Dr. Young is a thoughtful doctor. Extremely knowledgeable. I highly recommend him to patients with pulmonary issues.
Dr Young is a caring man. He is a wise doctor. I would recommend him to anyone with lung disease. I have been going to him for about eight years. I have struggled with my breathing and many times been unable to breathe upon arriving at his office because of exacerbations but he has always given me the correct meds, breathing treatments, and Oxygen to help me. He is also a supportative doctor. He has always worked me in for an appointment when I am having an exacerbation. Wonderful doctor
Dr. Wert is a God send to my family. He is patient, professional, caring, and experienced. We are so happy we found him.
Complete waste of time, & $$$$ huge extra billing for unnecessary & worthless colonoscopy. But then again, the Company IS called "Lebauer Colonoscopies 'R' Us." So for all your dangerous, useless & over-priced procedures, be sure to call us! Oh wait, it's not your decision....
Dr Simonds saved my life in 1999. I was rushed to Moses Cone Hospital after collapsing and being revived multiple times and he discovered Blood Clots in both lungs. He discovered I had a Clotting Disorder that no other doctor had detected. Dr Simonds is a very caring and knowledgeable.
My doctor left this practice and I was referred to Dr Wert! I won't go back! He was very cold...does not look you in the eye, and doesn't listen. I left, feeling like I had thrown my money into the wind.
After months of test, xrays and having my breathing issues continually worsen Dr Wert pinpointed the problem on my first visit. Within 2 days I had remarkable improvement. I follow his directions and each day I am stronger and my breathing is getting back to normal. He is a no nonsense Dr who is definately on the mark. If you want to improve this is the Dr.to see.
I was referred to Dr wert for emphysema. My very first visit he stated I didn't have emphysema and he could take care of me. He then ordered tests, which clearly showed I have emphysema and then he says... Can't win em all. I don't find my disease funny. Over the course of a year he took me off of the medicines that worked and kept putting me on the ones that didn't work and then continually asked me why they weren't working. During every visit he would not make eye contact, he SQUINTED.
One of the most dehumanizing experiences I've ever had. He spent 5 minutes listening to me (he talked over me and corrected me the entire time) and not once did he look me in the eye.
I was referred to Dr. Wert for emphysema. The very first time I met with him he told me I was ok and not to worry. He said it wasn't as bad as all that and he'd have me up and running around in no time. I was diagnosed with emphysema over 10 years ago. At this stage I am barely able to walk. He made these statements prior to ordering any tests. He made comments that reflected the fact that he had not even read my file!
Dr Wert believes he knows everything including what is wrong with me BEFORE I tell him how I feel and BEFORE any tests are run. He was wrong. He spends all of the time telling me what I'm doing wrong and trying to put me on meds that I've already tried or cannot take. The entire time he's talking to me, he won't look at me. I stopped seeing him.
Dr Wert doesn't seem to listen to me when I'm speaking to him. He has this idea that he's already figured out what's wrong and continually tries to tell me that I'm doing things wrong and then puts me on medications that don't work. I have been seeing him for some time and I'm not better off than when I first starting seeing him. After reading some of the reviews I can see why people feel the way they do. It's frustrating to go to someone that uses cooker cutter diagnoses.
Has been family doctor for many years. Very professional and caring
I have been a patient of Dr. Wert for several years. He treats me for several serious lung issues. He is very direct which I like. He is incredibly intelligent. An excellent Doctor!
Dr Wert appeared to listen & concerned with what I had to say. Excellent beside manners. The only thing I did not like was that my insurance would not cover one of the medications that really seemed to be helping me. Instead I was put on Anoro which is not to be used on Asthma patients only COPD. It plainly states this on the instructions. It is not known to be safe on the Asthma. This very much has me concerned as it could possibly lead to death. The Incruse could have gotten a formulary accept
My first visit, I found Dr. Yoo to be very thorough in his examination, very knowledgeable, very personable and took the time to answer all my questions. Great job!
After spending several minutes talking to me about my issues, and getting my health history, he told me he was very sure I had celiac disease. The diagnosis has been life changing. And since it is genetic, I urged my siblings to get tested. My sister in Ohio was recently diagnosed, and hopefully it will help her as well.

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