From the moment I met him, I knew I would follow Dr. Mitchell off a cliff! Thank God he hasn't led me there, but instead I am thriving even after having been given a devastating prognosis last year. He has deep knowledge and compassion, is protective of his patients yet very open to other opinions and alternatives to traditional treatments, he welcomes tough questions from informed patients and caregivers, and gives it to you straight but always with a healthy dose of HOPE! He loves his work!
I found him to be arrogant and downright dishonest. After getting a second opinion I realized just how many things he told me were not true. He was driven by how much money he would make from my insurance.
It's difficult to believe that someone with a medical license can give such poor recommendations. After changing to another oncologist, I was amazed to find out how many of Dr. Mitchell's descriptions and recommendations were inaccurate in regard to my condition and treatment. Mitchell is a guy who likes to be in charge without actually taking the steps to be in charge. Staff dropped the ball NUMEROUS times, too. Unbelievable.
Dr Mitchell truly cares about his patients. That was apparent to me from my very first visit to him. This journey with cancer has been a very scary one and I am so grateful that he has held my hand through this dark time. He has honored all of my decisions with my treatments and has been very considerate of my feelings. I would recommend him, number 1 for his expertise in this field, number 2 for his great heart that he has shown me, and number 3 for his great personality and bedside manner.
Dr. Mitchell is a wonderful doctor and one of the few that I have total confidence in what he is saying to me. He is very caring and informative and I never feel rushed when talking with him. I would highly recommend him. Did I mention he is extremely funny?! He is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the medical professionals I have experienced.

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