Dr. Dentico is a hands off, let's wait and see what happens. Meanwhile, my relative learned she has cancer in her bones. She was in excruciating pain and he said, oh it will probably work itself out. How does cancer work itself out?! I would not go to him because you will waste your money. Go to a dr. who will do something.
Terrible bedside manner and communication. Long wait in the office. Didn't see him again / no visit / follow up after knee replacement. I wont see him again and I surely don't recommend.
This doctor had an extremely arrogant, hostile demeanor and in the space of one visit managed to humiliate the patient by asking her to undress in front of him with no nurse present, and terrorize her with disturbing comments. His remarks about her condition were in opposition of every specialist she had seen. He has a poor reputation in local area. He referenced amputations and blood loss when she approached him for a routine evaluation. Avoid him.
Dr Sasha Ristic is a true gift from god I had a horrible accident compound break in my left arm and shattered my wrist , Dr Ristic and is staff where comforting attentive and surgery was painless and recovery has gone very smoothly . The facility is spotlessly clean state of the art , comfortable and everyone working there extremely kind and helpful . I highly recommend him and his staff Cindy Vlajnic
conservative, caring, wonderful bedside manner
Had my hip replaced October of 2016. I have had no problems and the recovery time was minimal. Doing everything I want to, golf, snowmobiling, atv riding, bowling. AS for Vassar Brothers Hospital they were horrible once I was in my room.
Provider's unresponsive to request for patient records to be sent to primary care doctor. Overall experience woeful. Will not return.
Not awake, entered emergency room with serious leg injury. If I knew what I now know Lombardo would not be allowed to touch me. Later told I was left in emergency for 24 hours before he did surgery. Then, I was taken to a patient room. Eventually woke up, stayed Tuesday thru Friday attended by 2 nasty insensitive nurses. At post op with him, my friend & my qualified CNA his first words “surgery failed, won’t do again, use wheelchair, blamed me for his failure". I'd only use Alliance if DOA.
I saw Dr Shen today after an hour and 15 minute wait for a five minute or less time with Dr. Shen. He came in and did not EVEN MENTION he was sorry for keeping me waiting so long!! Just wanted me to have another xray. did very little talking. I asked him if was usual he kept all his patients waiting so l ong, and he said he tried not to. HIS bedside manner is that of a doormat I would never go back!!!!!!!!!!
it has been 4years march 11 that I had both knees replaced dr tiggis saved my working life I paint I climb30 foot ladders work 10 hour days and its like I am 40 years old very important for you to prepare for operation and do daily simple follow up exercises he has allowed me to work hopefully til I am at least 80 I love work thanks to dr tiggis and all his staff I am their model patient never can repay them thanx ken
I love Dr. Fink. He takes a conservative approach to your problem which has paid off for my shoulder and knee problems.
Best hand surgeon in the Hudson valley!! Hands down ! He treated me with care and my surgery was done with excellence. I would highly recommend him to a loved one. Thanks Dr. Ristic
I came into the office for an appointment after I hurt my hand. The wait time and his nurses were very kind and friendly. Dr Ristic came in the room was able to tell me what was wrong with my hand and the proper treatment to get it better. I highly recommend this doctor. Best in the Hudson valley.
i went to dr ristic for wrist pain. He flew in the room, promptly scheduled me for surgery before i could ask him a question and left the room 5 mins total. I cancelled the surgery because I wanted a second opinion. I just went back to ristic for my other hand, the doctor i had my other surgery with is no longer local. Ristic was rude, arrogant and told me to go see another doctor since i didnt trust him. I felt pushed the last time and i wasnt ready, and i deserved a second opinion.
He gave me partial knee replacement that didn't work for me. Now I'm facing to have total replacement. I got so much pain that I've never had before surgery. He is a manipulative liar who doesn't care about patient. He lied everything on his report for his convenience. Stay away from Lombardo.
Dr. Barrick is the WORST orthopedic surgeon in the WORLD!! He operated on my husband's back about 2 1/2 years ago & we have had to have 2 additional surgeries to correct the MESS he did to him. As a matter of fact, my husband is in a hospital in NYC right this minute having the 3rd fusion surgery to his back to repair the DAMAGE this BUM did to him. If you love your family member, don't go near Barrack!! You will regret it, unfortunately. Endless pain was caused by this inadequate QUACK!
I went to Dr. Tigges for an evaluation of a painful knee. After X-rays, I was seen by Dr. Tigges. He barely glanced at my knee (from across the room); he never touched or examined the knee, had me walk to check my gait, or any standard checks. He told me I needed surgery, but wouldn't consider doing it until I had lost a significant amount of weight. He didn't tell me how I might alleviate the pain so that I could exercise. He didn't suggest a knee brace. He spent about 5 min. Total cost $400.
He performed a replacement of a 25 yer old hip replacement for me. He said I would be in the hospital 3 days plus a week in recovery home. He ended up doing a partial replacement ( the cup and ball) and a patch of the lower bone. I was in hospital 6 days, almost 3 weeks in recovery, in a wheel chair for 2 mos. ,crutches for an addit. month. when I asked him why? he had a red face and said oh! if this doesn't work we can do another surgery. I was out of commission for 3 months.
More ego than skill. Told me he could improve on his first operation, I let him operate on my finger a 2nd time and he made it worse. Now my finger is useless; the nerves in my hand are a mess and th circulation in my hand is horrible.
Good and to the point Dr. Friendly and I would recommend as he is forthright and I found him to be very personable. No stress and he put me at ease
Does not care about patients, or what they have to say. Just trying to get most patients in for most money. Took months to get appt, wait 2 hours for Dr to come in, and appt lasts under 2 mins. He did not let me speak to say whats going on, just rushed through pointless physical tests and was done. Took xrays, I had to wait 2 months to go back for results and he didn't even mention them, just told me to continue what I'm doing, (even though still in pain). Worst doctor ive ever seen.
After months of unsuccessful treatments to stop my knee from hurting, he told me I needed a knee replacement. I went to a different orthopedic doctor in Albany who immediately did an MRI and saw a torn meniscus. He scheduled surgery and repaired the tear. I have been fine ever sense. This was about six years ago. Doctor Lombardo refused to do an MRI. He said the insurance company wouldn't like it.
Dr. Stewart is one of the best doctors I've ever had. He listens. I mean he reallllllly listens. He takes through notes so when you are there for a second or third visit, he has a full understanding of the issue at hand. He explains things clearly and checks for understanding. He cares. He offers options to make sure the patient is being cared for properly but also making sure the patient is comfortable with the outcome. He cares about his patients and he follows up.
He was awful. I wouldn't go back to him or the ridiculous office he works for. I agree with Sherry's post ... He is the most egocentric arrogant doctor I've ever met. I only had to see him once for him to re-bandage a finger I sliced. I left the office, took off his bandage, re-bandaged it myself. If I needed a follow-up I would've found another doctor.
Dr. Aierstok and his nurse Caitlyn were so great and helpful. His nurse went above and beyond to help me and get me what I needed. They make a great team. Dr. Aierstok was so nice and helpful & very intelligent. I recommend this Dr for any orthopedic needs.
After a serious accident falling off a horse- 4 broken bones in my leg and 4 breaks in my ankle- Dr. Shen performed surgery and put a rod and 10 screws in my leg and ankle. My scar is minimal and after physical therapy I am thrilled with my results. He did an amazing job and I'll be riding again soon! I highly recommend him. He is amazing doctor !
I would never see him again. My left knee failed after he messed up my right knee replacement, and he told me it was all in my head. Maybe he should have just sent me somewhere else. Instead he almost crippled me. Thank God I found Dr. Stamer again.
I've seen Dr. Colman for about 10 yrs total. He did a few arthroscopes on both of my knees, followed up with total knee replacements. First one was done 12/2/08 & the 2nd on 4/12/10. Dr. Colman was very thorough explaining as to how the degenerative arthritis destroying my joints, what was involved in replacing the joints & what I could expect prior to surgery, in hospital stay and post op. My joint replacements work perfectly well. On 6/8/16 he removed several bone spurs that grew on L knee.
He is the most egocentric arrogant doctor I've ever met. He walks in the room and if you blink, you missed him. He scheduled me for hand surgery without ever examining or even touching my hand. By the time I got home, I called the office to cancel the surgery. Wouldn't go to him if he was the last doctor on earth. Went to see another doctor and felt better in less than two weeks. NO surgery. AVOID this doctor!
doctor aierstock redid my acl + bucket tears after a different doctors initial surgery and I destroyed me knee for the second time. He understood my needs as a young athlete and put me back to better condition then ever. 7 years later and many kickboxing and grappling matches later no issues. he just reconstructed my other knees acl and also fixed a lingering hip issue, again allowing me to get back to training and competition. Highly recommended.
Very caring, empathetic MD. I highly recommend him as a doctor and surgeon
Very rude.. Must have a God complex. Don't waste your time unless you are paralyzed.
Very rude. Called me an addict when I am trying to get OFF my pain meds and point blank told me I was "going to die" because I take my pain meds AS PRESCRIBED (Rx is written for prn). Accused me of being argumentative when I reminded him that most deaths from opiates are from (1) those abusing the prescription, (2) taking more than needed and (3) ask for more drugs which cause them to stop breathing. He's totally disrespectful of any pain pt! Very judgmental
Dr. Ristic was very kind, respectful, and helpful to my personal situation. He astutely diagnosed my problem correctly, which an MRI confirmed. He set me up with the proper molded cast/brace in order for my injury to heal correctly. I strongly recommend Dr. Ristic and I would not hesitate to use him in the future.
Many years ago, Dr. Tigges was the go-to, mid-Hudson surgeon for knee replacements. Now there are others equally proficient. If you're lucky, with no postop difficulties, you'll be very happy with the result; but otherwise, you'll be on your own. He is very busy, and surgeons aren't well compensated for postop care. His office doesn't respond to requests for postop appointments, beyond a month after surgery, even for a serious difficulty, as confirmed by other recent patients and by PT's.
I've had 2 surgeries(not his fault, I didn't listen and popped my internal stitches!)with Dr Ristic and absolutely LOVE him! He has great bedside manner. Being 20 years old I was terrified of my first surgery, by the next one I was a pro. He thoroughly explains everything he is looking at/what is going on/and what is going to happen. I recommend him to everyone I know and am always talking about how great my surgeon was. I work in a hospital and travel an hour 1 way to see him! Highly recommend
Went to see Dr. Kusior on a walk in visit for shoulder pain. Dr. Kusior spent time to answer all my questions and there were many in an extremely polite, professional manor. He gave me a cortisone shot and helped me on my way to recovery. Would highly recommend!
Arrogant man, get em in get em out attitude. If you expect him to answer a call himself forget it. The only person that answers his calls and returns your call is his surgical coordinator who is not even a nurse. I had read that in a previous review but figured it would be amazing OK as I'm a nurse and I could probably handle my postop OK. But I had some problems and not once did I hear back from him. I Needed my second hip done and found a different surgeon and what a better experience!!!
A doctor who has no time for his patients. Have seen him twice, doubt if I spent more than a total of 2 minutes with him. He rushes out of the room.
Dr. Tigges presents in an arrogant manner and does not put one at ease. He neither invites patient questions or responds appropriately to them.
He was rude, rushed, didn't explain an upcoming procedure. I would never go back to this Dr.
If you need a personal touch, sympathy, in order to deal with your illness or disability, look elsewhere. Ristic is a driven, focussed expert, who tries, but is no nurturer. I'd say, he knows hands in and out, and he does hear a patient and then advise. And he will change his mind to meet your wishes. As a surgeon, my bet is that he's very skilled and not too ready with the scalpel. In a specialist, better smart and expert than supportive and sweet. (Go to your PCP for heart.)
No one should use this guy !!! Not sure he knows what he is doing !!!
Dr Barbers listened to my problem with my knee. After testing he diagnosed a torn meniscus and we decided on a surgical repair. He was very professional and patient with me. My knee is great and I'm back to doing water aerobics four days a week. Thank you Dr. Barbera!
Straight forward (but not to the point of being blunt). Cordial, knowledgeable.
Knowledgeable, and cordial. Easy to work with.
Sasha Ristic told me I had a TFCC tear on imaging and that he would do arthroscopic surgery in order to debride the extra tissue, but said that he didn't think that it would likely help the pain at all. What he failed to mention is that the imaging report also had said that the wrist was subluxating/dislocating, which in fact causes the TFCC to tear, and that other doctors in the past misdiagnosed this. In fact, he then did a less effective test and redid the MRI without the dye, hiding injury.
I have an eight minute recording of him sitting across from me stating he does not do anything but hip surgical procedures, and misstated the piriformis goes from the sacrum to the ishium, when I corrected him stating it goes to the trochanter, which he adamantly denied. He added to my medical record an entire hands on exam which he didn't do, as he sat there in a chair the entire time, was rude He refused me an MRIw/dye, for a torn hip hip labrum. He couldn't find what the radiologist dx.MCB
I have had the great pleasure of being one of his patients!! He did such a great job on my elbow that I can't thank him enough! I just broke my right elbow this time and I was so very sad that I did not have the opportunity to have him again as my doctor!
He was terrible. Just flew into the room, looked at my MRI, promptly recommended surgery, and flew out before I could even speak or ask a question. He has no people skills, and seems only to care about making money. Definitely not a healer. I would avoid him like the plague.
Bring a sweater. Offices are cold, wait time long 45-90 minutes
I have seen Dr. Dentico twice. The first visit I waited for over an hour, and he saw me for 5 minutes. Second visit, same thing...he told me he recommended surgery and did not elaborate or tell me anything about my condition; I didn't want to ask him because I felt like he didn't have time for me. Horrible bedside manner.
Awful experience. My finger was injured badly. A wound. He didn't even send me for x-rays or tell me what's wrong. Just passed the buck. My finger is now even more swollen. Very unhappy.
Office staff that answers phones in poughkeepsie office does not return phone calls. even the week of surgery you may need to wait by the phone for 3 days for a call back. dr presents as uncompassionate with abrupt nature. his knowledge gets lost in his delivery.
Both my wife and I have used Doctor Perkins and both are extremely pleased with him and the results of his expertise. My wife had spinal stenosis and was operated on by him and today she is much improved. Just this past week, she and I walked half way across the mid Hudson pedestrian walkway. Before her surgery she could only walk one short block. You do not have to go to Manhattan to see a top orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Perkins is one of the best and he is right here in the Hudson Valley.
My GP sent me for a cortisone shot and Dr. Kusior sent me for x-rays (that I didn't really need) and told me that he wasn't going to give me a cortisone shot and sent me to get a custom splint that ended up breaking the day after I got it. He never even told me what was wrong. I called back due to intense pain to see if there was something else I could do and I was told to come back for more x-rays and a cortisone shot that he refused to give me just 4 days ago. Never again!
I thought Dr. Colman was fine. My problem was the office staff. When I called to schedule a 2nd appointment with Dr. Colman I was told I had a 26 dollar copay which I was not aware of. I never received a bill for it. I asked if I could pay the copay when I came in for my next appointment. Their answer was a very rude no and that I would have to pay over the phone with a credit card. I told them I don't give my credit card # over the phone. End result no appointment. I will go somewhere else.
He seems to recommend unneeded and expensive tests and wants to get out of patient room asap. With in 2 months I received: don't move your finger, get an MRI (I pushed back) okay, MRI not needed, wear a strap. Nothing. Then cortisone. Come back in 2 weeks. Nothing. Then, there is nothing I can do. I get the sense he's thinking about his investments and vacation plans when he's with his patients.
I would never recommend this doctor or this facility. The office was extremely busy & the staff was very rushed. Not one staff member smiled. The doctor was in such a rush I literally saw him for less than a full minute. He told me I couldn't break my arm that way, even after I told him I had already done it that way once before. He only glanced at my xrays, Which the urgent care doctor took. While I waited for an hour in exam room I could hear the doctors complaining about their jobs.
very knowledgeable ,and honest, good surgeon and diagnostician for my wife
I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Shen. I had been to countless Dr's before him who could not figure out what was wrong with my ankle because nothing showed on MRI. he was very thorough and ruled out other possible problems and options before surgery. I had surgery by him and I was recovering well, until a pt student retore my ligament. I am undergoing more surgery with him end of March. Great personality. Answers all questions. Very patient. Allows you to partake in ur plan of care.
Very bad Doctor
Dr Aerstok was extremely informative when I had knee problems. He will be doing surgery on my both and feel very good about him doing it.
Was horrible experience. Dr. would not take a history of problem, did not want to hear me speak, cut me off mid sentences, would not listen to the facts, negated my experiences/knowledge of my foot.I have been professional dancer, teacher, therapist over 35 years so I have very practical knowledge of how feet, esp. my feet function. He made most bizarre inaccurate diagnosis . He was sarcastic, rude and dismissive of my questions , did not take ANYTHING I had to say about my problem into account!
He is a excellent surgeon I have been seeing him for years he did a total ankle replacement on me. I would highly recommend him
Has NOT diagnosed me fully yet after 2 visits and a completely debilitating nerve test.says ,it could be this or that..actually said my pay scale prevents me from giving you more information! Really ..you probably make 3 x what I do..although a really nice guy..I probably winter back.

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