Dr. Steve Manzon is by far the best Oral Surgeon in the New York City. He is very patient and very comforting. He explains what he is going to do and leaves no room for doubt. His equipment is truly amazing and completely up to date. He is the only Oral Surgeon I would only use. He is also an anesthesiologist which is great because I have a fear of dentistry. He completely eliminates my fear. He is definitely the absolute BEST!!!
Can't say enough good things about Dr Manzon. He extracted a tooth that did not fully erupt for my 7 year old and made the whole process as smooth and stress free as it can possibly be. Not only he explained everything to us and her in detail, he was also patient and gentle. Dr. Manzon did not rush and made himself available to answer all questions we had. He also followed up after the procedure. Office staff was also friendly and helpful. Highly recommend him to anyone!
hes hilarious! Dr.Johnson and his staff made me feel really comfortable.
I've been going to Dr. Manzon a few years now. I think he's great. I really like how gentle and patient he is with me and I complain about everything because obviously, if i need to go to him, it's not supposed to be pleasant. Yet somehow, I leave feeling pleasant. He listens to my complaints about other dentists and he chuckles at me. He's very, very nice. Thank you Dr. Manzon
I went to the oral and maxillofacial surgery ocean parkway. First of all it reminded me of a run down old institutional building from the 80's. The staff wasn't very welcoming, except for the last secretary I saw. DR. Manson was not at all warm, informative or reassuring. He didn't explain anything and seemed annoyed that i was nervous. The procedure was quick and without complication, but i would say find another oral surgeon.
Prior to the start of the right wisdom tooth extraction, he comes in saying "did you pay for the new x-rays?" Did not introduce himself. I wouldn't have even known his name had I not read the prescription label. Not comforting. My jaw is in pain a week after the procedure which might or might not be normal. It didn't feel this painful the last time I had my left side's wisdom teeth removed. Does not speak with you after the procedures. Just terrible bedside manner. Only cares about the money.
Worst oral surgeon out there. Rude and short tempered. Got infected twice, both times came back and he said I was fine and there was nothing he could do. Obviously not fine if the infection keeps coming back.
I would not go back into that office .. period. Avoid if possible... Unless you enjoy abuse and pain.
Very suprised ! I was suggested to see .Dr.Manzon and i was told he is good one but didn't help about . Not intelligent Dr. Does not understand patients. Is the first doctor in U.S that i have seen till now, who told the first thing when he met me , was the cost of procedure. even I have insurance ,but cover partially.
I went there he took out out a Instrument I said gone do with that he said what you think eat cereal than than I think he said check tooth I said no he said goodbye than I try to make a another Appointment with a another at that office than I do than lady called and says doctor Norman Johnson worker tells can't see a another doctor nether him hey basely they kicked me out my mom was crying we spoke to them than still give us another chance even she called still no chance very bad Denist
He uses his explosive temper to cover up his mistakes. Very unprofessional and insulting. Does not keep track on the patient he has loses time. I find Dr. Johnson violent in nature. Considering reporting him to American Dental Society. Assistance are clumsy and unprofessional. Low end treatment.
Not sure why there are so many negative comments on here addressed towards this doctor and I usually don't write reviews but will in this case. I have been treated by him several times when he extracted my wisdom teeth and both my mother and father had some work done by Dr. Manzon.. He did an amazing job placing my mothers implants. If you are looking for a great oral surgeon I would highly recommend him, he seems to be the type of person to respect those who are respectful to him.
Excellent bedside manner. My tooth extraction was quickly done and very little pain. After the extraction, I followed his instructions and had no pain or swelling. Job well done!
Most disgusting doctor (and I use that term loosely) I've ever been to. The wait sucked, but I always expect that. Steve Manzon was rude, very short-tempered with the staff, and even spoke to me like I was an employee. I simply came for an extraction and he acted like I was asking for something beyond his capabilities. I will NEVER return to this place. I ended up leaving because I would never allow someone so callous to be responsible for my health and well-being. I left without treatment.
Not a good one. Got an infection
reassured me helped me stay calm. Fast clean. Very positive experience
Calm, caring, knowledgeable, kind, experienced. Bedside manner couldn't have been better when I was very unwell and very scared. Called my doctors and followed up himself with me and my other doctors. Talented and generous. I am lucky to have him there when I was in need of very specialized assessment and treatment.
I had dental surgery done in 2013 and everything was explained to me perfectly. I literally think this guy is a genius. I recovered perfectly also he made you feel like family. His office was beautiful and clean also his team was just as friendly and competent like him.

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