I recently saw him for the first time because he took over for my retired doctor. I find him to be a young physician with an old physician demeanor - which i like. He seems smart, kind, thorough, yet easy going. I'm hoping it will be a good mix
>he seems SO NICE at first....but then, watch out---he is WAY too strict....he is VERY nice, until you can't follow every single direction he gives you...then he turns on you....not cool at all...he bevcomes very, overly-demanding & cold-hearted....very disappointed
Man has given me a new lease on life, I was a medical nightmare. He has taken such good care of me.
Terrific Doctor! Saved my husbands life when his last primary just blew him off. He is caring, thorough and compassionate. Thank you Dr. Rotella!
The staff is rude, demeaning, insubordinate, uncaring, inaccurate.
Dr. Rotella is amazing. He will anewer all of your questions and goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. Dr. Liepke wouldn't listen to my son for 6mos and told my son he was crazy. Dr. Rotella diagnosed my son immediately and had him seeing a neurosurgeon in 6 days. He's polite, kind and he truly cares.
Not recommend... Very poor

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Fulton Health Center
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