I was a new patient and it was urgent that I get an appointment soon. Luckily, my appointment was with Dr. Gilbert. I was seen within a day or two and had testing done shortly thereafter. Dr. Gilbert found a kidney stone on a Tuesday; outpatient surgery the next day. I was able to go on vacation that Saturday. I am in awe of how fast this was accomplished by Dr. Gilbert and the team at WNY Urology. This was my 1st time seeing a urologist; I didn't know what to expect. I'm very appreciative.
Dr Jung is a friendly, fellow. I went to him regarding urination problems. Rather than explore less expensive treatments, he steered me into the particular type of surgery he practices. Laser prostate surgery. Analogy: your car is running rough… You go to an honest mechanic, he says let's check the the fuel filter. Dishonest mechanic… You need an engine overhaul. I don't know about with the New York urology in general, but as far as I'm concerned with Jung, profit comes before patient welfare.
Dr. Chazen provided a procedure that enabled me to live my life more fully and without concern for incontinence issues. He and the entire staff at his office and those with whom he works at Sisters Hospital were so kind and provided excellent care.
Mark Doerr is a very capable doctor. His supporting staff is also very capable
Dr Kopp is a caring compassionate MD...He takes the time to listen and explain, He is empathetic in his responses. His urology care is top notch. The office staff is pleasant and timely
Dr chevli is the best. I have an issue called Prostatitis. It's an inflammation of the prostate. Dr chevli's Curing methods are second to none. I would say he is the very best in WNY.
I have been treated by Dr Chazen for more than ten years. First with prostate cancer then with bladder cancer. If your looking for a doctor who will sit and chat about anything other than your problems then this isn't the man for you, if your looking for a doctor who will work with you concerning your medical problems then Dr Chazen is the correct doctor. The facility is first rate and the staff are excellent and caring. This is a very busy medical facility with quality care.
Dr. Kopp is straight forward, and provides the best medical care.
Dr. Kopp is the best. He treated me for prostrate cancer and now my PSA's are 0.02. Would recommend him to anyone. Has a great personality.
Dr Gilbert located a cancerous mass on my kidney that was missed by Kenmore Mercy ER several months prior. He prevented what could have a been a very diasterous outcome for me . He has my complete confidence in medical profession.
Caring, friendly, efficient, informative and takes whatever time is needed.
Dr. Eddib is excellant. She is compassionate , humble and very knowledgable If you are lucky enough to have her as your dr. she is worth the wait it takes to get in to see her. I had a Robotic pelvic floor lift and hysterectomy.Her surgical team was excellent. and they treat their patients kindly and let you know what is happening at every step. I felt that I was in excellent hands. I trust that Dr. Eddib is going to what is best for her patients. I healed very quickly.
My first visit with Dr. Chevli was only 3 minutes long, he didn't even sit down! Before my surgery, he said about 5 words to me and left without asking if I had questions. He then didn't share results with me or my mother. The follow-up for this procedure was even more frustrating, because after I heard him rushing through other appointments through the walls, he decided to send in an assistant instead (who gave me conflicting information with the surgical report, which I had to ask to receive).
Worst experience in my 51 years. Doctor implied my pain was unwarranted & I was just seeking pain med's. Had secretary talk to me instead of himself. I was 2nd guessing myself until my bladder actually prolapsed Dr still insisted it shouldn't be painful!!! When I tried to change Doctors I was denied further treatment His ego was hurt so he made sure to hurt me. Very sad time for patients and women & care we receive.
6 years ago I had Dr.Chazen domy bladder surgery since then I have no problems. I used to get uti's at least 2 to 3 times a year since the surgery I have not had any. I have referred everyone I know to him.
Words cannot explain how wonderful this woman is. Thank you for your kindness!!!
Exceptionally competent and professional, compassionate and takes time to listen and address concerns. Quality office setting, convenient location, great staff.
Dr. Gilbert is caring, considerate, and by far, the best Urologist i have ever had to call upon for my urology problems. His staff is by far the very best, and i would absolutely give them and Dr. Gilbert far above the 5 stars possible and I cannot thank them enough for their help.
Dr Chevli is a great doctor. His office visits are extremely efficient and the doctor has minimal wait. He's very professional and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Highly recommended
very good,made me feel at ease,
This Dr treated my husband for bladder cancer. He kept doing the same thing. It wasn't working but he thought of the money more and kept doing it knowing the location made it impossible to cure the way he was doing it.I got a referral from his primary care physician for Roswell. He will be losing his bladder and kidney because this so called Dr messed around for 3 years. Run away get to Roswell for a cure before it's too late. He doesn't believe in first do no harm it's first line my pocket.
Just did. Not only because it's hard to find a female gynecologist in a urology practice, but she's a very competent and thorough physician.
My PSA has been fluctuating so we had an MRI completed to see if there were any issues. Nothing showed up from the MRI but Dr Seereiter still wants to complete a biopsy in his office anyways. He had already determined to perform the biopsy even before the MRI was completed. During the follow-up visit after the MRI he barely had time to discuss the results and options and that was after I had waited in his office a significant time. Not comfortable with this doctor or his staff.
Day after cystoscopy procedure experienced chills accompanied by fever of 102.3 as per discharge instructions from WNY Urology Assoc. called number provided at if experiencing problems at 2 PM explained my symptoms and was told to go to emergency room ! Requested that Dr. Pinski see me or send RX for additional antibiotics because I took the 2 pills provided upon discharge. Again told to go to emergency room. Asked that Dr. Pinski call me and was told she will inform him of my request. NO CALL
I would never recommend this horrible person . he don't care about people . Why would any man consent to a surgery with a scope if he is making up symptoms? No man would!! It was the only way to hopefully get better instead its worse and he said there is nothing wrong.
Very kind. Explained procedure in detail so I know what to expect. Recommend highly!
He is one GREAT doctor he added years to my long life I am sure.
Dr. Perfetto performed surgery when I complained of a slight leakage problem. I would advise anyone who is thinking of having any surgery with this provider, please get a second opinion!! After the surgery I had many complications and then had to have a SECOND repair surgery six months later to fix the problems from the first surgery. His attitude after surgery, was unconcerned and condescending.
Dr. Walter is one of the best Urologist! I'm thankful I'm a patient of his!! Sincerely, Melissa Stanton
He was absolutely terrible. He did not explain procedures & spent about 2 minutes in the exam room our first visit and afterwards when problems arose he couldn't be reached, his on call PA didn't bother calling back and the ambulatory center he works out of did not call back even after 2 calls were placed. We ended up in the ER twice, once by ambulance. I would never recommend him, WNY Urology or the ambulatory center he uses. What we went through was absolutely horrendous!!
Dr. Rambarran is a very professional, caring and compassionate provider. He easily diagnosed my condition and provided the appropriate level of care.
I am deeply impressed by the professionalism and courtesy shown by the doctor and his staff under circumstances that could easily rob a patient of their self respect and dignity. He responded to my medical needs in a timely fashion since on my first visit I was in severe pain.
Dr. Pefetto is a very sociable, kind physician. He also has a great sense of humor and is extremely easy to talk to. I honestly love my office visits with him. In fact, the entire staff at the Hamburg office is amazing. It wasn't so great learning I may have prostate cancer but so glad there is WNY Urology Associates to rely on.
Big ego without the brains to match. Worst care I've ever received and I'm not even sure you can say I received care considering he never examined my daughter which was the reason we were there. He immediately bullied us based on some personal info that wasn't relevant to our reason for the office visit and refused treatment if we didn't allow him to unnecessarily Medicate our young daughter without a diagnosis.
Dr.Skomra was a very caring and attentive doctor. He helped me with many health issues. I feel much better.
I have been seeing this doctor for years and have been dealing with a fluctuating PSA number. He has recommended a biopsy with the caveat that he doesn't think anything is wrong but wanted to be sure and thought we could use the current PSA reading as a baseline if the result of the biopsy was negative. I hesitate to have this done because of the potential for complications and because I would like to exhaust all other options. Seereiter will not even call me himself to discuss this important
Dr. White is a very knowledgable,up front, doctor, who takes time to listen, and prescribe the best for his patients. Would highly recommend Dr. White to family and friends alike.
Dr. Skomra is outstanding. He is so professional, honest, and knowledgeable. He explains everything clearly and completely. He shows concern and care, and focuses directly on the specific health issues. I strongly recommend Dr. Skomra.
He is kind and treats you like a close family friend. He is very through in his examinations and follows thru with appropriate medical procedures and guidance. He always explains where your at and where you are going with treatments and diagnosis. Excellent Doctor in all regards.
I'm very pleased with his overall handling of my case. Answered all questions with ease and made me Feel better after our meeting. Great personality and bedside manor made feel better about my condition after our visit was complete
I have never encountered a more rude, cold, or dismissive doctor. After a cursory exam, discussion was frustrating. You look to a physician who provides options and helps you make decisions. In my case, I didn't feel that I was being heard, or that my concerns were adequately addressed.
The most arrogant unprofessional office visit I've ever experienced in my entire life. Dr. Perfetto did not want to hear anything about my other doctors findings as they contradicted his. Because of that disregarded other reasons for my office visit.
Whether you are young or old, male or female, the urologists at Western New York Urology Associates (WNYUA) can help you. We can treat virtually any urologic condition, disorder, or disease and our physicians specialize in the treatment of prostate cancer, elevated PSA, impotence, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, urine leakage, and kidney stones. Spanish

Bladder Surgery
Cystourethroscopy And Transurethral Resection Of Bladder Neck
Turp (Transurethral Resection Of Prostate) Or Laser Destruction Of Prostate
Urinary Stone Removal (Litholapaxy)
Kidney Stone Removal, Closed
Kidney Surgery
Incontinence Sling Procedure
Kidney And Ureter Removal
Renal Transplant And Nephrectomy
Urethral Dilation
Varicocelectomy Or Hydrocelectomy
Complex Penile Surgery
Laparoscopic Surgical Procedure
Lymph Node Biopsy Or Excision
Vaginal Surgery
Percutaneous Destruction Of Kidney Lesion
Prostate Removal
Wound Repair
Abscess Or Fluid Incision And Drainage
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Orchiopexy For Undescended Testicle
Vasectomy Reversal
Pelvic Exenteration (For: Gynecologic, Urinary, Or Colorectal Malignancy)
Kidney Stone Removal
Prostatectomy With Robotic Assistance
Destruction Or Excision Of Vaginal Lesions
Penile Implants
Excision Of Testicular Lesion
Incomplete Circumcision Repair
Partial Nephrectomy With Robotic Assistance
Complete Nephrectomy With Robotic Assistance
Laparoscopic Destruction Of Kidney Lesion
Prostate Cancer Screening Exam (Dre)
Ureteroneocystostomy With Robotic Assistance
Abdominal Hysterectomy With Robotic Assistance
Adrenalectomy With Robotic Assistance
Arterial Blood Gas Test (Abg)
Birth Control
Bladder Repair Surgery
Colon And Rectal Surgery
Colpopexy With Robotic Assistance
Destruction Or Excision Of Lesion Of Cervix (Incl. Leep)
Dilation And Curettage
Electronic Shock Wave Lithotripsy
Endocervical Curettage
Excision, Shaving, Or Destruction Of Skin And Subcutaneous Tissue (Incl. Mohs Micrographic Surgery), Tissue Transfer
Hepatitis Screening
Hysterectomy - Laparoscopic
Hysterectomy - Open
Incision And Removal Of Foreign Object
Laparoscopic Excision Or Destruction Of Ovary With Robotic Assistance
Laparoscopic Nephrectomy
Laparoscopic Vaginal Hysterectomy With Robotic Assistance
Lymphadenectomy With Robotic Assistance
Myomectomy - Open And-Or Laparoscopic
Pregnancy Test
Prostate Procedures
Prostate Surgery
Puncture Aspiration
Radical Prostate Removal
Removal Of Reproductive Organs (Hysterectomy, Oophorectomy, Salpingectomy, Salpingo-Oophorectomy, Resection Of Peritoneal Malignancy)
Rh Incompatibility Screening
Salpingo-Oophorectomy With Robotic Assistance
Sexually Transmitted Infections Screening
Thyroid Screening
Ureteroscopic Lithotripsy
Urological Surgery
Urology Procedure
Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (Vbac)
Vaginal Delivery And Vbac
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