Dr. Hsue is an excellent doctor and gave me a lot of good advice. She strikes me as being extremely competent and was never in a hurry. She asked several times if I had more questions.
When my own dr didn't " remember ?" Seeing me the week before but had told me my scan showed pneumonia and she still never prescribed anything for it- just referred me to different specialists- guess I wasn't too important to her.
Best doctor I've ever had. She listens to her patients and appears to care about the patient's feelings and input. She never appeared to be in a hurry, as most doctors are and always treated me as a priority.
great doctor
He's not a big talker, but answers questions well. Takes good care of me.
After asking for an apt for a wellness exam & being told Dr Matthew was filling in for my primary- I was given an appt. After telling the nurse my family history- again- Dr?? Matthew came in the exam room where I had been waiting 45 min & told me he had only done 2 wellness exams before! He never even checked my heartbeat- all he did was read ?s from a couple pages-& told me I should get my pneumonia shot? He never listened to my ?s or concerns-any 6th grader could do what he did.
Dr. Szabo is the most dedicated care provider I've dealt with. He's extremely knowledgeable, caring, and thorough. It is Lourdes loss to have let him go. I intend to follow him since I have utmost faith and confidence in him.
I would be pleased to recommend Dr. Szabo to any and all of my friends and family, but as he is no longer with Lourdes Hospital, and no one will say what the reason for his leaving was I can't. If I could fin d him I would gladly want him as my physician. I am sure he left, not for something did wrong, more likely nit was because of the way hospital policy is.
My only concern is that he is nearing retirement age.
Dr. Szabo is the most amazing doctor I've ever had. He is the type of doctor I've been looking for many years. Dr. Szabo has a unwavering caring for his patients. I completely trust him with my health care. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Szabo. Lourdes Hospital is lucky to have him. I pray he stays with you for years to come.

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