I would give him 5 stars, but the wait is horrific. Waited 7 hours, with diagnostic tests inbetween, to see this doc. However, once we met I felt that I was in good hands. Explained everything about my horrible spine in plain english. We'll see how the next appt goes.
This place has the worst service ever! I would advise to never go here. I came 2 times and the wait was horrible. Dr. Dakwa decided to leave the practice to go and get food during my visit the first time then Dr. foster wrote a prescription for a 90 day prescription for narcotics that no pharmacy would fill. Upon taking it back, they wanted me to pay $40 copay all over again for them to fix a prescription that they messed up on. Thank God others witness this! The manager (Grant) came in the room
the worst bedside manner i've ever had to endure. as soon as he walks into the room after you've been forced to wait for 4+ hours in a freezing cold patient room he speaks at you for 5mins and thats it. asking questions isn't allowed or if you do ask he pretends like he didn't hear you and continues to speak at you. i guess all the waiting gives you a chance to complete the 25+ page packet you are forced to complete before each appt - which they don't read.honestly i cried after meeting him.
First office visit 6.5 HOURS & $600 out of pocket (no insurance)- This Dr never ONCE did a physical exam on me or took my vitals- Went straight to prescribing spinal injections. Won't write Rx refills on injection days. Each office visit $200 He talks at you not with you. I left in tears from his "bedside manner". Expect to wait, and wait some more. The 1 time I didn't have $ for my office visit I was told pretty much- too bad. I wouldn't wish cold turkey detox on anyone. They just didn't care.
As a longtime patient, I've always found and have been treated with exceptional attention, thoroughness and a genuine sence of Care and Compassion in treating my complicated issues and conditions not understood by many other physicians. Good man. Also, has a great staff specifically,practice manager, Ann Maynard. Wait times can be long but is getting better and worth attention received once seen. I'm appreciative. CH

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