Practice better suited as a credit card company. More focused on the red tape and citing hidden rules that are never communicated to you. Seeing a specialist for your young one is generally stressful enough, adding the burden of administrative red tape increases stress. We attempted seeing her and were twice denied and cited RULES that were never previously communicated. Additionally, I agree with the other reviews in her overly regimented and dismmisve approach. In NYC you have better choices!
Dr. Solomon quickly and accurately diagnosed the source of my son's failure to thrive diagnosis and found a non-invasive, simple and effective treatment. My son has leaped up 12 percentiles in height. I have always found Dr. Solomon to be easily accessible through Weill Cornell Connect. Very grateful to have her as my son's doctor!!
Extremely horrible experience consulting with Dr. Solomon regarding our daughters GI issues. Completely disregards your concerns, poor attitude, lack of professionalism, and very primative! I would strongly suggest all parents to stay away from her, by any means necessary. She shows no compassion in her craft and is Very Very Ignorant !
Dr. Solomon misdiagnosed my daughter stomach condition with canditas. When I tried to reach her when my daughter had a second episode, she pawned me off to her interns and very difficult to reach.. When I realized she did not know what she was doing, I went to another doctor, who immediately diagnosed her with celiac disease. Dr. Solomon should have easily seen this. She was the worst
Horrible horrible doctor.
Dr Kosofsky spent time listening and understanding the needs of my child. When I faxed him questions, he emailed me back that day. Excellent, caring doctor
Worst doctor ever seen. Does not care about her patients at all.Follow up is terrible.I wish i would not have seen her.She is a disgrace to the name of Weill Cornell.I hope the hospital will do something before making more people suffer.
It's not an overstatement to say that Dr. Merchant saved my daughter's life. She properly diagnosed my daughter's infantile spasms and obtained the treatment we needed. We are forever in her debt.
I am still suffering trauma from our experience with Dr. Merchant when my daughter was an infant years ago. She referred to her as "it," (as in "can't you get it to stop crying?"), told us that her brain MRI was "a mess", and screamed at me about our baby having a "terrible degenerative disease" (she does not). We saw her three times, I think because we were intimidated and scared, but I would not wish this experience on my worst enemy. This person should not be practicing medicine.
Indifferent. Did nothing to help when my son was in a coma. If not trained to work with a coma patient , should have referred to a coma specialist. Instead came every day, did nothing, and billed for services.
The wait to see the dr is never less than 45min after he scheduled appointment. You spend most of the time with the PA. I would prefer more time with the dr.
She misdiagnosed my child and has terrible bedside manner.
Unfortunately not good. He is not personable and seems honestly that does not care. My daughter in his view had spasms and doctor in other practices dont agree. We r still seaeching for the diagnoses but i am glad i found a neurology practice that truly cares for my daughter. Overall cornell isnt like that.
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