I was one of Dr. Ghaussy's first patients when he moved to Clyde, NC. He was the only doctor out of several that I visited that correctly diagnosed my illness as Scleroderma. Dr. Ghaussy educated me on the disease and even offered to set up an appointment with a doctor at Duke to confirm his diagnoses. I have now been treated for this illness for 12 years and can only say great things about Dr. Ghaussy. He is respected and loved by his staff, co-workers and patients. Five Stars!!!
Great bedside manner. Compassionate.
I have been seeing Dr. Ghaussy since 2009 and having 5 auto-immune diseases and too many other medical problems to list, 5 spinal surgeries, mild heart attack, gastric bypass and the list goes on...he has been the most caring of all my specialists...listens, genuinely seems to be understanding and open especially since I am so restricted on what can be done. For him being only 2 years older than me...I do respect him a great deal when most of my care team are well over 60 years of age. TY Doc!
Seemed genuinely interested in helping me identify and resolve my health issues. Been looking for a doctor who is knowledgeable and who cares...I'd recommend him to anyone seeking answers to difficult medical problems involving neurology.
Dr. Ghaussy is a professional and personable physician who deeply cares for his patients. I've always been seen within 10-15 minutes of my scheduled visit. He is always friendly and although clearly a very busy physician he is thorough and articulate.
To say the least, Dr. Phillips is extraordinary in every aspect of a caring, forthcoming, and , a very sincere physician. We are a senior couple who have had several primaries over the years but, none with more competence, genuine interest in our overall well being and true CARE. We feel truly blessed to have found Dr. Phillips!!
Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had with a doctor. I won't go into the personal details, but she lacks compassion and doesn't listen. She takes an "everyone is the same" approach when it comes to pain issues and meds. I did not feel like I was treated fairly like an individual. Both times I went to pick up my prescriptions they were wrong. There isn't enough room to explain. I'm 57, not stupid and this Dr. has been a waste of my time and energy! I miss my old Dr. back home!
Dr. Linger appears to be arrogant and condescending. He is not interested in the patient's opinion of his or her health condition and treatment.
Listens and responds to my concerns. A good bedside manner Very pleased with Dr Grosse
Excellent doctor, I have never had a doctor that called me personally at 8:00 at night. He is a great doctor that has worked diligently to get my blood sugar numbers in line and in normal ranges.
With my liver damaged as a result of a sulfa drug prescribed for cellulitis, I was happy to be seen by a doctor with hepatology behind his name. Having nonalcoholic fatty liver disease was disturbing. I'd always been careful with drugs like acetaminophen; taking Bactrim which drove my liver enzymes off the chart was scary. The reassuring thing about Paul was his relaxed confident manner. My doctor is a DO, who routinely uses percussion; Dr. Levy's use of diagnostic percussion was reassuring.
After quite a few colonoscopy's in my life, I am so happy with Dr Levy. His beside manner is everything I could ask for. His staff is also great. I feel like I am in really good hands.
Very kind doctor, my first Neuro was nice but that was it. Dr. V as I call him is kind and very informative. I don't leave with questions unanswered and he always makes sure I understand. And if I think of a Q, after I leave I can call. Sometimes there is a wait to see him but that's cause he takes care of his people, well worth it. Staff is great too, love nurse Daisy.
Don't walk - RUN! The staff isn't helpful at all. None of the doctors we dealt with were remotely competent. Terrible follow up. Good luck trying to get help with a prescription or a call back from anyone. The entire experience from top to bottom was horrible. No, I would not recommend this group of doctors to friends. Wouldn't even recommend them to my worst enemy.
He seems knowledgable. He really tries to be friendly. Sometimes I'm not certain he's listening to me but he usually comes back around before the visit is over and answers my questions. He's very willing to try new medications and find the correct dosage. He, himself, has called me back before. That's fairly rare for a doctor to do that! He gives shots perfectly. No pain and in the precise place. I've seen him at least s dozen times. The only down side is the TREMENDOUS OFFICE WAITING TIME!
This man is an incompetent human being.
My fiance went to Dr. Linger for an initial check-in. Dr. Linger was very attentive, listened well to all his concerns. Very happy with him.
My fiance went to Dr. Linger for an initial check-up. Dr. Linger was very attentive, and listened well to all his concerns. Very happy with him.
Uncaring and unresponsive to his patients.
A caring doctor who actually LISTENS to you...the patient. He thinks outside the box and works with his patients to find answers to problems no one else wants to take the time to do. He is a great doc.
Dr. Vavra is wonderful. When I had some MRIs done, he sat down, went over the films with me, and explained everything that was on the films. I have never had a doctor do this with me before. He is willing to try alternatives for migraines such as vitamins and supplements ex B2,feverfew rather than just handing me a prescription for drugs that could cause dangerous side effects. Also, I never have to wait long to see him.
I've seen THE BEST and the rest. Had more surgery than most. All my joints are artificial, except one - 3 lumbar surgeries. All due to excessive sports in youth and rheumatoid arth. His eyes teared as he spent nearly 1HR taking my history. If a next day apt. was not available he met me before hrs. His injections were painless 28g needle I think & magical. I told him it felt like he waved a wand over my knee the heat & pain left immediately. Not enough space. Could write 1,000 words. JOHN RICH
Very thorough, truly cares about the health and safety of her patients.
He is my Prinary Care physician and is the best doctor I've ever had bar none. Very good bedside manner, caring, takes time to explain treatment plan in terms a lay person can understand. I would recommend him to anyone.

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