Dr. Hayes did not even introduce himself when he walked into the exam room. He was not willing to listen to what I had to say, often dismissing me before I'd finished. I had to interrupt him several times to correct his misconceptions.
I was seen after getting an MRI and Dr. Dolan didn't provide any information of value. However, he suggested I go to a pain doctor. I'm not in so much pain that I need to get pain injections. Very poor advise on behalf of Dr. Dola.
I was referred to Dr. Fyda by my Physical Therapy group. He diagnosed me with a torn rotator cuff and suggested surgery. I was so happy with the results. I have full use of my shoulder now. His staff is the best. I always felt as if I was the most important patient they had that day. Thank you Dr. Fyda.
Had hip replacement surgery that left me with a 1" leg length discrepancy. Dr. Mullins lied to me for 3 months telling me it was my imagination and then that it was a very small difference. Got a second opinion and was told the neck of the implant was to long and the implant was sitting up to high. The last time I saw him he told me he used the smallest part he had. I needed to have my shoe built up and get on with my life. I had to have the surgery redone. He took a year of my life. VERY BAD
I was diagnosed with "frozen shoulder" by Dr Fyda several weeks ago. I credit Dr Fyda with the diagnosis and treatment for my miraculously fast recovery. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Fyda or the entire unbelievably cheery, patient-oriented staff at Great Basin Orthopaedics to anyone.
impossible to make appointment in less than 3-4 weeks out even though mentioned great pain and very hard time walking. Nurse doesn't call back after leaving few messages. would not recommend unless its a leisure appointment, just for fun, not for pain or health issues.
long wait in the office.
My daughter had knee surgery last week. We feel so blessed to have gotten Dr. Mullins for her Doctor. He did an amazing job, was kind, easy to understand, and just a great Dr. and person. The entire office is great! So glad we got them!!! They helped my daughter out tremendously! Go see them, they are great, good bedside manner and funny too.
Rude staff....long wait..and doctor barley spoke to me..still have no diagnosis and this is after 3 visits....I don't recomend...
Outstanding care and results
The staff in this office is the worst I've ever dealt with. They speak to you like you owe them everything for them even speaking to you. Extremely condescending and full of attitude. Once I got in to the room I waited an hour for the doctor, which I sort of understand because I was added in to the schedule, but then the doctor literally looked at me for a minute and then left. I ended up going to a different doctor where I felt respected and valued. I would stay away if you have a choice.
Dr Dickens is very caring. I had an infection that needed medical care. He cared enough to consult another doctor in his office to figure the proper treatment. I highly recommend his office.
Dr Hayes is an amazing doctor. I had a finger infection that required surgery. He was caring and professional. The required surgery was prompt, and my care afterwards was excellent. He truly cares about his patients.
Dr. Mullins did nothing. He left the splint on from ER, said it was good enough.Finger emerged very distorted. He then grabbed my recently broken finger and twisted it so hard it brought tears to my eyes. Then he belittled me for reacting in pain.Said I'd never be better if I was such a baby! He was rude and basically cruel. My misshapen finger still a painful mess. He was worse than worthless. He Still was paid over $400 from my insurance! Don't go to him! NO stars from me! Terrible experience!
The MA was very young and did not know her job. I was being seen for broken arm and was in a splint. She came in saying they needed to X-ray my arm and then asked me to remove the splint. I only could use one hand and could not remove it.She was very rude and really had no idea how to remove the splint. I had to explain how it was done. Fortunately, the X-ray techs were great. Dr Hayes spent maybe 5 minutes with me and said practically nothing. I would never recommend this practice.
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