I did not feel Dr Dorsey was truely interested in me and my care. I voiced a concern several times and she did not bother to delve into it but rather tell me she had similar issues and dropped it there. Her level of interest during my visits was minimal. Minimal eye contact. I felt as if she just wanted to ask her routine questions then send me on my way.
The greatest doctor ever, Period. He is an ER Doctor now, which Troy is fortunate to have him. Irreplaceable as a Internist
Dr. Dorsey is an astute professional and an excellent diagnostician. She made a correct diagnosis of a heart arrthymia which another physician had overlooked, knows when and how to make a referral to a specialist and was an advocate for me in receiving urgent cardiac care. I have recommended her to friends and would do so again.
Dr. Gebhart is not a friendly man. His approach is similar to an interrogator. His physicals consist of a 45 minutes of questions including questions about your significant other's medical health or in some cases your exes! I have never had a dr. Ask me questions before about if i lived with my boyfriend, how old he is, whats his med history and why did break up occur. He has a great memory for personal sensitive information, but memory for your major or minor medical history-forget it!
Dr karatynicky is the best doctor he will spend 1 hour to 2 hour to try to resolve and find out what's going onow with you and what test needs to be done. Dr. KARATYNICKY NO LONGER IS A FAMILY DOCTOR HE IS DOING GREAT ER doctor and it hard to find a good doctor like him and now we no longer have a good family doctor like him on wish he would go back to family practice

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