My husband sees Dr. Hogarty and she is amazing. She spent a lot of time with him explaining his condition, treatment, and goals. We would recommend her highly.
This doctor stares at you and types on her laptop while you are talking to her. She shakes her head but doesn't seem to be listening. She is very unprofessional in the way she speaks to you by using "like" and "you know" but mostly she uses the phrase "I'm not sure". She does not seem to be very confident or knowledgeable on moderate to severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. She contradicts herself repeatedly. She also states in the notes that she discussed with you during the visit but actually did not!
Dr. Jacob is always willing to take the time necessary to deal with your problem. If the problem is out of his specialty then he will refer you to another doctor who can handle it for you.
I would not recommend this doctor or any other doctor at this facility. They are nice and appear to be genuinely interested in your condition in the beginning but then it's like they turn on you and everything is stress related. The office is old and seems dirty and dingy. If you have a serious incurable disease like I do I would suggest going to a rheumatologist and pain specialist outside of Goldsboro.
She stares at you when you are talking but doesn't seem robe listening. She is somewhat unprofessional in her language as she said things such as: "Like I'm not sure if that would work, you know?" I think she may be ok for mild RA but not for moderate to severe RA.
She is very caring about her paitents. She tries to find out she can help you.
I am a very active middle-aged man and want to keep my body in good running order. Dr. David Hogarty?s treatment keeps me pain free and active. He treated me for lower back pain several years ago -- eliminated the pain with an extensive stretching regimen. For the last seven years, Dr. Hogarty has treated several shoulder and arm injuries, aches and pains. My injuries have all been resolved holistically and without drugs or surgery and I continue bicycle riding, running and CrossFit daily.
At first I thought he was concerned for his patients. The more I seen Dr Hogarty the more he was annoyed with my request and recommendations for my pain. His treatment stopped working and in the last months of seeing him his opinion was the pain is in your head. I expressed my concern and suggested a MRI of the neck and back... He lost it, stopped the appointment/injections and told me to get a second opinion because he was done. MRI was done and there are issues leading to the pain.
He made me feel that my pain in my back was stress related. But prior visits he was helpful all of sudden he treated me ugly

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