Lab results are never given on time. There's never a sense of urgency for anything. He always has immediate openings...I wonder why. If you don't really care much about your health, he's your guy. I will be switching facilities. He's not my PCP but I'm getting tired of being assigned to him every time I need an appointment. Being given the wrong diagnosis and unnecessary treatments for non existent health ailments isn't my idea of quality health care.
I have been seeing Dr. Choksey regularly since October. I have complete faith in her judgement. She has always been courteous towards me and my family members. She takes the time to explain things I would not understand myself. She encourages me to stick to my medication schedule. She has made my hospital visits very pleasant. She even took the time out of her busy schedule and called me to update me on my lab results and medications. If you are looking for a GREAT doc in NC, GO VISIT HER!
I came to see her as she was filling in for another dr, and being she knew things about me I would stay with her. she was to call in 3 meds for me to my pharmacy of choice and she called one med to the pharmacy she picked out.I told her I needed these meds as I was out and without them I am in pain, the next day comes and no medicine called in for me. I made numerous calls to the office and got a run around. cant even get my lab results. I have been treated awlful. said she see me in a month
Dr. Alcott seemed like a really great Dr. and I was excited to finally have someone who was willing to look into what was causing the pain. His office staff is such a mess though that it is not worth it to go to him. They are nice but incredibly incompetent. Lost my insurance papers, faxed wrong papers to my insurance company, accidentally hang up or transfer you every time you call, and you always hold at least 30 minutes before ever even talking to someone. Such a hassle I never returned.
Dr Rettell always takes the time to listen to her patients.
Find another Doctor.
Dr Pechon took the time to answer all my questions about my Meds and gave explanations that were critical to my care.
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