I've been a patient of Dr. Michilli for over 10 years. 5 years ago, I left the Bronx and relocated to Manhattan-but retained Dr. Michilli as my primary care physician-for good reason: he's proficient, knowledgeable, honest and compassionate. He doesn't wait a week or even a couple of days to call with lab results: he calls the very NEXT morning with a thorough report of findings! I'd travel much further for the quality care he and his dedicated staff provide!
A wonderful doctor who is patient and courteous. Hi is glad to discuss anything and everything with you. His bedside manner is even and extremely friendly. His office staff is equally as professional and helpful. I like to call them my medical friends. Exceptional situation all the way around. If the doctor says he will call you HE REALLY does!!
Dr. Michilli is charming and fine until he deems his patient overly needy, in which case, his charm gives way to a much more unpleasant personality. He's overwhelmed with work and patients, and so he always seems in a hurry. Recently, I had an hour and a half wait, an example of him deeming me needy. In short, he needs to learn to treat elderly patients with more kindness and patience. This is a doctor I would NOT EVER recommend.
My husband & I have both been patients of Dr. Michelli's for many years. We've been in the care of many doctors in the past but, by far, Dr. Michelli has been one of the best doctors we've could ever been blessed to have! The comfort alone of being able to reach him quickly in an emergency is a gift & we've always found him to be most pleasant, professional, patient, helpful & comforting. His office staff is always courteous, friendly & helpful too. Rarely today do you see that quality!
He is a fantastic doctor. He explains everything and he also listens. He contacts you the next day with your results, and he is very professional.
Dr Michilli is truly a gem. He possesses the two most important factors that a patient looks for, skilled knowledged physician and a winning personality!
Dr. Michilli is very efficient, professional, and has great bedside manner.
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