Dr Helton has been our family dermatologist for a few years now and we have nothing but great things to say about her. She is knowledgeable, skilled and has a genuine concern for her patients. Thank you Dr Helton!
A small burn from an electric blanket on my daughters leg led to 2 years of repeated procedures, poor decisions on tactics, poor choices of treatment, rudeness from the physician, refusal to answer questions, a large permanent scar complete with precancerous cells that now needs to be evaluated by a physician every 6 months, months of bloody drainage, infections, stink, and pain. Run away from this place. Jennifer Helton hurt my child. Don't let her do the same to your loved ones.
Worst experience at a Doc. office! Could NOT be seen at Steele Creek Dermatology since we didn't have my daughters ss number (she just turned 18 a week prior). Treated as a deadbeat! I had mine & was there (her mother) but they HAD to have hers. I have 4 children. She is my youngest & this has Never happened! Many doctor visits over 18, they are all in college. No problems before! She missed school, I missed work & wouldn't even look at her WITH ins. coverage card! Can I get reimbursed INSANE
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