Impressed with Dr. Shea. He was thorough in his examination of my very sore knee and spent plenty of time with my husband and me explaining his findings. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a Doctor with his expertise.
Dr Shea is incredible! Very thorough and personable. Fixed my foot problem with simple exercises and mild surgery. Thanks Dr. Shea
Dr. Shea holistically planned my treatment based on the problem that I presented and how that problem impacted my daily functioning --- This is a sign of a Physician; not a parts specialist. Dr. Shea managed to provide excellent treatment despite the appearance to me that He was time-crunched. I would definitely recommend this Physician to my family and friends.
This physician did bilateral knee arthroscopies for me back around 1990, had excellent results and continued to long distance hike, ski and climb without problems until I recently tore a meniscus again. An unqualified best docs recommendation from this happy consumer.
I needed surgery for a labral tear in my right hip. Dr. Boykin, his staff, and the surgery center of Asheville were very professional! My post-surgery pain was very minimal; and my recovery is going well. I am now 14 weeks out and getting stronger every day. Additionally, I never felt rushed while talking to Dr. Boykin or Chris, as I was seeking advice before and after the surgery. I would recommend Dr. Boykin to anyone!!!
Dr. Boykin's skill as an orthopedic surgeon has given my shoulder a second life. I had waited very long before having shoulder replacement. My delay left very little normal architecture in my shoulder joint, making this shoulder very complicated to perform a total shoulder replacement on. Dr. Boykin took the challenge, and my new shoulder is wonderful. Dr. Boykin is the go-to shoulder specialist in the Western Carolinas. I feel so very fortunate to have him in "my back yard".
Did a wonderful repair of my spine. Releaved my back, Leg and ankle pain with a spinal fusion. Great bed side manors and made me feel safe and in capable hands. Would recommend Dr. How icks to any one needing back surgery.
Dr. Lang is an excellent physician/surgeon. He is professional, compassionate and exudes knowledge of orthopaedic surgery. I was very quickly comfortable with Dr. Lang performing my hip replacement surgery. The surgery went extremely well and I am very pleased with my recovery. It has only been 6 weeks since the surgery and I have been able to walk as much as 3 miles in a day for exercise. I would highly recommend Dr. Lang.
Dr. Peter Mangone is the best doctor for Ankle surgery in North Carolina Period! He repaired my Charcot Foot, fixed torn tendons and ligaments during a very complicated three-hour surgery. Without his experience and profound knowledge, I most likely would not be walking today. He took into account my autoimmune disease and helped me prepare my body prior to the surgery, and has guided me with great care after the surgery during the healing process. I can't thank him and his staff enough. 10 Star
Dr Goebel is a caring Dr and I felt that he was very knowledgeable. I came to the ER in severe pain and after my back surgery I walked out pain free.
Dr.Lang replaced both of my hips within a span of six weeks this spring of 2017. Being 60 years of age and living a very active lifestyle the degeneration of my hips left me limping and in constant pain. The skill and care from Dr. Lang has given me back both mobility and a pain free daily life. I highly recommend anyone seeking help in this area of their lives to make an appointment asap!
Great surgeon, great personality, explains everything!
Dr. Boykin is thorough, thoughtful, and friendly. He took the time to answer my questions when I first went to him, gathered information about my problem, and recommended solutions. I eventually chose surgery to reattach some muscles torn loose in my shoulder, and he carefully repaired the damage I had done over the years. My arm moves better and is stronger than it has been in a long while. His staff is great too. They are all knowledgeable and engaged and helpful. Thanks to all of them!
Dr. Mangone is an excellent surgeon. He performed a very complicated Achilles tendon surgery on me. I would highly recommend. As a matter of fact my other doctor recommended that I see him. They placed a call to his office and I was seen in 3 days. I also give very high marks to his PA Jennifer. She is top notch and assists him in the operating room and has a full understanding of your surgery and can assist when the doctor is not available.
The outcomes that I have had after being treated by Dr. Mangone for two separate problems have been excellent. I have already highly recommended Dr. Mangone, including to other medical professionals, and will continue to do so.
I recently saw Dr. Lang for hip surgery. He provided excellent care. I would very much recommend him to others.
Very knowledgeable & patient. Good sense of humor. Did not push to have the surgery, just explained all the options. My surgery went well !! Also did my wife's surgery 10 years ago; is still doing well ! I would recommend him !!
Dr. Lang is very well informed in his field. He and his associates examined me, determined what the problem was and decided on a course of action. The operation was successful and recovery is going well. I would recommend Dr. Lang to any person requiring his services. He also has a good personality. George J. Oswald
Highly recommend Dr. Boykin, he's knowledgeable, experienced, cautious, kind, thorough, listens; everything you would want in a orthopedists. Only negative is it's always cold there, so take a sweater.
Great experience. He is easy to talk to and glad to explain things without the arrogance some surgeons are good at. He was highly recommended and my partial knee replacement went well. I was up and walking immediately. 7 weeks out from surgery and the knee is doing well and I am back into my normal activities, if on a reduced pace for now, until the soreness from the cutting and etc. goes away. (Better every day!). The instability of the joint I experienced prior to surgery is gone!
I could not have been more pleased with Dr. Lang and his team. I had a total knee replacement and everything went great! I was off the cane in two weeks. The pain was less than I would have thought. I was even off the pain meds in three weeks. All went well, as I was ahead of schedule for Home Health and Out Patient PT. Thank-you Dr. Lang!
On 5/2/17, Dr. Brooks did a total right knee replacement. At my initial consultation, surgery was immediately suggested, despite my asking how long before surgery was totally necessary. Since he butchered my knee surgery, my quality of life has diminished drastically! He bullies, demoralizes & humilates his patients. After surgery, spends no time during follow up, is belligerent when his actions are questioned and DENIES things said during past visits. FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR!!
I had a total hip replacement with Dr. Lang. The surgery could not have gone more smoothly. I had minimal discomfort, was able to walk right after surgery, and, three months out, I'm just about back to regular hiking speed and endurance. He's a skilled surgeon. Dr. Lang discussed options and best practices before surgery. I felt confident in his expertise. Post-surgical exams are thorough. His staff and the physical therapy team are also terrific
My husband received a successful laminectomy for spinal stenosis from Dr. Goebel which relieved the pain in his leg. The doctor is knowledgeable and experienced. He provided appropriate and accurate tests and diagnosis. He explained the procedure and expected outcomes before the surgery, and took good care of my husband afterward. His professional and personable approach was appreciated.
I split my knee open on a cinderblock today. Dr. Garbarino was my physician in the ED. I received stitches... and as I told my husband Garbarino had the touch of a butterfly during the procedure. I felt greatly cared for. Thanks Garbarino.
He has helped me tremendously! I have had two surgeries done by him. I am thankful for both. The relief I received was greatly appreciated!
In December 2016 Dr. Lang performed an anterior total hip replacement on my right hip. I'm a 46 yr old female and was at the point of almost not being able to walk due to osteoarthritis, let alone participate in activities my 3 sons and I used to enjoy together. I'm now able to walk pain free at a moderate pace an average of 4-5 miles daily, ride bicycles, and enjoy almost every crazy idea my sons come up with. Dr. Lang, his assistant Christopher, and his entire staff are amazing!
Unfortunately, I had an accident on a Friday afternoon and fractured my femur. Dr. Goebel was on-call for orthopedic emergencies at Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC. He explained my problem and that surgery was required to rectify. He performed an IM Nail procedure on Saturday. I have had excellent results thus far. His superb surgical skills coupled with a caring demeanor make him the perfect surgeon. He is totally dedicated to his profession and to the patients he serves.
I had a great experience with Dr. Lang. I would recommend him to anyone needing hip replacement. I am now 6 weeks out from sugary am walking without assistance of a cane seldom do I feel any pain . Thank you Dr. Lang for getting me pain free.
Dr. Boykin is an amazing doctor. He treated my son with the utmost care. He made sure that my son understand the importance of not doing anything that would re-injure his elbow. He was always available to answer any questions that I had even when it wasn't during an appointment. In the future I will not go to anyone else for orthopedic needs.
I had a broken arm and he was great in giving treatment options right after my accident. Followed his instructions and my arm has healed completely now. He and his staff treated me with respect and thoughtfulness during my ordeal.
My experience with Dr Goebel was positive and I felt I could trust him.. I would recommend him for back surgery.
I began seeing Dr Goebel for lower back issues about a year ago and he treated the condition in accordance with my wishes of wanting to try non surgical treatments initially. The time came about a month ago when I realized that surgery was the best option. He performed a lamenectomy on the L4/L5 vertebrae and the Sciatica that i had for over a year was completely gone. I give Dr Goebel and the Park Ridge Health the highest possible rating. Great Doctor and Great Hospital.
Dr. Goebel performed back surgery in March, 2017. I had been in agony just trying to walk after two years of epidurals and trigger point shots were no longer working on the pain in my legs. The pain was completely gone after the surgery (other than some surgical pain to be expected) and I am thrilled with the outcome. I haven't felt this good in a couple of years. I can only recommend Dr. Goebel with the highest rating possible.
I would highly recommend his services to anyone needing a complete ACL reconstruction. My reconstruction went great. I never had to worry about being able to contact him or his staff at any time. I could not have asked for better care!
Last fall, a metal wrist implant I had for 16 years broke into pieces and caused intense pain. I met Dr. Cammarata and he immediately took what had happened seriously. He explained what he recommended needed to be done. He performed surgery which involved removing the broken implant and replaced it with one of a different design. The wrist healed well and for 7 months now, I have had no pain. I consider myself fortunate to have met Dr. Cammarata.
After enduring 2 years of lower back pain, I met Dr. Goebel. After x-rays, he immediately took me seriously and did not hesitate to offer the surgery that was necessary. Surgery was performed one month later. That was almost 2 years ago and the pain was eliminated immediately after surgery. I have been pain free since. I am fortunate to have met Dr. Goebel and will always be grateful to him.
Dr. Mangone performed an ankle arthroscopy on my right ankle. During my initial visit he made ample time to review my records, prior ankle fracture surgeries and explain in detail his professional opinion on options, success ratios, and overall recovery time. I had seen 4 sports physicians, had two surgeries by other surgeons, and many other professional opinions. He was the only one that spent time to go over my concerns and thoroughly explain what was wrong with my ankle. Highly recommend
Was misdiagnosed in December 2016 with osteoarthritis. Made me feel that the pain I was going through was bogus. I was given a cortisone shot that lasted 3 months. By March 2017, I was on crutches, unable to walk on it and in tears some nights. He sent me to a knee specialist. April 2017 I went for a 2nd opinion. After another MRI, the new dr saw torn meniscus, debris and bone spurs through out my knee. Surgery was early May 2017 and I feel amazing! Dr. Garbarino is very nice, but that's it.
Fabulous caring doctor with great bedside manor and excellent results. Highly recommend him for rotator cuff surgery. Professional and efficient team.
I had 2 previous spinal fusion surgeries before coming to Dr. David. He really tried to avoid a third surgery, but in the end it was the only option. My third spinal fusion was quite complicated and involved. Dr. David was very supportive and compassionate during the whole process from my first visit with him to my most recent post op visit. He explains everything and takes all the time you need in answering questions. His whole staff is amazing as well. I am very pleased with my decision.
Straight talk about my specific injury provided me with the best options for recovery. His knowledge and treatment options were concise and well prescribed, and the recommended physical therapy is working to resolve my medical issues.
I hurt my back on my job and workers comp sent me to see Goebel. He poked me with his finger and said it was A back sprain no X-rays no MRI nothing. He suggested I go to physical therapy for 4 weeks I did this went back to him he again poked my back and said go back to therapy. I still did not receive an MRI or X-rays I finally had enough went and got my own MRI and it was determined I had a problem with my si joint that required surgery. In short don't waste your time with him he's a joke.
A MRI revealed severe tears to 2 1/2 tendons in my rotator cuff. I met with Dr. Boykin, who explained clearly the surgery and post surgical therapy required and was very helpful alleviating my concerns and fears. The surgery and therapy afterwards went extremely well. Five months later I have full use of my shoulder with no pain. I credit this to Dr. Boykin's surgical skills and following the physical therapy afterwards to the letter. I also want to thank Dr. Boykin's very competent staff.
2011-12 I saw Dr. Lilly-said Xrays showed "mild dislocation" of my hip! He injected cortisone-did nothing! He made no eye contact, didn't seem to listen or care, in & out in 5 min. After months of suffering needlessly a compassionate radiologist showed me on my X-rays & MRI:a major dislocation, significant labral tear, shallow socket and arachnoiditis. Recommended hip replacement A.S.A.P. We were grateful to get away from such an incompetent, uncaring Dr.Lilly ! DO NOT GO TO THIS MAN!
I would? not let my dog see him! He's rude and belittling. He made me feel like I was making it up and wasting his time. I was a WC patient and he was more concerned about the meds I take, than with my injury. His exact words to me were "Work it out"
I would definitely recommend Dr. Hedrick to anyone. He takes his time with you and really cares. He diagnosed my stress fractures in my leg after seeing two other Doctors in the practice.
Kind bedside manner, excellet care!
Dr. Mangone has given the world back to me! I could barely walk and travel required for my work was too hard. Now I am back! Walking with confidence and strength. Confidence is what Dr Mangone gave me in our first appointment. I heard options for my degraded ankle (an injury 2 decades earlier and an acute re-injury). I was unsure, and Dr Mangone gave me information I needed to make my decision, and then backed me with his world-class experience and skill for a full replacement. WOW! Yes, I will.
My experience with Dr.Boykin from the first exam thru surgery and PE, was perfect. I could not be more pleased with the entire process. The rotator cuff surgery turned out to be more than was expected and was totally successful. The range of motion is back to normal, and NO PAIN!
Dr david has been wonderful the office staff is always helpful! And park ridge hospital where my husband had surgery was great! The whole experience has been the best ! I'd recommend dr david to everyone!????????
I have had numerous surgeries in the past and some were successful and some were not. However, my recent back surgery experience with Dr. David was amazing! From the office staff, to the surgery and hospital experience, the follow up and knowledge/professionalism of Dr. David and his staff, it has been by far the BEST healthcare experience of my life and the debilitating nerve pain I had been experiencing for over a year is gone! I highly recommend Dr. David to anyone with serious back issues.
I have saw Dr David for many years for back and most recent neck surgery I'm very confident in Dr.David feel he not only educated,but a good person that takes the time get to know his patient.I thank God for Dr.working hands and ability of knowledge to help me,when need these surgeries.I would recommend him to others as well.
Dr. Boykin was a good listener. He explained procedures thoroughly and answered all of our questions. He gave us an honest assessment of expectations for my daughter's knee surgery. After being injured four years ago, we saw NINE different Doctors seeking help in relieving her pain. Dr. Boykin performed Orthoscopic surgery removing scar tissue, performing a partial lateral release and repairing a tear in the meniscus. He is very caring and kind and because of him my daughter is active again
Dr. Lang has a good bedside manner and is thorough in his assessments and follow-ups. He also listens well. My surgery seems to have gone quite well and I am pleased with the care I received during and after my hip replacement.
I can't say enough about Dr. Mangone. He is very professional, informative, kind and caring. Lead me every step for 10 months assuring me My ankle would be healed. Worked tirelessly to get Medicare to approve a bone stimulator to help my bones to heal. I recommended him to my daughter who will have surgery in June. He is a wonderful doctor.
Dr. Lang is a wonderful Dr. He has met my needs and has been very wonderful in my recovery of my knee surgery. i highly recommend Dr Lang. Dr Lang's assistant Christopher is awesome. Great bedside manner and helpful in my needs.
I went into a total hip replacement surgery not having had any surgeries since I was 3 years old. I received excellent care, concern and answers for all my questions, and state of the art surgery on my hip. I would recommend and have recommended Dr. Lang for friends and acquaintances who are contemplating hip repair. He is both skilled and compassionate.
First rate care from initial appt to surgery to post op care. Fantastic results from anterior hip replacement. Dr. Lang is a top notch surgeon with a modern approach. His attention to detail is superb, and all support staff are caring and competent. No one wants to have major surgery, but this was the best possible experience. I am 100% pleased with my results.
Dr. Lang did my hip replacement at the end of December last year. He put my concerns about surgery at ease. He is very competent, caring, and courteous as well as his staff. He provided excellent pre and post op care. I may need knee surgery in the future and I will gladly have him perform the surgery. I have already recommended him to family members for his expertise.
My entire experience with Dr. David was excellent. His bedside manner is impeccable and his staff is friendly and caring. After seeking four professional opinions, I felt very confident in choosing Dr. David to perform my two level spinal fusion. David is forthright with information, explained my procedure thoroughly, and was very approachable with questions and concerns. I feel strongly that Dr. David respects his work and operates with great skill and care. Recovering well from surgery.
Was the last patient of the day in the walk-in clinic, but Dr. Burnworth and the staff was very friendly and professional. Dr. Burnworth took the time to explain my problem, possible causes, and every treat option available and let me decide the course of action. Great experience!
Because of Dr Boykin's competent shoulder replacement surgery and post operative care, I regained 100% use of my arm, which previously exhibited degenerative arthritis. I now enjoy pain free use of my arm!
I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Hedrick for a second opinion. He discussed in detail a surgery that could possibly help. I sure made the right choice. He is a compassionate doctor and took all the time needed to address my questions. I'm having great results from the surgery. I was told by another practice that nothing else could be done for me. Dr. Hedrick offered a possible solution. Such a great doctor! Very knowledgeable
He was very kind and courteous throughout the surgery process. He also continues to be influential and supportive throughout my recovery which is going fantastic thanks to his skill and knowledge.
Dr. Goebel is one of the stereotypical doctors you see in the movies. He is always too rushed to listen to you or pay attention to your symptoms. He comes to conclusions on his own that do not always make sense with the entire picture, and when you point out why it might be something else; he belittles you. I would not recommend him to anyone.
From the very first visit Dr. David and his staff have been very caring and professional. Dr. David is an excellent surgeon and the results of my surgery have been phenomenal! I only wish I would have seen him sooner for my neck problem. I would recommend him to anyone that is having spine problems. In fact I have already told one friend about him and he really liked him also. After his first visit he said to me, "finally I am seeing a real doctor!" Dr. David and his staff really do care.
Dr. David is attentive, meticulous, respectful and compassionate. He manages and informs the patient well, while remaining available for questions.
Dr Brooks did my knee surgery 15 years ago and did an excellent job! I had complicated injuries and he did a superb job of repairing all of it. I have had 15 great years of use from that knee, and I have a very active job. I will more than likely need a knee replacement in the near future, and intend to have Dr Brooks do the surgery.
Dr Boykin was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions.
I saw him Feb. 1. I was not impressed. He basically brushed off my concerns. I wanted to ask him if he thought my condition had anything to do with severe headaches. He was in such a rush he told me to let him finish. So I just shut up. He was flippant about everyone of my concerns. I wish I had my $94 back. He was no help at all. Why would a person go to someone who doesn't take anything serious. I have cervical degenerative disease, I wanted to ask questions and.was shut down!!!!!!!!
November 2016, I experienced an arthroscopic lateral ligament reconstruction procedure (ankle) by Dr. Mangone and his PA, Jennifer Parker. Dr. Mangone is the leading specialist in performing this procedure and, in fact, he discovered and tested many of the techniques. I was walking with just an ankle brace at 3w and pretty much back to full speed by 6w. If you need this operation, be sure to thoroughly research the arthro option with Dr. Mangone. I could not be more satisfied.
My experience with Dr. Hicks was not a positive one. The staff are just awesome and professional. I don't feel as if my health concerns were taken seriously at all. I wanted to know if the headaches that I was having could have anything to do with my situation and shut up when he said to let him finish. So I did not get one of my questions answered that was important to me. I feel like I just wasted money. I have stomach issue's and he was very flippant about it. He is not a good fit for me.
I have been a patient of Dr. Brooks since 2003. He has done arthroscopies on both my shoulders; he replaced one hip and both shoulders; I need both knees replaced, all due to osteoarthritis. I have done exceptionally well with all surgeries. I was back at work full-time with both shoulder replacements and back at work part-time eight days after my hip replacement. My daughter and granddaughter are also patients of Dr. Brooks. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Brooks to my family and friends. Gay C.
I had two visits scheduled with Dr. Napoli. The first one, on 11/8/16 went well. I was then scheduled for a followup appointment on 12/13/06. I arrived on time, was promptly greeted and an assistant lead me into the examining room. I remained in the in the examining room for 75 minutes. No one ever came in during that time. At the end of one hour and fifteen minutes I got up and left. I have never been contacted by anyone from the office since. Obviously, they do not care about their clients.
Dr. Mangone does a wonderful job of connecting with the patient and explaining the treatment options in a realistic and obtainable world view. He ensures that he patient is comfortable with the diagnosis and understands what has happened, what will happen under certain circumstances, and what can be done to move forward with a comfortable and normal lifestyle based upon the injury. Can't speak highly enough of him or his highly trained staff.
Dr. David is an excellent doctor. He explaine thing to were you can understand and his patient care is great. I had my back fused by him and was very please with my surgery and my recovery. I would recommend him to anyone who has a problem with their back.
Dr Lilly was very professional and took time to discuss my hip replacement . My replacement went well and I would recommend him to anyone . MY follow up visits also went well, he answered all of my questions concerning rehab and spent ample time with me to explain my recovery process.
He is very personable, courteous and helpful. I had a massive rotator cuff tear and he was able to re-attach the muscle and tendons very efficiently as after only 5 months my range of motion is very good and strength is returning quickly. Any shoulder problem or any other area of complaint in his area of expertise I would make the drive from Auburndale,Fl to Asheville NC for his expertise as I did for the rotator cuff repair. The office staff was also very pleasant and efficient.
Dr.Boykin performed my shoulder replacement recently.From start to finish this surgery was the easiest and most positive experience I have ever had.I would highly recommend Dr,Boykin to anyone having surgery.Dr. Boykin is very caring and easy to talk to. DR. Boykin's staff are friendly and see you in a timely fashion. Janice Lane
I researched on line for a doctor that does spinal surgery. I found Dr. David's name and he was selected as the most safest spinal surgeon in Western North Carolina. So I made an appointment to see him. He is the most pleasant person to talk to and explains everything in detail so that you can understand what will happen should you decide to have surgery. I am 76 years old and I had a spinal fusion done with some other work to clean up the arthritic spurs. I was only in the hospital 2 days.
After trying every single outpatient alternative therapy for my hip pain ( pt, acupuncture, chiropractic, dry needling, etc) Dr. Hicks, performed surgery in April 2015. The pain was intense and really was due to back problems. After repairing two slipped discs, two herniated discs and severe stenosis, I have been almost pain free. I highly recommend him. No problems since.
Dr. David shows a care and concern for his patients that is rarely seen now a days. I am also impressed how he utilizes the most up to date information and technology for his patients care. Dr. David never pushed me into any one direction when I was looking for relief from my condition, rather we started with the least invasive procedures. I ended up going for surgery with great success I am grateful to Dr. David for improving my quality of life.
Dr. Napoli performed procedures for carpal tunnel on both wrists. Outstanding results with the procedure and the overall experience. Dr Napoli did the procedure at their new outpatient surgery center in Asheville. On the first wrist I left home at 6:30 am and got back at 10:30 am. This included an hour and half driving to and from the center. They did an outstanding job getting you in and out with overall outstanding results on fixing my wrist issues. Highly recommend this practice.
Dr. David is very compassionate. He truly cares about how his patient feels and the care they need. He is an excellent listener! He never made me feel rushed. I always had his undivided attention. I had several appointments with him. He is extremely professional and caring. His staff are also very nice, accommodating, and available when you need them (email and phone). He is a fantastic surgeon with great skill. I had surgery on my spine and trust him completely.
Very thorough, explains & answers all of your questions. I’m unable to write as much as I would like, so there is one sentence I can use to sum up just how skilled Dr. David is. 45 mins after coming out of recovery from an extensive lower back surgery, I got out of bed and walked to the restroom. My left leg is functioning better each day and I no longer need a cane. I’m sold on this man in every respect.
I have had two back surgeries performed by Dr. David with no complications or issues. In my experiences I found him to be very attentive and accessible, as well as pleasant to work with.
He is the best orthopedic surgeon I have ever had; his conservative approach is the safest; the calm demeanor, excellent bedside manner, gifted hands, and willingness to listen is what makes him my choice as an RN. He has treated me with great results, always indicating recuperation is highly independent. There is no one other than Dr. Lilly I would choose for I trust his expertise, knowledge, highly skilled hands, and manner in which he tends to the surgical procedure.
Dr Brooks has done 3 surgeries on my husband and 2 on me. The latest surgery was a knee replacement. He explained all my options and told me to let him know when and if a knee replacement was the best solution to the constant knee pain and limping that was causing stress on my hips and back. He ordered physical therapy initially to see if the symptoms improved. I had the surgery. Thank you Dr Brooks for your care and being there for us. Post op I and my therapist say i am doing very well.
Dr Brooks did my knee replacement surgery. I would recommend him as an excellent surgeon and professional. He took the time and patience to explain every step along the way. On a human level, Dr Brooks is a honest and caring man. Thank you Dr Brooks for everything. Gary
excellent care. explains things very well.
Communicates very well. Very thorough. Excellent staff. Everyone really cares. Quickly responsive to patient needs. Pre-hab was suggested which made recovery much easier.
I went to Dr. Lilly for hip & knee problems. He patiently answered all of my questions & helped me make thoughtful decisions .Because I wasn't ready for surgery, we tried steroid shots . The shots did help for a several months, but gradually the pain came back. Now it is 3 weeks after the hip surgery and I am walking with a cane for long distances going without the cane for shot distances. Dr. Lilly has been knowledgeable and supportive. I can easily recommend him to others.
Dr. Boykin did an excellent job repairing my torn ACL. I appreciated his professionalism and accessibility.
He was somewhat abrupt, clinical, no warmth at all. Don't try to interrupt him with a question when he's talking, he'll just steamroll right over you and keep talking. Have no desire to go back to him.
Dr. Mangone was forthright, honest and considerate. His staff is nothing short of exemplary.
Dr David is an excellent doctor and surgeon. He listens to your problems and finds a way to fix it!! My back hurts less now than ever the pain that I have now is from old age i guess! I would recommend Dr David to anyone with back or neck problems!!!
Excellent overall experience. Shows care and compassion. Takes time to answer all questions. World-class surgeon, to say the least!
Dr. Lilly performed a total hip replacement on me in April of 2016. My results far exceed my expectations. He has given me my life and mobility back. He is very attentive and listened to all my concerns, addressing and answering each one.
The most knowledgeable Dr I have ever been to... Great bedside manner. Very professional and definitely gave me the correct diagnosis and treatment!
He did my anterior hip replacement in December of 2009 and it truly was a great experience! This is a talented doctor that listens to your needs as well as the rest of the staff, including the PA's that work with him. Everyone at each appointment always answered any questions I had and made me feel extremely comfortable. Thank you!
Dr. Hedrick is very informative about your problem and has your health in his best interest. If I were to need his service again, I would not hesitate.
Dr Goebel performed cervical fusion for me on C5-6-7. The surgery went well. Only had minimal pain for one week after surgery for which he gave me pain meds. I have an expected limited mobility because 3 joints were fused. Before surgery, I had so much pain in my neck that it was interfering with my job. Since surgery 3 months ago I am experiencing no pain. That is zero pain. I am so greatful that I can live a normal life again. This guy really knows what he is doing. I strongly recommend him.
I saw Dr Boykin on 6/29/16 he diagnosed my problem and he and his staff went right to work. They got my surgery scheduled on Friday 7/1/16 if not I would have had to wait until at least till 7/5/16. The surgery went well and after what seemed like a long recovery I am on the way to full recovery. I want to thank him and Katie for their expert care and kindness.
Had torn rotor cuff surgery in May. Also had arthritis and torn bicep. Two weeks after surgery, started PT. Three months after surgery, swimming in the ocean and lifting 37 pound grandson over my head for slam dunks. . Couldn't ask for a faster recovery or a better surgeon.
My first visit to Dr. David. I was impressed with his medical knowledge and compassion. He is an excellent communicator and listener, and seemed to be genuinely concerned about my back problems and finding solutions. He gave me a thorough exam and offered recommendations, including further testing. His front- and back-office staff were very pleasant. I had to wait a long time in the waiting room, but once I was taken to an exam room, the doctor saw me promptly and gave me plenty of time.
Dr. Boykin has a record of successful surgeries; people who knew I was going to have knee surgery spontaneously offered their high opinion of his skills. Although it's only been 8 weeks since my meniscus cleanup, I am pain free, had an easy recovery, and am back to doing all normal daily activities. My ability to dance, hike and do yoga appears to be restored. Dr. Boykin was always friendly, courteous, thorough, kind, and a good listener every time I saw him, before and after surgery.
I am fortunate to be a patient of Orithopedic Surgeon, Dr Mark R. Hedrick. Dr Hedrick has been my provider of choice for several procedures & surgeries over the past several years. Dr Hedrick is a very skilled surgeon, who is gifted with the communications skills to allow patients and their families to understand with clarity treatment options, possible complications, and pathways to positive outcomes.
I had my back surgery on the 18th of August and I am so thankful for Dr. David. One of my girls that works for me her Dad went to him and also had back surgery and he is doing great site I decided to go see Dr. David and I Thank God I did. I'm doing great so far. Go back to see him Aug. 31. Very caring.
Facing the need for thumb arthroplasty on both sides, Dr. Napoli did the left about 10 mos. ago - it was a complete failure! I had the right side done (different Dr. found after proper research) 7 wks ago and am about 80% back to normal function already. Xrays of the thumb that Dr. Napoli did show that it is clearly 100% bone on bone and I have the pain to prove it, and apparently there is no guarantee it can even be fixed now that it has been botched. I'm so pissed! DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!
The worst experience ever seeing a doctor.. Arrived for appointment 20 minutes early, walked into office you would have thought I was going through TSA, in Atlanta. People who have appoints have to wait in line, with people who are just walk-ins to their urgent care facility. When I got to the counter, I was told my appointment was changed to three weeks later. I said no, I had a confirmed appointment to today. The desk staff were completely clueless. They walked me to a phone to speck
Dr. Hankley is an excellent doctor. Bedside manner also excellent. He is very kind and patient. Staff also great. Can't say enough positive things about Ashville surgury center. Julie Anne Johnson
Oh yes i am already telling everybody I know about Dr. Mangone. He sat there through my first visit and really listened to me. We talked about alternatives first before surgery. Tried all but it came down to surgery. He was so great at explaining everything that was going to be done. Told me how long it would be.
Experience was great allowing a smooth recovery.
Dr. Magone is very professional, answered all my questions, very good at finding the problem and solving it with great results!
I hate surveys and online reviews. However, I promised my doc's assistant I would take this survey. Dr. Stephen David is the salt of the Earth. A truly sympathetic and caring human being. He took the time to explain all the risks and benefits to having the procedure. He personally called me after I left the hospital to see how I was doing-I was high as hell and don't really remember the content of the call, but my husband confirmed this actually happened. Go get yo' back all fixed up!
Dr. Goebel is very personable and takes time to make sure you understand your medical condition. He has operated on my back twice now and I have been very pleased with the results both times.
Funny...When I told all my soccer playing friends that Dr. Boykin was my surgeon for an ACL reconstruction nobody knew his name. I did some research and found out he worked with professional athletes on the National Ski Team. That was all I needed. I'm happy to report that my knee is coming along faster than I ever imagined, and I owe that to Dr. Boykin. I wouldn't hesitate a second to recommend him to anybody unlucky enough to rupture their ACL.
Just had my second hip replacement with Dr Karegeannes. He's a totally brilliant and talented surgeon. There is no better care anywhere than what one will receive with this man. He has performed total hip replacements on many of my friends all with excellent results. He has changed my life and I will always be grateful to him.
Dr. Karegeannes? experience and expertise is impressive. He is quiet and soft spoken, but will take the time to answer every question. My recovery was smooth, he instructed me every step of the way, and arranged for an excellent physical therapist. After five years, my mobility, teaching career, and pain-free living has been completely restored, and I have Dr. Karegeannes to thank for that. Hire a perfectionist, get perfect results.
Dr. Brooks did nearly a dozen surgeries on me that were only needed because he screwed up the first time. I was young and he intimidated me into staying at his practice. He immediately went to cutting instead of physical therapy. He dismissed any suggestions I had because I was a young female. He was incredibly demoralizing to me. He also prescribed me dilaudid with refills when I had never had a narcotic before. That was not necessary.I believe he is responsible for making many people addicts.
Dr David is the best listener I have ever encountered. Not only that he is kind, gentle, and above all highly skilled and professional. I would recommend him without any reservations.
Extremely professional and experienced. Felt totally at ease with him and I was confident that he would be the best choice to perform my bunion and hammer toe surgery. Have been pleased with the results of the surgery and have had no problems with recovery.
He had about as much time and respect for me as he would have had to a fly . I did not understand this, but I will never go back to this practice, nor would I recommend it to anyone I know. Boooooo
I would highly recommend Dr. Boykin. The facilities are easy to find, the staff is knowledgable and professional, and Dr Boykin maintained contact throughout and, communicated in a manner that was easily understandable and reassuring. My shoulder pain is now a thing of the past and I'm back to climbing and throwing a baseball with my son. I cannot thank Blue Ridge Bone and Joint enough, it was a great experience, and I would highly recommend this Dr and his staff.
When I come to someone for help, it is a major thing for me. I am looking for knowledge, information, choices, education and support. When a person spends around 4 minutes with me (after waiting 2.25 hours in the first waiting room and another 20-30 in a private room), and has his hand on the door chomping to get to the next step in his day, it does not bode well inside of me. On the second visit, the appointment was the first and almost as bad. I went elsewhere.
I have already recommended Dr. Napoli to others. I appreciated his knowledge, patience, support, actually being there listening, humor.............. Thank you! Plus, success with both surgeries!
The best spine doc in WNC & anywhere! Unlike most healthcare professionals, he spends a lot of time with me. He's the greatest!!
Dr. Napoli took the time to explain the problem and how it could be fixed and there was not any pressure for surgery from him. He gave me the information and allowed me to make the decision for the repair.
I have had 3 surgeries with Dr. Jansen, dealing with sports injuries, I wouldn't go to another doctor. If you call the office he will call back within a reasonable time. Jansen is very personable and cares about his patients and their outcome. His wait time is long, but that is because everyone wants him as a doctor.
Dr. David was kind and caring. He listened to my symptoms and carefully explained the procedure he thought would provide the best results. He answered the questions posed by my family and never appeared rushed or impatient. I was experiencing severe sciatica and his proposed surgery worked - I am now pain free. His nurse was also excellent. Blue Ridge Bone & Joint was organized, efficient, and professional - they did what they said they would do.
I was referred to Dr. hicks after my car accident. After no results with physical therapy we decided on spinal fusion. 6 weeks later I have 90 percent use of my hand and arm. I will recommend him to anyone needing an orthopedist.
Extremely well qualified, skilled professional, excellent listener & communicator.
very professional knows exactly what he is doing ,very organized.Very skilled.Dr.Napoli has a humble spirit
My first meeting was an emergency for a broken wrist. He came in on a Sunday morning to do the surgery. I then had knee replacement surgery in March of 2016. After x-rays he explained everything clearly and gave me all the options. For the four days I was in the hospital he came by every day to see how I was doing. He also took time with my family following the surgery. All the follow up visits at Pardee Bone and Joint were done in a timely manner and all the staff was pleasant and helpful.
The best healthcare experience from start to finish. I felt like I was the only patient that mattered.
Dr. Mangone was outstanding in the surgical repair of my Achilles tendon. I was amazed at each detail of my perioperative experience. I was meticulously informed about what to expect and length of time of my recovery. Both he and Jennifer Parker were phenomenal in their partnership of my care. I give the highest praise and recommendation to this team.
Dr. Hankley was very caring & helpful. Wish he (& other Drs.) would write down analysis & recommendations & give to patient. Difficult to make sure you get all info. Also, left up to patient w/o specific recommendation. 1st exam room had no windows, magazines, music,etc. Waited for 30 min, or more. Felt like I was in prison! 2nd time room had windows & didn't have to wait even 10 min. Had to wait for paperwork to be completed so could take to front. Primary care Dr., does on PC so no waiting.
Dr. David has a very good personality. He explains the problem and/or solution to the the problem so that I could understand what was needed and the process and outcome I should expect. Also able to have a prompt appointment when I called his office. This was my first visit with Dr. David and I was very pleased.
i have done nothing but get worse since the two surgerys he did onmy shoulder. i did not like his bedside manor and his cockyness. i was on workers comp an i had no choice but to se him. so no i tell anyone that ask dont go to him.
I waited a month with severe hip pain for an opening to see Dr. Lang and he talked down to me & got me out the door in 10 min. He knew I needed hip replacement surgery but wanted me to start walking with cane (I am 43 years old) & gave me brush-off! He is a jerk - don't waste your time. I talked to several physical therapists in the area after another Dr. did my hip replacement & all I mentioned was jerk and they knew exactly who I was talking about without mentioning names.
Dr. David is very interested in your condition, is extremely friendly and most courteous. Listens to your complaint, is not in a hurry and wants to answer all questions. Performed back surgery and had immediate relief from almost a year of terrible pain. Was able to go home the same day and recovery has been superb!
First rate experience from start to finish. Everything proceeded as planned. Obviously, Dr. Mangone is an outstanding surgeon and orthopedic practitioner. He gave me my leg back.
Dr.Mangone is fantastic,could not have asked for a better experience! Jennifer and Carra also fantastic! Luv You Guys!
Following my surgery to alleviate debilitating leg pain from spinal stenosis, I can now stand and walk with no leg pain. For anyone contemplating surgery for spinal stenosis, I would offer my highest recommendation for Dr. David (and his capable and friendly staff) to both advise and potentially perform this surgery. His knowledge, skill and demeanor were comforting in allaying my fear of back surgery, and the results of the surgery have been overwhelmingly positive.
Dr. Mangone and his staff are very professional and thorough. They told me exactly what to expect after having surgery, and they were right in every detail. Things went exactly as planned and there were no complications. I am very grateful to them that I am now finished with surgery that I have been waiting to do for years.
Dr. Goebel was curt and made me feel as if I was wasting his time just by asking him questions. I had never broken a bone before and was scared and in pain, yet he did not sympathize at all and was in and out of the room in under 3 minutes. I now feel unprepared to take care of myself and my healing as it is still unclear to me what I should or should not do to ensure proper healing of the bone.
I expected a long recovery from my foot surgery.(I had a great toe fusion to treat arthritis) However, it's only been 3 months and my foot pain is completely gone! Dr. Mangone is thoughtful, attentive and listens. What more, besides being an excellent surgeon, can a patient wish for? His PA was marvelous, too.She too, cares about how I felt and was able to forsee what questions or concerns I might have. They make a great team.
He is a very attentive and truly concerned Physician. Always soft spoken and sincere. He has been caring for me over 4 years now, and after 13 years of pain, I am now only on pain meds if I truly over do it. That is very rare. His surgeries on me have truly been a remarkable turning point in my life. This is a doctor that knows how to help a patient get more out of life. What a blessing he has been to me.
He came in on his day off just to expedite my need for surgery, in order for me to get some quick relief. He explained and showed on a model where my issues was and how he would go in and provide the relief that was needed for my Sciatic Pain. What touched me the most was his concern and comfort toward me while I was being examined while in so much pain.
Thank you so much for helping me Dr.David. He's a great orthopedic doctor cares about his job and his patient
Very knowledgeable and very caring
Dr. Napoli has an incredible bedside manner especially for a surgeon. He goes far and beyond to explain what diagnostically is wrong with you, answers your questions, and never pushes you into having surgery unless absolutely necessary. He treats you as a person and you are never felt rushed when you are with him. I have had three surgeries by him and am very pleased with him and his office staff.
I have been a patient of DR. Davids for a long time and i highly recommend him for any procedure , he and his staff are very friendly and if you have a question they will take the time to answer ,i recently had a spinal fusion and it went great DR. David is the best i feel great i can walk without a problem i am so proud to call DR. David my doctor i could not be happier with his service. THANK YOU DR.DAVID AND STAFF
I have had a hip replacement and a knee replacement over the past two years. The results have been better than I expected. Am I the person I was twenty years ago? No, and Dr Karegeannes never suggested anything else. Otherwise the entire time spent with Dr. Karegeannes was absent of bull. Would I do it over again. Absolutely.
Excellent communicator. Exhibits very caring manner. Beautiful surgery - much less invasive than expected. 100% satisfied with Dr. Napoli, his staff and the entire experience from beginning to end.
Dr. Hicks worked with my longtime serious sciatic nerve problems for an extended time using pain therapy and then looked deeper when the pain therapy did not bring a cure with an MRI which showed a large cyst and bone spurs. Within days of review of my condition we went forth with surgery. Upon coming home from the day surgery I was pain free and ready to move on with my daily living. I have followed healing recommendations and am fully mended from a long time painful situation.
Absolutely wonderful! He replaced my hip. I have recommended. Dr Eddings.
I thought my first experience before the surgery was warm ,friendly, and all my questions were answered... and after the surgery I was treated with all the professionalism and care someone needs when still in pain. I would without a doubt recommend Dr. Napoli.
From the moment I met Doctor Eddings, I felt that I made the right decision that he was the one that could successfully due my total knee replacement on my right knee. He was always concerned about me the patient and what this operation could do for me. I would recommend him to anyone that had bad knees like me. I look forward to having my left knee totally replaced the first of April 2016. Doctor Eddings is the real deal when it comes to a doctor explaining all aspects of recovery.
Dr. David is friendly, professional and compassionate. He spends time explaining not only the problem you have but the solution as well. Great surgeon!
Dr. Mangone performed a total ankle replacement on me. He did a great job and I had no problems with the surgery or recovery. He is a caring and amiable doctor and did not push me to have the surgery. He advised me when he was pleased with the replacement hardware available. I already had several injections at that point. After I could not tolerate pain with every step, I was ready for surgery. He explained every step of the procedure and the staff was very supportive and knowledgeable.
He was very kind and considerate, gave my good advice, and performed successful surgery. I feel much better now (just two weeks after surgery) than before.
I have had two hand surgeries by Dr. Napoli and have great outcomes. I would, and have, recommended him to others. Also is willing to explain things or answer questions.
Three nurses recommended Dr. David to me. One is an OR nurse who has assisted him with the procedure I had. They said he is the best. I agree! He is very friendly and interested in what I have to say, as well as answering all my questions. Three weeks and three days after my laminectomy, I swam a mile.
I have a 12 year history with Dr. Jansen. I first went to him with a torn ACL and medial meniscus, which he repaired surgically. We knew that I would need knee replacement surgery, but he helped me avoid that as long as possible. He kept me informed about the new knees that were coming to market. He got me physically and mentally prepared for surgery. September 19, 2014 I had a double knee replacement, and within a week was able to walk over 2 miles, and no side effects! Great doctor!!
Dr Cammarata is by far one of the worst Doctors I have used. I am in the process of suing him for services paid for but not delivered. I went to Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem North Carolina and was completely healed in four sessions. I asked Dr Cammarato to consult with Baptist Hospital for additional help that he might be able to use in the future. To my knowledge he has not consulted with Baptist Hospital and appears he's not interested. Suggestion: find another doctor for yourself.
The best orthopedist I have ever been to....more knowledgeable about the newest techniques. Great bedside manner and a caring Doctor!
Dr David is one of the finest surgeons I have ever met. He truly cares for his patients and will take the necessary time to discuss your injury and treatment. After the first visit I knew I had found a Physcian who really cares about seeing that my issue was resolved. After suffering for 7 years Dr David reviewed my case and established an appropriate treatment which consisted of neck surgery to repair disks. I can finally say I am pain free.
When Dr. Hedrick realized my adult son did not have insurance, he changed his recommendation from surgery for multiple ankle fractures to no treatment! I found him to be rude and abrupt and attributed it to my son not being insured. Based on other's comments about him, it is apparently his personality!
Dr. Boykin has preformed surgery on three of our family members and all have had excellent results. For myself he recommended physical therapy, which worked well. He is the type of doctor that doesn't opt for surgery unless necessary. We would highly recommend him.
Dr. David has a great personality. I totally trusted him doing my back surgery. The staff at BRB&J are very friendly. Several weeks after my surgery, I was in pain & they gave me an appointment that afternoon. I highly recommend Dr. David & his staff if you need neck or back surgery.Dr. David answered all of my questions before & after surgery.
Dr. Napoli explained the condition and the plan to do surgery on my hand to take care of the problem. He answered all my questions regarding surgery and was very clear on what to expect while in recovery.
Very concerned approach to infection with a comprehensive plan to minimize suguries while taking care of the infections.
Without notice, the doctor cancelled an appointment I had with him and dismissed me from his practice. I requested an explanation but never received any feedback. I had been a patient of his for about two years at the time of this occurrence and expected more from him..
I am an active man who uses my hands in my daily work. Dr Cammerata performed a carpal tunnel surgery on my left wrist a couple weeks ago. During the diagnosis he was extremely professional showing total interest in my symptoms and then working to schedule the required surgery. The surgery went so smooth and quickly. It was amazing how the surgery corrected the long term problems with my hand. The incision was small, the pain was minimal and the next day, I had full use of my hand, full use.
We are Western North Carolina's leading center for orthopaedic surgery and musculoskeletal care, and we make your Full Motion Living possible by providing a comprehensive team of professionals whose sole motivation is to return you to the activities you enjoy in life. Spanish

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