Terrible bed side manner. Very cut and dry, to the point, sterile with very little personality. Didn't spend much time considering my questions or thoughts, would always breeze over any issue I brought up. Asked about a birth plan and she completely brushed me off and never brought up the issue again. Refused to discuss anything regarding birth until much later in the pregnancy, didn't want to discuss interventions until two days before my 42nd wk. Ran blood tests without my permission.
This Dr is one in a million ! One of the best Dr I'm the world .
I delivered a baby at Mt. Sinai, and soon thereafter, as I was soon to leave the hospital, saw and overheard Dr. Sasan quoting her (confidential) conversation with me, laughing at me, and making fun of me to someone on the phone with her office door wide open. I complained to the head of obstetrics at Mt. Sinai, and no one ever followed up with me. She is unethical and unprofessional and I would urge everyone to steer clear.
Dr Sasan deliver my baby and the pregnancy with her as well as the delivery was great!!! She was cery knowledgeable and caring during the entire preocess.
I have known Dr. Oikonomou for four years when he was at Yale. I was most impressed with his not giving up when there was pain or if he found something on colonoscopy. It was a very sad day for everyone when he moved to New York.
She asks questions and takes into account the whole patient.
Dr. Lee is lack of communication skill and unprofessional. I discussed the possibility of C Session option after 39 weeks due to high risk. Dr. Lee didn't agree with C Session with the reason that Mount Sinai Beth Israel has the highest success rate of natural birth in the country and if I chose C Session will lower the rate and it's not good for the hospital. This puts hospital's interest in front of patient's wellness is not acceptable.
Dr. Stone is amazing. She really understands what its like to be in certain pregnancy situation. She makes you feel comfortable throughout each visit, procedure, and always will take time out of her busy schedule to answer an email, or return a call. Dr. Stone is very attentive to her patients and gives nothing less than 100%. I recommend her for anyone going through special circumstances caused by fertility treatments, or, pregnancy in general .
Dr. Julie Danaher is amazing. She's more 'opened' minded than your regular MD. My insurance was giving me a hard time re: HRT, wanting me to use the pills that could damage my liver. I wanted the Bioidentical HRT patch, (which won't ruin my liver) Dr. Danaher fought like hell with my insurance to make sure I was on the safer HRT. Plus she has a great sense of humor. Since this sit only lets me click on 5 stars, I personally give Dr. Danaher 10!!!
I would never, ever recommend this doctor. It was the worst experience I ever had with a Ob/gyn. She is dismissive to your needs, condescending and made a huge error in my care and then did not even have the decency to respond to my calls to discuss it with her. She literally refused to call me back. Stay far away, unless you want to be mistreated and overlooked.
Dr. Callipari is the greatest doctor I have ever met. I had to switch OBGYN's at 30 weeks due to an insurance conflict, and Mt. Sinai assigned me to him. What luck! He listened to all of my concerns with patience and gave me referrals to specialists every time I was worried about some possible issue I read online. I'm a bit overly cautious, but he never made me feel that way. He is a kind, professional, and very happy and pleasant guy.
I saw Dr Ascher-Walsh for pelvic floor damage and fecal incontinence after vaginal delivery. He told me to enjoy life. With all the fecal incontinence. He would not leave the exam room. I was half naked and he would not leave the room. He kept saying that I have to enjoy my fecal incontinence. He would simple not leave though there were tears in my eyes.
I saw Dr Ferrara and only Dr Ferrara for EVERY appointment that I had, and I was going bi-weekly or weekly. She is absolutely amazing and spent an abundance of time with me during each visit answering questions and examining me. My delivery was not as planned due to unforeseen circumstances and Dr Ferrara calmed me down while simultaneously bringing my twins into the world effortlessly. She is a phenomenal dr. I carried the twins to term and they came home w/ me and are happy and thriving
A hidden gem. Very knowledgeable and caring. Explains everything in detail, never felt rushed. Great bedside manner as well. Surgery and recovery went well, was back on my feet in no time. Answers all your questions and staff is very friendly. This was my fourth opinion glad I kept searching ??
Dr. Danaher is a great doctor and very helpful to me. She's very understanding and cares a lot about trying to help figure out what is going on with your health.
Dr. Danaher is the warmest and most competent doctor I have come across in New York. She is such a good listener and very knowledgable.
FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR!! I was under Dr. Kremer care for a few years. After the loss of two pregnancies and being in excruciating pain. I wound up months later having surgery. I was told by her I should not be in pain?! She is cold, I had left her office on numerous occasions feeling confused with unanswered questions. As soon as I saw another doctor I was scheduled for surgery within days. I feel as if I would've went to another doctor sooner my life would've been very different...
Worst doctor I have ever seen! Please go to another doctor!!
My daughter was delivered safely and quickly by Dr. Ferrera on 11/9/16. I really appreciate everything Dr. Ferrara had done to ensure my pregnancy and delivery as smooth as possible. Her professional knowledge and expertise are great, her warm and caring attitude are unparalleled. There were times I had to ask her questions via email, she always answered my concerns promptly. I never experienced or heard any other doctors who would do that for patients.
She's the best!! Answered all of our questions during the pregnancy and delivered our beautiful baby boy 11/11/16. There isn't enough nice things we can say about her. Professional, warm, easy to talk to, took the time to talk to us, and no long waits. Everything we could ask for in a doctor.
Always listens, very thorough, trustworthy. Sometimes the wait is long, but understandable.
Great manner and very thorough. Talked me through my options and made me feel really comfortable. Spent more time with me than I expected. And offered opinions on topics which weren't his specialty but I was worried about. Lastly and most importantly, even though he's a well respected surgeon he's not jumping to cut me which I appreciate.
Dr. Finkel was smart, caring and went out of her way when she was my doctor. She was available 24/7 and was always empathic. I can't believe some of these negative reviews... they must have the wrong woman. She helped me through an extrodinarily difficult time and because of her I came out of it intact. I can't recommend her more.
He is the best!
Horrific! This woman made mocking faces while I was explaining my symptoms and showed absolutely NO compassion or consideration for her patient. She disavowed any medical practices and protocols that were prescribed to me by other MD's in her practice and was insulting when I mentioned the medications I've previously been prescribed by the same office. I couldn't wait to get away from her. She's a nasty, obnoxious, obviously unhappy person who should not be working directly with patients.
If there were a negative star system she'd receive that. After seeing her I needed 3 therapists, a neurologist, and a neuroncologist to regain my life. However, you can never re gain time! She does love seeing patients that can pay out of pocket) I truly hope this "Dr" doesn't continue to practice medicine, completly unethical human being!!!!!
I have been a patient for approximately four years, and in that time, Dr. Brodman has been a valued medical care provider.
He made my abdominal myomectomy much easier than I imagined. After 5 days I felt 75% better abdv2 weeks later 90% better. I can't thank him enough.
I saw this Dr. For a preconception consult and she seemed great. BUT once I was pregnant and under her care for serious complications it was a horrible experience. She was very cold and indifferent to my suffering, she did not intervene with the appropriate treatment early on an as a result I suffered more then necessary. When I was later hospitalized she was downright negligent and did not communicate with me at all how she wanted me to take the medication, stay away and find a more caring Dr!
She is amazing. I love going to the doctor.
Amazing bedside manner!
I am so happy with Dr. Kremer. She has an amazing bedside manner, explains everything thoroughly and her staff is extremely helpful.
Wait was appropriate. Staff was courteous and respectful. Dr Fenske's nurse was efficient and informative. Dr Fenske has a wonderful bedside manner. She is patient and willing to answer all your questions.
Dr. Kaufman delivered my daughter because my OB was not on call. She never spoke to me directly, and spent the time I was pushing chatting with her resident/student. I had tearing, and she needed to give me stitches. She didn't tell me this-- she just started sewing me up without any communication with me at all! No attempt to connect with her patient. My daughter is healthy, and so I am I, so ultimately I don't care. But I certainly wouldn't recommend her.
I would recommend Dr. callipari to anyone my expirence was amazing all the way through labor he is a wonderful Doctor!
Thanks to Dr Clunie my baby is alive (I had 2 miscarriages before meeting Dr Clunie) he listens, takes the time to listen to all your questions, very caring.
Dr. Ascher-Walsh has been the best GYN-OB I have ever had. I wish I would have found him sooner. He was very understanding, professional and very knowledgeable about my condition. He and his team took great care of me and following the surgery I felt great. I highly recommend him to anyone suffering from uterine problems.
No communication Terrible bedside manner
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