Dr. Rigolosi is one of the best doctors I have ever seen. I am 87 and have seen many, including Duke Medical Center.. It's refeshing to find a knowledgable, professional, caring and communititive Dr. who explained my issues & alternatives. I left his office feeling uplifted and hopeful. He is great and I don't give compliments casually. His office staff was most pleasant too.. so there!
AWFUL - Dr Whalen has totally awful bedside manner. Overheard him 'yelling' at a pt in the next room about being tardy. I'm in pain and because I wasn't screaming at his tests he assumed I was faking. I get that some patients are drug seekers and that's exactly how I felt I was being treated. I had to request an MRI (isn't that his job). Had results sent to my PCP and he called me with the results (new compression fracture L-3). Seeking a different Orthopedic because I won't go back.
I have been seeing Dr. Scordino for over 18 months for wrist problems. Each time I see her she exhibits professionalism, and a sincere desire to make me comfortable. She never rushes through my appointments, takes all the time I need and always answers my questions and concerns. This doctor does not disappoint.
Dr. Rigolosi is the most caring Dr. I have ever experienced. He takes the time to listen to your concerns even when you know he is busy. He is gentle and makes you feel comfortable.
I think he is the best!!! I have nothing but good to say abut Dr Whalen. I had Dr Whalen for both my surgeries and was able to get up the next day and walk had no in patient therapy I did great after both my surgeries. Well mannered remembers you.i will keep him as my Dr. My sister has him,my brother has him.
Extremely professional, knowledgeable, informative and very caring. Spends significant amount of time with the patient, and answers questions and concerns in a clear and concise manner. Very patient and always willing to review his upcoming procedures and what is involved in his prescribed treatments.
I went to Dr Rigolosi for a 2nd opinion. Prior doctor offered no definitive plan after two consults and a MRI. Dr. Rigolosi took the time to go over MRI and offer different treatment options in a clear manner. He also arranged a shot treatment for the next day so my upcoming trip to N.C. might be pain free. Dr.Rigolosi was recommended by a good friend and I highly concur.
She was very considerate, listened to all of my needs and provided affective solutions to my injuries. Thank you so much, Dr. Scordino!!!
Very kind and supportive. Explains everything in detail and makes you comfortable.
Dr. Rigolosi is a pretty nice guy, and seems to sufficiently know his stuff. But his staff, specifically Antionette, make seeing this Doctor an unpleasant experience as they are rude and act as if patients are a bother to them. There are plenty of Doctors to go where you can have an overall better experience-thats what I did and am much happier for it!
Dr. Rigolosi is a highly skilled, knowlegible Doctor with a kind bedside manner. He makes you feel very relaxed. He explains the procedure that he is going to preform in terms that you will understand. He cares about whether his patient will feel any discomfort. Dr. Rigolosi should be your choice for a Pain Management physician.
The man should not be practicing medicine - period !!!
Amazing and caring! His staff are polite and professional.
I absolutely love this Doctor!!!! I have an excess of multiple problems that he and others at this office have addressed and completely satisfies me in my pain management. Back, neck surgeries, two full knee replacements and possibly (hoping to avoid) future neck and back surgeries, and a shoulder replacement. the Drs have done phaniminal by me and my pain management by Dr Buttaci is in my opinion the best that can be done! I refuse to go to any one else. Deb K.
Had Total hip replacement 2 weeks ago and couldn't be happier. No pain from surgery just stiff muscles. Dr. Katz is the best from beginning to end!
I had a total knee replacement in Feb 2017 performed by Dr Fletcher and his team. I could not be more pleased with the process and the results. I was up and walking(with a standard walker) within 2 hours after the surgery. I was walking without any assistance within 1 week and returned to playing golf week 10 following surgery. I would highly recommend Dr Fletcher and his team. One key recommendation be diligent following the Physical Therapy program.
Dr. Kaback operated on my husbands shoulder, not once but twice. He missed the fact that my husband had much more than a torn rotator. We ended up at the Bone and joint center for a third surgery. If we knew then what we know now, we would have gone to Dr. Das from the beginning. Get a second opinion people and save yourself the heartache and 18 months of agony.
We are so thankful that Dr. Kaback performed surgery, under extremely difficult circumstances, on our Aunt. Beyond his remarkable surgical skills, Dr. Kaback's upbeat personality reassured both the nervous patient and family members - prior to and after surgery. His Physician's Assistant, Nomi Klein, is a gentle, kind and compassionate professional. Her medical skills and understanding of patient needs are amazing. Both are very adept at explaining things, listening and answering everything.
Dr. C has performed TKR on both my knees. Excellent surgeon. His staff is also the best. I would not hesitate to see Dr. C again.
It took months to get an appointment. When I finally saw Dr. Buttaci, he was rushed due to some event that had caused him to run behind. He did not examine me other than to have me raise a foot; he said "if you really really want it you can have an x-ray", which I declined as he indicated no interest in having me do so. He prescribed PT with no diagnosis other than "back and hip pain". He mentioned injections but with no diagnosis, why would anyone want an injection? I wasted months.
The best Orthopedic surgeon I have ever been too.I am an RN and had 2 knees replaced a year apart.A very down to earth no drama approach to planning my surgery.Also Dr C's Physicans assistant is excellent.It's not easy going through knee replacement and Dr.C and staff are very supportive.
I have had excellent experience with Dr Abraham. He is always on point and I trust him completely. I had a total hip replacement 5 years ago and have had not one problem after the operation to this day. I am happy Dr Abraham is my doctor.
Dr. Dixon was the third doctor I saw. He listened to me, set forth a course of action, and finally I found relief for my pain.
He did work on my left shoulder and did a great job it turned out great. no more pain.
Dr. Abraham told me in 10 minutes what was wrong, showed me the x-rays and explained my issue. No other MD has been able to tell me anything in 3yrs. Thank God for Dr. Abraham! Granted, I had to wait 2 months to get an initial appt and I lost confidence that any MD could/would help me but once I met Dr. Abraham, that all changed. Very professional, personable, knowledgeable and looked me in the eye when he spoke. I have already recommended him to a family member. Love this MD!
Dr DeCamp did my surgery... carpel tunnel and sequel veins roughly 6 years ago. Since then I have started having issues.... tendon issues, bubbles in the skin near where he did my surgery. A month ago he tells me too wear a brace a night if it bothers me and do hand excersizes. Yesterday he tells me after spraining it and hurting the tendons wearing the brace is bad and because I have no PT visits due to insurance he can't do anything. He didn't even TRY to see what's really wrong!
Dr. Fletcher is a good surgeon, as long as nothing goes wrong after the surgery. If it does, I suggest going to your primary, Doctor Fletcher only wants to see you if his work is perfect. Also, after surgery, you won't see Dr Fletcher again. You will see his PA. With all the great doctors out there, do your homework before you sign up for surgery.
Knee replacement done excellent job he explains everything I have recommended him to my friends.
Worst bedside manner. Just cares about cutting as a surgeon.
Dr. Byrt was generally terse and arrogant. He misread my chart at a post op appointment which would likely have resulted in immediate reinjury. If not for his poor bedside manner, I would normally understand mistakes as everyone is human, but if you are so arrogant, you better be right 100% of the time.
Dr. Quade was my son's doctor first. Then when I need orthopedic assistance, he did l& R carpeltunnel on my wrist and they have been pain free, ever since. Due to numbers of work related injuries, both L & R shoulders and my R knee. He has wonderful bed side manner.
I am extremely happy with my surgery and recuperation, I thought Dr. Congiusta was very through in everything he did before surgery and after. His staff called every week after the surgery just to check on my recovery and wanted to know if I had any questions. I liked him very much and I would recommend him to anyone who needs an ortho doctor.
I had rotator cuff surgery by Dr. Kaback on April 12 and had virtually no pain after 2 days. By three months I am as good as new. Not only a great surgeon, but he has a great bedside manner, and a good sense of humor.
Dr. Katz is an excellent surgeon. I had a Total (L) Hip Replacement. I chose Dr. Katz because of his expertise and his abilities. He is very direct and to the point. More importantly, he is an extremely skilled surgeon. I would highly recommend him.
He is experienced and easy to talk to.l He informed me I needed a total hip replacement and it was scheduled quite quickly. I went in on a Friday and came home the very next day. I had no pain at all after surgery and by three weeks I was not using crutches or canes or walkers. I never even was black and blue. He did a fantastic job and if I need anything else like hips or knees I will definitely go back to Dr. Katz.
Dr. John Kavanaugh fused my right ankle and gave me back an active, healthy, lifestyle. He has given me flexibility, dignity, and NO MORE PAIN. I highly recommend him for any surgery. I did a lot of research of doctors before I had my surgery and Dr. Kavanaugh is by far the absolute very best at what he does.
Charles Buttachi was one of the rudist, degrading and humiliating doctors I have had, later got additional imaging for further surgical injuries beyond what was already found, which he began to diminish and deny rather than offer medical assistance. He told me no one is in that much pain while just walking..sitting - excruciating. He refused me further tests for hip labrum tears found. I was in that much pain ChuckButt. and much more. Indifferent,cruel, discrimontory. Others agree below.
Doctor Fletcher replaced my hip several years ago (I was 65) and it was a great experience. There were just two small incisions and I was out of the Hospital the next day. I was up and walking within the week and playing golf in a few months. I have no residual problems and it seems as if it was never done. I would highly recommend Doctor Fletcher. I have recommended Doctor to a number of my friends who are considering having surgery.
I have previously had Cortisone in my right knee in the past. Dr. Conguista is a terrific doctor who gave me cortisone shots in both knees. With all of the pain I have in other parts of my body, I can now walk pain free in reference to my knees! THANK YOU DR. CONGIUSTA! And I might add that my husband could not be happier with his knee replacement that Dr. Congiusta preformed in 2014! Thank you from both of us!
Waited for ages, saw him for maybe 5 minutes total. Didn't even review my information, not even my medications. I was asked for info 3x (at check in, forms, then asked again by nurse) and he didn't bother to look at any of it or at referral. It was like being on a conveyor belt: he is interested in checking off appt, barely even pays attention to or examines patient. Would not recommend if you are in need of medical treatment.
I'd recommend him to anyone! Took time to hear my concerns and opinions and worked with me to pick a surgical option we both agreed on. He went above and beyond to research my unusual issue. I couldn't be more pleased!
I had a cyst in my left wrist that developed after breaking my wrist four years prior. Not even two weeks after he removed it, I had more movement and functioning in my wrist than I had in the past four years. Dr. Goldstock is absolutely amazing. I cannot thank him enough for the work he did. My wrist is as good as new.
Dr Fletcher is an excellent surgeon, he replaced my hip a few yrs ago and I recommended him to my sister-in-law who is very happy with him also. I have an app't with him this morning for a recheck.
Very thorough. Explained EVERYTHING to me in regards to my nonunion of a previous bunion surgery. Personally called when I had further questions in regard to the surgery. Very cautious and explained the reasoning behind being cautious during the post op period. I would highly recommend him.
Arrived for my scheduled appointment (Made 6 weeks ago) and was told when I arrived that the doctor was running 1-1/2- 2 hours behind. This is the third time this has happened to me with this office. Apparently my time is not important enough to warrant a call to give me an option to cancel & reschedule without having to leave work and lose 2-1/2 hours of pay. I will now change doctor/group as this reoccurring issue is not acceptable. I have waited in the past and the 1-1/2 hours ended up be
He has bad bed side manners & if you still have problems after the carpal tunnel surgery he will not look into what other issue's can be causing you the pain.
Very easy to talk to answers all questions never rushes you
Very matter of fact , speaks at patient level , explains everything pro and con
I have been to see Dr. Dixon twice over year. Was very impressed that he had actually read my MRI and found a torn tendon that my orthopedic doctor in Plattsburgh did not see and if he did he never discussed it with me. Dr. Dixon described my ankle problem and actually told me that my Achellis was not the problem but this tendon on the other side of my ankle. thanks to Marty, Darian, Patrick, and Omar who took care of me.
He struck me as a confident, honest, caring physician. My first impression was right. He helped me completely understand my shoulder issue. He exerted no pressure, he laid out the facts and options. He was awesome. Great sense of humor and couldn't have been nicer.
Dr. Fletcher did a direct anterior approach total hip replacement on me. My only complaint- I never got to experience anything! I remember bending for the epidural and then waking up in recovery. My hip feels great- well as great as it should right after surgery. And spent one night in the hospital, passed OT and PT with flying colors and was headed out the door by 10am. Would recommend Dr. Fletcher to anybody
I had a partial knee replacement and a hip replacement both done by Dr. Quade in 2015. Found him to be extemely kind and very knowledgeable regarding what to expect before and after my surgeries. He explained everything in terms that you could understand. Would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a totally competent, compassionate surgeon.
Very well knowledgeable and very through and professional
Dr. Montgomery is fantastic and fixed my L5-S1 problem that I created backpacking in the high peaks. It was the downhill return with a pack that did me in. It has been four years to the month and I promptly returned to my daily jogging, hiking and occasional backpacking which continues today. Later this month I will hit 65 and go on Medicare. I hope if I ever need him again, I can get him. As good of a surgical experience as possible.
Very compassionate, takes time to listen. I found him to be very honest and encouraging in every step before surgery, in recovery and post surgery. I have recommended him to others.
Dr. Abraham told me not to come back till I can't stand it. I did not understand exactly what my problem is. I've never been in the waiting room when there were not people complaining that they had been there for more than 2 hours waiting. I went back for a follow-up, first patient of the day, waited 1h 45min and was told, he isn't in the building yet. So I gave up. I see one of his PAs for cortisone shots. He is on time and friendly.
Despite not giving me any kind of exam or real evaluation, he wrote up findings (diagnoses, prognosis, etc)... because he used information from my carrier's IME report. He's supposed to be my doctor, not the carrier's doctor. If I could describe him in a word, it'd be indifferent. Dr. Buttaci seemed completely indifferent to treating me or that I am in so much pain. That's just two of my reasons, I have a couple more too.
I saw Len Goldstock for both rotator cuff/bicep tendon surgery as well as cubital carpal tunnel surgery. Outstanding doctor and surgeon. Some might consider him a bit arrogant, but when you are that good, it's not arrogance.
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