Dr. Hathaway is a nice doctor but doesn't listen all that well too much of a hurry to get in and out of the room or he bring you in and he doesn't see you at all . Told me he was going to figure out what was wrong with my legs and why my legs were swelling and weeping and never did anything about it and I end up with kidney disease . His staff sucks they don't don't care about the patient what is going on with the patient they're rude to everybody they do t care. They are useless
I saw dr Kenney over a year ago, I remain impressed with his bedside manner. I felt that my concerns were heard and that he really cared about my well being! Great bedside manner! He is an exceptional dr. I have seen quite a few drs at north med, all of them were the worst experience I have ever had EXCEPT dr kenney. If it weren't for him I'd never return to north med!
Horrible. Staff from the nurses to the scheduler are rude and unfriendly. Dr does not seem to really care about his pts. Nurses never obtain blood with one draw.
Ken and I think that Dr. Jennie Brown is the very best. She always greets us with a smile and she is so likeable as a person...We would hate to ever lose her....
1 of 4 doctors at this practice who failed in treating my walking pneumonia. I was sick for 5 months, sick through my wedding and my honeymoon. multiple treatments of antibiotics, none of them worked, none of the doctors/nurses I saw at this practice helped or listened. Now I will be seeing a cardiologist since my chest pains were "no big deal" at the time. Never coming back to this practice again, do not recommend any of these 4 doctors.
Brandon Crandall has served my family several times. He is very patient, knows medicine, and made accurate diagnoses. He explained things clearly, gave us recommendations to follow, and seemed to be highly respected by all staff. All of our experiences with him were excellent.
Dr. Brown is easy to talk to and I feel that listens to me.
Went for initial visit after 10 yrs without seeing a doc. Have several ongoing issues but blood pressure was most pressing. No physical done. BP meds prescribed. I have been back for bp checks twice since. Waited an hour to get doc's ok after the last bp check. Have not seen actual doctor since first visit. Complete physical still not scheduled. Took 4 phone calls to get bp script refilled. I do NOT recommend this disorganized office to anyone. Docs don't seem to care at all.
Worst doctor ever, very rude and very mean. His nurse is also very rude and the nurses are also very rude to the doctor. They tell him how to treat his patients and never disagree or show concern. With all the egos there, there is no room for that. They get very upset if you question them....
You see these other reviews? Believe them. Even the bad ones are generously kind towards this evil person who pretends to be a physician. I have experienced every negative assessment that other reviewer's have shared. If you were absolutely forced to see her because of insurance reasons as I was,considerer depleting your life savings to avoid her. It could end up being cheaper in the end. What is your health and well-being worth to you ? I don't believe any positive reviews. It's impossible !
OVER BILLING INSURANCE! I was asked to come back monthly for a birth control refill (a birth control I've been on for ten years) and I was told to stop calling and asking questions - my fiance was required to go back four times for a Vitamin D Supplement (in Syracuse, where everyone has a vitamin D deficiency). I found a new doctor that took care of everything in ONE appointment. STAY FAR AWAY!
Dr. Loomis has taken a lot of time listening to my concerns. I was finally diagnosed with a condition that I've had for years when I changed to him.
I think Dr Lee is an outstanding MD she does take the time to explain things very professional with a nice smile. I've been a patient of that hospital for over 6years and have to say her and Dr Armon are the best 6 stars.
Run! She doesn't listen. Thank goodness I found a good Doctor who did. Grab your medical records because they well not be released to a new Doctor when requested with proper paperwork or by other Doctors who need important information. Luckily I was able to get test information forwarded from the lab that provided testing. I am still trying to get records to my present Medical providers. It's pretty bad when Doctors in the community are frustrated with a Doctor who will not respond to them.
Excellent physician. Very knowledgeable and compassionate. Been a patient of Dr. Tong since 2004.
Left review already
Dr. Tong is the best Doctor I have ever dealt with. He is personal, friendly and explains everything in detail. I would strongly recommend family, friends and anyone to see Dr. Tong. He always goes way beyond every other physician making you feel like he is on your side.
Incredibly rude. Misdiagnosed per two second opinions from nY licenced medical physicians. Dr. Martin is a DO not registered medical physician.... Apparently lack of education would account for incorrect diagnosis. Office is dirty and staff has poor attitude and complains about DR. Martin.
I do not understand all of these negative reviews on dr. Marten she is an outstanding physician who speaks what's on her mind and leaves no stone unturned I would highly recommend her and I am so glad that I found her
I feel like I am being rushed during my visit, he does not explain anything to me nor does he really seem interested in anything I have to say.
I do not recommend this practice. It doesn't matter when you call the office, you can never get a hold of anyone....EVER! Long waits (sometimes hours) and Dr. Martin is quick, short and RUDE!!! She never checks my ears or listens for to my heart (I thought all doctors do that.) She stares at her computer screen and never looks at you. You wait forever to see her and then she spends 2-3 minutes with you. Find a better Doctor - STAY FAR AWAY!!!
Very persistent in finding the underlying cause of my health issues. Calm focused and professional. Has referred me to a specialist who confirmed her diagnosis. I have recommended her to others.
I can't imagine going to a different primary care doctor. Doctor Martin has always listened, spent time with me and gone out of her way to help myself and my fiance who is also a patient of hers. Everyone in the office is friendly and if you need something you leave a message and someone returns your call within the hour. She also makes referrals when needed and it has always been timely. Dr. Martin is kind, patient and is a doctor who I believe truly cares about helping people!
Took a month to get an appt, Drs office calls 3 days before appt to reschedule for July
I usually go to see Vince the PA, who I no longer will be seeing either, but I went to see Laura Martin once over Thanksgiving break. I was extremely ill. She did not listen to my lungs, but gave me a throat culture, assuming I had strep, and gave me antibiotics before the results were back. I ended up needing to return to see Vince and I indeed did not have strep, but bronchitis, which she may have known if she bothered to listen to my lungs. Rude and inpatient. Would not see her again!
Rude and doesnt give you any time. Left halfway through the visit after waiting two and a half hours to see her. Called me a liar! Over a simple miscommunication. Not very professional. Do not go to Dr. Martin.
NEVER. THE WORST DOCTOR EVER AND HIS NURSE DEBBIE. She is the most uneducated nurse I ever met. She should never be working with the public.
I have been her patient for a few years. Although she is quick she asks the proper questions. Orders the treatments that I agree with thankfully. But, she is the doctor. I had one instance where I questioned why she asked me a certain question. But, I want a doctor to be nosey and want to know what is really going on. Not just what I tell them.
Dr. Loomis listens to, and addresses my concerns. He takes his time and has never glossed over something that worries me. I am happy to have him as my PCP.
I've been going to her office over a year and have seen her maybe 3 time for about 5 minutes each of that! she's extremely rude. Asking her any questions about her diagnoses, treatment plan or general information is impossible. she left half way through two of those times and had the nurse finish. she did not even return when I asked to please see her to discuss my questions and concerns. I was shocked consodering my diagnosis. after my last visit I will never be going back to her practice.
very considerate, and connects well with patients.
Dr Martin is the rudest Dr I have ever met.I have never complained about a doctor because I'm not hard to please. She has no bedside manner and doesn't even touch you throughout the whole visit. I myself am a registered nurse and strongly recommend that you go somewhere else. I seen her on a few occasions and if she has to leave the room she never comes back. There's way too many Dr's out there to see so def do not recommend her.
very rude and not very cooperative
Awesome Doctor. Really cares. Sincere and honest . Explains things to you so you really understand.Most down to earth doctor I have ever had. A GEM!!!
Getting through to this office to either schedule an appointment, to ask for testing results, or script refills is not good at all, next to impossible. Office seems to be understaffed and slow at seeing and treating the amount of patients they have. Takes weeks to get a referral from this office to see a specialist. Waiting time to see the doctor or PA is an hour to an hour and half and when you finally see the doctor she spends two to three minutes with you.

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