Dr. Shon is ignorant-lacking knowledge and awareness in general, self-pleasing and inconsiderate-thoughtlessly causing hurt.
Dr. Shon is a easygoing mental health professional who truly has your best interest for the best care.
I have been seeing Dr. Steven Shon for treatment of Schizophrenia and panic attacks. My personal experience with Dr. Shon has been professional and beneficial. Dr. Shon doesn't prescribe medication if there is any chance that less is more. I have been really happy with Dr. Shon's care and helpfulness and genuine compassion for my mental wellbeing. I can completely recommend Dr. Shon to anyone seeking quality mental health care.
I saw Dr. Still for 3 years before moving away. He is smart and knowledgeable and I miss his expertise.
Excellent doctor. Caring bedside manner. Always has my best interest in mind. Has been extremely thorough and helpful in treating my bi-polar disease and PTSD Have been seeing him for five years.
I have been a patient Harmony Healthcare for nine and a half years and out of those nine and a half years I've seen 8 psychiatrist. Dr. Shon is the last one that I saw he took me off benzos 8 weeks now and I don't feel well at all Suicidal Thoughts, negative thoughts, anxiety, stomach problems, sweating sleeping problems. I'm trying to see a new doctor but harmony healthcare does not provide constant care of doctors thy leave and leave you fending for yourself. I would not recommend dr. Shon.
I'm diagnosed with bipolar disorder and ADHD by Dr Shon's colleague at Harmony Healthcare. Due to my Dr leaving I had my first appointment with Dr Shon today. While trying to explain symptoms I have been experiencing Dr Shon repeatedly interrupted me. I felt attacked &frustrated. He kept arguing with me, telling me that my symptoms didn't indicate bipolar or ADHD, however, when I voiced concerns of side effects of Stratttera he disregarded & increased dosage. Didn't even address my bipolar! Bad!
I have been seeing dr shon for 3yrs he is always on time prompt and thankfully listens to my feelings about not taking meds I dont feel comfortable taking and doesnt try to over prescribe meds thankfully. He is honest and the first dr i have found that is genuine kind and I feel comfortable going to great dr and I would highly recomend to anyone who seeks proper care and an honest dr
Terrible doctor. He had his students review me and had not paid attention to what I said. I would prefer you save your money before you see a doctor who dosnt even have a caring heart. He treats his clients with 0 respect
Dr. Still does not listen, there are several great Dr.s around town. He said my 12 year old was depressed due to my divorce. Even though I said no something else is going on he didn't listen and put her on Prozac, which made her suicidal and start cutting herself. I switched Doctors and she was diagnosed with Asperger's right away and now is thriving. I would suggest looking elsewhere than Harmony.
Dr. Still is so caring, so understanding. I was having an emergency with my son and he saw my son right away and helped us out.
Dr. Still was the only Psychiatrist that I saw who was able to diagnose and treat me for Bi-Polar. He was patient in telling me things when I had questions as well as very knowledgeable. I highly rate him as a Psychiatrist. He saved my life.
If it were possible, I would rate my experience with Dr. Still ZERO stars. I was scheduled for a refill and there were clients being called before me even those who came in much later than I did. Eventually, I grew tired of waiting after several clients later and asked the receptionist when he was going to see me. She informed me that he left the building and therefore unable to see me. Ridiculous. I was SCHEDULED. I left without proper medication.
My experience is not good. I have to go to Harmony Healthcare because I'm now on my wife's HMO, and Dr. Still is their ADHD expert in Las Vegas and Henderson. The first thing he did was berate me for taking the dosage of medication that my previous doc had been prescribing for 16 years. He then cut my dose to a third of what I had been taking. This has created a lot of difficulty in my work and my marriage. I told this to Dr. Still, but he is completely uninterested in my well-being.
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