Goes above and beyond
I am very happy to have found Dr. Altesman. He shows great compassion and always has a great story to tell. He gives you 100%.
Dr. Altesman has been my doctor for 1-1/2 years and I have not had a more professional attentive physician for my care prior to him. He is very thorough in how he approaches my care. He is concerned about my overall health, interaction of my medications and my overall well bearing. I would recommend Dr. Altesman to my friends and family members without any reservations.
I have never found someone as unprofessional in the medical field as Jennifer McKenna or her staff. Avoid at all costs. Be prepared to make dozens of calls to ever get any prescriptions filled every single time you need one filled. Don't make the same mistake I did.
Dr. Altesman is attentive and patient. He is a very good listener and has offered me encouragement throughout my recovery.
Finally a doctor who got it right! I have already recommended this doctor.
This is the worst, most uncaring doctor I have ever come in contact with. My son suffers from anxiety and depression and Dr. Altesman refused to treat him. We went to him because he accepted our insurance. Run as fast as you can away from this man. The worst doctor on earth.
This doctor is arrogant and condescending, does not appear to have any concern for his patients and recklessly prescribes medicine without fully diagnosing his patients or informing about side effects and potential withdrawal syndrome. I asked him several times about side effects and how to stop taking medicine and all he did was make the same stupid joke about "sex, drugs and rock and roll." He loves to crack himself up, but has no business prescribing medicine or treating patients.
He's a very nice Dr... Listens to what I have to say... Very understanding... He has a Great personalty as a doctor and that's hard to come by.
Dr Haberman is my favorite doctor EVER! He's all around awesome
I met Amy when I was 16 and have worked with her on and off for the past 6 years. She is very understanding, listens carefully and provides insightful advice and also direction. I am very grateful I was paired with her in a time of my life where I desperately needed someone to talk to. She has always showed compassion and concern and has made herself available if I was going through a rough time. She is the sole reason I believe therapy works, it's about finding someone you click with.
Dr. Altesman is condescending and uncaring. It's all about the 5 minute appointment spent looking at his laptop, and you're out the door. Look elsewhere.
Highly recommend Jon. He is totally dedicated and knows how to get to root of problems I have seen other therapists in past, but Mr Meyer was the most helpful therapist by far
Like the other review here I have found Ms McKenna to be completely unresponsive. My wife called for nearly a week to get a prescription refill for my son with no response. I went to the office to try to talk to prescription filled. Office said she is busy and cannot do anything so they will leave a message which again went unanswered. Beyond unprofessional. Complete and total and improper prescription which is a narcotic that I now need to find a "real" doctor to help get my son off of meds
I have called and left 3 messages for Jennifer to return my call concerning my daughter who is a patient of hers. I never received a phone call back. Beyond unprofessional. Complete and total misdiagnosis and improper prescription.
All this guy wants is money. I was 2 minutes late for my appointment and he left for the day even after I called and said I would be a few minutes late. So I was out of my meds and he had the audacity to charge me for a missed appointment. He does this care about his patients. He refused to see a frind of mine because of an unpaid balance...14 bucks to me exact! He's a greedy money hungry selfish alternate first name of his. He should be ashamed of himself. Helps no one but himself!!
If it's not your appointment time you're not his concern. Doesn't follow-up with lab results.
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