or perhaps even worse unable to investigate the cause of my daughter's various symptoms. After we left her office I immediately made an appointment with another doctor. After seeing this doctor we had a diagnosis and my daughter is on the road to recovery. I would never recommend Dr Arlievsky to anyone. If you have a sick child this is not the right place to seek medical help.
Dr. Argenzio truly cares about her patients and is always kind, caring and helpful for even the smallest of parent concerns. She listens and interacts with children in an amazing way. My son is not afraid of the Doctor because of her care and interaction.
Told last week by another dr@the hospital I had a short cervix and need to come back in a week.This week my cervix was measured by the tech with Dr.Applewhite supervising.She quickly said it was fine.I asked if was shorter,she said it was fine and said I shouldn't worry unless told something was wrong.I said I was there bc I was told there was an issue.She asked if I had questions I said I did and she cut me off and told me to ask my reg OB.Then she wrote the script for my 20 wk ap a month late.
Sarah kimble beautiful outstanding dr. Lessons and reacts to all concerns will help you any problems keep up the good work
Dr. Kimble is very nice. She's knowledgeable, she cares, she's just so nice, you won't want to find a new doctor ever.
A wonderful person and attentive doctor.
He is thorough, really takes time with you, listens to your concerns and very comforting.
Hands down the best doctor I've had in New York. Dr. Kimble takes her time during office visits and ensures reciprocal communication. I spent nearly two hours discussing my medical history during my initial visit with her! When I got became ill a few months ago and needed to go to an ER, not only did she call the ER and inform them I was coming, but she also stopped by to ensure I was being cared for adequately. That in and of itself speaks to the type of provider she is. I highly recommend!
Very nice Dr. Explained the testing so they were understandable. The only thing I would like to see different is more office locations in Orange County NY
Dr. Kimble is very caring. She listens carefully as you explain symptoms. She is very detailed, writes notes the entire time, she explains different ways in how she will proceed with symptoms, what test she will perform and asks your opinion to see how you feel about the matter. She doesn't make me feel rushed in any way. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for an amazing doctor like her that's truly interested in patients and in helping you feel better.
AMAZING!!!! I went to Doctor Ky in July 2016. I went to THREE different doctors who weren't able to get my eye glasses prescription right. Doctor Ky was so gentle and comforting towards me. He took the time to measure my eyes, give me new trial contact lenses to try on, and was so understanding of my situation. I am glad to say that I am seeing perfectly right now and all I had to do was go to Doctor Ky. He is on time, the office staff is super friendly, and the office is super clean. THANK YOU!
I began seeing Dr. Ky in preparation and execution of my PRK vision corrective eye surgery. Throughout the entire procedure he walked me through each step and explained the steps in detail while remaining reassuring for the duration. The surgery itself lasted only ten minutes and I've never been happier, since I'm able to see without any complications, since I was a child is outstanding. I now see him for all eye exams and he is thorough and straightforward. He has excellent bedside manner.
Visited Dr Ky in his new Flushing office. He was patient, caring and thorough.he answered all questions and concerns.it was worth the trip from Merrick N Y.
Very competent, thorough and caring,
I saw Dr. Ky for an annual exam as I thought I needed glasses and he was very personable. He took his time and carefully explained to me my results. He is exactly the type of doctor that I love to see. His office staff was great as well and altogether it was an excellent experience!
I first met with Dr. Ky several years ago for what I believed was a standard appointment prior to vision correcting surgery. However, Dr. Ky was able to quickly identify a serious issue with my retina, that had previously been undiagnosed by 2 physicians and required immediate attention. Dr. Ky is efficient and provides a personalized level of care to his patients that I believe are important when selecting a physician. He has always demonstrated the utmost professionalism.
Dr. Ky takes the time to make sure my prescription is as good as can be every time. I'm really picky about my vision (not happy if it's not 20/20 vision) and he hangs in there to get it as close as possible for me. He's on time and courteous and makes sure my needs are addressed.
Dr. Ky is a caring competent doctor. He keys in on your symptoms and is not satisfied until you are 100% better. Would highly recommend him.
I couldnt ask for a better doctor than Dr. Ky. He took his time to explain everything and helped alleviate my anxiety before surgery. He did a wonderful job (my vision is now perfect!) and called after just to check in. I'm definitely following him to his new practice. I was really appalled by how unprofessional his former office was in dealing with his decision to leave. It seems like they're trying to sabotage his new practice. They must be worried since he was the only doc there worth seeing!
Dr. Ky performed PRK surgery for me about 8 years ago and it was the best decision I ever made. He made feel at ease with the process and the procedure went smooth. I moved to Rutherford, NJ for any ophthalmology related work for myself and my family, I make sure to make my appointment with him even for a simple annual checkup. Dr. Ky is always through in his care and I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a family eye care.
Dr. Ky has a pleasant, kind and professional manner. His examination was thorough and his answers to my questions were patient and concise. Despite having many patients that day, he provided ample time for my exam, my questions and the issue I had with my eye. His office provided a comfortable, clean setting and any wait time was minimal. It is important to have a doctor who listens, is patient, knowledgeable, thorough and trustworthy and I highly recommend Dr. Ky in all these areas.
Dr. Ky has been my family?s eye doctor for several years. He always provides excellent care. He takes time to answer my questions and is always very professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Ky.
Not a good experience. Dr Ky was in a rush and didn't give me much explanation on my situation. Was ready to leave within 5min and already wanted to schedule a surgery. Didn't feel I was having an adult discussion with a Doctor.
Dr Hom has treated my two daughters who have JRA for about 14 years. She has been very knowledgeable, professional and most importantly -supremely proficient in her field throughout the years. She has NEVER been rude to any of us, but she is unafraid to scold her patients if they're not following their treatment plan (diet, exercise etc.). This trait is reflective of her genuine caring for patients rather than anything else. I highly recommend Dr. Hom to anyone with a child in need of treatment.
Dr. Jeff is amazing, patient, and great with kids. I trust his judgment the most of anyone in the practice, and know my daughter is in great, capable hands.
I would not recommend Dr. Hom to any human being. Rude, Sarcastic..does not listen. Has a great smile, 'appearing' friendly. Her mind, a computer filled with information, very smart sounding, with a heart that can give one a chill. Her office staff is great, kind and helpful. But i did not go to see her office staff!
First ap. she took time to examine our son. She made the diagnosis and send us home to see her in a couple of weeks. When we cam back, the pain was not much better. We waited for more then 1 hr. She saw our son for 5 min and told us that he is a boring case! She send us home with a follow up in 4 weeks. If we would have done this, our son would be dead. It was not inflammatory arthritis like Dr. Home diagnosed, but in fact it was Leukemia! We went for a second opinion what saved his life.
She seems very intelligent but was very rude and I've never been so dissatisfied with a doctor... I don't recommend her to anyone. But they ladies at the front desk and nurses were very respectful and helpful.
Dr Lominy seems to be a very understanding doctor. If I could go directly to her and not speak to those two witches she has in her receptionist area the visit there would be pleasant. Those two women has the worst attitude . When asking them a question it seems like a bother. I changed my childrens pediatrician after thirteen years. After my third visit to this office I was already disgusted . I guest it's true what they say stick to the evil what you know.
Excellent and caring doctor who takes his time with me. Very thorough and explains everything in detail.
I was treated in the Emergency Room by Dr. McCarty. He is extremely knowledgeable and reassuring. He fully evaluated my injury, ordered the appropriate tests, sent me home with the necessary medical equipment, and offered any future follow-up services if necessary. THANK YOU DR. McCARTY!
All three of my children are under her care and I am happy to have found her. I will not change her for anything in this world especially with how attentive, detailed and caring she is with my youngest who was born with multiple anomalies and she makes sure to give my daughter the most ultimate care as possible. love her!!!!
Today my son had a rectal biopsy by Dr McBride, he is a great doctor loves kids my son is 2 yrs old and I knew he was in good hands. I would recommend him to a lot of people. My son feels a lot better now.
Dr. McGowan is the absolute best pediatrician. I'm now about to turn 21 and I've been seeing Dr. McGowan since I was 7. She not only has treated my physical ailments, she is a constant support and never hesitates to be there for me with the right words. Dr. McGowan is smart as a whip, but has a heart of gold- I couldn't have asked for a better pediatrician.
I love Dr. McGowan. She is a great doctor.
Wonderful doctor, very patient, caring and understanding. Provided relevant answers to all questions and concerns. Best doctor I ever had
Dr. Murray is professional, friendly, understanding and very ethical. She is always explains eveything and most importantly makes the patient feel like she does care. She is an AMAZING doctor! I highly recommend her****
Hi my name is Roza Gega and I had a massive heart attack 6/16/2017 my doctor Perwaiz Meraj was excellent at helping me and he actually saved my life he is the best qualified cardiac doctor I would highly recommend to any of my family members that would need cardiac service
Consulted with Dr. Montecalvo over the phone about my pneumonia.
Dr. Monteleone is the best. He treats his patients as if they are a member of his family!
My Cardiologist had retired. I heard alot about Dr. Malpeso and I'm glad I made the choice of seeing her. Her Father is also a cardiologist. She spoke clearly and in words I could understand. She explained anything I didn't understand and she made me at ease.
Dr. Marwil helped me overcome a really bad ulcerative colitis flare and I've been in remission for the past 12 months. Also, just had to undergo a colonoscopy and it was a great experience. I can't thank this guy enough!!!
Dr Marwil is an excellent provider. He took his time to answer my questions. He saw me at the hospital and actually remembered who I was. The wait was a little long but worth it ,he was very pleasant. He's medical assistants were also very nice and knowledgeable. Overall I am very satisfied with him and I will be recommending him to my friends and family.
Dr. Marwil has recently treated me for crohn's and has made a huge difference in my quality of life. I was also impressed with his bedside manner and patience in explaining my best course of action. Very pleased with my experience. Thanks Doc!
I have never met a rude doctor like Marwil. He misdiagnosed me. I have read that he has done the same to others. If you have something simple as GERD, see him. If not, he has no patience and doesn't seem to check his patients. You also wait hours for just ten minutes of his time.
I would strongly recommend Dr. Maldonado if one comes into his emergency room. He is very polite, prompt, thorough, calmed me down and took care of my deep forehead gash from a fall, including tetanus shot, cleaning wound, anesthetic, suturing and catscan within an hour. While I had to wait for results, the main problematic part was done in under an hour.
Misdiagnosed my son for 4 yrs. My son was suicidal and she did not do anything nor did she recommended any help for us.
Dr. Oberman has great patient care, bedside manner and knows his stuff. He has a great connection with the kids AND their very nervous first time moms!
He is so thorough and compassionate. He follows through. Extremely caring and knowledgeable.
Horrible. Dr Noto is a quack. You've been warned. Stay away and find another doctor!!
He is a caring and patient Doctor. He explains your condition so you can understand and answers your questions. He returns your calls within twenty minutes and in emergencies in approximately five minutes. During a stress test, he is right there supervising which makes the patient more at ease. I have been his patient for over 15 years and find him to be very thorough.
I am a 28 yo female and I decided to pick doctors based on my gyn doctor and she recommended someone in her building I haven't had a internist in 5 yrs but at my age I felt I needed one. So I meet dr ali he was pleasant but I felt brushed off because of my age I don't think he took a great deal of my family's history into account and at the end I reach to shake his hand and he refused. I feel doctors atshould have a level of respect and I don't think he does. So I will not be going to him anymor
The later part of December 2015 my wife had a severe ruptured Hernia attack and was immediately treated at Northwell Hospital under the direction of Dr. Platz and his team. The operation was successful but remained in the Trauma Unit for many days. Dr. Platz continued not only as Dr /patient but as our friend. He's sincere and always forthcoming on any new developments regarding my wife's condition. Thank you Dr. Today my wife is doing fine and continuing treatments for other conditions.
Very loving and caring person that provides support. Good listener and what she says to you makes you think.
I was extremely happy with my first pre-natal visit with Dr. Rubin. She is smart, capable, and took the time to really answer all of my questions. She was a wealth of information. I feel so much better that I will be going through this experience with a doctor like her. Don't hesitate to come to this practice everyone is very accomodating. Thank you Dr. Rubin!
very professional, thorough and trustworthy
Dr. Pannella has great bed side manor and cares about his patients. He gives 100% of himself each time I have made a visit to his office and behind the scenes. He is smart, intelligent and experienced Doctor using the most current state of the art techniques. I am extremely picky with my choices of doctors and I trust fully with my life! His office staff and personal assistant has been been very helpful and nice to me too. I highly recommend him and his colleagues. 5 stars out of 5 stars!
Dr. Pannella is a thorough and caring doctor who goes above and beyond for his patients.
I adore Dr. Pannella!!! He is so knowledgeable, so patient and takes his time explains everything. He is very thorough with his exams asks questions and gives me incite. I have and will continue to recommend him to my family and friends. Dr. P is a ten in my book:)
Dr. Pannella is hands down the best Cardiologist. He has been treating my husband for about 2 years now and he is always patient and explains things very clearly. He takes the time to listen to his patients concerns and goes over all options. He is very compassionate and thorough. He literally saved my husbands life and for that I was always be eternally grateful.
Awful office staff. Took 2 weeks to get a refill for my son's medication called in despite me calling them day after day. Now I'm on day 3 of calling the office daily to try to find out about test results from over a week ago and I can't get a call back. Office staff just "passes along a message." Go elsewhere.
Dr. Panella is professionally compassionate and thoughtful and closely listens. He always takes the time to explain things and I never feel rushed through my visits. While in the care of another doctor during a hospital stay, where Dr. Panella does not currently have access, he coordinated with his colleague to ensure continuous care for me and monitored my progress daily. His support staff are terrific too.always pleasant and willing to assist. Summary in three words: caring but professional.
Dr. Pannella is an amazing doctor and has been treating my parents for about 5 years. He has a wonderful bedside manner. He is kind, caring, and considerate and goes above and beyond for his patients. He has a comprehensive knowledge of his medical field. A doctor who takes the time to know you and spends whatever time is necessary so that you can understand your medical condition. We are so grateful to have found him.
Dr Pannella is compassionate, bright, articulate, pleasant, endearing, and very well spoken. My mother has been ill and each time we go to visit him, it is such a pleasant visit, even when the news isn't always the best - he has an incredible bedside manner. In fact I have been seeing a cardiologist for many years and I have decided to change my cardiologist to Dr Pannella.
Dr. Pannella is the best. He has an excellent bedside manner. He makes you feel comfortable, and explains things in an easy to understand fashion. I feel that I can bring anything up with him, and he will address it to the best of his ability. He ALWAYS calls back when you leave a message, and communicates very well, with patients referring physicians, and family members. I am blessed that I crossed paths with this doctor.
Dr. Panella is without a doubt the best doctor I have ever met. Clinically, he is a fabulous diagnostician and he is able to solve, treat, and manage complex medical problems. But even more importantly, he is a kind, caring, and compassionate doctor. He will answer all your questions, in layman's language, and he will spend as much time with you as you need. He truly cares about his patients and knows them as individuals. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Dr. Pannella has an excellent bedside manner, and is truly attentive to his patients' needs. He never makes me feel rushed, and takes care of all my concerns each visit. I highly recommend him. He is the best doctor that I see.
Dr. Pannella is very knowledgable, and has an excellent bedside manner.
Dr. Pand saved my daughter life... he performed surgery on her and corrected what was wrong. She will need another surgery and I feel confident knowing that he will be her surgeon. God bless his hands and his life for doing what he does. Very skilled dr.
Dr. Pandya is an outstanding surgeon. He is highly skilled and extremely knowledgable surgeon for medically fragile children. His commitment to his pediatric patients as well as their families is unparalleled. I would highly recommend Dr.Samir Pandya to any parent that needs an experienced surgeon to operate on their child.
Dr. Regard is an excellent diagnostician and a very thorough physician. She is a very personable, respectful and compassionate person. I thank God that I found her because she gave my daughter hope and made her understand her issues in ways that I could not have done on my own. I highly recommend her for any young woman having problems with gynecological issues.
Dr. Regard has changed my medical experiences. Although she is an hour away, it's still worth the drive.
my sister went to him for ongoing stomach so bad she cant sleep at night she has ulcers that bleed he told her they were coming from nsaids she dosent take nsaids because of her kidney being removed from kidney cancer so she only has a partial kidney left and cannot take them he did not care that she is hurting he just told her to take pepto bismol she is constantly anemic also
I had a difference experience from the patients that were unhappy with Dr. Richardson. I found her to be extremely intelligent, humble, and a good listener. I came to her with a mix of physical and psychological symptoms. She took the time to really listen. She did a thorough exam and worked with me on a customized course or treatment. Dr. Richardson will listen and talk to you like a human being. If you're looking for a know-it-all authoritarian type, look elsewhere.
Dr. Richardson considering her her young age on topic on anything to do with the with even just talking about anxiety was an offensive ignoramus and labeld me a person with a mental illness. based on that and medications I may have been on in the the past ( the beauty of north shore - no privacy into any part of your medical history). I came in for a physical which I barely received. She treated me as a lesser, stigmatized person once she saw my past. Not the person in front of her.
She is an offensive ignoramus. I would expect less judgement and more actual physical examination which is what I was there for and received very little of. I will never see her again nor recomend her to anyone.
Monique is the best doctor ever
I've had my third baby under the wonderful care of Dr. P. I can honestly say I have never met a doctor who is not only skilled at what he does but also is kind, caring and approachable than Dr. P. I had several issues throughout my pregnancy, which was very difficult for me to deal with, but I made it through because Dr. P always took time to listen, offered a solution or made me feel better by just chatting. The office staff is amazing as well. My experience could not have been any better.
I had my 3rd baby with Dr. Petrocelli. I couldn't have been happier. he encouraged me to have it as natural as possible (avoid induction). in labor, he never made me feel rushed, he assured me we had all the time in the world. very patient and encouraging. I had a very large baby and still had it vaginally. I had a tough recovery due to the size of the baby, and he promptly saw me every time I needed and spoke with me over phone several times. Made me feel like he really cared about my case.
This is the absolute worst pediatric facility I have ever been to. They made my 9 year old son wait over 2 hours only to have the physician leave and not see us. Instead, a substitute (lessor) physician who did not do a thorough examination or ask any questions. She spent a total of five minutes with my son who has been sick for several months and offered no assistance whatsoever. This office does not answer the phones, does not provide results of lab tests and is extremely unprofessional.
I have been using Dr. Pellerito for about 8-10 years now, annually. I had used many radiologists and know he is the most qualified, honest, gentle and professional radiologist I have ever had to see.
Dr. Pettocelli delivered my daughter in 2014 and could not have made me feel better during the entire experience. In labor for 24 hrs, followed by a c-section delivery of a baby we did not want to know the sex of, he made sure we were at ease every step of the way and made sure the operating room staff kept the sex a surprise until we got to see here! We really appreciated all that he did for us that day.
Dr.Petrocelli was referred to me by a good friend whom is an ob/gyn and worked with him at North Shore Manhasset Hospital. I am so happy she referred him to me! He is a great doctor, compassionate, personable, and attentive to all of my concerns. I was a high risk patient and was on bed rest, pre-term labor -you name it and with every hurdle this doctor put my husband and I at ease. I happy to say Dr.Petrocelli was there to deliver my beautiful daughter. No one better! Best doctor! Had to write!
He was not understanding of my medical needs. I have a history of PCOS and when I was able to get pregnant with the help of a physician who specializes in PCOS he told me it was hocus pocus. I was incredibly ill my first trimester and had a history of a mis the year before. He was not compassionate more patronizing. I wait 45 minutes for an appt that lasts 5. I have been a nurse for ten years in the field of maternal child and thankfully know enough from my professional experience.
Best doctor I have ever dealt with.Explains everything to you checks on you over and over,His staff is the best,He saved my life.
I could not say enough good things about Dr. Setton. He is caring and talks to his patients on a person to person level. He is very down to earth and direct. His knowledge is clearly recognized. He treated my mother with utter respect and went out of his way to get her the treatment she needed, which ultimately saved her life. I am forever grateful to him and his medical team. I recommend him 100%.
My son had severe eczema and she was able to help him get better. Patient. And open minded. Best doctor.
Dr Siegel is an outstanding Allergy specialist - after trying several specialists we were very fortunate to find her. She listens, spends time with you and provides great recommendations and advice. She is a treasure.
Quite possibly the best pediatrician in the area. Caring, through, and treats the entire child not just the surface. Highly recommend!
She is an amazing doctor, I'm sorry we moved and couldn't use her any longer, 14 years later we still haven't come close to filling her shoes. She treats the body, mind, and spirit and made being a first time parent, not so scary, her guidance is comforting! I only I wish we could still be lucky enough to still be part of her practice
He appeared very crazed. He came into the office drinking a large Iced Coffee from either Dunkin' Donuts or Starbucks. It seemed as if he may been "on call" the night before! I did not feel comfortable with our interaction and I had my sister sitting next to me. I wish he hadn't wasted both of our time. He then wanted to do an exam. He took 10-15 minutes to come into the exam room. The walls are too thin. I heard him talking outside the room. When you are overwhelmed Dr Sternchos, ask for help
2 kids, 14 years of great care. Recommend without reservation 100%.
Dr. Sternchos is a very skilled clinician. He was extremely informative and practically saved my daughter's and grandaughter's life during a complicated delivery. My family will be forever grateful to him for our two miracles.
My children have been Patients for the past 4 years and I can not say enough wonderful things about Md Sukra. She is knowledgeable, kind, and personable. My girls enjoy their visits and always leave the office well educated on topics appropriate for their age group.I was fortunate enough to find Md Sukra when my previous pediatricians offfce shut down quickly due to personal reasons . The transition was extremely smooth for my children due to the fact of how wonderful Md Sukra welcomed them!
Dr. Stern does not have any regard for patient or family. He does not return phone calls even after calling five times and talking to multiple people. He even told one receptionist that he would call right back and never did. I guess once he makes a "diagnosis" he feels he is right and doesn't need to bother listening to upgraded symptoms. I never knew doctors don't make mistakes. I will never see this doctor again and recommend anyone to think twice if you expect a follow up.
Wonderful Doctor. Took the time and explained everything to me. I highly recommend him.
I have been taking my son to Dr. Sukra for 8 years. SHE IS THE BEST! 1. She and her staff set up a caring and professional environment. 2. She and her staff go out of their way to meet patient needs (i.e. paper work, appointment times, etc) 3. Dr. Sukra makes it her mission to empower her patients with knowledge so they will not be fearful in visiting the doctor at a young age! 4.Dr. Sukra is extremely knowledgeable about medicine and makes proactive referrals to prevent future problems.
We love Dr. Sukra. Being a solo practitioner, she really knows our child and we are not shuffled around from doctor to doctor like in larger groups. Her staff is great and always accommodates us if we are running late or need to come in last minute.
wonderful experience. She explained everything I needed to know about my baby's condition and was very patient and thorough.
The doctor is good except for getting prescriptions and really important paper work in on time. I've had to follow up way to many times and now I'm changing doctors. I should not have to be so stressed out getting my child the prescriptions needed for supplies
very nice physician personally and professionally
She is an excellent and competent Doctor and is very kind too, she takes the time to listen and has an holistic approach to her little patients as whole persons.
very compassionate
excellent gastro doc
I have a daughter with a rare medical condition, Achondroplasia... and Dr. Traeger has been with us since she was a newborn. She is 3.5 years old now. He is an excellent pediatric pulmonologist who knows how to handle kids and is very efficient with taking care of the business end of things. He has consistent compassion and good bedside manner. He has helped us so much.
UNACCEPTABLE. As a clinican I can understand being busy but ignoring your patient and providing a less than thorough examination is negligible. Not only was the neuro exam inadequate but his follow-up after my aunt's EMG was horrendous. After several phone calls (including messages on the emergency office line) regarding my aunt's increasing pain and requesting the results of her diagnostic studies, we still did not receive a call back from Terranova. Went to a neuro at NYU, huge difference!!
Dr. V is an excellent surgeon with a great bedside manner. He explained everything to me before surgery and came and saw me every day I was in the hospital. He got me back on my feet and back to feeling like myself again quickly. I tell everyone I know looking for a spine surgeon to go see Dr. V!
Great diagnostician. Great bedside manner. Makes the correct diagnosis the first time.
My experience with Dr Weinberg is one I will Never Forget! HE gave me 2 Life Saving Stents on My Birthday!! Such a Excellent Dr :)
Good clinical pediatrician for my kids, ok bedside manner. Staff could be better.
I had the worst medical experience of my life with this woman. After dealing with a miscarriage, I needed a D&C because while the fetus was absorbed, the sac still remained inside me - which can lead to infection. The soonest I could be seen at the clinic was 3 weeks later. She didn't even know I had a miscarriage, I laid there on the table explaining and she was being extremely rude. I told her she was rude & she decided not to do the procedure - a negligent decision that puts me at risk. AVOID
I've seen Dr. Schulz for over 15 years and take my mom to her too. She treats us like family. She delivered both my children and I would never have it any other way. She spends time with me and we discuss everything I have on my mind and what she has on hers and we come to a decision together. Love her and highly recommend her!
I really love her and have been going for years, but I'm going to have to switch now because she does not return my phone calls. My many many messages. It's just strange.
Horrible! I called him up with concerns about my one month old being congested and he told me to give her Mucinex, when it clearly says DO NOT GIVE TO CHILDREN UNDER SIX MONTHS. I then went to the ER in the middle of the night to find out she had RSV and Pnuemonia. She was admitted to the hospital for 5 days and he called me to say he couldn't see me anymore because "I went behind his back and got admitted to the hospital". Very unprofessional and unethical. Does not care about his patients.
Dr. Scharbach was my daughter's Dr. Since she was 3. She is thorough and meticulous. She really cares and always made herself available. We are sad to have seen her leave her everyday practice, it was like losing a friend.
Bold,rude,arogant,Fits Long Island stereotype. Referred to us by family & by far the worst choice of a provider my husband & I have ever made. My husband &I are both in medicine. He is a physician and I am a nurse. Valerie 's standard of care included ignoring any follow up ever on me at 29 wks pregnant after she sent me to the emergency room for high fevers over 3 days. If I brought my dog to a vet I would have gotten a follow up call. This was in her words "VIP tx". Absolutely disgraceful!
Stay away from this guy! After being my son's pediatrician for 2-1/2 years, this guy all of the sudden refuses to see my son. Recently, my son was running high fever and I called to get an appointment for the same day or next day but the doctor refused to see him. I was told that he didn't want to see him because I took him to an urgent care office in the middle of the night three weeks ago (sharp ear pain; his office was closed). No notification received, did not care about child's health.
You might want to think twice before selecting Dr. Savino as your child's pediatrician. You would think that they are kind and have patience since they deal w children as their patient, and it's the total opposite. Once you enter you are greeted by one of the rudest obnoxious person I've and my family members have ever met, she doesn't listen to your concern amor what your saying and when she replies always has an attitude. If this job annoys you so much you might want to switch paths.
She is kind and caring and knowledgeable. She always calls you back and is thorough. I don't care about the way she dresses It's irrelevant .
This man is an old fashioned, down to earth doctor who knows his patients and knows his medicine. He helped me with my 2 sons on many occasions and each time he was spot on with their medical issues.
One of the absolute worst docotrs I have ever seen. She walks around in skin tight clothes and doesn't have time to talk to the patient even when I saw her reading a brochure. Priorities. I wouldnt let her deliver my child. Ever
Met him in the hospital after giving birth, he Gave off a great vibe right away.
Doctor Zaks was very friendly and knowledgable and was not in any rush while in the room with you she explain everything to me so i was fully aware of what she was doing for my care I surely would recommend her to a friend or family member.I have Dr James Hoye as my Primary !!!!
I very desapointed in my last visit today I came at 2:30 for regular checkout of my two years daughter but I was waiting for two hours and the doctor never come to see my daughter In my opinion waiting more then two hours for regular doctor checkout and she never come to see my daughter is not profesional Because she need to have more care about the patients don't make the people waist time in the waiting with out of explanation I don't recommend no vary to come waist your time in this offic
Dr. Zaman is fantastic. She's treated both of my sons multiple times. One as an attending physician at Westchester Medical Center when he had pneumonia and the other as a patient at Children's and Women's Physicians of Westchester (now Boston Children's). In all cases, she has had a wonderful bedside manner with the boys and provided top notch medical advice and care. She's treated my boys for ear infections, acid reflux, the flu and pneumonia. She's a great physician and I highly recommend her!
Doctor Jami is such a wonderful doctor. She spent so much time with my family, explained everything, and made my son feel comfortable while he was in the hospital. She was the only person he wasn't afraid of in the hospital because dr took the time to interact with him on his level (he's 3!). I'm very thankful for the care she gave and knew my son was in great hands. I wish she could be out regular doctor.
Dr. Jami is warm and friendly and made our daughter feel comfortable. She is one of a kind!
We have a boy who is almost 4 and we have been going to Dr. Winkler's practice since our son was born. My son loves going to the office- all 3 Dr. Winkler's are attentive, and very helpful. I am a bit of nervous mother but I am so grateful for their explaining and patience.
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Laparoscopic Vaginal Hysterectomy With Robotic Assistance
Lip, Excision Or Resection
Lung Spirometry
Lymphadenectomy With Robotic Assistance
Maze Procedure
Medical Nutrition Therapy
Multiple Sleep Latency Test (Mslt)
Nerve Destruction By Neurolytic Agent
Neurological Rehabilitation
Neuropsychological Testing
Non-Cosmetic Chemodenervation
Nose Plastic Surgery (Rhinoplasty)
Nutritional Counseling
Obstetric Ultrasound
Open Thymectomy
Other Psychiatric Medication Therapy (Inpatient Only)
Parenteral Nutrition
Patch Testing
Pediatric Cancer Resection
Pediatric Ekg (Electrocardiogram, Ecg)
Pediatric Neurosurgical Procedures
Pediatric Transesophageal Echocardiography (Tee)
Pelvic Exams
Photorefractive Keratectomy (Prk)
Physical Exams For Sports, School And Summer Camp
Pre-School Neuropsychological Assessment
Psychological Counseling
Psychological Evaluation
Psychological Testing
Psychotherapy And Psychophysiological Therapy (Incl. Biofeedback)
Psychotherapy Services
Pterygium Surgery
Reconstructive Eyelid Surgery
Renal Biopsy
Renal Scan
Renal Surgery (Pediatric)
Repair Of Eye Laceration
Resection Of Cardiac Tumor
Rheumatologic And Osteoarthritis Reconstruction
Right Heart Catheterization (Swan-Ganz)
Sickle Cell Screening
Skin And Tissue Reduction
Skin Testing And Screening
Sleep Apnea Treatment
Spinal Cord Stimulation
Stereotactic Surgery
Strep Test
Stress Test
Thoracoscopic Lobectomy Of Lung With Robotic Assistance
Tilt Table Testing
Total Salpingectomy With Robotic Assistance
Trichomoniasis Screening
Tricuspid Valve Surgery
Viscosupplementation With Hyaluronate
Vision Screening
Vitrectomy (Incl. Macular Hole Repair)
Vitreoretinal Surgery
Xolair® Therapy
NY, Bronxville, NY, 10708
Office of Douglas Savino, MD
(914) 771-8900
Office of Douglas Savino, MD
1 Pondfield Rd W Ste 7
NY, Warwick, NY, 10990
The Herbert Kania Pediatric Group
(845) 986-2058
The Herbert Kania Pediatric Group
10 Ronald Reagan Blvd
NY, Washingtonville, NY, 10992
Washingtonville Pediatrics
(845) 496-5437
Washingtonville Pediatrics
10 Weathervane Dr
NY, Middletown, NY, 10941
BCHP Middletown Speciality Office
(914) 358-0190
BCHP Middletown Speciality Office
100 Crystal Run Rd Ste 108
NY, Mount Vernon, NY, 10550
Mount Vernon
Pediatric Adolescent Medicine
(914) 664-4545
Pediatric Adolescent Medicine
100 Stevens Ave Fl 6
NY, Valhalla, NY, 10595
Maria Fareri Children's Hospital
(914) 493-7513
Maria Fareri Children's Hospital
100 Woods Rd Fl 2
NY, Poughkeepsie, NY, 12603
BCHP Poughkeepsie Specialty Offices
(845) 452-1700
BCHP Poughkeepsie Specialty Offices
104 Fulton Ave
NY, Carmel, NY, 10512
Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine at Carmel
(845) 628-2015
Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine at Carmel
11 Fair St
NY, Tuckahoe, NY, 10707
Village Pediatric Group
(914) 771-7070
Village Pediatric Group
115 Main St Ste 301
CT, Stamford, CT, 06905
Pediatric Nephrology at Stamford
(914) 493-7583
Pediatric Nephrology at Stamford
1200 High Ridge Rd Ste 3
NY, Croton on Hudson, NY, 10520
Croton on Hudson
Croton Pediatrics
(914) 271-4727
Croton Pediatrics
130 Grand St
CT, Norwalk, CT, 06851
East Avenue Specialty Center
(914) 367-0000
East Avenue Specialty Center
148 East Ave Ste 2N
NY, Tarrytown, NY, 10591
Pediatrics of Sleepy Hollow
(914) 332-4141
Pediatrics of Sleepy Hollow
150 White Plains Rd Ste 101
NY, Garnerville, NY, 10923
North Rockland Pediatrics
(845) 947-1772
North Rockland Pediatrics
171 Ramapo Rd Ste 4
NJ, West Milford, NJ, 07480
West Milford
Herbert Kania Pediatric Group, New Jersey
(973) 728-4480
Herbert Kania Pediatric Group, New Jersey
179 Cahill Cross Rd Ste 210
NY, Hawthorne, NY, 10532
BCHP at Bradhurst Avenue Specialty Offices
(914) 493-7697
BCHP at Bradhurst Avenue Specialty Offices
19 Bradhurst Ave Ste 1400
NY, Yorktown Heights, NY, 10598
Yorktown Heights
Yorktown Specialty Center
(914) 366-3400
Yorktown Specialty Center
1940 Commerce St Ste 206
NY, Cortlandt Manor, NY, 10567
Cortlandt Manor
Mid-Hudson Gastroenterology Associates
(914) 739-2400
Mid-Hudson Gastroenterology Associates
1980 Crompond Rd Bldg D
NY, White Plains, NY, 10604
White Plains
BridgeSpan Medicine
(914) 761-1717
BridgeSpan Medicine
222 Westchester Ave Ste 101
NY, White Plains, NY, 10604
White Plains
Westchester Park Pediatrics
(914) 761-1717
Westchester Park Pediatrics
222 Westchester Ave Ste 202
NY, West Harrison, NY, 10604
West Harrison
Center for Pulmonology, Allergy, Immunology and Sleep Medicine
(914) 493-7585
Center for Pulmonology, Allergy, Immunology and Sleep Medicine
222 Westchester Ave Ste 403
NY, Suffern, NY, 10901
Good Samaritan Medical Paviolion
(914) 594-2222
Good Samaritan Medical Paviolion
257 Lafayette Ave
NY, Brooklyn, NY, 11215
Center for Swallowing and Speech-Language Pathology
(718) 780-7828
Center for Swallowing and Speech-Language Pathology
263 7th Ave Ste 2A
NY, Brewster, NY, 10509
Office of Virgilio Monteleone, MD
(845) 279-5161
Office of Virgilio Monteleone, MD
263 N Brewster Rd
NY, Newburgh, NY, 12550
BCHP Newburgh Specialty Office
(914) 493-7585
BCHP Newburgh Specialty Office
266 North St Ste B
NY, Bronx, NY, 10463
Office of Robin Schiff, MD
(718) 549-6229
Office of Robin Schiff, MD
2711 Henry Hudson Pkwy
NY, Bronx, NY, 10463
Office of Robin Schiff, MD, P.C.
(718) 549-6229
Office of Robin Schiff, MD, P.C.
2711 Henry Hudson Pkwy Apt 1F
NY, White Plains, NY, 10607
White Plains
Caring Pediatrics of White Plains
(914) 287-2022
Caring Pediatrics of White Plains
280 Dobbs Ferry Rd Ste 203
NY, Hartsdale, NY, 10530
Hartsdale Pediatrics
(914) 472-0300
Hartsdale Pediatrics
280 N Central Ave Ste 303
NY, Valhalla, NY, 10595
BCHP at Vosburgh Pavilion
(914) 594-4912
BCHP at Vosburgh Pavilion
30 Plaza W 30 Plaza West
NY, Orangeburg, NY, 10962
Orangetown Pediatric Associates
(845) 359-0010
Orangetown Pediatric Associates
30 Ramland Rd Ste 200A
NY, Manhasset, NY, 11030
North Shore University Hospital
(516) 562-0100
North Shore University Hospital
300 Community Dr
NY, Smithtown, NY, 11787
Branch Pediatrics
(631) 979-6466
Branch Pediatrics
300 E Main St Ste 5
NY, Purchase, NY, 10577
Office of Peter Liebert, MD
(914) 428-3533
Office of Peter Liebert, MD
3010 Westchester Ave Ste 401
NY, New City, NY, 10956
New City
Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine of New City
(845) 634-7900
Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine of New City
337 N Main St
CT, Norwalk, CT, 06850
Norwalk Hospital
(914) 493-7997
Norwalk Hospital
34 Maple St
NY, Brooklyn, NY, 11237
Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
(914) 367-0000
Wyckoff Heights Medical Center
374 Stockholm St
NY, Bronx, NY, 10463
Pediatric Associates of North Riverdale
(718) 548-7300
Pediatric Associates of North Riverdale
3765 Riverdale Ave Ste 4
CT, Ridgefield, CT, 06877
Ridgefield Pediatrics Associates, P.C.
(203) 438-9557
Ridgefield Pediatrics Associates, P.C.
38B Grove St Ste 2
NY, Pomona, NY, 10970
Pamona Pediatric Associates
(845) 362-0202
Pamona Pediatric Associates
4 Medical Park Dr Ste 4C
NY, Bronxville, NY, 10708
Office of Polly Kanganis, MD
(914) 771-9441
Office of Polly Kanganis, MD
4 Studio Arc
NY, Hawthorne, NY, 10532
BCHP Saw Mill Specialty Office
(914) 593-8850
BCHP Saw Mill Specialty Office
40 Saw Mill River Rd
NY, Mount Kisco, NY, 10549
Mount Kisco
Northern Westchester Hospital
(914) 493-7620
Northern Westchester Hospital
400 E Main St
NY, Middletown, NY, 10940
Orange Pediatric Associates
(845) 343-0728
Orange Pediatric Associates
400 Midway Park Dr
NY, White Plains, NY, 10601
White Plains
White Plains Hospital
(914) 428-3533
White Plains Hospital
41 E Post Rd
NY, Bronx, NY, 10470
General Pediatrics at Woodlawn
(914) 493-7585
General Pediatrics at Woodlawn
4350 Van Cortlandt Park E
NY, Poughkeepsie, NY, 12601
Vassar Brothers Medical Center
(845) 431-5674
Vassar Brothers Medical Center
45 Reade Pl
NY, Chappaqua, NY, 10514
NWH at Chappaqua Crossing
(914) 493-7620
NWH at Chappaqua Crossing
480 Bedford Rd
NY, Valhalla, NY, 10595
BCHP Grasslands Specialty Office
(914) 304-5280
BCHP Grasslands Specialty Office
503 Grasslands Rd Ste 200
NY, Bronx, NY, 10471
The Riverdale Office at Skyview
(914) 493-7997
The Riverdale Office at Skyview
5683 Riverdale Ave Apt 200
NY, Carmel, NY, 10512
Putnam Pediatric Medicine
(845) 279-9652
Putnam Pediatric Medicine
667 Stoneleigh Ave Ste 111
CT, Danbury, CT, 06810
BCHP Danbury Specialty Office
(914) 304-5280
BCHP Danbury Specialty Office
67 Sand Pit Rd Ste 204
NY, Carmel, NY, 10512
Putnam Hospital Center
(914) 493-8558
Putnam Hospital Center
670 Stoneleigh Ave
NY, Scarsdale, NY, 10583
Pediatric Associates of Westchester at Vernon Hills
(914) 725-5252
Pediatric Associates of Westchester at Vernon Hills
688 Post Rd Ste 232
NY, Newburgh, NY, 12550
St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital
(845) 565-5437
St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital
70 Dubois St
NY, Sleepy Hollow, NY, 10591
Sleepy Hollow
Phelps Memorial Hospital
(914) 366-3000
Phelps Memorial Hospital
701 N Broadway
NY, Middletown, NY, 10940
Orange Regional Medical Center
(914) 493-8558
Orange Regional Medical Center
707 E Main St
NY, Sleepy Hollow, NY, 10591
Sleepy Hollow
BCHP Endocrinology at Phelps
(914) 366-3400
BCHP Endocrinology at Phelps
755 N Broadway Ste 400
NY, Sleepy Hollow, NY, 10591
Sleepy Hollow
BCHP Neurology at Phelps
(914) 358-0188
BCHP Neurology at Phelps
755 N Broadway Ste 540
CT, Norwalk, CT, 06851
Childrens Specialty Center at Norwalk
(914) 493-7585
Childrens Specialty Center at Norwalk
761 Main Ave Ste 112
NY, Mahopac, NY, 10541
Mahopac Pediatrics
(845) 628-2015
Mahopac Pediatrics
906 Route 6
NY, Monroe, NY, 10950
Pediatric Arts of Monroe
(845) 782-3242
Pediatric Arts of Monroe
91 Lakes Rd
NY, Yonkers, NY, 10701
St. John's Riverside Hospital
(914) 493-8558
St. John's Riverside Hospital
967 N Broadway
NY, Yonkers, NY, 10701
Executive Pediatrics
(914) 963-7668
Executive Pediatrics
984 N Broadway Ste 506